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Online community of inquiry aisi

  1. 1. Online Community of Inquiry Reflecting, sharing, co-creating, and learning from and with each other in global spaces.
  4. 4. Professional development needs• THE CONNECTED EDUCATOR to change. We know this. A revolution in technology has transformed the way we can find each other, interact, and collaborate to create knowledge as connected learners.
  5. 5. Meet the new model for professionaldevelopment: • THE CONNECTED EDUCATORConnected Learning CommunitiesIn CLCs educators have several ways toconnect and collaborate:• F2F learning communities (PLCs)• Personal learning networks (PLNs)• Communities of practice or inquiry (CoPs)
  6. 6. 1. Local community: Purposeful, face-to-faceconnections among members of a committed group—aprofessional learning community (PLC) • THE CONNECTED EDUCATOR2. Global network: Individually chosen, onlineconnections with a diverse collection of people andresources from around the world—a personal learningnetwork (PLN)3. Bounded community: A committed, collective, andoften global group of individuals who have overlappinginterests and recognize a need for connections that godeeper than the personal learning network or theprofessional learning community can provide—acommunity of practice or inquiry (CoP)
  7. 7. Professional Personal Learning Communities of Learning Networks Practice Communities• THE CONNECTED EDUCATORMethod Often organized for Do-it-yourself Educators organize teachers it themselvesPurpose To collaborate in For individuals to Collective subject area or gather info for knowledge building grade level teams personal knowledge around shared around tasks construction and to interests and goals. bring back info to the communityStructure Team/group Individual, face to Collective, face to F2f face, and online face, or onlineFocus Student Personal growth Systemic achievement improvement
  8. 8. FOCUS: • Situated • Synchronous / asynchronous • Online or off • Open and closedCommunities of Practice
  9. 9. Personal LearningNetworksFOCUS: Individual, Connecting to Learning Objects, Resourcesand People – Social Network Driven
  10. 10. Change is hard
  11. 11. Connected educators are more effective change agents
  12. 12. Type this into your browser or make note of this link.