Louis vuitton of the fashion polka dot


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Popular in the world '50 s Polka Dot the Polka Dot is back to the 2011 fashion circle. This seemingly waking but in fact and protean design for we can bring a lively and lovely model

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Louis vuitton of the fashion polka dot

  1. 1. Louis Vuitton of the fashion Polka Dot All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/Popular in the world 50 s Polka Dot the Polka Dot is back to the 2011 fashion circle. Thisseemingly waking but in fact and protean design for we can bring a lively and lovely model, plusthe modern designer to dot the deduction afresh, unconstrained imagination can, dynamicproper color jump to explain this one season polka dot charm.Valentino 2011 brings us is a kind of elegant and romantic, gentle white snow spins ornamenton black and white small colorful silk balls, and these different arrangement of small dot, is niftyand lovely, plus cuff place decorated with the falbala of cascade, make integral style moreromantic.All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-antheia.html
  2. 2. Max Mara 2011Soft white snow spins adorn the white ball, these different arrangement of small dotMax Mara 2011 shows is a very personable city beauty.All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-cosmic-blossom.html
  3. 3. 2011 Giles2011 we see Giles on beautiful field a group of bold and happy women, elegant v-neck shirtskirt and palace sleeve shirt more suitable for mature female, but with the same lively dotprinting, happy and childlike innocence is no age limit. All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-damier-azur-canvas.html
  4. 4. Moschino 20112011 Moschino bringing us into a rather strange color of revelries, ordinary suit is endowed withnew colors, red blue big bump color and dot headscarf photograph echo, form the glaring visualeffect, the neckline bowknot even with a court move, independence and self-confidence in donot break the girl but nifty feeling All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-damier-ebene-canvas.html
  5. 5. Paul Smith 2011 ShowNeutral wind continued the a few season, never seems to not in fashionable circle subsided,2011 Paul Smith on beautiful field, we see is still hale gentleman girl, in addition to afluorescent feeling wine red suit super smart outside, inside take polka dot the shirt letmonochrome dress is becoming more lively.All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-damier-graphite-canvas.html
  6. 6. 2011 Phillip Lim ShowStylist emphasize different fabrics mix build, 2011 Phillip Lim on beautiful field, flash filar satinpants, lovely dot, and pitched at polka in his small ma3 jia3, sports gray T-shirt, let integralstyle spell able and not stiff, in simple, comfortable and at the same time, with the sort withhandsome unrulyAll by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-damier-purses.html
  7. 7. 2011 Marc Jacobs2011 Marc Jacobs design continue to restore ancient ways, takes us to route in the 70 s, thebright the color of profusion is permeated with the spring vitality, bud silk hollow out joiningtogether, huge flower adornment dots at the waist, reflect the beautiful luster.All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-damier-wallets.html
  8. 8. 2011 Z Spoke by Zac Posen2011 Z Spoke by Zac Posen they convey a happy girl feelings, has a face expressions of thepineapple fruit designer infinite, lovely dot coat collocation blue 7 minutes of pants, with alovely and green girl, a little romance rainbow color makeup let clothing show a more colorfulcharm.All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-epi-leather.html
  9. 9. 2011 Louis Vuitton2011 Louis Vuitton bring us a new interpretation of amorous feelings of restoring ancient ways,blend in the east elements, at the same time use the brilliant of color and 50 s polka dot willshow a womans luxuriant with amorous feelings.All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-fashion-bags.html
  10. 10. Hollywood Star demonstration : Kristin Davis46 years old Kristin Davis chose a 2011 Oscar DE la Renta dress, black white wiping a bosomdots and the black bowknot of her waist will look more charming is spruce but person.All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-fashion-purses.html
  11. 11. Heidi KlumSupermodel Heidi Klum Mondo Guerra in the design of polka dot dress, close-fitting clippingoutline perfect shape, plus interesting size differ dot design, and the women of the heart isaroused feeling.All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-leather-luggage.html
  12. 12. Katy PerryGhost Katy Perry horse elves also chose a blue polka dot skirt, a red corsage, and her white andcolor of skin, increase some of mystery.All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-leather-purses.html
  13. 13. Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift with a is a Tracy Reese red bottom dot skirt, again tie-in her charming golden curls,restore ancient ways rock feels dye-in-the-wood.All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-leather-wallets.html
  14. 14. Emma WatsonEmma Watson is still charming is spruce but person model, a polka dot wiping a bosom short skirts Oxford shoe, chain bag, explanation gives is innocent romance, green girl the taste. All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-luggage-accessories.html
  15. 15. Kelly BrookBritish female star (Kelly Brook) also chose a quietly elegant yellow deep V, plus the dress skirtrules of the dot design, waist design, the cuff of drape, in the sexy dress up and do not breaklittle woman gentle beauty. All by : http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.com/louis-vuitton-mahina-leather.html