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Org Design document


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This is a org design

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Org Design document

  1. 1. [Company] Contact Center “To-Be” OrganizationRoles and Responsibilities August 15, 2011 Version 1.0 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents1. Introduction ............................................................................................................ 3 1.1 Purpose .......................................................................................................................................... 3 1.2 [Company] Corporate Solutions Contact Center Mission ............................................................... 3 1.3 Business Benefits ........................................................................................................................... 3 1.4 Scope of this Document ................................................................................................................. 4 1.5 [Company] Reference Material ....................................................................................................... 42. [Company] Contact Center Roles and Responsibilities .......................................... 5 2.1 [Company] Responsibilities ............................................................................................................ 5 2.2 Service Provider Responsibilities ................................................................................................. 13 2.3 Contact Center Clients.................................................................................................................. 14 2
  3. 3. 1. Introduction1.1 PurposeThe Purpose of this document is to define the [Company] Roles and Responsibilities that support theongoing operation of the new Hosted Contact Center Solution. This document outlines the “to-be”organization that must be in place, including [Company] and all other stakeholders, to ensure a successfulimplementation and ongoing operation of the Hosted Contact Center solution. Once the Hosted ContactCenter solution is fully launched, this document can be used and updated indefinitely to define theorganization that uses and supports the Hosted Contact Center Solution for [Company]..1.2 [Company] Corporate Solutions Contact Center MissionThe mission of all [Company] Contact Centers is to support: [Company] Associates & Tenants, [Company] Property Managers, Service VendorsTo provide a primary Customer Touch Point to facilitate: Day-To-Day Preventative Maintenance Reactive Maintenance Rush (or Emergency) SupportBy: Understanding Client Needs Diagnosing Needed Services and Creating a Work Order Dispatching an Appropriate Service Provider Collecting Survey Data and Engaging Property Teams to Ensure Client Satisfaction1.3 Business BenefitsThe following are identified benefits of the Hosted Contact Center Solution. Roles and Responsibilitiesare defined to ensure these benefits can be achieved on an ongoing basis: Solid Foundation for Contact Center Operations: New, current technology Contact Center equipment will provides a solid foundation for Contact Center operations by providing functional scalability, reliability, extensibility, business continuity support (including disaster recovery), and new telephony functions and features, such as supporting work at home Agents. Maximize Contact Center Employee Efficiency: Calls route to Agents in their current Contact Center support locations. The Contact Center hosting solution provides the ability to route callers to an available Agent in any of the served locations in order to minimize caller hold time and increase useful seat time. Self Service Options improve effciency of the Contact Center. 3
  4. 4. Client Retention: Contact Center hosting solution helps to ensure client retention and continuity of current Revenue Streams due to improvements over current state equipment operation and removal of current PBX related Customer Dissatisfiers (Pittsburgh outages). Enable Continued Call Center Growth: Contact Center hosting solution enables for continued growth of the in scope Contact Centers by implementing a solution that can scale to meet the 5-year projected growth at these locations. This solution also scales to include other North American Contact Centers and International Contact Centers, although not in the intiial Phase 1 Project. Centralized Support: Contact Center solution improvements and support metrics enable the Hosting Vendor to centralize active technical support for the new Contact Center systems/solutions, providing 7x24x365 support for a highly visible customer touch point. [Company] IT supports as a trusted advisor and manages technical issues related to the solution.1.4 Scope of this DocumentThe roles and responsibilities that are outlined in this document provide the organizational foundationneeded to: Support a Hosted Contact Center technology foundation that supports a customer centric environment using an inbound call, outbound call, and self-service model to achieve results. Support a Hosted Contact Center Service Model that is centrally managed by the Hosting Vendor and effectively meets [Company]’s commitments to their clients, especially Contact Center Service Level Agreements.1.4.1 Out of-Scope RolesOut-of-Scope roles include organizations that are not affected by the Contact Center solution. Thisincludes the Detroit site..This document also does not include Roles/Responsibilities related to OneView Service Center, exceptwhere the IVR interfaces with the OneView Work Order Data1.5 [Company] Reference MaterialThe documents “Roles and Responsibilities,” 2.0 section, will serve as a foundation to group, by similarrole, the Communication lists for the Communication Plan. Additionally, this document provides the basisfor the Training Plan by outlining the responsibilities of each role.. 4
