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  1. 1. journey toExcellence Information Brochure
  2. 2. “Excellence is nota destination; it is acontinuous journey thatnever ends.”- Brian Tracy Vision To be an Institution of Academic excellence with total commitment to quality education, research and improvement in human values with a holistic concern for better life, environment and society. Mission To serve the society and improve quality of life by nurturing high quality talent, providing excellent academic and research environment, consultancy services and promoting dissemination of knowledge.
  3. 3. Contents 01 The University 03 Infrastructure 06 Teaching Methodology 07 Faculty of Management 11 Faculty of Engineering & Technology 17 Faculty of Information Technology 21 Faculty of Mass Communication 23 Faculty of Architecture 25 Faculty of Law 29 Faculty of Hotel Management 31 Courses offered 1
  4. 4. • Jagan Nath University has been established by an Act (No. 19 of 2008) of Rajasthan Jagan Nath University, Jaipur has been established in 2008 by an Act (Act No. State Legislature. 19 of 2008) of Rajasthan State Legislature and is approved by UGC u/s 2(f) of • The University is recognised the UGC Act 1956. The University has been established to cater to the growing by UGC u/s 2(f) of the UGC needs of higher education in the country. One of the primary objectives of the Act 1956. University is to produce trained manpower to accelerate sustained economic • An ISO 9001-2008 growth in a highly competitive global environment. The aim is to impart Certified Institution. quality education through latest curriculum, improved teaching methodology, recruitment of best talent as faculty, development of excellent infrastructure, industry interaction, having a research base in all areas of studies by harnessing Faculty of Management, Engineering & Technology, Sciences, Architecture, The Mass Communication, Information Technology, Law, Commerce and many more. University To face the challenges of the globalization and liberalization in the field of higher education, the University has endowed its faculty and students with modern technologies, skills and attitudes so as to make them competent for the challenges and to enhance the quality of teaching to contribute constantly towards learning and research and also to make it as one of the best Centre of Excellence for higher studies and research. The University upholds the credo of discipline, dedication, devotion and determination with passion, patience, positive outlook and above all faith amongst the students. It is true that conducive environment with updated technological inputs and latest information helps not only providing quality education but also to provide human touch and dedication to the cause of the nation and the society. The University is situated at Rampura, Tehsil Chaksu, Jaipur which is in proximity to the airport and industrial area on Tonk Road on a vast campus spread over 50 acres of land with all modern educational facilities in its ambience with dedicated transport system between the Jaipur City and the Campus. The fully Wi-Fi enabled University campus has well planned modern infrastructure and residential complex for faculty and staff. “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence ” - Eddie Robinson12
  5. 5. Sponsoring BodyJagan Nath University, Jaipur has been promoted by the accepted by both the public and private sectors in India andJagan Nath Gupta Memorial Educational Society, a registered abroad. The vision of the society is to establish institutionsnon-profit organization, established in 1993 with a mandate to and Universities of academic excellence to provide quality“serve the academic and professional needs of the students in education which is known for the total commitment tothe country”. The Society, established in the memory of Late professional education and research. The aim of the society isSh. Jagan Nath Gupta, an industrialist, educationist, a great to serve the mankind and improve the quality of life by usingvisionary and social reformer, has been imparting high quality latest modern aids of training and imparting best education.value based professional education for the last 17 years While setting up high standards for education, the societyin NCR Delhi and Jaipur to create a pool of professionally thrives to meet the social responsibilities to impart freequalified and skilled managers and entrepreneurs to meet education at all levels to the needy and economically weakerthe growing needs of trade and industry. The educational section of the society so as to improve their livelihood whichprogrammes of the society are dedicated for the promotion of would in turn lead towards making the better India.holistic education and academic excellence in the technicalarena. Along with carving a niche for itself, the Society haspromoted the general advancement of knowledge by ignitingthe cerebral dimensions of students and by nurturing theirinnate talents. The students after having completed theirstudies successfully from a Jagan Nath Group of Institutions,under the aegis of Jagan Nath Gupta Memorial EducationalSociety, including Jagan Nath University are well placed 1 JIMS Rohini 2 JIMS Kalkajiand have taken up the role of entrepreneurs successfully or 3 JIMS Vasant Kunjjoin industry and business as professionals and are readily 4 JNIT Jaipur 5 JaganNath Univ. Bahadur Garh 1 2 3 4 5 2 3
  6. 6. Class Rooms The Classrooms provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussion and has been a significant factor in creating harmony in the teacher student relationship. The spacious classrooms have been designed to propel an enquiry based learning Infrastructure that fosters liberation of mind and eagerness to learn. The classrooms with internet connectivity are well equipped with Hi-tech multimedia and audio-visual equipments to facilitate effective learning which sets the tone in stimulating discussions. The classrooms are the platforms where the students imbibe the virtues of hard work, discipline, ethical practices and achieve the high standards of excellence in every sphere of life. Campus The University has an excellent infrastructure in support of high quality teaching, learning and research activities. The modern world class campus spread over the sprawling 50 acres of beautifully landscaped area, with intellectually vibrant ambience in a serene and lush green environment is among one of the most impressive ones in the State of Rajasthan. The WI-FI enabled campus has the state-of-art infrastructure comprising environment friendly Administrative Block, Academic Blocks, spacious class rooms with internet and intranet connectivity and hi-tech multimedia and audio-visual equipments, well equipped modern laboratories and lab, Learning Resource Centre, auditoriums, seminar halls etc. Besides building the learning resources, the University has also created several other facilities such as separate hostels for boys and girls, faculty and staff residence, sports facilities, medical room, open-air theatres, food courts, book-shops and other utilities and services. The University campus has playgrounds and courts for various games such as cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton and facilities for indoor games for recreational activities of the University inmates. Gymnasiums, athletic tracks, swimming pool are also fast coming up at the campus. The world class physical and academic infrastructure developed by the University, essential for imparting quality education, facilitate teaching learning process and delight the students, faculty, corporate visitors and parents. Special emphasis have been placed on developing an environment highly conducive to build a solid foundation of knowledge, personality development, confidence building, pursuit of excellence, self -discipline and enhancement of creativity through motivation.34
  7. 7. Library to all students. Students use resources ofThe library of the University, fully computerized, is the laboratories to solve problems, performa veritable storehouse of information with ample developmental experiments and work on projectsnumber of text and reference books, national guided by faculty. By permitting longer hoursand international periodicals & journals, thesis & lab facility and access to the network from eachdissertations. The library has a special collection class room and lecture theatre, information isof prescribed text books for students called made easily accessible from any point within‘Book Bank’. The library provides latest research the campus. The students are provided a 4and reference material in print and audio-visual Mbps line in their hostel rooms to give them theformats along with the facility to refer to e-journals, opportunity to spend time exploring and utilizingCDs, Project Reports, Government Publications, the resources offered through the IntranetReports and Newsletters, back volumes related and Internet. The experiments are designed toto management, information technology, provide deeper understanding of phenomenon,mass communication and design, hospitality facts and fabrication/assembling of equipmentmanagement, fashion, science, engineering, law, from components to get hands-on experience.architecture etc. for the reference of the students The drudgery of repetitive measurements isand the faculty which help them in strengthening reduced by shift forwards micro computer basedteaching and learning process. The library has laboratory which allows the detailed analysis andaccess to financial database of CMIE’s Prowess. interpretation of acquired data for our students.Keeping in mind the needs of the students, the IT Centremultiple copies of the standard textbooks and The nerve line of the University IT Centre preciselybooks by well-known authors have been stocked. works on vision based action. It is future savvy so asDistinctive and well stocked individual libraries to adapt itself for future changes. The IT labs havehave also been developed for different programs high speed Pentium IV 2.66 GHz windows 2003in different faculties of studies. based networking system. IT center is enrichedInnovative Laboratories with scanners, LCDs, laser printers, combo drivesThe University has well equipped separate labs and Web-Cam for video conferencing and relatedfor teaching and research. The labs takes care purposesof the instruction on Computer Fundamentals 4
  8. 8. Hostels debate, discuss and deliberate over a cup of coffee The University campus at present has 4 separate and thereby actively nurture one’s interpersonal hostels for boys and girls. 3 boys hostels with a skills. capacity of 150 each number of seats and one Transport Facilities girls hostel with 84 seats. The hostel rooms are University’s network of transport buses cover spacious, well furnished and are provided with all nearby neighborhoods, including local LAN connectivity with 24 hours internet facility, communities and townships lying within the reading rooms with dailies and magazines and radius of 50km. It is designed for the convenience additional indoor sports facilities. The hostels of our students and staff members who are are equipped with generators to provide 24 hours residing outside the campus. This ensures their electricity supply. A round the clock security is personal safety, travel reliability and punctuality enforced for constant vigilance and surveillance. on the campus. Hostel Messes are run under the guidance of the Hostel Warden. Separate hostels for boys and Medical Facilities girls, faculty and staff residence in lush green Round the clock Medical Center with fully environs provide a pleasant and right ambience equipped all necessary equipments for First- Aid, and atmosphere for intellectual stimulation. general check-ups, BP check-ups, and Ambulance facility for critical illness are available. Doctors Cafeteria and nurses are available on shift basisº to provide The Cafeteria not only provides a vibrant all support to the Hostellers, Day scholars’ and atmosphere and unleaded fuel for the day but staffs of the University. also put forth a new method of knowledge sharing called the “Cafeteria approach”. It is an innovative and informal method of learning where one can5
  9. 9. The University follows a unique pedagogy for Goal oriented approach teaching the concepts to its technical and to acquire knowledge & professional programmes. so that students can skills learn with latitude and empathy: The pedagogy lays emphasis on:• Clear conceptual understanding of subjects through class room teaching• Reinforcement of learned concepts through case studies and audio-visual aids.• Wide range of human skills and techniques for Teaching Methodology creative thinking & decision making.• Practice through projects, experiments and hands on/ on the job trainings.• Communication skills, leadership & Teamwork skills gained through various group activities.• Application by real life training, Industrial visits, tours and industry apprenticeship. “Believe in the best ... have a goal for the best, never be satisfied with less than your best, try your best, and in the long run things will turn out for the best.” - Henry Ford 6 7
  10. 10. “MBA Master of Business Administration Overview To achieve a leadership position in the highly competitive corporate environment the budding managers need to develop a strong vision for their companies, apart from having a terrific sense of commitment, professional expertise, determination, great motivational skills and leadership qualities. According to the growth rate of India in terms of power parity, it implies that we can beat United States within next 25 to 30 years and become economically the strongest country in the world. For this, the Government of India needs to support the Indian organizations with suitable pro-people & pro-Indian policies, which would help Indian organizations in becoming stronger to compete in the world market successfully. Future leaders should be aware of this and not remain intellectually handicapped. The University strives for these commitments and continuously endeavors to educate its students and associates on such issues with the belief that sooner or later, structured economic independence can be achieved through a combined effort.78
  11. 11. The MBA Programme : Distinct Programme HighlightsEdge Industry – Academia Interaction The MBA programme aims at continuous interaction of theProgramme Design & Duration students with the Industry for the up gradation of knowledgeMBA is a two–year full time programme, spread over four and skills. The objective is sought to be achieved by organizingsemesters. The first two semesters provide strong foundation structured activities including workshops and seminars,in basic disciplines of management, and the remaining two industrial visits for the students and interactive sessions withsemesters enable the students to specialize in their area of business experts to develop entrepreneurial skills in them.interest. The Programme is developed after extensive research Students are also encouraged to participate in conferencesand interaction with its various stakeholders, students and organized by various Management bodies like AIMA, FICCI,alumni of our parent sponsoring body. The course curriculum CII and fully updated to meet the business and social requirements.The programme strikes an innovative balance between theory Live Projectsand practice of management. It aims at nurturing highly Working on live and time-bound projects gives the studentmotivated business executives to meet the challenges and to first-hand experience of the corporate culture. The processcope up with increasingly diverse workforce. also helps them develop professional attitude, sense of responsibility, analytical ability and leadership qualities asSpecialization required by the Industry.In today’s era, specialization plays a vital role in elevating onescareer. Through industry interaction, guidance from experts Performance Evaluationand extensive research, subjects are formulated that gives Performance of the students is evaluated, regularly on theour students an advantage in specialized subjects. It helps in basis of Classroom participation, Assignments, Case-Studies,enhancing their prospects to reach greater heights. Students Project Report, Presentation, Mid-Term Examinations andcan choose any one major and a minor specialization amongst Semester-end Examinations.the following. Skill Enhancement Programme• Marketing Academic Skills, alone are not enough to lead in today’s• Finance competitive corporate world. Today’s corporate world is• Human Resource looking for analytical ability, traits like creativity, leadership,• Information Technology integrity, entrepreneurial mindset than mere marks. We atProgramme Strengths Jagan Nath University, inculcate qualities like commitment,In MBA Programme at Jagan Nath University, we nurture the team spirit, strategic thinking and smart work not just hardskills of individuals and help them become good professionals work. To enhance such skills in them, the University organizeswho develop business for themselves and for the company. PDP Sessions, mock sessions, workshops and seminars thatWe produce managers who strive for a balanced personal help build a healthier behavior both in verbal and non-verbaland professional life, successes in their fields our students forms such as mannerism, style, dressing up, social etiquettesare exposed to global compitetions, emerging techniques, etc.imminent opportunities, social and cultural diversities and so Summer Internshipon, making them ready to face the challenges of the dynamic The students are required to undergo summer internship forbusiness environments of the day. a period of six to eight weeks with reputed companies. This enables them to understand theoretical concepts learned at the University in a real-life corporate context. It also helps the Industry in assessing the students’ performance and potential. Course Curriculum Please visit 8
