Euro Job 2010 English


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Euro Job 2010 English

  1. 1. Human Resource Consultancy with Italian expertise<br />Professional Staff Recruitment<br />THE BEST WAY TO HIRE PEOPLE<br /><br />
  2. 2. The Company<br /><ul><li>EuroJob was founded by specialized professionals in Human Resources with over 20 years of dedicated experience.
  3. 3. Our partners have a thorough knowledge of both European and Brazilian markets, with training and experience in Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America, managing different Business Areas and focusing in Human Resources.</li></li></ul><li>Our Services<br />BRAZILIAN MARKET<br />Recruitment, Selection and Training of Professionals<br />Recruitment, Selection and Training of Trainees<br />Head Hunting/Outplacement<br />Managing Temporary and Outsourcing Labor Contracts<br />Psychological Tests and Staff Assessment<br />Benefits/Insurance: life, professional, medical, etc.<br />Coaching, Training<br />EUROPEAN MARKET:<br />Recruitment, Selection and Training of professional workers for Italian market (healthcare, nurses etc.)<br />
  4. 4. Methodology: Selection I<br />Selection Basic Process I<br />The process of Recruitment starts with a broad understanding of the team's mission, vision, values and strategic planning from the client-company, so there is a perfect alignment of the project, initiating with:<br /><ul><li>Integration: assessment of needs leading the organization to establish a partnership; integration with the requesting Department of the client company; evaluation and sizing of goals and objectives to be achieved in the process;
  5. 5. Official request of vacancy, eventually to be sent via e-mail;
  6. 6. Profile details along the requesting area official-in-charge;
  7. 7. Interview to refine concept of knowledge, skills and attitudes-character;
  8. 8. Update the job description;
  9. 9. Major job challenges; main mistakes; expectations of the area regarding the required position; its difficulties and critical points; main projects to be developed;
  10. 10. Generation of the vacancy into “Select” – EuroJob System of Recruiting and Staff Selection;
  11. 11. Start of internal selection process.</li></li></ul><li>Methodology: Selection II<br />Selection Basic Process II<br /><ul><li>Disclosure of the vacancy into EUROJOB and NALCO web sites and other valuable media, including our resumes database and partners database;
  12. 12. Identification of relevant means of recruitment for each vacancy;
  13. 13. Analysis of the position and level of the candidates to use the appropriate selection means;
  14. 14. Acceptance of candidates/internal employees via site, e-mail, mail, phone and personal receipt;
  15. 15. Screening of resumes received;
  16. 16. Call for initial interview and profiles assessment;
  17. 17. Application of selection tools such as: aptitude tests, personality tests, situational cases, group dynamics, etc. ;
  18. 18. Final interview: depending on the position can be validation or skills interview;
  19. 19. Database constant uploading with the customer requesting profiles, for immediate replacement.</li></li></ul><li>IntegratedSolution<br />IntegratedSolution<br />EuroJob Web Site<br />Market approach<br />Interviews and <br />Group Dynamics<br />Databases<br />Classified ad <br />and Universities<br />Customer Web Site<br />Referrals and<br />internal indication<br />Deepening Referrals for critical positions<br />Selective Assessment<br />and Tests<br />Hiring and<br />Integration<br />Documentation filing<br />
  20. 20. Reports<br />EuroJob offers effective monitoring tools in order to ensure regular, comprehensive and<br />detailed reports, in accordance with the needs of NALCO HR Managers.<br /><ul><li> Time for filling vacancies;
  21. 21.  Recruited applicants per vacancy;
  22. 22.  Interviewed applicants per vacancy;
  23. 23.  Forwarded applicants per vacancy;
  24. 24.  # of vacancy positions openings;
  25. 25.  # of vacancies filled and erased;
  26. 26. Elapsing time from opening to filling each vacancy;
  27. 27. # of interviews per vacancy;
  28. 28. Report of feedback to the vacancy Requesting-Department;
  29. 29.  Position of applicants in relation to the vacancy;
  30. 30.  Position of the final selection process;
  31. 31. Costs breakdown. </li></li></ul><li>Our Mission<br />To offer quick and effective solutions for the Entrepreneur’s job-market needs, focusing in recruitment and selection. <br />To facilitate access by applicants to the best vacancies, matched to their individual profiles, and providing they get the positions and stay employed for long period in stable perspective.<br />
  32. 32. Our Competitive Advantage<br /><ul><li>Performance-focused national and international team.
  33. 33. Flexibility and availability to listen and offer “custom made” solutions, with high competitive value.
  34. 34. Extensive, modern offer of HR services.</li></li></ul><li>Attendance<br />HEADQUARTERS: BRAZIL, SÃO PAULO<br />Rua Afonso Braz 408 sala 201<br />Vila Nova Conceição<br />Tel: 11 3045 2544<br />BRANCH: BRAZIL, ALPHAVILLE - Grande SÃO PAULO<br />Centro Comercial Alphaville<br />c/o Phenix Part. E Cons.Ltda<br />Rua Copo de Leite, 69<br />Tel 11 4195 1325<br />PARTNERS:<br />BRASIL: RIO DE JANEIRO<br />MEXICO: MONTERREY<br />MEXICO: MEXICO CITY<br />PERU: LIMA<br />ARGENTINA: BUENOS AIRES<br />ATTENDANCE THROUGHOUT BRAZIL and LATIN AMERICA<br /><br />
  35. 35. References<br />