  5. 5. 2. [Company] Contact Center Roles andResponsibilitiesThis section outlines each role and the related responsibilities.2.1 [Company] Responsibilities[Company] has a number of roles and responsibilities associated with the proper functioning of theHosted Contact Center Solution.2.1.1 Executive SponsorsPurpose: The executive sponsor provides executive vision and ensures organizational support for theHosted Contact Center Solution. This executive provides oversight for the Hosted Contact CenterManagement Team.Responsibilities: Provides Executive Vision for Contact Center Solution, including ensuring appropriate business goals and objectives are developed Provides Executive Sponsorship for and Communicates high-level business goals and objectives Works with other Executives to create alignment between functional groups and processes in order to provide leadership needed to bring the goals and benefits to life Responsible to provide oversight to ensure appropriate schedules, budgets, and client results/deliverables from the Hosted Contact Center.2.1.2 Steering BoardPurpose: Steering Boards/Committees are company stakeholders and experts who help top executivesmake decisions that impact the Hosted Contact Center.Responsibilities:• Ensure that Hosted Contact Center performance is defined, tracked, and reported on a monthly basis.• Ensure opportunities and issues related to the Hosted Contact Center solution are identified, reported, and resolved in a timely basis.• Provide a forum for data review, discussion, and Executive decision making regarding the Hosted Contact Center• Provide centralized oversight for system maintenance and solution performance• Identify a [Company] Contact Center person or persons who will be the Corporate Solutions single point of contact (SPOC) for Vendor Relations.Monitoring Process for New SolutionA Steering Committee Meeting is scheduled monthly. The Corporate Solutions SPOC prepares andpresents a Steering Committee Presentation including performance, opportunity, and risk/issues content.Action Items are developed based on the meeting outcomes. 5
  6. 6. 2.1.3 Contact Center ManagersPurpose: Manages the day-to-day operations of selected Contact Center clientsResponsibilities: Provide coaching, feedback and training to supervisors Reviews and leverages Quality Assurance efforts Writes and conducts performance evaluations, make employment decisions, set up performance goals and targets for assigned team Responsible for meeting Contact Center SLA targets/goals and agent performance Handles escalated calls from supervisors Develops, Tracks, and reports on the budget Review Contact Center reports daily to analyze each sites performance and make suggested process improvements based on findings Identifies opportunities, risks/issues and performance of the Hosted Contact Center and reports them to the Hosted Contact Center SPOC Conduct monthly meetings to update all Contact Center employees on procedure and policy changesMonitoring Process for New Solution Using reports, review call center(s) performance (service level, talk time, etc.,) daily to maximize performance Ensure proper Work Force Management and Quality Assurance work efforts related to owned Contact Center client Understand revenue and costs and submit a budget update monthly Compile and analyze monthly statistics, trends, issues and risks to gain a clear understanding of the operation of the contact center for the owned client and report these to the SPOC on a monthly basis. This is input for the Steering Committee presentation.2.1.4 Contact Center SupervisorsPurpose: Develop and supervise a team of agentsResponsibilities: Manage agents performance and prepare their performance reports, working with Quality Assurance Follow up and resolve escalated customer complaints and questions o Manage, train and guide call center agents to execute their tasks o Listen and compare agent monitoring results to survey results. o Use call center reports to improve performance of center Periodically listen in on “live” agent calls (please note, the Quality Assurance Analyst(s) will score the calls) to calibrate an agents knowledge and customer service skillsMonitoring Process for New Solution Using reports, review call center call activity daily (call types, wrap up time, talk time, etc.,) to measure performance Review surveys, QA results, and monitoring results daily for quality control Use daily agent “huddles” to reinforce correct use of call/activities types 6
  7. 7. 2.1.5 Contact Center AgentsPurpose: A call center agent is responsible for answering customer inquiries. They are responsible forsatisfying the customer and to maintain a good image for the company.Responsibilities: Provide superior inbound and outbound customer service Use questioning and listening skills that support effective telephone communication. Use an effective/logical approach to handle special telephone tasks/actions; call transfers, escalated calls, etc.Monitoring Process for New Solution Pass a quarterly test to verify agent proficiency on call activity use (call types, call wrap, talk time, etc.) Agent Calls are Recorded for Quality purposes Agent calls are silently monitored by Supervisors for coaching purposes2.1.6 Contact Center Operations ManagerPurpose: Oversee Contact Center support functions (Data Analysis, WFM and Quality Assurance) toimprove Contact Center Performance and Customer SatisfactionResponsibilities: Provide oversight, coaching, mentoring and training for Contact Center Analysts Responsible for quality/improvements of Contact Center deliverables/solutions (WFM, Quality Assurance and reporting) Manage business processes (such as user acceptance testing) that support the Contact Center. Work with the Contact Center Manager to identify and articulate reporting requirements Write and conduct performance evaluations, make employment decisions, set up performance goals and targets for assigned team. Act as primary point of contact for Contact Center business requirements with IT., etc., when implementing Contact Center solutions.Monitoring Process for New Solution Conduct daily debrief with analysts to verify monitoring processes work effectively; no “hot spots.” If “hot spots” exist, work with Contact Center Manager and/or analysts to rectify. 7
  8. 8. 2.1.7 WFM AnalystPurpose: The Workforce Analyst will be responsible for supporting day to day agent forecasting andscheduling for Contact Center sites (Pittsburg, Charlotte, at-home).Responsibilities: Conducts call volume, resource and capacity planning forecasting Leads in the effort of building staffing strategies and plans that support multi-site (including at home) and multi-skilled agents Manages agent shift bidding and vacation requests against created staffing plans Prepares agent work schedules (i.e. days worked, breaks, lunches, etc.) Support local and last minute changes to the intra-day schedule Supports real-time tracking of schedule adherence with supervisor alerts Review historical and real time scheduling and forecasting reports to improve Contact Center and agent performance Prepare monthly report for Managers on WFM findings (i.e. forecasting trends, how changes to the schedule helped SLA performance, etc.) Performs other analyst roles as requiredMonitoring Process for New Solution Verify daily the business rules for WFM are working appropriately (i.e. Test to verify schedule changes and exceptions can be made in 1 minute increments.) Verify scheduling options are working properly daily (i.e. test intra-day reforecasting) Test weekly the ability for CSR’s to be relocated or moved from one schedule and forecast location to another. Review historical agent forecasting and scheduling reports daily for trends/seasonality; predict future manpower needs based on findings.2.1.8 Contact Center Quality Assurance AnalystsPurpose: Record, monitor and score an agents incoming and outgoing calls/screen shot data to ensurequality customer service and adherence to the policies and procedures of the organization.Responsibilities Responsible for listening, reviewing and grading a predetermined number of calls/screen shots between agents and customers daily. Responsible for maintaining (archiving) and revising agent scorecards. Responsible for maintaining (archiving) customer surveys data Responsible to compile customer survey aggregate and client specific results on a periodic basis Responsible to generate/develop a “call back list” based on survey results. Uses Call Back lists to gather additional feedback for the Contact Center. Responsible for retrieving call or screen shots to resolve disputes when questions arise as to what was said. Evaluate and measure customer satisfaction surveys compared to call/screen capture data. Prepare monthly report for Managers on Quality Assurance findings (i.e. # of monitoring, recordings, screen shots, survey findings, trends, opportunities, issues/risks etc.) Verify that the correct calls/screen shots are “tagged” Performs other analyst roles as required 8
  9. 9. Monitoring Process for New Solution Verify daily that the number/specific samples of required call recordings is actually recorded. Verify daily agent recordings coincide with the same customer survey call Review daily that call/screen shot recordings are archived/saved as required. Test daily that specific call/screen shot and survey data can be retrieved using appropriate business rules Review daily that screens captures are working appropriately and correct “tagging” business rules are applied Verify client permissions for monitoring work effectively (i.e. barge in functionality) Based on call monitoring/screen shot results, share agent training and performance improvement ideas weekly with Contact Center Manager.2.1.9 Contact Center Hosted Contact Solution AnalystPurpose: The Contact Center Analyst will analyze data and provide recommendations that will helpimprove their overall customer experience and department performance.Responsibility: Analyze/report on Contact Center KPI’s (listed below), for maximum Call Center performance; create overview report to share SLA results/trends daily with Managers. Ability to set up/revise an agents skills set and queue configuration Perform Move, Add, Change and Delete for Hosted Contact System Users Adjust and create roles for managers, supervisors or agents to retrieve and configure specific reports Responsible for executing