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thursday, MARCH 15, 2012                                                                                                  ...
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Midt in press1


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MIDT in press

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Midt in press1

  1. 1. thursday, MARCH 15, 2012 NEW Straits TIMES | PAGE 17 post graduateNew dimensions in learningO pen University Malaysia offers a unique programme in the shape of the Master’s in InstructionalDesign and Technology. How so? OUMis an online university, with most of its “I think the topicsinteractions occurring in the digital we cover and theworld accompanied by occasional phys- way we currentlyical classes and discussions with peersand educators. MIDT is only available learn with OUMonline, encouraging a diverse overseas is the waystudent population. towards the right This aspect allows the course theability to exercise even more flexibility direction. Wein terms of subject evolution and for- need instructionaleign student intake, to name a few. Pro- designers, butfessor Abtar Kaur, coordinator of theMIDT programme, has had students we have to lookfrom India, Finland, Bangladesh and beyond its oldAmerica: all of whom have found the practices and seeprogramme to have a positive impact what the currenton their academic and professionallives. society and the working cultureMarko Teras: Marko Teras, a Key demands for theAccount Manager at the University ofApplied Sciences in Tampere, Finland has learning process.found that his studies have given him Marko Terasa boost in his area of expertise. “Aside Account Managerfrom my main responsibilities at workas a product developer for internationalmarkets, I am also very much involvedin our fully online faculty developmentprogramme,” he says. “Through MIDT,I have actually gained new insights oninstructional design which I have been remember this when designing instruc- his studies in MIDT has had an affect from the academic community there. a modified blended learning modeable to transfer directly into the devel- tions of our own!” on nearly all corners of his day-to- Professor Abtar played a pivotal role which seems to work better withopment of the programme. I have also Teras’ comment reflects the hopes day life. “As I was doing during the conference students here. MIDT has helped memanaged to bring new ideas to differ- of Professor Abtar that students would the course, I looked for as well, acting as a Chair to understand how to do this in theent tasks, and suggested new ways for see the open distance learning system ways to apply my learn- of a session as well as most effectual way.”them to be facilitated.” they use at OUM not only as a tool to ing to my job,” Yousuf conducting a workshop Through Professor Abtar’s close An impressive rundown indeed, from transport knowledge and communica- says. “It has completely on instructional design involvement in her students’ pur-a student who has only just started his tion, but an example of instructional changed the way I look and applications in edu- suits in education and its onlinesecond semester. A keen learner and design done well, resulting in students at teaching and learn- cation. nature, OUM has helped to promotean enthusiastic student, Teras appreci- who are passionate about their realm ing. I have also become “I love teaching,” education in Bangladesh. This hasates the flexibility that studying online of study and have acquired practicable a better communicator says Yousuf of his cho- helped with an issue that is close toat OUM afforded him. “Because of my skills. in real life thanks to sen profession. “I like Yousuf’s heart – education in devel-work, I travel a lot,” he shares. “This pro- “I think the topics we cover and the what I learned in the “I love teaching. seeing people learn, oping nations. One of the reasonsgramme has allowed me to study from way we currently learn with OUM is the programme.” I like seeing people and the main reason I that the conference was important,any place and at any time. One would way towards the right direction,” Teras Yousuf has certainly learn, and the went into the instruc- he says, is because it is an instanceexpect this to be more common around opines. “We need instructional design- practiced what he has tional design field is of partnering with students to sup-the world, but this form of education ers, but we have to look beyond its old learned; a graduate main reason because I wanted to port the improvement of educationstill feels much like a novelty.” practices and see what the current soci- of MIDT in 2010, he I went into the find out how to make in developing countries. The diversity in nationalities of his ety and the working culture demands has already managed instructional people learn better. “The developing world needsclassmates has been a source of educa- for the learning process. to create a university- The MIDT programme better education delivery methodstion for him as well. “The variety of peo- We have had a lot of great discus- wide course blog sys- design field is allowed us to see what than what is widely in practice now,”ple from different parts of the world sions about the future during lessons, tem called ‘Classroom because I wanted worked with students he adds. “There is a huge educa-showed me how many ways different and I believe that it is fantastic that Interactive Feedback to find out how and what did not. This tional divide just as there is a digitalpeople might understand the same these new ideas are integrated into the System’ which currently to make people has helped me become divide.”activities,” says Teras. “This is a huge learning process to create the Masters of boasts 7,560 members an ef fec tive online Yousuf’s feeling on MIDT is quiterichness which should be emphasised Instructional Design and Technology.” and 390 courses. learn better.“ teacher myself.” clear – what he has learned is indis-and can give a splendid learning experi- With the help of Yousuf Mahbubul Aside from conven- pensable as an educator, trainer andence if we open our eyes to it.” Yousuf Mahbubul Islam: You- Professor Abtar, You- Islam ing conferences and communicator. “All teachers should ‘We can learn from many different suf Mahbubul Islam, a Professor in suf spearheaded the Executive director, creating blog systems, do this course,” he believes. “It helpslevels when studying,” he continues. Computer Science and Engineering organisation of the first Daffodil International Yousuf has been apply- to understand learning and how the“Not just from materials, or just from as well as the Executive Director at national conference on University ing the Open Distance latest technologies can support suchother people’s perceptions, but also the Human Resource Development Teaching Learning at Learning system to stu- learning. It will not only change theirat a meta-level; how the instructions Institute at Daffodil International Uni- Tertiary Level in Bang- dents in Bangladesh. teaching and learning methods, it willaffect us as learners. Hopefully we will versity in Bangladesh, has found that ladesh last year to positive feedback “I have been implementing ODL in change their lives.”