  12. 12. “BBA Bachelor of Business Administration Overview BBA, basically the study of Business administration has reached enormous height amongst the present generation as it helps the students for their all-round development by providing them specific knowledge in the field of Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Technology, Hospitality or any other field of business. In recent years, the BBA programme is developed in order to reach the high expectations of the core based companies that are involved in both, management of the business as well as within the Human Resource Department. This it self shows the significance of the course. A three year full time BBA programme is an intensive, rigorous and selective course designed to provide each student with the intellectual and professional tools needed to assume positions of higher responsibilities. The programme focused at developing strong foundation for business fundamentals and enhancing conceptual skills to understand the basics of problem solving and encourages students to develop their own unique style of leadership. The importance of BBA can be estimated easily by knowing the requirements to be a part of the corporate sector. To work with corporate giants is not very easy now a days. One needs to be very much specialized with the skills to manage various business operations. In order to gain these skills, one requires Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. It also gives strong foundation for admission to MBA degree programme.10 9
  13. 13. Course Highlights Objectives• Well structured lectures with practical • To provide students with an in-depth approach knowledge of international business concepts.• Exposure to practical aspects of international • To provide students with a solid foundation business i.e., Shipment & Documentation for both theoretical and practical development• Export Import Procedures/ Budget Analysis to meet the various needs of multinational• International Pricing, Foreign Exchange businesses. Regulations (FERA) & FEMA guidelines • To prepare students for the responsibilities• Exposure to Foreign Languages : German & and opportunities of careers with international French corporations.• Guest lectures from leading Industry experts • To cultivate the leadership and decision on prevailing Industrial practices. making skills necessary to tackle the• Industrial Visits challenges of today’s global business.• Summer Placements/ Projects • To teach students the tools and techniques• PDP Sessions & Soft Skills useful for critical business analysis and• Presentations on Academic / General Topics control in today’s business climate.• Focus on key performance area W.R.T. Current • Beyond bookish knowledge, it sharpens Affairs & Presentations, General Reasoning, the managerial skills through Seminars, Quantitative Aptitude, etc. presentations, case studies, industry visits,• Customised lectures on : Public Speaking, guest lectures to deal with real-life situations. Power Dressing, Personal Grooming, Career Opportunities Business Etiquette, Mock Interview Sessions, • Executives and Brand Representatives in Placement Assistance various disciplines of Marketing, Retailing,Industry Projection Banking & Insurance, Sales, HR, Finance, ITIndian corporate is coming to age, thus requiring and International Businessa huge reservoir of people who are trained • Customer Care Executive in ITfor business and for management. Changing enabled Services/ BPOs, MNC Banks,economic conditions and intensification of global Telecommunication Services, Fairs, etc.competition have given management education • Event Management Executives in Educationalan increasingly central role in the success of Institutions, Entertainment Industry andindividuals and corporations. Business Fairs.Management education involves a lifetime • Executives in HR Placement Consultancyprocess, a continuum of learning. Therefore, Firmslaying a strong foundation for the same is • Opportunities in NGOs and Public Sectorimportant. It is evident that an under-graduate Banksprogramme in management plays a vital role. It • Higher Studiesgears the students to take on the challenging and • Self Employmentrewarding corporate world by providing a wide Course Curriculumarray of capabilities and skills. Please visit 10
  14. 14. “M.Tech Master of Technology Overview The pace of technological innovation will continue to be rapid and accelerating in the new millennium. The world in which technology will be deployed will be intensely interconnected, diverse and multidisciplinary. The presence of technology in our lives will be seamless and more significant than ever. This will necessitate, amongst others a good understanding of engineering science fundamentals, systems perspective and importance of team work. Jagan Nath University has a strong commitment to high quality teaching and research for quality education and enhances the professional competence of the students rich in knowledge and innovative in approach. The aim of the program is to train the students in high level theoretical and practical knowledge that enables them to tackle complex problems of design and development in the industrial fields as well as pursue further academic excellence through research. The programmes provide enough flexibility in respect of lecture courses, laboratory and project work as well as by research, to achieve the objectives.1112
  15. 15. Objectives Categories of M. Tech Candidates• To provide excellent education and guidance a) M. Tech through Course work ( Full time and in the branches of Engineering and Technology Part time Program) or, at postgraduate and research level. b) M. Tech by Research.• To provide opportunity to undertake real- Admission and Eligibility Criteria for life project work, applying the skills and M. Tech Program knowledge developed in the taught element of M. Tech (Course work): The candidate must the course have passed B.E./ B. Tech or equivalent degree or• Advancement and proliferation of scientific a Masters degree in respective or allied discipline and technological knowledge. with a minimum of 50% aggregate ( all semesters/• To prepare trained manpower to carry out years) marks or CGPA of 5.5 in 10 point scale and innovative research for creating intellectual possess a valid GATE score or qualified through property through master and doctoral Admission Test prescribed by the Jagan Nath programmes. University.• Inculcate strong research and innovation M. Tech (Research): The candidate must have based mindset in the future engineers, passed B.E./ B. Tech or equivalent degree or a teachers and scientists. Masters degree in respective or allied discipline• To ensure high standard of performance in with a minimum of 50% aggregate ( all semesters/ teaching & research years) marks or CGPA of 5.5 in 10 point scale and• To develop the scientific and engineering possess a valid GATE score or qualified through manpower of the highest quality to cater Admission Test prescribed by the Jagan Nath to the needs of the industries and research University. The candidate must have a minimum organization working experience of at least TWO years after• To provide a broad grasp of the fundamental passing the qualifying examination and employed principles of the scientific and technological in a Government/ Semi Government organization/ methods through its curriculum. institution recognized by Statutory bodies likeM. Tech. (2 yrs) will be offered in the UGC/CSIR/DST/AICTE/Ministry of HRD or anyfollowing branches other Ministry.• Computer Science and Engineering M. Tech Regulation: Visit our website www.• Information Technology• Electronics and Communication Engineering• Civil Engineering• Mechanical Engineering• Environmental Engineering• Any other branch / area which the University may decide later on; 12
  16. 16. “B.Tech B.Tech-M.Tech (5 Yrs Integrated) & B.Tech-MBA (5 Yrs Integrated)Overview“Engineering is a career field that utilizes scientific and mathematicalprinciples to create products or designs and solve problems.”Technical Education plays a vital role in human resourcedevelopment of the country by creating skilled manpower,enhancing industrial productivity and improving the quality of lifeof the people. It is one of the most significant components of humanresource development. Technology and engineering translatescientific knowledge into action and at the same time, technologicalinnovations require further research into materials, devices, andprocesses. Engineering is the key to the technological, economicand societal development of any nation. The Engineers developnew manufacturing processes and products; create and manageenergy, transportation and communications systems; prevent newand redress old environmental problems; create pioneering healthcare devices; and, in general, make technology work. Through theseactivities, they create a huge potential to develop national wealth-“the nation with the best engineering talent is in possession of thecore ingredient of comparative economic and industrial advantage.”The pace of technological innovation will continue to be rapid andaccelerating in the new millennium. The world in which technologywill be deployed will be intensely interconnected, diverse andmultidisciplinary. The presence of technology in our lives will beseamless and more significant than ever. This will necessitate,amongst others a good understanding of engineering sciencefundamentals, systems perspective and importance of team work.
