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The Connected: How Digital is Transforming the Traveler Experience


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The Connected: How Digital is Transforming the Traveler Experience

  1. 1. MAKING DIGITAL The Connected Traveler: How Digital is Transforming the Traveler Experience
  2. 2. Mindtree at a Glance 2 “We engineer meaningful technology solutions to help businesses and societies flourish.” $600M Annual Revenue 15,000 Mindtree Minds 16 Years of Consecutive Growth
  3. 3. 3 Alice is an avid traveler for both business and leisure. Imagine the seamless travel experience that an airline can provide for a connected traveler like Alice… The possibilities are boundless! Syncing with email Price comparison Logistics Destination suggestion Trip story board NotificationsBio-metric check in Dedicated boarding timeiBeacons Personalization In-room Technology Advanced search In-flight Social Connect Augmented reality enabled navigation Reward Loyalty Points Expense Management Review/ Feedback Travel planning Pre-travel During travel Post-travel Family/Friends notification The Connected Traveler
  4. 4. Travel planning Social Connect Travel suppliers drip information about Alice’s destinations through social feeds Syncing with email Alice’s Outlook is synced via the airlines email plugin. Alice triggers an airline search via Outlook Trip story board Airline builds trip storyboard based on Alice’s travel schedule Price comparison Flight and hotel options based on schedules, price and recommendation based on history User Behavior Analysis Suggests feature videos on interesting destination to help Alice plan her vacation.- based on user behavior, demographic & psychographic profile
  5. 5. Pre-travel Notifications Flight delay notifications and subsequent rescheduling of cab and hotel-reservation Assigned boarding time Alice is notified of the time- window to check-in and board Baggage scan Alice does a quick bag scan from her Mobile App. The bag tags are updated in the mobile app which enable real time tracking Gate navigation via iBeacons Coordinated proximity sensing devices synced with itinerary to notify Alice about dining options if she is early at the gate Biometric check-in Alice does a biometric check-in at the airline kiosk & arrives at Express Security at scheduled time
  6. 6. 6 During travel Virtual reality storefront Airline curates a special storefront of local goods based on Alice’s search and shopping history Pre-ordering GoPro and mobile hotspot pre- ordered by Alice is available for pickup at the gate Personalization Personalized cuisine and in-flight entertainment for Alice Body sensors Body sensors enable automatic temperature adjustments In-room technology Paperless travel Electronic signatures for check- ins, avoiding physical paperwork Mobile technology allows Alice to check into her hotel room with customized entertainment and room management
  7. 7. 77 Post-travel Notifications Airline notifies cab service and hotel of Alice’s estimated time of arrival Expense Management Final expense report for the trip created by the airline Feedback App asks for trip feedback Reward points Notification via wearables Smart-phone enabled navigation to locate the cab/ rental car Notification of reward points earned for the trip and purchases Family/Friends Notification Notifications about boarding, cab, hotel sent to designated family /friend
  8. 8. 8 The Connected Traveler: The Possibilities are Boundless
  9. 9. MAKING DIGITAL Thank You

Editor's Notes

  • Notes: Leverage technology and collaborate with other players in the travel ecosystem. Scenarios discussed in the next few slides cover travel agents, hospitality, airline, car rental etc.

    Four phases of travel – Travel planning, pre travel, during travel and post travel
  • Data consolidation on Big Data platform resulting in real time personalization, recommendation, indentifying registered and non-registered flyers

    Social connect - app where Alice plugs in her destinations, sites she want to see, restaurants and bars she want to visit and places to visit
    Syncing with outlook - Connected traveler and Omni-Channel experience even on Non-Travel App such as Outlook
    Trip story board – helping Alice visualize her entire trip with pics, post its etc

  • Airline becomes a one stop shop for complete journey instead of only Trip by interacting with the other players in the ecosystem:
    Notifications - Alice’s flight is delayed by 2 hours and gets an apology for delay. He also get a notification that her cab would be re-scheduled automatically
    Gate navigation via iBeacons -The airline uses coordinated proximity sensing devices synced with itinerary to sense Alice is very early to her gate. Airline notifies Alice of dining options near her gate and gives a 2 for 1 complimentary gift voucher
    Assigned boarding time - Alice doesn’t have to wait in line !

  • In-room technology: Technology, notably Bluetooth, will increasingly make rooms more ‘open’—both literally and virtually. For example, mobile technology will allow guests to unlock and enter their rooms. And after they are in their room, guests will open their room to the virtual world with customized entertainment content and room management. Because today’s travelers have their own mobile devices, it enables us as hoteliers to provide them with technology that makes their stay with us smarter and simpler—‘smarter’ thanks to Bluetooth and ‘simpler’ by facilitating their use of personalized content in movies, television and music
  • Connected traveler – Ancillary revenue.
    Alice gets a notification that her table is reserved in the restaurant and her cab is booked to pick her up. She thanks the airline and mentions her great experience at the Airline handle on twitter/FB. She thus becomes a brand loyal and advocates the brand to friends and family
  • But what are we talking about when we say “making businesses digital”? There are four core models that are important to keep in mind to achieve true digital transformation:

    Creating digital customer experiences
    Digitizing the value chain across the front and back end
    Developing “sense-and-respond” systems
    And Shaping new, innovative business models and partnerships