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Fresh vegetables new

  1. 1. 21.01.2012 FRESH VEGETABLES - NEWFresh VegetablesSreedharshanvegetable tradesand exportes a wide range of fresh Indian vegetables tothe world markets. Our procurement of the range of fresh vegetables is mainly from ourfarms and come to you farm fresh. All the fresh Indian vegetables we supply carry withthem the seal of freshness, quality and nutrition. You are assured of timely deliveriesand reasonable costs.Ladies fingersWe export fresh Lady Fingers that are devoid of microorganisms and are rich innutritional values. We have sophisticated processes that use the latest agriculturaltechnologies that ensure our Lady Fingers are of good taste and high nutritionalcontent. We supply any quantity as required by the customers and employ suitablehygienic packing to retain the freshness of the vegetables.
  2. 2. Ladies fingers have numerous health providing attributes. They contain blood sugarlevels, prevent heart disease, help with the digestive system, heal ulcers, reduces lunginflammation and maintains energy levels that lead to good health.Drum sticksWe supply fresh drumsticks from our farm that are fresh, healthy and free ofmicroorganisms. The updated agricultural practices that we use ensures good quality ofthe produce. Organic manure and fertilizers reduce risks and the vegetables that cometo you are pure and 100 percent natural. This vegetable is available round the year andcan be supplied in any quantity.Drumstick soups are used as a tonic for children for healthy bones and bloodpurification, for expectant mothers to help with their pregnancy and lactation needs. Thevegetable is a good antidote for respiratory disorders and is highly beneficial in thetreatment of respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis. Thevegetable has properties that relieve sexual, digestive and urinary disorders and can beused as a beauty aid.Sweet pumpkin White pumpkin
  3. 3. Our pumpkin has opened a new chapter in exports. Our tasty and nutritious pumpkin isa storehouse of vitamins and is supplied in bulk to global markets. It is also rich sourceof minerals like copper, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.The medicinal properties include body protection and the vegetable is a powerful naturalanti-oxidant which protect against lung and oral cavity cancers. It helps with eyediseases and old age.The white pumpkins have similar attributes to the sweet pumpkin and go hand in handwith our other vegetable exports. These vegetables have excellent nutritional propertiesand help cure a variety of diseases.White pumpkins are a tonic for the brain, help with de worming, bleeding piles,constipation, a natural coolant, relieves headache and applied as a salve for burns.Green chilly Red chilly
  4. 4. The green chilly that we offer is of fine quality full of flavor come with a bright greencolor and a healthy skin. Chilies have high nutritional value which includes vitamin C, B,B6, iron, potassium and magnesium. It is used for flavoring and add hotness to themeal.Green chilly have high levels of vitamins and minerals and prevent diseases. Thevegetable has analgesic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-diabetic and anti bacterial properties. Italso reduces LDL cholesterol levels in obesity.We also offer fresh red chilly, at affordable prices. This can be supplied in any quantity.TomatoWe export fresh tomatoes world wifde and our products are healthy and tasty with a lotof nutrition and goodness. Tomatoes find applications in everyday cuisine and go wellwith any dish. They are eaten in the raw, made into sauces, juices and used in dressingand salads.
  5. 5. Regular consumption of tomato improves skin texture and color. Tomatoes help in bloodpurification and dissolving gallstone and reduce blood cholesterol and fight cancer. Ithelps in the prevention of heart disease also.Bitter gourd Bitter Gourds are dark green with and measure about 18 centimeters long. Thesevegetables are grown in our farms under ideal conditions and come to you fresh andbecause of the excellent keeping quality arrive at your destination with its originalproperties. The farming techniques that we employ ensure that the vegetables aretolerant to pests and diseases.Bitter gourds are full of nutrition and are consumed for its medicinal value in thetreatment of diabetes, anti inflammation and anti fungal functions.Bottle gourdBottle Gourds offered by us are rich in nutrients and are highly resistant to diseases.The Fresh Bottle Gourds that we supply are perfect in taste and decay free. W raise ourown crop and are known as one of the well-established exporters for and vegetablesuppliers.