contingency plans when an emergency at one site causes that site to shut down Responsible for establishing/changing time of day requirements and caller prioritization rules Update dashboard data and threshold alerts when needed Manage business rules for IVR menus/mapping Work with Contact Center management to update/revise IVR scripts Develop new reports as requested by management and manage appropriate business rules (automatic report generation or manual, etc.) Provide a SPOC for the Hosted Contact System vendor for technical issuesMonitoring Process for New Solution Review new Contact Center Reports daily to measure call accuracy Monitor system functionality daily (i.e. WFM inputs to outputs, etc.) for efficiency and effectiveness. Analyze IVR call stats daily to validate no hot spots exist Test daily that reports can be send via email through the desktop Test that reports can be saved based on the user and that automated reports can also be ran. Conduct daily validations that CSR skills sets, queue configuration and call tagging options work correctly. Test monthly that dashboard and color coding business rules are correct. Performs other analyst roles as required 9
  10. 10. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reports and StandardsThe proposed System or Solution must automatically generate the following Metrics, providing detailedstatus reports related to call center efficiency and effectiveness on a daily basis. Vendor is expectedprovide a system or solution that can effectively support the achievement of the best practice standardswhich are outlined below. These reports shall include: I. Key Performance Indicators a. Service Level i. 80% of your calls are answered in how many seconds ii. Best practice within 20 seconds b. Average speed of answer (ASA) i. ASA = Total time in queue / total number of calls answered ii. Current practice is less than 1 minute c. Average Call Handle Time i. Sum of talk time, hold time, and after call work time ii. Current Call Handle time is less than 3 minutes d. Average Abandon Rate i. Percent of calls abandoned compared to number of calls received ii. Current metric is <5% e. Average agent occupancy rate i. Time that an agent is in his seat compared to number of hours worked on a call ii. Best practice 80% - 85% f. First Call Resolution i. Number of client voice contacts to close a work order ii. Typical Best Practice 80% calls g. Percentage of calls answered by self-service channels compared to volume of inbound calls handled h. CSR monthly and yearly attrition rates and new hire and existing training hours II. Customer Satisfaction a. Satisfaction of Client based on a 1-5 scale, or as agreed b. Percent of callers who give a perfect/lowest score within the past 30 days from customer surveys conducted in via the system.2.1.10 [Company] Application SupportPurpose: Configuration and support of applications related to hosted Contact CenterRole: Support IVR work order data to Middleware application Provide technical expertise on SQL access to OneView work order data Support troubleshooting of application related to issues or problems Configuration and support of iisMonitoring Process for New SolutionNo current monitoring processes or systems will change with the new solution 10
  11. 11. 2.1.11 [Company] NetOpsPurpose: Monitors site connectivityRole: Monitor MPLS connectivity to the sites and engages Verizon in the event of issues Verify power status with Verizon Issues Sev1 notices and communicates with Verizon in the even they do not receive timely updatesMonitoring Process for New Solution:No current monitoring processes or systems will change with the new solution2.1.12 [Company] Network TeamPurpose: Issue escalation to Network Support teamRole: Responsible if Sev1 ticket is not resolved timely and/or the issue is not with the Verizon MPLS WAN, escalate issue to Network Support Team.Monitoring Process for New Solution:No current monitoring processes or systems will change with the new solution2.1.13 Server Admin (Server Team)Purpose: Responsible for Hardware and Operating system supportRole: Assemble the hardware; rack it, configure it and install the operating system to the specifications of the requester. Support file system backup and restoration of the data on the server Provide 24 x 7 supports of hardware and Operating system.Monitoring Process for New SolutionNo current monitoring processes or systems will change with the new solution 11
  12. 12. 2.1.14 [Company] Property ManagersPurpose: A property managers main responsibility is to maintain and even increase the value of variousreal estate investments.Responsibilities: Scheduling property maintenance Analyzing market conditions Managing building maintenance projects Compiling data for financial reports Evaluating performance of employees Negotiating real estate sales contracts Resolving customer and public complaints Maintaining records, reports and files Ensuring rental properties are occupied Respond (approve or deny) CSR “rush” or “emergency” dispatched work order Promptly answer a CSR’s follow-up call to verify they received a CSR “rush” and “emergency” dispatched work order. Use web or call CSR to update the work orders statusMonitoring Process for New Solution New ACD reports can compare the # of CSR outbound contacts to Property Manager “emergency or “rush” work orders to verify the “rush” and “emergency” work order matches with the # of outbound calls. The QA solution will monitor