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Surah al fathiha


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Surah al fathiha

  1. 1. • Importance of Tawooz (Surah Nahl Ayah 98, dua for protection from Shaitanduring Recitation of Quran, dua for obtaining guidance from Quran).• Importance of Bismillah and its wisdom.• Other names of Surah Fatiha.• Importance of Surah Fatiha (Hadith Qudsi) ----- Distribution of Surah Fatihabetween Rabb and Aabd).• Wajib ul Qirat.ICNA Sisters Wing
  2. 2. • Definition of Hamd ------ praise (excellence, benefactor).• Difference between Rahman and Raheem.• Relation between Ibadat (Prayer) and Dua (Supplication).• What is “Istaanat”? ------- Asking for Help, who you ask for help?• Who are the one who you favored are who are the one who incur Allah’s wrath andwho are astray?ICNA Sisters Wing
  3. 3. Four Basic Quranic TermsILLAHIllah means the one who is being worshipped.• Someone who can remove distress and fulfill needs.• Someone who has superiority over the others in status, power, and strength.• There is some element of mystery surrounding the personality, the power and the ability to fulfillpeoples needs or to influence events.• Who fulfill ones needs, provide shelter & protection, soothe a disturbed heart and fill it withpeace & calm.• Godhood and authority are compulsory together. This authority is indivisible, with no-one elsehaving the least share in it.• It is entirely up to Him whether to accede to, or reject, any intercession.ICNA Sisters Wing
  4. 4. RABBThe three radicals of this word are the letters (r,b,b) and the basic meaning is to bringup but it also include following connotations:• One who brings up, rear, fosters or nourishes.• Guardian, patron; one who supervises or is responsible for carrying out improvements.• One who occupies a central or focal position, who himself gathers people round himself of his ownor round whom people gather out themselves.• Leader, head, chief, or lord; one whose word is obeyed, and whose supremacy or over lordshipacknowledged, and who has authority to dispose of men or things.• Owner and master.ICNA Sisters Wing
  5. 5. IBADAHAcknowledging someone other than oneself as holding supremacy or enjoying over lordshipand of abdicating ones freedom and independence in big favor, of relinquishing any resistanceto or disobedience of him, and of surrendering oneself totally to his authority. In Quran the word“Ibadah” comes in three senses.• Worship.• Bondage, obedience.• Submission and slavery in every aspect.ICNA Sisters Wing
  6. 6. DEENIt stands for the entire way of life, of which the composite factors are:• Sovereignty and supreme authority.• Obedience and submission to such authority.• The system of thought and action established through the exercise of that authority.• Retribution meted out by the authority, in consideration of loyalty and obedience to it, orrebellion and transgression against it.ICNA Sisters Wing