SimpliTravel - Top 10 Airline Initiatives to Engage Travelers during the Travel Stage


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Great initiatives by airlines to engage today's travelers at the travel stage of the Connected Traveler Lifecycle.
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SimpliTravel - Top 10 Airline Initiatives to Engage Travelers during the Travel Stage

  1. 1. SimpliTravel: Top 10 Initiatives to Engage Customers during the Travel StageHelping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably
  2. 2. Case-study 1KLM: Meet and Seat
  3. 3. Social SeatingKLM’s meet and seat has been one of the most talked about andcontroversial social media initiatives of the year. Based on a social-seating system similar to the one pioneered by Satisfly, it allowed usersto choose their seatmate based on information from social mediaprofiles.
  4. 4. Simple ideaOnce the booking is completed, the program asks users to opt-in byconnecting their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles and allows them to seethe information other users on the same flight have shared.
  5. 5. Choose how to meetBy looking at the information shared by others, users can choose tomeet up with them before the fight or even sit next to each other.
  6. 6. Not the only onesA similar initiative has also been developed by AirBaltic using the Satisflyplatform mentioned earlier.
  7. 7. Case-study 2Lufthansa: Member Scout
  8. 8. On-the-go networkingIn December 2009, long before the introduction of Meet and Seat,Lufthansa created one of the earliest forms of on-the-go networking forits Miles and More frequent fliers: the member scout app.
  9. 9. Location basedThis app leveraged on data provide by the members of Lufthansa’sfrequent flyers club Miles and More. It then merged the data with thelocation provided by the smartphone’s GPS system to inform users ofany members who were available nearby.
  10. 10. Latest versionToday the functionality has beenupdated and includes a larger Miles andMore app that features many otherSimpliTravel-oriented services like theshop and lounge finder tools.
  11. 11. Case-study 3Delta Assist
  12. 12. Early InnovatorDelta Air Line’s famous customer service handle is one of the mostinteresting long-term engagement initiatives aimed at the SimpliTravelphase.
  13. 13. Demanding repliesThe airline was one of the firstto realize that, especially onTwitter, customers demandimmediate, personal replies totheir problems and that thereply (or lack thereof) has animpact on customersatisfaction and, throughsocial sharing, on the brand’simage.
  14. 14. Facebook developmentSince early 2011 the airlinealso offers its Delta Assistservices on Facebook. Todaythe @deltaassist handle isstill one of the most activeairline accounts on Twitterand averages around 16tweets per hour andanswers almost 4000questions per month.
  15. 15. Case-study 4ANZ: Foursquare Mayors
  16. 16. A frequent dealTargeting frequent fliers is usually a tricky business, but also a ratherimportant one. Air New Zealand found a great way to target people whotravelled frequently trough airports where it could offer its KoruLounges.
  17. 17. You must be there often…The airline decided to offerfree lounge access towhoever “checked-in” mostoften at each of its Korulounges locations onFourSquare. For thosevisitors who already hadaccess to the lounges theairline awarded 100Airpoint Dollars (frequentflyer points).
  18. 18. On TargetBy doing so the airline was able to specifically engage and reward onlythose travelers who were active in social media and travelled frequentlyto one of the airports where it had a presence.
  19. 19. Case-study 5Helsinki Airport: Book Swap
  20. 20. SharingEspecially on short-haul and connectingflights, passengersspend a significantpart of their traveltime in the airport.Helsinki Airport seemsto have found a newway to engage them: acrowd-sourced book-swap.
  21. 21. Crowd-SourcedThe idea was developed by a team of “quality hunters”, a group of usersselected by Finnair and Helsinki Airport to help improve quality. Todesign this initiative they used a Pinterest board where theycrowdsourced the best designs they could find on the web, anddiscussed them.
  22. 22. Case-study 6Lufthansa: Blue Legends
  23. 23. An extra twistJust like Air New Zealand, Lufthansa also decided to leverage Foursquarecheck-ins to engage its frequent filers. In this case however the airlinecould take advantage of the latest developments and was able to createa more customized experience.
  24. 24. GamificationThe airline was able to gamify the experience by creating a dedicatedFacebook app and allowing users to “check-in” on flights, rather thanjust a fixed location on the ground.
  25. 25. BadgesThrough its Facebookapp, the airline was ableto create a competitiveenvironment for itsfollowers where they canearn special badgesbased on the number ofcheck-ins and comparetheir results with thoseof their friends.
  26. 26. Case-study 7Virgin Atlantic’s apps
  27. 27. One thing will always be thereSurveys tell us that today’sconnected travelers areflying with an everincreasing number ofgadgets ranging fromsimple mp3 players tolaptops and tablets. Butregardless of their level ofconnectivity one of thesegadgets is always there:The smartphone.
  28. 28. A mobile-oriented companyBack in 2010 Virgin Atlantic started offering its travelers an app thatallowed them to track their flight, manage miles and even featuredgames that could be played in-flight.
  29. 29. EvolutionToday the app has evolved to include many more features but has alsobeen joined by other SimpliTravel-oriented apps and, in particular, by a“travel journal” app that allows users to create a very interesting recordof their trip and can be connected to Facebook.
  30. 30. Case-study 8Gatwick Airport + Tesco: Scan to Shop Experiment
  31. 31. An old recipeAs airport managers know very well, stores are one of the best ways ofkeeping travelers busy while waiting and, at the same time, driverevenue.
  32. 32. With a new twistThe British supermarket chain Tesco is experimenting with some newbillboards at Gatwick airport where users can scan and purchase productstrough barcodes and a dedicated mobile app.
  33. 33. Second trialThis idea replicates a similarexperiment carried out by Tescoin Korea, using billboardsinstalled in the underground’sstations and that SimpliFlyinghad highlighted in several of itspresentations .In places like airports wherespace is at a premium thisinitiative could open the way tomany others aimed at engagingusers by means of bar codesand other similar deviceslocated around the airport.
  34. 34. Case-study 9Cathay Pacific: Klout score access
  35. 35. Controversial but interestingOne of the most controversial initiatives of the past few months hasbeen Cathay Pacific’s decision to allow Klout users with “high” scores toaccess its San Francisco airport lounge for free.
  36. 36. Influencer marketingThe idea behind the initiative is an excellent one. Klout is a measure ofinfluence and giving free access to those airport users who are mostinfluential is indeed an excellent strategy (and the reason why it wasincluded in this Top 10). The controversy however was caused by thevery low score that was required to access the lounges ( just 40).
  37. 37. Case-study 10Virgin Atlantic: TravelReads
  38. 38. The Big ShiftAirlines have long known thatone of the best ways to improvecustomer’s satisfaction is bykeeping them entertained.Traditionally this has been donethrough in-flight entertainmentsystems. But with the rise of theConnected Traveler, the focus isshifting increasingly towards theusers own portable devices.
  39. 39. Content is kingRecognizing this shift and the importance of quality content, VirginAtlantic partnered with the content curation platform Longreads. Thetwo companies created the Twitter account @travelreads as well as aweb-page where users can request and share long-form travel relatedarticles to read while travelling.
  40. 40. Longform and travel-lovers unite!The result of this initiative iswhat appears to be a fairlyactive Twitter handle, and#tag, with a very high level ofinteraction with users whocontinuously request andsuggest reads. All the contentin this initiative is sourceddirectly from the internet andhas to be at least 1500 wordsin length.
  41. 41. For more Helping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably