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Shubham Devkumar Chaturvedi 3 (1)


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Shubham Devkumar Chaturvedi 3 (1)

  1. 1. Shubham Devkumar Chaturvedi Flat No 6, Parikh House , Anand Nagar, Vapi. Contact :- 8511144548 Email id :-  Career Objective To seek valuable career opportunity in Production Department in Engineering Organization. To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provides me satisfaction and self development and help me to achieve organizational goal.  Educational Qualification Sr No Degree/Course College/School University/Board Year of Passing Grade 1. B.E ( Mechanical) Parul Institute of Engg & Tech Gujarat Technological University 2016 7.85 2. H.S.C ( Science) Ashadham GHSEB 2012 73 3. S.S.C Ashadham GSEB 2010 85  Skills  Have successfully completed 2 months certification course in CREO from Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology.  Short Project on Piston & Piston Ring Assembly during certification program.  Working Knowledge of AutoCAD.  ExtraCurricular Activities  Attended Service Selection Board at 33 SSB, Bhopal for General Services in Indian Navy.  Have Published a technical paper on the topic “Working Model of Magneto Hydrodynamics”. Published by International Journal of Scientific Research & Developmaent.  Secured Second Prize in Skit Competition at Dhoom 2k16 held by Parul University.
  2. 2.  Project Details  Project Title:- Working Model Of Magneto Hydrodynamics.  Objective:- To produce Electricity.  Organization:- Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology.  Duration:- 1 Year.  Technology used:- Fundamentals of magneto Hydrodynamics.  Description:-Magneto Hydrodynamics is a technique through which electrically conductive flue gases are passed through a magnetic field and as a result electricity is generated. We have replaced flue gases produced by burning of coal with naturally available seawater. In this way, pollution free and easily available seawater can be utilized to produce energy with negligible maintenance since it has no rotating parts.  Training Details  Organization:- Wanakbori Thermal power station  Duration:- 25th May to 5th June 2015  Description:- Completed my Summer Internship program at Wanakbori thermal Power Station. Gained knowledge about various departments such as Boiler Maintenance Department, Turbine Maintenance Department and Coal Handling & Transmission System. Gained comprehensive knowledge of plant process from coal transportation upto electricity generation & its transmission .  Hobbies  Like to Watch Scientific & Technical Shows.  Playing Cricket for recreation.  Attending inspirational seminar.  Teaching.  Area of interest  Thermodynamics  Fluid mechanics  Operation Research  Automobile Disclaimer I, Shubham Devkumar Chaturvedi hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Yours Faithfully Shubham Devkumar Chaturvedi