  6. 6. Bottle gourd has diuretic, cooling and sedative properties and is used for treatment ofurinary disorders. It also relieves people with diabetic problems and treatment ofepilepsy, insomnia, nervous disorders and digestive disorders. It is an essential part ofthe meal for good health.Pointed GourdWe cultivate pointed gourd in our farms and export large volumes worlds wide. Thisvegetable is used in a wide range of cooking for soups, stews, fried and goes as fillings.This vegetable is rich in vitamins and contains other elements like minerals, iron,calcium and health promoting properties and alongside has a lot of health benefits andis extensively used in Ayurvedic treatments for enhancing digestion, blood purification,liver stimulation, etc.Ridge gourdItWe are one of the leading exporters of ridge gourd to world countries and supplyproducts straight from our farms. Ridge gourd has many health benefits.The vegetable is known as a cure for stomach ailments, jaundice, blood sugar, skindiseases and promotes the immune system. The ridge gourd is full of nutrition and goeswell with obesity.Cabbage
  7. 7. We offer fresh cabbage from our farms in large volumes at reasonable price to ouroverseas customers. Bulk cultivation and farming techniques we adopt makes ourcabbages a better product that is tasty nutritious and superior. The vegetable is packedfull of healthy medicinal values and vitamins and are useful in the treatment of variousdiseases.They have detoxifying properties, lower the incidence of cancer, builds muscles, healsulcers and also lower serum cholesterol in human bodies.Beet RootWe farm good quality beet root and supply them in big volumes to the world markets.Beet roots are used for making sugar and go well into all cuisine. Our produce is wellaccepted for their superlative qualities and value.This vegetable is known for its nutrition and is an source for folic acid. The medicinalproperties include antioxidants that prevent cardiac diseases, leukemia, tumors, colonand stomach cancers. Beet roots are used as a remedy for cholesterol, liver problemsdigestive disorders, skin problems, etc.
  8. 8. CauliflowerWe are popular for our fresh cauliflower supply and our premium products come to youwithout the premium price tag. When you order with us any quantity we supply you thebest quality of cauliflower from our farms. All the processes from beginning to end arecontrolled by our trained personnel to ensure the premium quality.Like all natural produce these vegetable provide you with an array of health solutionsand body functions. Cauliflower helps with cancer prevention, improves liver function,kidney and bladder disorders and high blood pressure.Carrot
  9. 9. Carrots that we harvest and supply are of optimum quality. The carrots come in variedhues such as red, yellow or orange color and provide health benefits with its highnutritional properties. Carrots can be eaten both raw and cooked and are widely used inthe preparation of several tasty dishes and desserts. These tuber vegetables are full ofvitamins and health promoters.Carrots have several medicinal properties and goes well by people of all age groups.Carrots helps prevent night blindness and improves breast milk quality. The otherproperties of the carrot enhance appearance of the skin, nails and hair. It has reductionproperties for cholesterol and blood pressure and blood sugar levels.Elephant yamWe export good amounts of elephant yam which find considerable applications incooking overseas and enhances the multi cuisine.The elephant yam has a lot of nutrition and health benefits. It is used for slimming andreduces cholesterol in the body. It cools the body and lowers hypertension, promotesfree blood flow, helps with diabetes, piles treatment and helps women with theirmenstrual cycles. It also acts as a natural cure for bowel movements.Onion Big
  10. 10. Onions are the pride of of our exports and have found a market in literally every country.Our fresh onions are carefully grown and possess all the goodness and come to you inany quantity at affordable pricing.Onions are known for their high nutritious and medicinal values and no cooking iscomplete without this ingredient. It is eaten in a variety of ways, fresh and dehydratedand goes well with all dishes and enhances the taste and flavor.Onions have a lot of health benefits and are extensively used in Indian medicine as wellas in allopath for a variety of sicknesses. It has antioxidant properties and is also foundto be used for cancer treatments also.Snake gourdWe are one of the well-known exporters, processors and suppliers of Snake Gourd andoffer optimum quality vegetables to our valuable clients worldwide. Our vegetable havegenuine taste and ample nutritional values and are procured from reliable farms underthe strict supervision of our quality inspectors. These vegetables are used in a variety ofcooking and come pure, unadulterated and hygienically packed.Theses vegetables possess several medicinal properties and are suitable forconsumption by people of all age groups to sustain good healthy living.Curry leafWe harvest and offer optimum quality Curry leaves are grown and harvested in ourfarms and are exported all over the world. This produce has a lot of health benefit andis used in everyday cooking for its flavor and health values. Curry leaves have a good
