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  1. 1. My music video uses the followingconventions of real media products: Shots Editing pace Sound
  2. 2. The shots are very similar to many otherreal music videos and have been inspiredby real music videos. Following are a fewslides, firstly showing an example of a shotfrom a real music video then followed byan example of a shot used in my videothat follows a similar convention.
  3. 3. Slipknot – Psychosocial
  4. 4. My music video
  5. 5. Nickelback – When we stand together
  6. 6. My music video
  7. 7. Coldplay – The Scientist
  8. 8. My music video
  9. 9. The editing pace of my music videofollows the conventions of many realmusic videos as the pace changesevery 3-5 seconds and to the beat.As it can not be shown throughimages please refer to my musicvideo on ‘YouTube’ to see it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zl-96Sp1HQ
  10. 10. My music video developed the conventions ofreal music videos through the location as itwas filmed outside an abandoned mentalasylum. Some artists have created a settinglike this before, however as my music videowas independent and low budget I did nothave the means to create a set and filmed itoutside a real abandoned mental asylum.Following are images of the location in whichmy music video was filmed.
  11. 11. Oak House
  12. 12. My music video has also developed conventions of real music videos through colour. Not many music videos are in grayscale however I felt it was necessary for mine to be throughout as it fit with the genre of the music and the location. Some music videos have certain sections in grayscale however mine is grayscale throughout.
  13. 13. Bobby James "Best That I Can"
  14. 14. My music video
  15. 15. My media product challenges theconventions of real music videosthrough:•The use of editing and flashing images.
  16. 16.  My music video challenges the conventions of real music videos as rather than splitting between two types of narrative It contains just performance based filming with flashing quick images of the asylum all throughout the video. Following this are images of this unique editing technique I have used.
  17. 17. Piano
  18. 18. Wheelchair
  19. 19. In order to maintain brand awareness for Undercurrent,throughout both the main task and print tasks I kept reoccurringthemes in order to enable easy recognition of items that belongto the band. To achieve this I used the following attributes:• A Greyscale theme in both the main and print tasks.• The same band logo throughout all tasks.• Consistent use of the same fonts.• Consistent use of the same shade of blue between tasks.
  20. 20. Print Tasks Main Task
  21. 21. Print Task Print Task
  22. 22. Print Task Print Task 
  23. 23. Print Task Print Task
  24. 24. INTERVIEW QUESTIONNAIREPro’s Pro’s• Achieve more personal responses. • Many people are more comfortable• Receive more detailed responses. answering questionnaires due to their anonymity.• Interviews will enable me to see audience responses emotionally/facially • Can be done quickly. to my products. • Can achieve both quantitative and• More reliable data will be received and qualitative data. allow the audience to reply any way • The data can be processed quickly. the want.Con’s Con’s• Interviews are time consuming. • The questions may not be understood.• Achieving feedback through interviews • Boredom may take over and the are difficult to process as the replies are questions may not be answered open questions. thoroughly. • Doesn’t allow the participants to give long and detailed answers.
  25. 25. Opinions on my A2 project DigipakPlease take a few minutes to fill out this survey on the quality of the products you viewed today. Iwelcome any and all feedback and answers will be kept confidential. Thank you for your participation. How would you rate the quality of the poster and digipak?Participant Information      Excellent Very Good Quite PoorWhat gender are you? good poor   Male Female What typical features of a Digipak and poster do mine have/not have? _______________________________________________________________________________Which age range do you fit into? _______________________________________________________________________________     _______________________________________________________________________________ 10-13 14-17 18-21 22+ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________The music video _______________________________________________________________________________Would you watch music videos of a similar genre personally? What did you enjoy about my Digipak?   _______________________________________________________________________________ Yes No _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________Would this music video interest you to downloading it/the track? _______________________________________________________________________________   _______________________________________________________________________________ Yes No _______________________________________________________________________________Would you recommend this video to a friend? What would you change about my Digipak?   _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Yes No _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________Do you feel the music video and the song worked well together? _______________________________________________________________________________   _______________________________________________________________________________ Yes No 
  26. 26. What gender are you? Which age range do you fit in? Number of participants Age Ranges 20 10 to 13 15 (4) 10 14 to 17 (9) 5 18 to 21 0 (10) 21+ (2)
  27. 27. Would you watch music videos of Would this music video interest similargenre personally? You to downloading it/the track? Interest in genre Interest in downloading the20 track15 2010 15 10 5 5 0 0 Yes No Yes No
  28. 28. Would you recommend this video Do you feel the music video andto a friend? the song worked well together? Recommend Work well 25 20No 15 Work 10 wellYes 5 0 0 10 20 yes no
  29. 29. How would you rate the quality of the poster and Digipak? Quality of Digipak 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Excellent Very Good Quite Poor good poor
  30. 30. What typical features of a Digipak and poster do mine have/not have?.(Pink is used for positive comments and blue for negative. Manycomments were repeated and therefore there are not 25 commentsbelow). ‘No hand written lyrics.’ ‘Details of the record ‘Lyrics on the images.’ company.’ ‘No separate images of ‘Posed images of the ‘Information on the each band member.’ band.’ band.’‘Bands thank you ‘Backstage shots of thecomments.’ band.’ ‘No tour dates.’ ‘Pull out poster in the‘Band’s website and inlay.’Facebook page.’ ‘The bands logo.’
