2012 deep research report on china alumina industry


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2012 deep research report on china alumina industry

  1. 1. 2012 Deep Research Report on China Alumina Industry2012 Deep Research Report on China Alumina IndustryHard copy: 2200 USDElectronic copy (PDF):2200USDGlobal License: 4000USDPages:173Tables and figures:25Published date :May 28 2012Publisher: QY Research GroupContact: Mr Zhang Dong 86-10-82945717 86-13811796901 sales@qyresearch.comSummary<2012 Deep Research Report on China Alumina Industry > was professional and depth researchreport on China Alumina industry. The report firstly introduced Alumina (AL2O3) industrydevelopment history definition classification and allpications etc industry overview. Thenintroduced Alumina manufacturing technology and process, stastics China Alumina 2009-2016capacity production supply demand shortage price cost production value and gross margin etcdetails data and information. And then introduce Alumina raw materials; Alumina market analysis;China Alumina key manufacturers; Alumina industry development trend; Alumina manufacturingcost structure; Alumina industry development problems and Alumina recycling use situations.Finally, the report also introduced 10KT/Year Fly Ash extract alumina project feasibility analysisand related research conclusions. In a word, it was a depth research report on China aluminaindustry. And thanks to the support and assistance from Alumina industry chain related expertsand enterprises during QYResearch Alumina Team survey and interview.QYResearch Mr. Zhangdong sales@qyresearch.com 13811796901 8610-82945717 1(6 Total)
  2. 2. 2012 Deep Research Report on China Alumina IndustryTable of ContentsChapter One Alumina Industry Overview 11.1 Global Alumina Development History 11.2 China Alumina Development History 21.3 Global Alumina Development Characteristics 41.2 Alumina Definition 61.3 Alumina Physical Properties 71.4 Alumina Chemical Properties 71.5 Alumina Classification 71.5.1 Low Temperature Alumina 71.5.2 High temperature Alumina 71.6 Alumina Application 81.6.1 Electrolysis 81.6.2 Ceramics 91.6.3 Artificial Corundum 91.6.4 Synthetic Sapphire 101.6.5 Hydrogen Peroxide Adsorption 11Chapter Two Alumina Manufacturing Technology and Process 122.1 Sintering Method 122.1.1 Ore Sintering 122.2 Bayer Process 262.2.1 Low Temperature Bayer Process 292.2.2 High Temperature Bayer Process 312.2.3 Ore Dressing Bayer Process 332.3 Bayer and Sintering Combined Process 35Chapter Three China Alumina Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 393.1 Alumina Productions Overview 393.3 China Alumina Production Market Share 443.5 Alumina Supply Demand and Shortage 443.6 Alumina Cost Price Production Value Gross Margin 44Chapter Four Alumina Raw Materials Analysis 454.1 Bauxite 454.1.1 China Bauxite 454.1.2 Imported Bauxite 524.1.3 Fly Ash 564.2 Coal 604.2.1 Coal Requirement 604.2.2 Ash Requirement 614.2.3 Coal Reserves61QYResearch Mr. Zhangdong sales@qyresearch.com 13811796901 8610-82945717 2(6 Total)