the CSR’s customer service skills while speaking with Property Managers. Using call reports, capture the specific Project Managers calling into the Contact Center to update their work order status2.1.15 [Company] Business Users (Pittsburgh Only)Purpose: The Brokerage Team completes transactions for owners and occupiers of office andcommercial real estate, often dealing with the highest levels of the organizations they are prospecting to.These phone system users make cold calls to prospects in an effort to understand real estate needs,represent tenants to landlords to obtain space, provide research stats and occupancy analysis toorganizations we are prospecting as well as our clients.Responsibilities: The [Company] Business Users will be provided with one line of telephone service anda voice mailbox. The telephones can make local, long distance, and international calls. Each call will bebilled at $.012 per minute, plus any international charges. Business Users are expected to maintain theirmailbox.Monitoring Process for New Solution:• Contact Center Solution Analyst monitors mailbox maintenance 12
  13. 13. • Someone determines appropriate monthly billing and cross charges Brokerage Team for utilization(licenses and phone minute fees)2.1.16 [Company] Corporate Solutions SalesPurpose: Participate in the development of strategic sales targets and plans. Lead in the development ofmarketing sales plans for specific areas/locations.Role: Develop and maintain effective communication with the Operations and Call Center teams to achieve sales goals and increase the long-term value of the business. Utilize Sales and Marketing techniques/materials to develop new leads, secure new customers, maintain existing customers and to promote clients across the region. Develop and maintain relationships with existing and prospective customers across the region. Maintain a strong understanding of market trends (including the competition) across branch, location and market area.Monitoring Process for New Solution: Using Contact Centers reporting data as a sales tool (low ASA, high service level), illustrate [Company]’s ability to provide excellent customer service.2.2 Service Provider Responsibilities2.2.1 [Company] Associates and Non-[Company] Service Provides(i.e. both positions have the same roles and responsibilities)Purpose: Ensure superior customer service and execute/resolve client issues and SLA goals whilemaintaining financial targetsRole: Maintain a high level of client satisfaction and service delivery based on the following measures: 1) Client satisfaction surveys; 2) Quality and accuracy of work (QAR), 3) Adherence to data integrity and quality control processes. Identify opportunities for process improvement and; recommend ideas to enhance business results Retain and expand the client base; assist in expansion of new clients through assisting in RFP responses. Complete timely and accurate monthly status updates, financial reports, budgets and variance analyses. Respond to a CSR “rush” or “emergency” dispatched work order Promptly answer a CSR’s follow-up call to verify they received a CSR “rush” and “emergency” dispatched work order Use web or call CSR to update the work orders statusMonitoring Process for New Solution: New ACD reports can compare the # of Service Providers calling a CSR to close/update a work order 13
  14. 14. The QA solution will monitor the CSR’s customer service skills while speaking with Service Providers Using Call reports, capture the specific Service Providers calling into the Contact Center to update their work order status.2.2.2 BOA Service ProvidersPurpose: An outsourced company that resolves the dispatched work orders.Role: Repair, replace or clean “fix it” items on work orders Use IVR, web or call CSR to update work orders status Respond to a CSR “rush” or “emergency” dispatched work order Promptly answer a CSR’s follow-up call to verify they received a CSR “rush” and “emergency” dispatched work orderMonitoring Process for New Solution New ACD reports can compare the # of Service Provider calling a CSR vs. the IVR to close/update a work order. The QA solution will monitor the CSR’s customer service skills while speaking with Service Providers Using call reports, capture specific Service Providers calling into the Contact Center to update their work order status; this can assist with re-training the Service Providers to call into lower cost touch points.2.3 Contact Center ClientsPurpose: The Contact Center Client (i.e. tenants, service providers and property management teams) willcall into the Service Center for assistance/inquires.Role: The Contact Center client will call, email/fax or use the web to contact the Service Center for various reasons including but not limited to facility related requests and inquires on existing work orders. The client can open and update the status of a work order via the web or inbound callMonitoring Process for New Solution Use new call reports to analyze what phone options customers are selecting to measure efficiency Use new call reports to analyze client call routing rules to verify that the client ends up in the correct CSR queue/group. The QA solution will monitor the CSR’s customer service skills Client surveys will be used to compare against CSR scorecard results 14
  15. 15. With reports, compare request submissions, by client, via phone, email, and web; use results to movemore clients to lower cost touch points (email, web.) 15