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Ladybugs Spots


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The presentation by the Franklin Cultural Council to the Franklin Town Council on Weds, Jan 22, 2014. The project to introduce 'ladybug spots'to Franklin to help commemorate the selection of the ladybug as the MA state bug 40 years ago.

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Ladybugs Spots

  1. 1. Public Art Project  Palma Johnson, a teacher at the Kennedy School decided with the help of her students to have the ladybug made the official state bug.  The class worked with legislators to begin the process of proposing a bill and then passed into law on April 17, 1974.
  2. 2. Sponsor a ladybug  There will be a limited amount of ladybugs available for businesses, residents, local groups to sponsor a ladybug. Each ladybug will be transformed into a unique piece of art.  Sponsors will be able to partner with local artists to help with the decorating of their ladybugs.  We will be using social media to help promote this wonderful project
  3. 3. Honorary Board  There will be an Honorary Board consisting of Franklin Civic leaders, school committee members, local organizations, former students from the class of 1974, school leaders, local business leaders.