  3. 3. 2012 Deep Research Report on China Alumina Industry4.3.4 Coal Distribution 624.3.5 Coal Market Analysis 624.3 Caustic Soda 634.3.1 Caustic Soda Nature 634.3.2 Caustic Soda Supply 644.3.3 Caustic Soda Development Trend 654.3.4 Caustic Soda Market Analysis 66Chapter Five Alumina Market Analysis 665.1 Metallurgical Grade Alumina 665.1.1 Metallurgical Grade Alumina Feature 675.1.2 Metallurgical Grade Alumina Market and Forecast 695.1.3 Electrolytic Aluminum Use Alumina Market Analysis 705.2 Non-metallurgical Alumina (Special Alumina) 725.2.1 Ceramics High Temperature Alumina 725.2.2 Artificial Sapphire Use High-purity Alumina 745.2.3 Hydrogen Peroxide Use Activated Alumina 77Chapter Six China Alumina Manufacturers 796.1 Aluminum Corporation of China 796.1.1 Shandong Aluminum 796.1.2 Pingguo Aluminum 826.1.3 Chengzhang Aluminum 846.1.4 Zhongzhou Aluminum 866.1.5 Shanxi Aluminum 886.1.6 Guizhou Aluminum 896.1.7 Chongqing Branch 926.2 Shandong Province Alumina Manufacturers 936.2.1 Nanshan Aluminum 936.2.2 Xinfa Group 966.2.3 Weiqiao Aluminum 1016.2.4 Lubei Chemical 1036.2.5 Qixing Aluminum 1066.3 Shanxi Province Alumina Manufacturers 1086.3.1 Shanxi Alumina Capacity 1086.3.2 Shanxi Alumina Industry Status 1096.3.3 Shanxi Alumina Development Trend 1126.4 Henan Province Alumina Manufacturers 1136.4.1 Henan Alumina Capacity 1136.4.2 Alumina Industry Status1136.4.3 Alumina Development Trend1146.5 Sichuan Province Alumina Manufacturers 1156.5.1 Bauxite Distribution 1156.5.2 Alumina Industry Status116QYResearch Mr. Zhangdong sales@qyresearch.com 13811796901 8610-82945717 3(6 Total)
  4. 4. 2012 Deep Research Report on China Alumina Industry6.5.3 Sichuan Alumina Development Trend 1176.6 Yunnan Province Alumina Manufacturers 1176.6.1 Yunnan Bauxite Resource Feature 1176.6.2 Alumina Industry Status1186.6.3 Yunnan Alumina Development Trend 1186.7 Guangxi Province Alumina Manufacturers 1186.7.1 AluminaCompany Profile 1186.7.2 Guangxi Alumina Development Trend 1216.8 Inner Mongolia Alumina Manufacturers 1226.8.1 Inner Mongolia Region Alumina Manufacturers 1226.8.2 AluminaCompany Profile 1236.8.3 Fly Ash Produce Alumina Outlook 126Chapter Seven Alumina Development Trend Analysis 1287.1 China Alumina Manufacturing Structure 1287.2 Manufacturers Competition 1307.2.1 Scale 1307.2.2 Resource1317.2.3 Product 1317.3 Fly Ash Produce Alumina Development Outlook 132Chapter Eight Alumina Manufacturing Cost Analysis 1338.1 Sintering Method 1338.1.1 Sintering Method Cost Influence Factors 1338.1.2 China and International Alumina Manufacturing Energy Consumption Comparison 1348.1.3 Sintering Method Raw Materials Consumption Analysis 1348.1.4 Reduce Sintering Method Manufacturing Cost Measure 1368.2 Bayer Process 1378.2.1 Ore Consumption 1378.2.2 Caustic Soda Consumption 1388.2.3 Stream and Power Consumption 1388.2.4 Reduce Bayer Process Manufacturing Cost Measure 1388.3 Reduce Alumina Manufacturing Cost Measure 1398.3.1 Reduce Energy Consumption 1398.3.2 Reduce Bauxite Consumption 1398.3.3 Reduce Power Cost 1408.3.4 Improve Management Level 141Chapter Nine Alumina Development Problems 1419.1 Bauxite Resource 1419.1.1 China Bauxite 1419.1.2 Imported Bauxite 1439.2 Coal Resource 1449.2.1 Coal Resource Overview 144QYResearch Mr. Zhangdong sales@qyresearch.com 13811796901 8610-82945717 4(6 Total)