  11. 11. taste and go well in a variety of menus and complements the fare with its nutritionalproperties. It has several health promoting properties and is a remedy for a variety ofdiseases.PotatoesPotatoes that we export are of the premium quality and find acclaim all over the world,due to their good quality. Potatoes are versatile and go as a combination into anycuisine. The farm fresh potatoes are harvested from our farms and are assured ofquality. We take care to ensure that these potatoes are disease free and reach theclients in prim and fresh condition.RadishOur radish finds a very good overseas market by virtue of its properties. We supply firstgrade radish in lots regularly to our clients for standard price.Radish is rich in vitamins and also has health benefits. Radish is good for teeth, gumshair and nails. It stimulates appetite, reduces hypertension, improves with digestion,fights obesity, and is known as a tuberculosis cure. It also helps with kidney functionand fights diabetes.Sweet potato
  12. 12. Sweet potato is also in our range of production and supply to overseas markets. Weproduce quality and tasty sweet potato that go well with consumers abroad. Thesevegetable are rich in vitamins and have healthy ingredients.The medicinal properties of sweet potato include removal of free radicals from humanbodies, curing ulcers, blood pressure, and acts as an energy booster. It has cancercombating properties against cancer and is a good food for diabetes.TaroOur Taro are very popular in the overseas markets and we export large containers to allworld countries. Taro are rich in nutrition and enhance the well being of a person.Apart from its nutritional properties, it is known for its medicinal characteristics. It hasantioxidant values which help protect lung and oral cavity from cancer. It controls bloodsugar levels and helps heart rate and blood pressure.Tapioca
  13. 13. Tapioca is also another of our supply and are known for their quality aspects and longershelf life. Tapioca is a rich food and highly nutritious.Tapioca is also known for its health aspects as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Itsprotein content helps fights diseases and obesity. It lowers cholesterol levels and helpswith cardiovascular health.BrinjalWe are involved in cultivation and supply of fresh range of brinjals to our global clients.The handpicked brinjals come to you fresh and free from micro organisms. Our produceis rich in nutritional value and come fresh at reasonable cost.Brinjals are known to cure cancer and act as a remedy for hypertension and diabetes.Brinjal soup helps with digestion. It is used as a cure for insomnia and flatulence.Beans
  14. 14. We cultivate a wide variety of beans and supply them fresh to international markets.Beans are used as a regular meal and have an impressive health record. Thesevegetable contain a lot of fiber that improves our health.The health benefits of beans are to lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure,control blood sugar, reduce cancer risk, regulate digestive processes and prevent pilesand bowel malady. It is also said they have a good effect during menopause and heartailments.Fresh GingerWe are known for our fresh ginger products. We grow special variety of ginger to caterto the world markets by our trained farming personnel. The products that reach youcome fresh and retain all the goodness. We achieve this by using good agriculturaltechniques and practices.Ginger has a lot of medicinal properties and is hence used in everyday cooking for itsflavor and taste not to mention the medicinal aspects that nurture good health.
  15. 15. Fresh LemonWe supply our clients fresh lemon in bulk quantities and on priority basis also. We arerenowned for our fresh lemon manufacture and export in India. Fresh lemon finds usagein the health care industry as well as culinary, cosmetic, and other industries. We supplyour fresh limes at the most competitive prices to the world markets. Our produce isnatural, free from microorganisms and come decay free.Fresh lemons are used for a variety of cures and finds mention in Indian medicine as aremedy for human health disorders.CucumberWe offer cucumber that is grown in our farms and comes fresh to your dining table. Thishandpicked product brings all the goodness of nature and is exported in any quantity tosuit customer requirements. Cucumbers are used in a wide variety of cooking and areused in salads and pickling. The cucumbers are nutritive and contain vitamins and otherhealth promoting characteristics.The medicinal properties improve kidney and urinary bladder diseases, liver andpancreatic diseases, controls blood pressure, help digestion, diseases of the oral cavity,diabetes, etc.