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VISTA 1600C Optical Line Terminal OLT            Optical      Terminal �   High-density integrated PON Service Interface  ...
�   Virtual LAN    System supports IEEE 802.1Q,VLAN base on ONU, VLAN tag / untag, transparent VLAN, vlan translation,VLAN...
VISTA 1600C OLTMain Board     Board:       Module            Feature             Detailed Function Description           R...
Frame transmitting rate    34GMbps non-blocking forward                                             Debug device through  ...
Controlled Multicast                                 ONU port isolation of the physical               Port Isolation    la...
subnet mask, gateway, DHCP                                                               Client                           ...
Module            Feature         Detailed Function Description              Remark                       Size            ...
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Donyan epon olt 1600 c product introduction (v1.3.1)


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Donyan epon olt 1600 c product introduction (v1.3.1)

  1. 1. VISTA 1600C Optical Line Terminal OLT Optical Terminal � High-density integrated PON Service Interface 1U standard Pizza Box, compact structure achieving the industrys highest integration. Main board builts 2 PON interface and 4 PON slots together, support 4 PON CARD hot-plugging maximum (8 PON interface). It can supply the service for 640 ONU maximum (1:64 branching ratio). � Powerful data transmission capacity As high as 68Gbps non-blocking full line rate for data transmition, more than twice as big as the ordinary 1U OLT. It has rich uplink interface: including 4*10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet interface, 4 * 1.25Gbps SFP module slots, and 1* 10G uplink stacking interface.It can really provide service bandwidth without bottleneck. � Advanced 2.5G Turbo EPON Technology The use of industry-leading 2.5Gbps Turbo-EPON technology, so that each PON interface is extended bandwidth of downstream data transmission to 2.5Gbps. In full loading, 9 PON interfaces can be extended to 2.5Gbps, so that the system downsteam bandwidth can be extended to 22.5Gbps totally, more than 4 times as big as the bandwidth of ordinary 1U OLT. � Dual redundant power backup and self-recovery -48V DC and 220V AC dual power supply redundancy backup and run in load sharing mode, hot-swap automatically without any service interruption if there is any failure with power. When the power with failure of over-current / over-voltage is recoveried, it can resume working automatically. � 1:128 Optical branching ratio VISTA 1600C can be upgraded optical branching ratio to 1:128 maximum with special laster module,it means a PON interface can provide service for 128 ONU maximum. The normal optical branching ratio is 1:64 with standard optical modules. � Long diatance of data transmission The data transmission distance between OLT and ONU can be upgraded to 60 kilometers maximum, without any transit device, beyond 3 times as far as distance of the standard EPON. � Hot-plug components designing Hot-plug All the interfaces, modules, cards on front or back panel can be hot-plugged arbitraryly,such as: -48V DC power supply module, 220V AC power supply module, uplink copper interface ,PON card and so on. Any component has been hot-plugged without effect on system. � Protection and swapping of optical trunk line and PON service interface Optical trunk line and PON service interface can be set 1+1 backup protection with Suitable optical switch. Standby one can be swapped automatically if system has some problem with master optical trunk line or master PON service interface, and when the master one has recoveried, it will be swapped automatically again. � Maximum throughput of PON service interface Based on optimizing parameters, the maximum throughput of 1G PON service interface can be 990M upstream and 998M downstream .That is much higher than other similar one. � Stackable expansion designing Two OLT main board can be stacked to be a device in OLT stacking mode, so that the number of system PON interface is expaned to 18 as much as frame-type device.
  2. 2. � Virtual LAN System supports IEEE 802.1Q,VLAN base on ONU, VLAN tag / untag, transparent VLAN, vlan translation,VLAN priority tag, VLAN filtering. The capacity of OLT VLAN is 4094. VLAN ID range is from1 to 4094 and VLAN ID1 is reserved. OLT supports VLAN trunk and SVLAN trunk, VLAN Stacking based on IEEE 802.1ad standard. It supports the tag is mapped to SVLAN ID based CVLAN ID or CVLAN priortiy.� Multicast Function system supports IGMP Proxy, implemented by SCB in pon. Each ONU supports 16 multicast groups. OLT supports 256 multicast groups maximum. CTC controllable multicast is implemented by OLTand ONU together. User permissions can be identified based on user label information carried in multicast protocol packetes. Some relative OAM is available for network management system.� Access Control List System can filtrate and inhibit broadcast frames, multicast frames, unicast frames according to source / destination MAC address, source / destination IP address, source / destination TCP or UDP port, VLAN ID, specific physical ports, and protocol type. It can filtrate illegal frame and multicast source, and prevent MAC address spoofing by discarding Ethernet frame with unknown source MAC address.� Link Aggregation System supports link aggregation on uplink ports, 14 link aggregation groups can be set. The service can be load shared to each port of link aggregation groups based on source / destination MAC address, IP address and ports.� Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation System supports dynamic bandwidth allocation. Bandwidth allocation is implemented by SLA which is allocated to LLID . Minimum bandwidth allocation granularity is 1Kbps. Guaranteed bandwidth、Best effort bandwidth and priority can be set for each LLID. Fairness of bandwith allocation for LLID with the same priority can be guaranteed by previous flows. QoS of the network is implemented by Guaranteed bandwidth.� Quality of service System supports flow classification, marking, queuing and scheduling based on LLID, MAC DA, MAC SA, User Priority (IEEE802.1D), Ethernet type (such as PPPoE, PWE3, MAC Control, etc.), source / destination IP address, IP protocol type (TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, etc.), IP TOS / DSCP, L4 protocol ports and so on.� Encryption System supports AES-128 encryption transmission bi-directionally and triple Churning downstream for each LLID� Spanning Tree Protocol System supports Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP).� Device management OLT, ONU can be upgraded online remotely. All the configuration parameters of the system can be saved in FLASH, without loss after power-off or restart.