  17. 17. Programme Design & Duration Electronics & CommunicationB.Tech is a four-year programme, spread over Electronics & Communication Engineering iseight-semesters. The programme comprises of going through a period of rapid change andvarious core and elective subjects interspersed expansion. The mission of the department iswith summer trainings. A distinctive feature will to create a remarkable history of producingbe one Full Semester (Eighth Semester) Project some of the brightest electronics engineers bywork in relevant field in industry/academic blending of the theoretical and practical aspectsor government organization to get real life of Engineering.experiences. The first year of the programme is The laboratories of ECE department comprisesfoundation courses in core engineering subjects of electronics circuits, digital logic circuits,with blend of Humanities and Applied Sciences. microprocessor, power electronics, transducerThird Semester onwards, students undergo technology, digital signal processing, microadvanced studies and enhance their skills in the computer architecture, communication,relevant branch. computerized process control, microwaveThe B.Tech - M.Tech, Dual Degree Program is of engineering, and Radar lab. All these labs are5 year (Ten Semester) duration. The student can equipped with sophisticated instruments andexercise the option of Dual degree at the end of trainer kits, most of which are custom-designedSixth Semester. For such students the course to facilitate better demonstration and easierwork from seventh semester onwards will be understanding. The department has analogdifferent from B. Tech courses. control system equipments, digital control system and PC based control system setups in the controlStreams Offered system laboratory, enriched by PC interface• Electronics & Communication robotic trainer.• Computer Science• Information Technology• Mechanical• Civil• Electrical 14
  18. 18. Computer Science Civil The Department of Computer Science offers a broad Civil Engineering is considered to be the most versatile branch knowledge, based on the application and theoretical among all the engineering branches. It is the branch with a lot foundations of computer science. With the mission to impart of diversity from environmental to hydraulics, geotechnical high quality education and carry out leading-edge research in sciences to structural engineering, transportation to hydrology. the discipline of Computer Science and Computer Engineering, The Department of Civil Engineering was established with the Department provides state of the art computing facilities the vision to give an exposure to budding civil technocrats to to the students for training and research. various challenges in the profession. The department consists of splendid computer labs with The major Laboratories of this Department are Concrete more than 250 state of the art systems supporting computer Laboratory, Structural Laboratory, Structural Dynamics graphics lab, operating systems lab - supporting windows, Laboratory, Survey Laboratory, Highway and Transportation UNIX, Linux, software labs supporting C, C++, Java, Oracle, Engg. Laboratory, Hydro Informatics Laboratory, etc. Advanced CAD/CAM lab having software’s like AutoCAD Environmental Engg. Laboratory and Geology Laboratory. inventory series etc. Computer organization & Architecture Electrical Engineering lab with 15 computer terminals, EPROM programmes and Electrical Engineering is an another versatile department of adequate numbers of advanced Intel, Motorala, ARM and PIC Engineering discipline, equipped with the latest experimental microprocessor/controllers. and computational facilities for taking up Research & Information Technology: Development activities in various fields. The Department has The Department of IT has adopted a unique training & a fine blend of young and dynamic faculty and supporting lab teaching programme to prepare the students with innovative technicians. and skillful approach. The foremost mission is to encourage All the labs are equipped with sophisticated instruments the students and motivate them to take up challenging and trainer kits, most of which are custom-designed to projects related to recent trends in the IT industry. Summer facilitate better demonstration and easier understanding training projects are planned with a view to provide synergy of the students. The digital signal processing(DSP) lab is to enhance their depth knowledge in various disciplines. outfitted with DSP trainer kits using ICs of Texas instruments Selected talks and discussions by distinguished persons for speech processing This department also provides various from academia and industrial visits are scheduled at regular facilities with analog control system equipments; digital intervals with a view to update the students with the latest control system and PC based control system setups in the trends in IT education. control system laboratory. The department consists of more than 150 state of the Course Curriculum art systems supporting computer graphics lab, operating Please visit systems lab - supporting windows, Unix, Linux, software labs supporting C, C++, Java, Oracle, etc. and the development centre. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering involves the design, analysis, and manufacturing of a wide variety of mechanical components and systems. The department aims at providing basic knowledge in Mechanical Engineering along with in-depth knowledge in the design of mechanical components and production engineering. The syllabus is designed to overcome the challenges of modern day industry and its commitment to produce knowledgeable and responsible Mechanical Engineers. The department is well supported by workshop of Carpentry, Welding, forging, Machine Turning etc. The department has two computer laboratories - one for Computer Aided Design and another for Simulation & Fluid Flow Analysis. The Heat Engines Lab includes Twin Cylinder 4-stroke Diesel engine test rig, 4-Cylinder 4-Stroke Petrol engine test rig, and dingle cylinder 2-Stroke Petrol engine test rig.15
  19. 19. 1617
  20. 20. “MCA Master of Computer Applications Overview MCA is a professional Degree course, considered to meet the rising demand for qualified professionals in the area of Information Technology and its applications. The MCA programme is tending more towards application Development and thus has more importance on latest tools and techniques to develop improved and quicker applications. The programme lays foundation for conceptual and analytical reasoning and gives the students an insight into the intricacies of hardware/ software and dynamics of the business environment. The course is designed towards current and emerging issues in IT and business and provides a sound theoretical background and excellent practical exposure to the students in the algorithm design and optimization, programming, computational theory, network and database management, mathematics, probability, accounting, finance, statistics, mobile technologies etc to meet the growing manpower requirements of the Global Software Industry. It guides the students in understanding of computer applications and develops programming skills coupled with perfect managerial skills which are the basic requirements in today’s fast changing IT scenario. Through the balanced blend of theory & practical, along with values & attitude the program seeks to equip the students with value based conduct, emotional maturity, analytical ability, cross functional capability and leadership skills to operate effectively in a highly volatile, multicultural global business environment.1718
