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Introduction for Narrative Report at Guidance and Counseling Services


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Published in: Education
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Introduction for Narrative Report at Guidance and Counseling Services

  1. 1. 1 Introduction This Narrative report contains the experiences, learning‟s, insight gained andsome supporting documents required for the internship program of College of Arts andSciences of Eulogio “Amang” Rodgriguez Institue of Science and Technology. On the job Training are part of a college curriculum that aims to train and orientstudents about the work and their future career. OJT is very important not only to teachstudents their chosen career but to show students the reality about working. OJT will beyour training ground. If you still have no idea on what is meant to be a worker, OJT willgive you at least 10% of career realities. Your background OJT experience is veryimportant when applying a job. Employers often asked about the OJT experience andhow it is related on the job that you are applying for. Most students have taken their OJT for granted; not realizing the importance itcan bring on their future career. Having a good performance during OJT is veryimportant especially now that there‟s a tight competition towards job seekers and thehigh qualification of companies.
  2. 2. 2 Course SyllabusSubject: PRACTICUM/INTERNSHIPCode: COED 421Curriculum: BS Industrial Psychology1.0 EARIST PHILOSOPHY As a state college, Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science andTechnology (EARIST) believes that the education is not an area of knowledge that canbe arrogated unto itself by one profession, nor it is a division separate and distinct fromthe society and the times in which it flourishes. It is a plexus of knowledge and skillsapplied to the economic, social and moral development of a self-actualized andproductive citizenry.2.0 EARIST VISION The Eulogio “ Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST)is envisioned as a Center of Excellence in scientific, technical and technologicaleducation in Metro Manila in particular and the Philippines in general.3.0 EARIST MISSION Turn out vocationally, technically, technologically, and scientifically trainedgraduates who will be economically productive, self sufficient, effective, responsible,and disciplined citizens of the Philippines.4.0 EARIST GOAL Provide professional, scientific, technological, technical, and vocationalinstruction and training in trades, business, arts, sciences, and technology and forspecial purposes promote research, advanced studies, and progressive leadership.
  3. 3. 35.0 EARIST OBJECTIVES 5.1 Strive for academic excellence in instruction, research, extension and production through accreditation. 5.2 Provide appropriate and continuing faculty and staff development programs. 5.3 Provide and maintain appropriate technologies, instructional facilities, materials and equipment. 5.4 Produce quality graduates who are globally competitive to man the needs of business and industry. 5.5 Attain university status through Unity, Solidarity and teamwork.6.0 COLLEGE GOALS 6.1 To develop the students‟ ability to acquire knowledge and information, think logically; analyze confidently, express oneself creatively with high moral awareness and responsive social responsibility. 6.2 To encourage students to realize the importance of reaching personal and professional goals through self motivation, individual growth and pursuit of excellence. 6.3 To foster developments of lifelong competence and interest to conduct research and investigation on science, technology, economy and industry. 6.4 To provide avenues for students involvement in extension and production programs for professional and community development in preparation for employment in their specific career fields.
  4. 4. 47.0 PROGRAM GOAL The Industrial Psychology Program aims to prepare future Industrial Psychologypractitioners with relevant and scientific/research-base knowledge, skills, and attitudesthat will contribute to the socio-economic development of the society and country.8.0 PROGRAM SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES 8.1. Provide students with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and competencies related to their future profession as Industrial Psychology practitioners. 8.2. Provide creative, innovative and responsive instruction in the area of Industrial Psychology for students to acquire not only theoretical knowledge, but the motivation and commitment to apply their knowledge in the actual setting consistent with their training. 8.3. Provide hands-on opportunities to students in applying their sills through placement of on-the-job trainees in companies which provide vital learning experiences. 8.4. Foster excellence in their field of specialization and other related fields. 8.5. Provide opportunities for individual growth and development through leadership training, social awareness and civic responsibility.9.0 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will expose the students to practical work expected of an IndustrialPsychology graduate, e.g. office procedures and decorum, psychological tests, trainingprograms and personnel work. The student is to undergo 500 hours of on-the-jobtraining and another 40 hours for briefing and orientation. The services are thePersonnel Services, Guidance Center and the Office of Dean, CAS. Industrial andcommercial companies outside of the school are most welcome.Time Allotment: 540 hrs/ semesterPre-requisite/s: NoneCredit: 10units
  5. 5. 510.0 COURSE OBJECTIVES 10.1 General 10.1.1 Expose the students to the different aspects of personnel work, office procedure and decorum, and psychological test available and applicable in EARIST and different industries. 10.1.2 Come up with observations on what is ideal and real base on theory the student has learned as existing in the EARIST Campus and in the work world. 10.2 Specific 10.2.1 Preparation of personnel work as payroll and personnel records. 10.2.2 Administer and evaluate psychological test of students and employee applicants. 10.2.3 Attend to inquiries and needs of the Dean‟s Office, College of Arts and Sciences. 10.2.4 Attend other assignment as given to them by the Human Resources Division of the Industry, commercial establishment and educational institution.11.0 COURSE OUTLINE 11.1 Orientation on the practicum works a. Personnel Service b. Guidance Center c. Dean‟s Office d. Industry e. Training Program 11.2 Visitation of vital services in EARIST and identifying the functions of each 11.3 Presentation of the Institute and College Organizational Chart 11.4 Students‟ appraisal on the services visited and their visualization of the Organizational Chart.
