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Using Online Tools To Research, Organise And Process Information

  1. It displays screenshots of the results and creates a 3 Dimensional Cube which you can move and rotate
  2. / Shows related tags to help A child friendly version with child further research related results.
  3. Provides viewing options such as screenshot slide show, screen text, Power grid, Google timeline, photo tag cloud, Viewzi news, Video, Photos, four sources allows you to browse the top results from Yahoo, Google, Ask and MSN, Weather, Books, Everyday shopping, Albums, Recipes, Celebrity photos, songs, Techcrunch, celebrity gossip.
  4. This is a meta search A meta search engine which takes the engine displayed as results from other a mind map showing engines it also shows links. related links. Good for visual learners
  5. Results appear in an interesting interface showing related categories Carrot2 organises your search results into topics.
  6. Drag and move the page, results appears as web shots, images and videos and provides Many search options such as web, news, videos, related words to research further images, blogs and podcasts and related words
  7. Creates a Mind map or results Provides statistics from Wikipedia and calculations
  8. Displays related words in an interactive mind map format. It also provides word meanings and associations. You can explore further by clicking on any of the words and it will continue to display more words. This is a great tool to help students generate ideas to find related words. It is also a useful dictionary tool.
  9. Another tool to assist in brainstorming. This site also displays related words as a mind map. However, it also divides the results into nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, fuzzynyms, synonyms and antonyms .
  10. Students type in a word to research. The site displays the results as a colourful pie chart to show categories and relationships between words. As you click on one of the results a box appears with a definition from Wikipedia. You also have the option to view results from the web, images and twitter. When you find information you want ,you can drag the text to the notepad. The notepad can then be copied to clipboard an added to your own document to be saved. This is a great tool to generate brainstorming and research of a topic. It also teaches students how to research , filter and process information.
  11. This site is like a virtual notice board The collaborative drawing area includes where anyone can add a message. standard tools for freehand drawing, shapes, A great way for students to collaborate text and images you can upload from your and brainstorm. computer. You give students a link to the page allowing them to collaborate.
  12. Dabbleboard is an online whiteboard providing collaboration using fun drawing tools. You can invite others and include images.
  13. This does not require any registration. Students use the link to work on the same page and add to the document. The page can be saved in several formats including .doc and .pdf.
  14. M M A P P
  15. A mind map is a visual representation or diagram used to show relationships between words, images or ideas. A mind map often starts from the centre and branches out into associated categories. They can be used to brainstorm, visualize and structure information. Using this technique students can process information by •Researching •Organising •Planning •Identifying •Understanding •Memorising •Communicating through words and images •Making decisions •Reflecting •Presenting
  16. This is a fun tool providing You have to create an account. students with a creative Create mind maps and it provides you alternative to mind mapping. with templates for planning and The outcome looks hand organising. It is a web version of drawn and the words run ‘Inspiration’. along the branches.
  17. Draw mind maps, floor plans, diagrams with Gliffy online diagram software, you can easily create professional- looking flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings, and more. Our online diagram editor makes it easier than ever to create great looking drawings.
  18. Convert text to a mind map by indenting different levels
  19. Online surveys allow students to collect data and information by preparing questions. The survey can be accessed via a link and the results are collated and represented in a graph format.
  22. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias have always been a source for information. Now there are many useful online versions. Many also include visual representations.
  29. Wikimapia is both a wiki and a world map.
  31. Conflict History is a timeline and Google Map of all the world's conflicts
  34. Graphic organisers are visual forms that encourage students to: * explore topics * analyse both the whole and parts of a problem or issue * compare and contrast * processes information * assists in deconstructing information * increase understanding * organise their information, ideas and research in a visual form * plan investigations * review and reflect on knowledge and skills * engage in higher order thinking
  35. Provides ‘thinking guides’ for any purpose. You can edit the guide to suit your need and use as a print out or it can be used online
  36. Present data using Graphs, Diagrams, Charts, Gauges, world aph/default.aspx maps, country maps and location maps, publish, embed or share the results
  37. Free online Chart builder that provides line, bar, pie and ring chart types with normal and 3D visualization.
  38. Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News aggregator.
  39. This site a great site for Geography or for simply learning how to search and collect data. The site represents relationships between different countries and continents based on data from the CIA World Factbook. The data is displayed in a visual form showing relationships for each country, including neighbouring countries, languages, water and terrestrial boundaries, and other facts.
  40. Search for music, movies, actors and directories. This site prepares the results of related items in a visual form. Search Music artists or bands and the site creates the results in a visual form. Discover music by looking at music related to moods, tempos and genres
  41. Interactive timelines often include text, images and videos documenting certain events. Timelines are a great source of information and timeline makers allow students to process, organise and apply information. They can be used as a tool for a research assignment, document moments in their life, someone else's life or as a reflection tool to document their learning process.
  42. 50th Anniversary of NASA melines/
  43. Movie box office charts
  44. xtimeline is a free web-based timeline. Easily create and share timelines with pictures and videos.
  45. Timeline Format Flipbook Format
  46. Timetoast allows people to create interactive timelines, which they can share anywhere on the web.