7 benefits of social media and internet marketing


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  • Thank you Anna for having me ! Welcome everybody and thank you for joining Anna and me on this call. I’m thrilled to be participating in Anna’s adventure and get more and more excited about the 360Entrepreneurship Summit in September. some techniques on how to increase your website traffic. No handout for this call, can download free e-book on www.simplicityadmins.com But let’s get started, shall we ? I’d like to start with two questions
  • 1 st Question: How many have a website ? Type yes or no Ok, no surprises. Most (all) of you already have a website. 2 nd Question: Does website get enough traffic and visibility ? Type yes or no Many of you answered that your website doesn’t get enough traffic yet. A website is like a party. You can have the fanciest website, but if you don’t advertise it, nobody will show up. It looks like most of you will be able to learn something on this call, so let’s dive right in.
  • share your expertise about your industry and create trust towards your company well indexed on Google create big traffic to your site Share blog posts on Social Media How many blog posts? Consistency is more important than quantity Comment on other people’s blog Share your opinion, ask question, add more information Always has link to your website, increase traffic Opens discussions and opportunities Second tip is not one of my favorites, but it just has to be done
  • Research which ones are the most relevant in your area and submit your company info. It’s like the phone book for your website, you have to be listed 3 th tip is maybe the least practiced by small businesses but one of the most effective
  • Before press releases were just for journalists Today press or news releases can be used even by small companies the whole wide world has access to them. Many free but also paid services to distribute online press releases pitchengine.com Prweb.com Freepressreleases.com The next tip is one that I think Anna does a great job at !
  • News on your website News in the industry Return to website Stay informed about your business If you are not already signed up to Anna’s newsletter, head over to www.360entrepreneurship.com and sign up. CLIENT STORY Still with me ? Client who didn’t want to write a blog Created a “News” section instead Now submit monthly article on news section, search engines consider it as if it was a blog, we even created an RSS Feed and share it on Social Media Tip Nr. 5: Article Marketing
  • great (and free) resource to increase traffic to your website : article marketing Share your content on article marketing publisher’s sites (such as ezinarticles.com). Very well indexed on Google ! Another way to share your content is via Scrib: here comes tip Nr. 6
  • Now back to Anna
  • 7 benefits of social media and internet marketing

    1. 1. 1. Because it’s cheaper than traditional marketing Why use Internet & Social Media Marketing ?
    2. 2. 2. Because people search online before they buy 78% of Internet users look for information online Why use Internet & Social Media Marketing ?
    3. 3. 3. Because your competitors use it (or will use it) End of June 2011, 34.1% of Swiss are on Facebook … and counting Why use Internet & Social Media Marketing ?
    4. 4. 4. Because it helps to build your tribe Why use Internet & Social Media Marketing ?
    5. 5. 5. Because very few still use the yellow pages or local.ch Why use Internet & Social Media Marketing ?
    6. 6. 6. Because it gets you more word of mouth referrals Why use Internet & Social Media Marketing ?
    7. 7. 7. Because Social Media is here to stay Why use Internet & Social Media Marketing ?
    8. 8. Sarah Santacroce, Small Business Internet & Social Media Marketing Specialist Owner at Simplicity – Simple Small Business Solutions <ul><li>Swiss national </li></ul><ul><li>International spirit & mind </li></ul><ul><li>Social Media & Internet Marketing certified </li></ul>Help small business owners increase their online visibility through Social Media & Internet Marketing
    9. 9. Ask me a question: <ul><li>Now </li></ul><ul><li>Or later: 022 534 9294 </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul>www.facebook.com/simplicityadmins www.linkedin.com/in/simplicityadmins www.twitter.com/sarahsantacroce