  31. 31. ‘Backstage band images.’What did you enjoy about my Digipak? ‘Strong shade of blue throughout was ‘Band logo used in consistent and created different colours was a good relation to the good.’ band.’ ‘The band’s comments in the digipak.’‘Bands thank you ‘Bold date on poster.’comments.’ ‘Poster was not too‘The greyscale band crowded.’images.’
  32. 32. What would you change about my Digipak? ‘I would make the images more natural and less posed.’ ‘I’d put in whole lyrics, not random snips.’ ‘Add more colour to the poster.’ ‘Exaggerate the colour in some of the images.’ ‘Add tour dates to the poster.’‘The poster should be busier.’ ‘Add information about the band in the Digipak.’ ‘Add more backstage images of the band.’ ‘Add a pull out poster of the band.’
  33. 33. Additional information – The interviewees were then given the opportunity to verbally give me any other evaluations/additional information they wanted to add. This additional feedback is also from YouTube and Facebook .(Pink is used for positive comments and blue for negative.) ‘Striking images in the ‘Slow motion on the end of the digipak.’ video is a good effect.’ ‘Quicker paced shots ‘Good unconventional needed.’‘Need to use coloured setting for the video.’images in Digipak.’‘Great video!Black ‘Some band membersand white, very edgy! in the video are bad ‘Flashing images effectGreat sound, well done actors.’ is great.’to the next big bandout of Sheffield since ‘The pictures are reallyThe Arctic Monkeys! ‘wicked video guys, to random.’Love it!.’ go with agreat song love it!’
  34. 34. The feedback that I have received from both the internet sitesand the focus group has enabled me to not only reflect on thenegative and positive aspects of my project but to also allow meto improve my work and create a more professional lookingpiece.The diverse range of feedback I received from both genders ofall ages enabled me to also understand feedback from allbackgrounds and decide on which sort of age group to aimtowards as my target audience should I do a similar projectagain.Audience feedback is important as it aids me in seeing mymistakes as well as how my audience react to a piece of mediaput towards them, and therefore is ensures I follow theconventions I am supposed to in order for a piece of media to besuccessful with my target audience.
  35. 35. Construction and researchcontained a lot ofinformation I gained fromYoutube and the musicvideos currently on there aswell as Google forinformation on conventionsof real media products andother bands I was lookinginto.
  36. 36. I used an iMac to run the editing software on for the construction ofmy music video as the iMacs in the centre I edited the music video inhave a much higher RAM and the processor can run Final Cut Prowithout ‘jamming’ or causing problems.Final Cut Pro was my choice of editingsoftware as it is aprofessional software used to edit some blockbuster film such as ‘fight club.’The software alsoenabled me to add the effects I used In mymusic video and editthe colouring of it.
  37. 37. Effects used on Digipak Image through Photoshop.
  38. 38. Both these programmes were used in the planning stageson my project. Word was used to save my research on(which was later moved onto a blog) and PowerPoint wasused to create this evaluation. I used these universalprogrammes as they are simple and easy to use and Icould easily transfer my work to different computers tocontinue working on my project between home andCollege.