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Rrr cy fair_leaders


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Future Ready Leaders

Published in: Education
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Rrr cy fair_leaders

  1. 1. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach Co-Founder & CEO Powerful Learning Practice, LLC Consultant 21st Century Collaborative, LLC Author The Connected Educator: Learning and Leading in a Digital Age Chair Connected Educator Month Board Member ISTE Executive Board Follow me on Twitter @snbeach
  2. 2. Housekeeping Get close to someone Paperless handouts Back Channel Chat On Twitter using the #RRRCyFair tag
  3. 3. Cluster Together Introduce yourselves if you do not know each other… Then talk about what you know and believe to be important about effective leadership. Does that change when we put future ready in front of it? How so? Why not?
  4. 4. What keeps me up at night… It all began with President Obama’s announcement of his ConnectED initiative. Then he invited 100 superintendents to the Whitehouse to sign the Future Ready Pledge.
  5. 5. Let’s read the pledge and then discuss the various elements… What are the implications for your district/school?
  6. 6. Looking More Closely at Future Ready Leadership
  7. 7. Thinking through the Future Ready Leadership Score Card. How does your leadership team measure up?
  8. 8. Collaborative Leadership What are the practices that support collaborative leadership? • Passionate Purpose and Vision • Accept You’re Not in Control • Lead Horizontally (Distributive Leadership) • Develop Leaders at all Levels • Build a Foundation of Trust • Encourage Risk Taking • Lead with Questions • Share Transparently • Communicate Broadly • Encourage Critical Friends
  9. 9. Personalized Learning
  10. 10. Robust Infrastructure
  11. 11. Professional Learning Opportunities Professional development needs to change. We know this. ----- Do it Yourself PD A revolution in technology has transformed the way we can find each other, interact, and collaborate to create knowledge as connected learners.
  12. 12. Future Ready Leaders Use a 3-Pronged Approach
  13. 13. Change is hard
  14. 14. Future Ready Leaders are more effective change agents
  15. 15. Real Question is this: Are we willing to change- to risk change- to meet the needs of the precious folks we serve? Can you accept that Change (with a “big” C) is sometimes a messy process and that learning new things together is going to require some tolerance for ambiguity.
  16. 16. Last Generation