  21. 21. Objectives Course HighlightsThe core objective of the MCA programme is to • Well structured lectures with practicalprepare the students for productive career in approachsoftware industry and academia by providing • Indepth knowledge of Computer Graphics &an outstanding environment of teaching and Multimedia.research in the core and emerging areas of the • Exposure to the latest technologies in ITdiscipline. It prepares the students to obtain the sectorpositions as System Analysts, Systems Designers, • Exposure to latest languages : Advance Java,Programmers and IT Managers in any field .NET, RDBMS and PHPrelated to information technology. The program, • Focus on newer dimensions of key topics liketherefore, aims at imparting comprehensive Digital Electronics and Artificial Intelligence,knowledge with equal emphasis on theory and Data warehouse etc.practice. • Guest lectures series from IT professionalsThe well balanced course significantly • Industrial Visitsemphasizes on planning, designing and building • Presentations on topics based on newof complex commercial application software and advancements made in the IT sectorsystem software. The course also places equal • Summer Placements/ Live Projects inimportance on the functional knowledge in various companies engaged in software developmentareas. MCA course is not just a postgraduate • Seminarsprogramme; it is also a complete professional • PDP Sessions and Soft Skillsgrooming of students for a successful career in • Comprehensive Viva – Voce & Mock Interviewthe IT Industry. The core objective lays emphasis Sessionsto: • Knowledge of Microprocessor and advanced• Equip the students with the latest computer computer architecture hardware and software technologies. • Placement Assistance• Develop conceptual as well as analytical Career Opportunities competencies in the areas of System • Database Administrator development; Project Management; Network • Software Developer etc. • Programmers• Enhance the confidence of the students by • Software Testing Professionals. developing a global vision. • Web Developer• Build capability to anticipate and manage • IT Manager change. • Hardware Professional• Sharpen the communication and presentation • Networking Engineering/Administrator skills. • Self Employment• Understand the importance of ethical values.• Prepare the students to be able to take Course Curriculum decisions under risk and uncertain Please visit environment, especially in the area of global marketing. 18
  22. 22. Overview “Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity” – Michael Porter Computer Applications is a branch which has been derived from computer science. It simply refers to the use of computer and other technologies for the management of vast information. This branch develops technologies for information management and also solves information management strategies by planning and studying the requirement scenario. It is the study of how computers process and manage all the information. With the advent of the computer technology era, software application and communication systems have become an integral component of every organization’s strategic plan. At Jagan Nath University ‘IT’ is defined with a different fervor – “Innovating Tomorrow”. With India as an IT giant, our endeavours will be in making today’s youth, tomorrow’s innovators. Keeping in view the Bachelor of Computer Applications programme at Jagan Nath University boast of a sound academic base, well balanced course structures to emphasize on planning, designing and building of complex commercial application along with functional knowledge for a career in the field of computer application. “BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications1920
  23. 23. The BCA Programme: Distinct Edge • Guest lectures from IT professionalsThe course is broadly based, covering the areas • Industrial Visitsof computer science, software development and • Presentations on topics based on newinformation systems, providing a good foundation advancements made in the IT sectorfor a rapidly changing industry. The relatively • Summer Placements/ Live Projects inopen structure of the course makes it feasible to companies engaged in software developmentoffer new option modules as the need arises, while • Seminarspreserving the overall objectives of the course. • PDP Sessions and Soft SkillsIn addition to the core area of object oriented • Comprehensive Viva – Vocesoftware development, one can study a range of • Mock Interview Sessionsother approaches and paradigms, including the • Placement Assistancedevelopment of database systems and Internet Career Prospectsapplications. The sessions are practice based and BCA programme offered aims at impartinginclude a substantial amount of programming fundamental knowledge of the specialized areawork. amongst the students so that they becomeKey benefits of Computer Applications competent to embark on inventive paths. Jaganin education: Nath University is committed towards shaping• It induces scientific, technological, careers of students who wish to join the IT information and multicultural literacy. bandwagon. A Bachelor degree in Computer• It promotes inventive thinking which induces Applications can prepare you for an exciting the career in a variety of industries designing i Adaptability and managing complexity hardware, software, communications networks, ii Curiosity, creativity and risk taking and Internet applications, designing and managing iii High-order thinking and sound reasoning websites and more. Because of the broad range• It develops effective communication of opportunities available a degree in information which leads to teaming, collaboration and technology/computer application can help nearly interpersonal skills. Moreover, it induces anyone to find a job they are qualified for in an personal, social and civic responsibility. industry or business.• It leads to high productivity which given the Opportunities ability to plan and manage results. It also • Database Designers gives you a sense of using real-world tools • Customer Care Executives in IT enabled with effective, relevant, and high quality services, MNC Banks, telecommunication results. Sector, BPOsCourse Highlights • Software Development and Testing• Well structured lectures with practical • Technical Support Executives approach • Executives in IT & HR Placement Consultancy• Exposure to the latest technologies in IT Services sector • Hardware Professional• Exposure to latest computer languages : Java, • Career in Multimedia .NET and DBMS • Networking Assistant• Designing through Multimedia • Higher Studies• Knowledge of latest upcoming applications • Self Employment like Linux and Freewares Course Curriculum• Focus on newer dimensions of key topics like Please visit Digital Electronics and Artificial Intelligence• Exposure to Foreign Langauge : German and French 20
  24. 24. “BMC Bachelor of Mass Communication “MMC Master of Mass Communication Overview Mass Communication is a term used to describe the study of various means of media by which information can be communicated to large segments of audience all at once. The mass media includes newspapers, magazines, cinematography, radio, television, etc. The graduates and Post Graduates of Mass Communication programmes work in a variety of fields in news media and publishing, public relations and research institutes. In the globalized world, people have awaken to the call of media and this fact has led to major social developments in the society and in the sector of Mass Communication studies. This has in turn led to the establishment of various media houses-be it newspapers, TV channels or advertising or news agencies etc. Initially, common people were not very bothered about what the media was doing and media was strictly restricted to the government and the business houses. But today, every common man’s problem and their demand of justice is constantly reflected through the platform of media and there is hardly any section of the society or any issues that are not taken up by the media.2122
