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Presentation Proto Space 5nov2009


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This presentation was held for the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade on 5 November 2009 at the ProtoSpace FabLab Utrecht, The Netherlands by Siert Wijnia

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Presentation Proto Space 5nov2009

  1. 1. An Introduction to ProtoSpace, FabLab Utrecht 5 November 2009
  2. 2. Digital Revolutions communication computation fabrication
  3. 3. Past
  4. 4. Present
  5. 5. Future
  6. 6. Origin of FabLab • Class “How to make (almost) anything” Prof. Neil Gershenfeld, director of CBA
  7. 7. Personal fabrication Examples
  8. 8. Book by Gershenfeld
  9. 9. First FabLab: Boston
  10. 10. Machines in a FabLab Milling machine Laser cutter Video conferencing Vinyl cutter system Milling machine
  11. 11. Machines creating machines DIY 3D printer (RepRap)
  12. 12. FabLabs worldwide India Norway fabrication and instrumentation divide Costa Rica South Africa
  13. 13. International network of decentralized labs
  14. 14. FabLabs Netherlands Utrecht Amsterdam Enschede Den Haag Tilburg/Eindhoven Groningen Rotterdam many more...
  15. 15. Why in NL? • Good innovation climate • Good subsidy infrastructure (eg. EFRO) • Strong drive
  16. 16. Initiators of ProtoSpace
  17. 17. Goal: Innovation Open Traditional Innovation Innovation RepRap Q-snap
  18. 18. Early prototyping
  19. 19. Share Ideas Designs Knowledge Train your peers Just in time education
  20. 20. Bottom-up Invention Job creation Problem solving Education Education Empowerment Empowerment Empowerment
  21. 21. Target groups Artists/ Start-ups Designers Conceptual ight frame A conceptual scale model of the ight frame design was produced in support of the presentation at the ‘Fly Your Thesis’ selection workshop at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany. The 1:5 model portrays the hardware set-up for the Watervrees project studying the aggregation of soil particles to study water repellency of soils. The model has been produced using the Zcorp 450 3D printer of ProtoSpace, based on a 3D Studio model produced by Naked Architecture. The baseplate was produced using a CNC gui- ded laser cutter. Inventors DVD hard disk recorders Macroscope & CCD camera Video monitor & in- ight sample drawer Students