  6. 6. 6 11.5 Presentation of listings of industrial companies accepting practicumers as of the previous years. Students identify the companies as to: a. Expected gains in the practicum b. Proximity to their domicile c. Comments of previous practicumers d. Group discussion 11.6 Presentation of roles and waivers of industries for practicumers to follow 11.7 Filling up of forms as required by the Dean‟s Office 11.8 Writing and application letter 11.9 Submission of application letters to industries of their choice 11.10 Reminders for requirements to be submitted at the end of the semester as follows: a. Approved application letter b. Daily time record c. Rating sheet d. Narrative report with pictorial and signed by the immediate supervisor in the Cooperating Agency 11.11 Actual On-the-job training12.0 COURSE REQUIREMENTS 12.1 Practicum Paper 12.2 Narrative Report 12.3 Scheduled Exams 12.4 Exercises13.0 METHODS 13.1 Lecture 13.2 Discussion 13.3 Laboratory Works14.0 EVALUATION 14.1 Supervisor‟s Rating 50% 14.2 In-School Evaluation
  7. 7. 7 14.2.1 Class Participation 10% 14.2.2 Projects 20% 14.2.3 Narrative Report 20% Total 100%15.0 TEXTBOOKS 15.1 Aldag, Ramon J. And Timothy M. Streans. Management. New Jersey: South Western Publishing Co., Inc. 1991. 15.2 French, Wendel L. Human Resources Management. Boston: Houghton Miffin Co. 1990. 15.3 Mondy, Wayne R. Supervision. Boston: Allyn and bacon.1990 15.4 Newstorm, John W. and Keith Davis. OB. Human Behavior at Work. New York: Mc-Graw Hill Book Co., Inc. 1993 15.5 Sison, Perfecto S. Personnel and HRM. QC: Rex Printing Co., Inc.199116.0 REFERENCES 16.1 EARIST Code 16.2 EARIST Student Handbook
  8. 8. 8 EARIST Counseling and Testing ServicesGuidance Mission To recognized the uniqueness of every student and encourage socialresponsibility. To help young people cope with the inevitable changes in this life as theystrive to be dependent and acquire a more mature sense of responsibility in improvingtheir own lives.Guidance Goal To help the developmental and adjustment needs of the student in the followingarea: 1. Educational 2. Personal 3. Career/Vocational 4. Social 5. MoralGuidance ObjectivesThe Counseling and testing Services program aims to: Help the students gain a better understanding and acceptance of himself and others. Assist the student in his/her adjustment with people and his/her environment. Help provide opportunities to promote the students optimum development. Provide vital assistance needed by the student to manage with the increasing complexity of life.
  9. 9. 9The Concern The Counselling and Testing Services (CATS) offers a program designed toserve the development and adjustment needs of the students. It helps to provide theopportunities for optimum development of the „‟whole‟‟ person educational, personal,career, vocational, social, moral and spiritual. It takes charge of administering various psychological testing, which consist ofmental Ability Test, Aptitude Test, Occupational Inventory test, and Personality test toassist students, explore their potentialities and help the students develop better self-concept, Standardized test, due to high validity and reliability become an importantaspect of Guidance Program.The Services The Centre for Guidance and Counselling Services offers the following to achieveits goals. Orientation- This service aims to assist new students in their adjustment to the school environment and to college life. Individual Inventory Service- this service aims to provide valid and relevant educational, social, career and occupational information that are properly disseminated to the student. Materials such as brochures and pamphlets are also made available. Counseling- This service is considered as the most important service of the Guidance Program. Professionally qualified counsellors provide individual.