  25. 25. Mass Communication Programme: film making. A committee of students will manage the activities of movie club under the supervision of skilledDistinct Edge facultyMedia stands as an attractive career prospect to the youth • Extra Curricular Activities: We firmly believe that a massof today. We have introduced this programme, so that an communicator has to be a jack of all trades! The perfectindividual can become familiar to mass Communication and blend of academics and extra-curricular activities is whatalso become aware of what Mass Communication has to offer we encourage and try to instill in them. We will regularlyhim in terms of career. In the era of communication revolution, organize social activities from time to time.a good education in Mass Media will catapult one’s career. A • Community Service: A journalist serves to/for thepioneering force in journalism education under the Faculty community. The department will regularly organizesof Mass Communication, Jagan Nath University is now a various camps, workshops to help students get a first-renowned centre for the study of mass media. What makes hand exposure of the local community and learn the art ofthe faculty such a dynamic place, we believe, is a unique dealing with them.blend of latest and updated course curriculum with up to datelab equipments. Faculty of wide academic experience and Student’s Guidance Cellextensive media exposure are the assets of our faculty. As a unique feature of our faculty we are going to establish student’s guidance cell, that we will pay personal attentionProgramme Highlights to the students. The guidance will be given by the class The state-of-the-art infrastructure councilors and subject teachers. We believe, at the under-• Video Studio: The video studio is equipped with latest graduate level students are like wet clay and they need cameras, light and editing stations to cater to the various constant guidance and support to shape their personality to requirements of the course - anchoring, shooting, face the demand of a challenging carrier. interview, production of films etc. Editing room is equipped Personality Development Programmes with latest Editing softwares. In order to develop a perfect media personality, we give special• Audio Studio: The department has well equipped audio emphasis on this program and groom students accordingly. studio with latest and advanced editing software. The studio enables the students to record and produce Career Prospects different genres of audio programs. Media Sector is growing rapidly day-by-day in India and• Still Photography Lab: This lab gives an opportunity to Institutions are required to keep themselves abreast with the the students to click and develop photographs by using changing dynamics of the media sector, so that the knowledge different developing techniques. imparted by institutions like us can be put into practice as per• Communication-cum-D&G Lab: A Communication and the need and demand of the industry. D&G lab has been established to facilitate students to Our thrust is to keep our students updated and for this undertake different exercises related to the course. purpose, we get inputs and interactions with people from• Hi-tech Class Rooms: Modern teaching tools like different walks of the life so as to prepare industry-leaders of Computers with Plasma monitors, OHPs are used global standard to achieve our mission. extensively inside the class rooms to make the teaching Mass communication is such field which is attracting a lot more interesting and interactive. of young minds these days and why not, when it has to offer such interesting career options in various kinds of media likeStudent’s Activity newspapers, magazines, radio, television, advertising, public• In-House Publications: The faculty will bring out a news relations, Corporate Communications etc. letter reflecting the intellectual and creative expressions of the students. Course Curriculum• Movie Club: A unique movie club will be there to apprise Please visit the students the art of movie making and its changing trends, where we will screen and appreciate movies of different genres keeping in mind the different aspects of 22
  26. 26. “B.Arch Bachelor of Architecture Overview Architecture is the intrinsic part behind the growth of the society as whole. It is the most powerful record of the history of any country. It throws light on the social, religious customs, manners and development of the country. Since the birth of Harappan civilization architecture has proved to be the main tool for overall growth of mankind. From square blocks, drainage system and Great bath of Harappan to today’s sky scrappers, planned cities, long span bridges, flyovers, underground metro rails, this field has shown its need for the overall development of the society. But architecture is more than a history of form and style; it is a product of cultural and environmental factors and expression of the way of life of the people for whom it is built. It is therefore sometimes called as “matrix of civilization”. It is the most comprehensive of all visual arts and has a right to claim superiority over other arts, since it assimilates and translates all these faculties and beauties in an elegant buildings and structures.2324
  27. 27. The B. Arch. Programme: Distinct EdgeObjective of the Programme of the Bachelor’s degree program in ArchitectureArchitects are the persons who combine the art of is 7(5+ 2 grace yrs.) years. All the Programplanning and designing into an aesthetic whole. requirements shall have to be completed in 7Our objective would be to produce technical academic years.persons and professionals possessing aesthetic Programme Highlightsability and who must be able to reproduce rapidly • Course is approved from Council ofand faithfully nature’s useful form and make Architecture (COA), New Delhi.them appear good in design that are balanced in • Curriculum emphasis on modern teachingproportion having aesthetic details. Our aim is to methods with group sessions so as toinculcate the ability to visualize and make use of inculcate professionalism, technical andmaterials instill into them an aesthetic meaning architectural as to transform the building into piece of • Unique Teacher-students ratios of 1:8 to givearchitecture. Providing them a sound knowledge personalize attention to each student for allof new materials, their properties, strengths round development.and new techniques of design giving them the • Highly qualified and experienced facultyexposure of architectural developments within from the field of Architecture, Industry andthe country and various other countries. academics.Relevance of the Programme • Well equipped laboratories, Model makingAs population grows, the number of housing workshop, material testing lab and Studiostructures, hospitals, flyovers, bridges and some under the supervision of qualified staffother utility structures are also increasing in same members.proportion. The need for architects is never ending • Proper guidance of soft skills and variousprocess and the right for requirement for better, exercises based teaching methodology tocost effective and environment friendly housing make students adaptable to the presentsolution keeps increasing. It is the architects environment.who make it possible to create a structure from • Extensive lab work to understand design andscratch for public utility and that is possible only construction process for environment friendlyif they have a sound knowledge of design that can structure development.withhold time and weather alike. • Priority on ethical set of learning environment and multi disciplinary system.Programme Design & Duration • Emphasis on team work to generate curiosityThe B. Arch. programme is developed by the and desire to learn.course committee of Faculty of Architecture after • Contemporary knowledge of new materials,extensive research and interaction with various there properties, strengths and newarchitects, students and alumni of our parent techniques of design that can providesponsoring body. The course curriculum is fully exposure of architectural developmentsupdated to meet the requirements of present through various mentoring sessions.scenario, cultural and environmental factors. • Extensive project work, Visits to makeB. Arch. is a five year programme, spread over students aware to latest techniques.10 semesters. The minimum period required forcompletion of the bachelor’s degree program Course Curriculumin Architecture shall be of Five Year full-time Please visit www.jagannathuniversity.orgduration. There will be an End-Term Examinationat the end of each Semester of 6 months duration.The maximum permissible period for completing 24