  5. 5. 2012 Deep Research Report on China Alumina Industry9.2.2 Uneven Distribution 1459.3 Red Mud Problem 1459.3.1 Pollution Problems1469.3.2 Water Pollution 1469.3.3 Stockpiling Problem 147Chapter Ten Alumina Recycling Use 14810.1 Red Mud Recycling Use 14810.1.1 Cement 14910.1.2 Red mud Unburned Brick 15010.1.3 Desulfurizer 15010.1.4 Red mud calcium silicate fertilizer 15010.1.5 Recovering Iron from Red Mud 15110.1.6 Red Mud Recycling Problems and Development Trend 15310.2 Extraction of Gallium from Bayer Process Solution 15810.2.1 Gallium 15810.2.2 Extraction Method 15910.2.3 Development Outlook 16110.3 Extraction of Vanadium from Bayer Process Solution 16210.3.1 Vanadium Use 16210.3.2 Alumina Solution Extract Vanadium Method 16310.3.3 Development Outlook 164Chapter Eleven 10 KT/year Fly Ash Extract Alumina Project Feasibility Analysis 16511.1 Project Purpose 16511.1.1 Project Feasibility 16611.1.2 Project Process 167Chapter Twelve Alumina Industry Research Conclusions 168Schedule 1 Metallurgical Grade Alumina Physical and Chemical Indicators 169Schedule 2 Alumina Use Limestone Indicators 170Schedule 3 Alumina Use Caustic Soda Indicators 170Schedule 4 China Bauxite Chemical Composition171Schedule 5 Imported Bauxite Chemical composition 171Schedule 6 2011 Monthly Imported Bauxite Quantity (10KT) 171Schedule 7 2011 Monthly China Alumina Production (10KT) 172Schedule 8 2011 China Regional Alumina Production (10KT) 172Schedule 9 China Regional Bauxite Chemical composition 173Tables and FiguresFigure Sintering Method Alumina Manufacturing Process Flow 13Table Rich Ore Sintering Method and Traditional Soda Lime Sintering Method Key SpecificationsQYResearch Mr. Zhangdong sales@qyresearch.com 13811796901 8610-82945717 5(6 Total)
  6. 6. 2012 Deep Research Report on China Alumina IndustryDifference 21Figure Bayer Process Alumina Process Flow 29Table 2009-2016 China 7 Provinces Alumina Production and Total Production (10KT) List 39Table 2009-2016 China 7 Provinces Alumina Capacity and Total Capacity (10KT) List 39Table 2009-2016 China 7 Provinces Alumina Capacity Market Share List (%) 40Table 2009-2016 China 31 Manufacturers Alumina Production and Total Production (10KT) List 40Table 2009-2016 China 31 Manufacturers Alumina Production Market Share (%) List 41Figure 2009-2016 China Alumina Capacity Production (10KT) and Growth Rate 43Table 2009-2016 China Alumina Capacity Utilization Rate List 43Figure 2011 China 7 Provinces Alumina Production (10KT) Market Share 44Table 2009-2016 China Alumina Supply Demand and Shortage (10KT) 44Table 2009-2016 China Alumina Production (10KT) Price Cost Profit (RMB/Ton) ProductionValue (100 Million RMB) Gross Margin etc List 44Table China Guangxi Guizhou Yunnan Shanxi Henan Sichuan Shandong Bauxite ChemicalComposition Comparison 48Table Indonesia India Malaysia Australia etc Imported Bauxite Chemical CompositionComparison 53Table Shandong Aluminum Nanshan Nanshan Aluminum Lubei Chemical Weiqiao AluminumShandong Xinfa Imported Bauxite Related Ports Distribution 55Table China Power Plant Fly Ash Chemical Composition 56Table Metallurgical Grade Alumina Physical Specifications 68Table Metallurgical Grade Alumina Chemical Indicator 69Table 2006-2011 China Electrolytic Aluminum Production and Alumina Consumption (10KT) 70Table Calcined α-type Alumina Powder Physical and Chemical Indicators 72Table High Purity Alumina (5N Purity) Specifications List 75Table Hydrogen Peroxide Use Activated Alumina Specifications List 78Table Shandong Aluminum Zhengzhou Aluminum Shanxi Aluminum Pinguo Aluminum FranceAluminum Australia Greece and Germany etc China and International Alumina ManufacturersAlumina Manufacturing Energy Consumption Comparison 134Table Red Mud Chemical Composition Table 149QYResearch Mr. Zhangdong sales@qyresearch.com 13811796901 8610-82945717 6(6 Total)