  10. 10. 10ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Vice President for Academic Affairs Dean, Office of Student Affairs Guidance Counselor Chief Guidance Counselor Guidance Counselor Faculty S T U D E N T S
  11. 11. 11SKETCH
  12. 12. 12 JOB DESCRIPTION (DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES) Below is the breakdown list of the assigned task of a Counseling and TestingServices Intern:  Know the standard office procedure (SOP)  Cleaning the office every morning  Assist the Client  Administer ECAT to incoming freshmen  Checked the answer sheets using stencils  Tallying of course and major of applicants  Summarizing of applied course and major applicants  Encoding of ECAT result
  13. 13. 13 ON-THE-JOB TRAINING EXPERIENCES IN EARIST COUNSELING AND TESTING SERVICES As a BS Industrial Psychology student, the trainee decided to choose theCounseling and Testing Services in which will be able to gain knowledge for her futurecareer. March 2012, the trainee decided to pass her resume at Counseling and TestingServices department of Eulogio “Amang “Rodriguez Institute of Science andTechnology (EARIST), hoping to be one of the trainees inside on that particular office.The trainee waited for the schedule of interview. First week of April 2012, OJT applicant was scheduled for an interview with Ms.Georgia and she gave us a brief background of what is in the Counseling and Testingoffice. On April 10, 2012, it is the day of OJT orientation, our official time is 8:00am –5:00pm. Every Wednesday and Friday, Counseling and Testing Services is responsibleto administer ECAT for the incoming freshman and as an OJT of their office, it is alsothe trainees responsibility to assist the students. Ms. Georgia, orient the trainees on what to do, what to say and how to be aproctor. To be a proctor, you will gain a lot of respect from your examinees and it helpsthe trainees to be more confident in speaking in front of many people. Ms. Menguita, tells the trainees to be more attentive, detailed and especiallykeeps the surroundings clean, because as a proctor you should secure the examineescomfortable before taking the exam, and avoids the different barriers. Being a proctor isnot the only task of an intern during ECAT; we also checked their answer sheets usingthe stencils. Every day we have an” officer of the day” who is in-charge of the stencilsand other materials to be use in checking. Even though sometimes were getting hard ofchecking answer sheets, we make sure to always smile and make some jokes just toease the tiredness that everyone feels. We don‟t just gained knowledge, but we alsogained friendship.
  14. 14. 14 The trainee learned how to assist client and give what they need. Every clientneeds to follow some steps given by the supervisor. First you have to interview theclient to address his/her needs. Ask his/her name, course and section. Second, youhave to check if he/she has a record on file. If none, the chief or office staff can signhis/her document. After that you can proceed to log his/her information in the logbook. The trainees gain a lot of knowledge for being a part of the Counseling andTesting Services. She learned to be more professional and disciplined.
  15. 15. 15 EVALUATION Being an intern in EARIST Counseling and Testing Services was overwhelming.The trainee can say that she‟s happy and fulfilled, being a part of Counseling andTesting Services, the trainee could probably say that she really learned a lot of things.From the moment she set her feet on that place, she know that she will be facingdifferent challenges on being a part of that office but at the same time she know thatshe will learn new things regarding the possible work that she will be doing in thecompany. The trainee enjoyed doing such work like administering exams, checking, tallyingof results and assisting of clients, even though sometimes it makes her and her co-OJTfeel pressured and exhausted after a whole day work, it makes them really happy andproud whenever they see that their tasks are fulfilled. Having to do OJT with friendsmade it a whole lot easier for her.
  16. 16. 16 INSIGHT GAINED For almost two months of staying in Counseling and Testing Services the traineewas nervous but as the day passed by, she realized that staying in the office was soexciting and challenging. She gained knowledge on hands-on work and she consideredit as her achievement in life. The training made her to be a better person through thechallenges, adjustments and difficulties that she faced and encountered during thewhole training. Everything happens and whatever actions done, she must beresponsible for it. She has to be more reliable and careful for what she‟s doing andsaying. What they are doing inside the office of Counseling and testing Services are allconfidential. She had learned that the secret of success of trainee are simplicity,initiative and perseverance, a little sense of humor, humility and work ethics.
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