  28. 28. Overview The University offers LL.M. program to the eligible students who are interested to pursue post-graduate degree in Law. The main objective of the program is to groom the students for acquiring in depth and exhaustive theoretical and research knowledge that enables them to tackle “LLM 2 Years complex problems in their respective specialized fields and thereby continue towards their objective of attaining excellence. The extensive programs provide enough flexibility in respect of lecture courses, project work and seminar as well as research dissertation which is aimed to do research and to develop requisite writing expression in their field of research. The Degree of Master of Law (LL.M.) is the post-graduate degree which is to be awarded by Faculty of Law of Jagan Nath University to candidates having completed well defined post graduate studies in the discipline of Law.2526
  29. 29. Objectives Eligibility and Admission procedure• To provide excellent education and guidance To be eligible for appearing in the Entrance Test in the specialized branches of Law at prescribed by the Jagan Nath University for the postgraduate and research level. 2-year LL.M. Degree programme, a candidate• Advancement and proliferation of legal should have passed the LL.B/B.A.LL.B/ B.B.A.LL.B knowledge in specialized area. or equivalent degree from a recognized University• To prepare trained manpower to carry out with not less than 50% marks in the aggregate. innovative research for creating intellectual The candidates awaiting results of the qualifying property through master and doctoral examination can also appear in the entrance programme. test subject to a condition that they will have to• Inculcate strong research and innovation produce proof of having passed the qualifying based mindset in the future teachers, examination with the prescribed marks at the legal experts imparting legal education or time of interview/counseling. practicing at the senior level of the Court and Duration working in judiciary. The duration of the LL.M. Degree Course is two• To ensure high standard of performance in years and each year comprises of two semesters. teaching & research in the discipline of Law. The maximum period to complete the LL.M.Specialization Offered programme is 4 year for full time regular studentsMaster of Law Programme will be offered in the provided the fee is paid for extended year(s). Thefollowing area of Specialization/branches in the maximum or minimum period will be counted fromFaculty of Law of the University: the date of registration to the fourth semester.• Property Law Eligibility for the award of LL.M.• Human Rights Law Degree• Tort & Crime A student shall be declared to be eligible for the• Constitutional Law award of LL.M. degree if he/she has• Corporate Law a Registered and successfully completed all the• Labour Law credit requirements for the degree with grade• Any other branch / area which the University ‘D’ or higher grade in each of the subjects may decide later on to introduce at any stage (Theoretical, Seminar, Project, Dissertation subsequently; etc.); The aforementioned Specialization/branches b Obtained a CGPA of 5.00 or more at the end of may be chosen by candidates, in second the semester in which he / she completes all semester onwards. The Courses in the first the requirements for the degree; semester are common for all the candidates c No dues to the University, Department, pursuing LL.M. studies. Hostels, library etc. Note: A subject Specialization will be offered d No disciplinary action is pending against him/ only if sufficient numbers of students opt for her. that particular course of specialization. LLM Regulations : Visit our website www. 26
  30. 30. “BA LLB (5 Years Integrated) “BBA LLB (5 Years Integrated) Overview Jagan Nath University, under the aegis of Jagan Nath Gupta Memorial Educational Society, upholds the Society credo of Discipline, Dedication and Determination. To the hilt, It is a new and young University whose vibrancy and youthful outlook is reflected in its course curriculum, its attitude towards students and the overall ambiance. In its short stint of operations, it has made a mark with innovative training methods and a strong emphasis on practical exposure to the students. Ample opportunity towards Co-curricular & Extra Curricular activities makes for a healthy and stress free environment. The University is dedicated to create a new breed of dynamic and future Law Graduates who will be in a position to use the knowledge acquired here towards the creation of a better society and indeed, a brighter future for themselves. Faculty of Law teaches you to open your mind and think differently. This type of training is valuable in any career. Today, law is the pathway to financial rewards, intellectual stimulation, prestige, family influence, social change & career flexibility and above all acquiring a knowledgeable position in the existing society.2728
  31. 31. The Law Programme: Distinct EdgeBA.LLB, BBA.LLB are five years integrated programmes, dealing with Procedural and Substantive Criminal and Civilcompletely based on National Law Schools pattern spread Law would be taught exhaustively along with latest caseover ten semesters. Though the primary method of instruction law. It would not be out of context to state that in order tois classroom lectures, we give a lot of emphasis on practical ensure proper and meaningful grooming of the students oftraining, research and self-study. We also conduct several the Faculty of Law all sincere and meaningful effort would beguest lectures, seminars, symposia where top professionals in made.the legal profession, academicians, judges, legal luminaries They would also be taught Non-Law Subjects which haveand Lawyers are invited to speak on various contemporary much relevance in Legal education viz. Sociology, Businessissues so that our students get exposure to the real and diverse Organization, Financial Management, Political Science,aspects of the profession thereby providing wider exposure History, Economics, English and Foreign Languages liketo substantial and procedural Laws. The classrooms are French and German which would be given much significancespacious, well equipped with latest technological amenities during the Pre-Law studies of the Law students. Conclusivelyand the well equipped library having all important journals, it can be safely claimed that all efforts would be made byperiodicals and reference as well as text books authored by the competent faculty of Law on the basis of comprehensiveexperts of all important subjects. Great importance is given to current syllabi framed for the purpose to impart qualitythe practical aspect of the theoretical foundation. education to the students of the Faculty of Law of the Jagan Nath University, Jaipur.Objectives of the Programme 1. Total number of semesters: 10To produce competent Advocates, Law Schools are expected 2. Total number of courses: 65 (six-seven in each Semester,to impart quality education so that their foundation should be excluding the Internship and court