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New Quick Article Spinner unravels the treasure of creating several unique articles out of a single article. It involves a simple and quick process that rewrites inimitable articles and helps to escape the duplicate content penalties. You can outshine your competitors by publishing hundreds of articles on the Internet for alluring potential traffic, providing back links and boosting your online business. It saves your invaluable time from searching the information for content and creates outstanding articles. This is a powerful tool that empowers you with complete control over the article rewriting process.

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  • Well prepared presentation. Good to find out that multiple versions of a single article can be created with unique content with this tool. Would try the technique shown here.
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Quick Article Spinner starter guide

  1. 1. Quick Article Spinner Starter GuideArticle Title„Article Title‟ input box on the top left corner of the screen allows user to enter the article title.Article Text„Article Text‟ text area under the Article Title input box is the area where user can either write or pastethe article.Total Words„Total Words‟ information under the Article Text area shows the total number of words in the article.Prepare for SpinOn clicking this button, all the words and phrases for which synonyms are present in database will behighlighted in Blue. The article text in the „Article Text‟ input box becomes non editable.Modify Article„Modify Article‟ is a button next to the „Prepare for Spin‟ button. On clicking this button the text in the„Article Text‟ becomes editable and you can make necessary changes in the text. After making necessarychanges you have to again click on „Prepare for Spin‟ button.Word Density„Word Density‟ information on the top right corner displays the repetitions of the selected keyword inpercentage terms to the total words in the article.Selection
  2. 2. On right hand side of Article Text Box, “Selection” field at the top. This field shows the word where cursoris kept or a phrase / sentence/ paragraph that the user selects by highlighting that text in the Article textarea.Replacement OptionsA list box “Replacement Options” below the “Selection” field displays the synonyms / options for selectedwords. These synonyms have checkboxes and user can select multiple synonyms for a word. „Select All‟option is also given to select all the synonyms present for a particular word.Once the user has made the required selections for one word and moves to next word in text area,previous word will be highlighted in Pink which means that this word will get spun with the synonymsselected by the user.There is a list of „Edit‟ and „Delete‟ icons corresponding to each synonym. You can edit any synonym byclicking on the „Edit‟ icon next to it. A pop-up window displays „old Synonym/Option‟ which shows the“Old Synonyms/options” and „New Synonyms/Option‟ which is an input box where you can enter yourown synonym. Click on „Update‟ button to save the changes and the Replacement options List box will beupdated with the edited synonym. On clicking the „Delete‟ icon, the selected synonym in the list box getsdeleted.Note: The deleted synonyms will get deleted from the Database permanently.Under the Replacement options, there are two buttons ‘Use option for all occurrences’ and ‘Clearoption for multiple occurrences’. These options are to be used, when you want the selectedsynonyms to be set for other occurrences/repetitions of the selected Keyword in the article.On clicking the option „Use options for all occurrences‟ you can automatically set the synonyms ofselected keyword to all other repetitions in the article text for spinning. All the repetitive words in thetext change from Blue to Pink in color.On selecting the „Clear option for multiple occurrences‟, you can automatically clear the selection ofsynonyms for repetitive words at a time. The words change from Pink to Blue in color.Adding Synonyms for a wordIf you want to add a synonym for a word for which there is no synonym in the database then click onthat word and it will be displayed in the Selection field. Under the Replacement options there is anotherinput box ‘Add New Synonyms/option’ where you can enter your own synonym and click onthe ‘Add’button under it. New synonym gets added to the list box for the selected word. The moment itssynonym gets added in the list box, the color of the word turns Blue in Article Text area. On checking thecheck box in the Replacement options list box, the word changes color from blue to pink indicating that asynonym has been selected for that word.Similarly you can add synonym/s for a word for which synonym/s are already present in the database.SpinThere are two options for Spin ‘Use Synonym/Options for selection only’ and ‘Use allsynonym/Options for non-selections’.On selecting the „Use Synonym/Options for selection only‟ option only the selected words which are Pinkin color will spin.On selecting the „Use all synonym/Options for non-selections‟ option, the software will make
  3. 3. combinations for all the non-selected words which are Blue in color.By default ‘Use Synonym/Options for selection only’ is selected, you can select any one of the twooptions as per your requirement.On clicking on „Spin‟ button, a popup will open up showing the total number of possible articles that canbe generated and an input box where the user can enter the required number of articles. The number ofarticles typed by the user should not exceed the number of possible articles displayed.The pop-up window also provides three format options for the article; these options are „As TextDocument‟, „As Word Document‟ and „As Rich Text Format‟. The user can select the suitable option andclick on „OK‟ button.On clicking the „OK‟ button another popup opens up displaying the spun article. The article titles aredisplayed at the top from where you can use suggested article titles to your article. On left there is a listof all the articles with checkboxes and on right side you can preview any article by clicking on it. You canselect articles singularly by clicking the checkbox in front of the Article number.Further, you can click on the „Save‟ button and save the articles on your system.Percentage change„Percentage change‟ information shows the percentage of the selected words that you want to spin out ofthe total number of words.Menu BarIn the Menu bar there are four buttons called ‘New Project’, ‘Open Project’, ‘SaveProject’ and‘Reserved Keywords’.‘New Project’ button will clear the article and reset all other fields to blank.‘Save Project’ button saves the project on your system with an extension. QAS Project file for later use.‘Open Project’ button opens the dialogue box to open the previously saved projects in Quick ArticleSpinner.‘Reserved Keywords’ button opens a pop-up window to enter the keywords which you do not want tospin. To save these changes you can click on the „OK‟ button.