  3. 3. VISTA 1600C OLTMain Board Board: Module Feature Detailed Function Description Remark Supports all features of 4 * 10/100/1000M 1000BASE-T, supports Ethernet Interface 10/100/1000 full/half duplex , 4 * 1.25Gbps SFP supports flow control, supports Connectors slot auto-negotiation, supports LINK/ACT LED instruction 2*1.25Gbps PON Supports 4 PON plug card 4 PON slot service interface in maximum. Device the card Interface 1.25Gbps upstream 2 PON service interface Integration on the main board 1.25G / 2.5Gbps downstream Support 2 * 5G 2 HDMI interface uplink interface stacking 1 serial port RS232 Supported For device console 1 100M Ethernet Outband Interface for 100BASE-TX Supported management management Maximum Power Supply 80w 440mm (W) x 385mm (D) x Device Size 43.6mm (H) Parameter PON service plug Weight 3.2kg boards not included Input Voltage: 90~264V Dual power supply AC 220V Input frequency: 47~63Hz redundant backup, Power power modules can DC -48V Input Voltage: -45.6V~-50.4V be hot plugging Switching Backboard Switching 68G Bandwidth Bandwidth
  4. 4. Frame transmitting rate 34GMbps non-blocking forward Debug device through Console RS232 Supported R232 serial port Remote logging to the device Support Outband / through telnet protocol and Network Command line inband network configuring the device withMaintenance management command Standard C/S network SNMP architecture graphical SNMP V2 management Calculate the data flow rate for Statistic Management SNI each SNIManagement Interface Management Manage each SNI status Network Topology Total number and information of PON Management ONU connected with the PONManagement Calculate the date flow rate for Statistic Management each PON CNI . Priority, minimum guaranteed bandwidth and best effort bandwidth of the upstream Bandwidth Configuration channel and maximum bandwidth of the downstream channel can be configured Various information such as OLT ID of ONU, LLID, ONU ID, MAC ONU address, OAM version, Mark InformationManagement RTT(distance measuring) and position information can be got known. ONU Authorization It can authorize whether ONU is to Configuration access to the network Calculate the data flow rate for Statistic Management each UNI of ONU Manage each Ethernet port status Port Management of ONU Support MAC address learningL2 Ethernet MAC dynamically, ageing time setting, Function limitation of MAC address learningManagement Support IGMPv1, v2 protocol IGMP IGMP Snooping/Proxy
  5. 5. Controlled Multicast ONU port isolation of the physical Port Isolation layer based on 802.3ah standard protocol Support data flow classification ACL and marking, support for L2-4 data flow filtration and inhibition Support transparent VLAN, VLAN VLAN translation, VLAN tag, VLAN priority, VLAN stacking RSTP Support STP / RSTP Support flow classification, marking, queuing and scheduling Support rate limit on UNI / SNI upstream or downstream , QoS precision≤±5%. All data flow in accordance with IEEE 802.1D. Support 8 priority queue on SNI, 4 priority queue on UNI Support flow control in Flow control accordance with 802.3X Flexibility to configure a fixed bandwidth, guaranteed bandwidth, best bandwidth and DBA upstream SLA priority, minimum bandwidth allocation granularity is 1Kbps Support 14 Link Aggregation group maximum Support load Link Aggregation sharing by source / destination MAC address / IP address or port. All the configuration parameters of Configuration the system can be saved in Conservation FLASH, without loss after System power-off or restart.Management Follow TFTP protocol standard, and support TFTP client functionMaintenance TFTP across network-section, support file downloading and uploading IP Configuration Manually configure IP address,
  6. 6. subnet mask, gateway, DHCP Client Configure the system name and System Information system geographical position Device running status, abnormal Alarm & Log alarm can be recorded in the system ONU registration legitimacy authentication based authentication on the ONU MAC address Support AES-128 encryption for Security each LLID bi-directional Triple Churning transmission, and triple Churning downstreamPON Card Card:� EPON Standard Completely follows IEEE802.3ah standard and YD/T1475-2006 national standard� Maximum splitting ratio 1:128 1:128� ONU Management Registration based on e ONU MAC address. ONU can be added, authorized and binded with PON interface. Authorized and unauthorized ONU are listed. ONU and its ports(port isolation and port loopback) can be manageed remotely by OLT .� ONU isolation isolation In default, each ONU is physically isolated. After the P2P mode is enalbe, the ONU which belong to the same PON can communicate with each other.� PON VLAN Translation Each PON interface supports VLAN Translation.� Capacity of the MAC address table The capacity of MAC address table is 8K for each PON interface. PON CARD
  7. 7. Module Feature Detailed Function Description Remark Size 80mm(W) x 180mm(D) Weight 0.2Kg Maximum Power Physical 20W Consumption feature Temperature 0~55°C Humidity 10%~90% Composite 2 PON interface in a PON CARD Optical launch 2~7dBm power Receiver -30dBm sensitivity Can be ordered Fiber Type Single mode / multi mode according to requirementsPON Optical Can be ordered SC/PC connector, Interface Connector according to LC/PC connector requirements Optical branching Support Optical branching ratio Can be upgrade to ratio 1:32 1:64 Rate upstream / Support 1.25Gbps upstream downstream 1.25G / 2.5Gbps downstream Transmission Can be upgrade to ≥20km distance 60km maximum Trunk line can be set 1 European-style socket connecting +1 backup protection, GMII backboardPlug Interface board and main board are auto-switching.PON inter-connected adopted CARD can be hot plugging