room exercises.)strong. It is well known facts that many people get Law degree 3. Normally students are required to work 40- 45 hours in abut hardly few of them are in a position to be successful as week.practising Advocates. Keeping in view this aspect Bar Councilof India has introduced LL.B. 5 year’s integrated course after Skill Enhancement ProgrammeSenior Secondary and which is showing better results at Practical training programmes like Court Visits and Mootleast in few leading Law Schools and Law Universities mainly Court programmes are introduced effectively so as to providedue to the fact that the Bar Council of India has framed a proper and needful training to the Law students on thecomprehensive syllabus in which all related disciplines pattern of other professional disciplines like Medicine andnamely, Sociology, Business Organization, Financial Engineering. It is intended that main thrust should be onManagement, Political Science, History, Economics etc practical training programme which is to be conducted byhaving relevance in the legal profession have been included. inviting senior advocates from the Bar in coordination with the Dean/Director and other faculty members so that studentsOrientation and Methodology of the Faculty of Law of Jagan Nath University are groomedToday, law is a field of study that offers the recipient a wide in a proper manner so that they may be in a position to haverange of career options, each requiring different skills but also strong foundation which is very essential for a successfulpossessing common characteristics. The options are endless terms of practice areas and work environments. Lawyersmight find themselves arresting a ship or zoning a playground, Career options that are available to lawworking independently in their home or with others in high graduates arerise corporate offices. Lawyers can practice law by helping • Legal officers in corporate sector & garment sector.clients plan to avoid problems, by solving problems once • Law officers with NGO’s.they develop, by representing and counseling businesses • Banking Sector, a particular industry, by representing individuals sharing • Defense forces.a common status or problems and by appearing (or not • Public Prosecutorsappearing) in court. • Judicial Magistrates & Private Practice.Current and useful subjects e.g. Intellectual Property • Advocates in legal firms.Rights, Law and Technology, Cyber Law and Cyber Crimes, Course CurriculumEnvironmental Studies along with Regulatory and Relevant Please visit www.jagannathuniversity.orgLaw, Business Law, Law of Contract and Torts. Subjects 28
  32. 32. “B.Sc. Hospitality & Catering Management Overview A blend of Art & Science; Technology & Tradition are taking place in the Hospitality Catering and Tourism Industry. This sector is predicted to triple in size within the next 10 years and become the world’s largest Industry by the year 2020, generating enormous opportunities for well qualified individuals in the field of Hospitality & Catering Management. These Graduates will be in great demand to assume exciting and rewarding positions anywhere in the World. Society has evolved from eating to relishing food. The “Cook” has become a “Chef”. The “Waiter” has become a “Steward”. Hotels are a part of the Hospitality Industry. To begin with the Indian Hotel Chains like ITC Ltd., The Jaypee Group, Oberoi Group, Asian Hotels Ltd., Hotel Leela Venture and Hotel Corporation of India are leaders providing a healthy competition and setting international standards. Many International Hotels including Sheraton, Hyatt, Radisson, Meridien, Four Seasons Reagent and Marriot International are already established in the Indian Market and are still expanding.2930
  33. 33. Course Objective Our InfrastructureThe three year degree course in Hospitality and Catering The Faculty of Hotel Management, Jagan Nath UniversityManagement offered at Faculty of Hospitality, Jagan Nath artfully blends Culinary Skills, Restaurant Service,University, explores the relationship between the Hospitality Accommodation, Operations and Front Office Practicals alongand Tourism Industry. An ideal candidate for this course with extensive theoretical inputs to impart a rich learningshould have excellent communication skills with a pleasing experience. It has State-of-the-art Labs where the studentspersonality; he should be outgoing, friendly and have the are exposed to Industry like working conditions under theability to take responsibilities. guidance of professionals. Students are made to prepareThe hospitality programme at Jagan Nath University equips dishes of different regional & inter-continental cuisines in ourthe students with the required skills, knowledge and attitude well equipped Production Labs & Bakery, giving them ampleto efficiently discharge supervisory responsibilities in the fast opportunity to translate classroom knowledge into practice.growing Service Sector.The curriculum is designed to meet the global and regional Resource Personsneed for qualified graduates, who will be able to apply their Our faculty is drawn from different sectors of Hospitality &knowledge directly into the workplace. The programme will Tourism Industry so that students can be kept informed ofhave an emphasis on managerial and operational issues and the latest trends and practices helpful in their careers in thethe philosophy can be described as ‘Think Global, Act Local’. Service Sector. Majority of our faculty members are top classThe delicate balance between Tourism Destination; Travel professionals who combine years of practical experience withand Hospitality Management; and the cherishment of Cultural vast theoretical knowledge. The teaching methodology is aDiversity, Heritage and Authenticity will be the highlighting balance of practical with theory that forms the core aroundpart of the course study. which teaching takes place. The faculty brings in their years ofFor aspirants, willing to be a part of this booming Hospitality experience into the class, enriching the teaching experienceand Tourism Industry and looking for a challenging career, and thus ensures that course curriculum reflects the currentwe at Jagan Nath Universty offer what is needed to succeed Industry ones dream career.Course Highlights Career Opportunities• Well structured lectures with practical approach • 5-Star Hotels and Resorts : Supervisory, Management Trainee & Entry level positions• Practicals on Food Production and Bakery• Front Office Practicals • Airlines and Aviation Industry : Catering Assistant, Ground Staff / Operations & Cabin Crew• Food and Beverage Service Practicals • Railway Catering• Housekeeping Practicals• Out Door Catering to give the students a hand on experience • Fast Food Outlets & Restaurants• Frequent Visits to 5-Star Hotels, Resorts, Travel Agencies • Luxury Cruise Liners and other Service Sectors to give them a feel of the Industry • Hospitals and Hostels : Co-ordinators, Catering Incharge,• PDP and Soft Skill sessions Housekeeping Supervisor etc.• Presentations on Academic and Industry oriented subjects • Travel Houses : Tour Operator, Counter Staff & Travel• Guest Lectures by senior Industry Professionals Co-ordinator• Workshops on Food Production and Bar Tending • Guest Relation Executive (GRE ) in Multinational Companies• Seminars focusing on the current trends in Hospitality and • Customer Care Executive in Banks Tourism Industry • Media Houses : Public Relation Executive• Industrial Training • Shopping Malls, Multiplexes and Retail Outlets• Placement Assistance through Campus Interviews • Event Management Companies • EntrepreneursBesides this the programme encompasses an in-depthknowledge and technical skills for students to acquire the Course Curriculum:optimum standards in the operational areas of: Kindly visit• Food Production• Food and Beverage Service• Front Office Operations• House Keeping 30