Chinese Government Work Report 2011             - 2011.3.5 Eleventh National Peoples Congress of the Fourth Meeting  March...
First, the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, a review of economic and social development  "Eleventh Five-Year" period in the de...
Five years, we mainly do the following:All rights reserved:   (A) strengthen and improve mac...
seven consecutive years; rural per capita net income reached 5,919 yuan, to achieve sustainedrapid growth. Steady progress...
smooth progress of tax reform, tax reform starts pilot resources, comprehensive and coherentdomestic and foreign taxation....
Formulation and implementation of national long-term reform and development plan for.Cumulative five-year national fiscal ...
people work together for results. Here, on behalf of the State Council, people of allnationalities, the democratic parties...
of a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable.  Second, we must adhere to government regulation and market mechanisms of...
international financial crisis, world economic structure, accelerate the adjustment of theprofound changes in global econo...
Promote urban and rural, regional interaction, the coordinated development of tertiaryindustries.  - We must vigorously de...
national coverage of affordable housing in urban areas reached 20%. Adhere to the basicnational policy of family planning,...
economy will continue to slowly recover, but recovery of the foundation is not strong. Sluggisheconomic growth in develope...
instruments industrys role, to better meet the diverse investment and financing needs. Effortsto optimize credit structure...
approach and internal requirements.  Actively expand consumption demand. Continue to increase for the improvement andexpan...
entrepreneurial farmers, income-generating capacity, farmers locally to promote the transfer ofemployment. Improve poor st...
This is a way of changing the main direction of economic development. Go as soon aspossible to promote endogenous economic...
characteristics, follow the laws of urban development, and promote healthy development ofurbanization. Adhere to the scien...
compulsory education. Strengthen the standardization of compulsory school construction,public resources to focus on poor r...
Speed up the employment information network construction, to achieve nationalinteroperability. Strengthen enforcement of l...
on small and medium size apartment building. Regulate the development of the housing rentalmarket. Strict implementation o...
pattern. In urban and rural communities as a carrier to residents demand, integration ofpopulation, employment, social sec...
state capital advance and retreat, and reasonable flow mechanism. Improve the state-ownedfinancial assets, non-operating a...
mechanism to guard against investment risk. Adhere to the principle of active and effectiveutilization of foreign capital,...
role.  Delegates!  Building a strong national defense, building a strong peoples army is to safeguard nationalsovereignty,...
Delegates!   We will continue to peace, development and cooperation and adhere to independent foreignpolicy of peace, adhe...
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Chinese government work report 2011


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March 5,2011. the Eleventh National People's Congress in Beijing Great Hall of the fourth meeting of the opening. Premier Wen Jiabao's government work report.

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Chinese government work report 2011

  1. 1. Chinese Government Work Report 2011 - 2011.3.5 Eleventh National Peoples Congress of the Fourth Meeting March 5, the Eleventh National Peoples Congress in Beijing Great Hall of the fourth meeting of the opening. Premier Wen Jiabaos government work report.Delegates:Now, on behalf of the State Council, make the government work report to the GeneralAssembly, Delegates are requested to review and request the CPPCC National Committeemembers for comments.All rights reserved:
  2. 2. First, the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, a review of economic and social development "Eleventh Five-Year" period in the development process of Chinas extraordinary five years.The face of complex domestic and international situation and a series of major risks andchallenges, the Chinese Communist Party to unite and lead people of all nationalities, andcomprehensively promote the reform and opening up and modernization, the state hasundergone historic changes. - This year, Chinas social productive forces, overall national strength significantly increased.Our ability to effectively cope with the international financial crisis and maintain stable andrapid economic development, successfully completed the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" the mainobjectives and tasks of the national economy to a new level. GDP reached 39.8 trillion yuan, anaverage annual increase of 11.2% of revenue from 3.16 trillion to 8.31 trillion yuan. Mannedspaceflight, lunar exploration, super computers and other cutting-edge technology to achievemajor breakthroughs. National defense and army modernization made significantachievements. - This year, to accelerate the development of social undertakings, significant improvement inpeoples lives. Education, science, culture, health, sports progress. Million new urban jobs,5771, transfer of agricultural labor force of 45 million people; disposable income of urbanresidents and rural residents per capita net income of the average annual real growth of 9.7%,respectively, and 8.9%; urban and rural social security system and gradually improve. - This year, significant progress in reform and opening up. Key areas and key links to achievenew breakthroughs in reform, the socialist market economic system more perfect. Last yearsforeign trade volume reached 2.97 trillion U.S. dollars, open economy improved rapidly. - This year, Chinas international status and influence significantly. We play in internationalaffairs an important and constructive role in effectively safeguarding national sovereignty,security and development interests, all-directional diplomacy made significant progress. Wesuccessfully hosted the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, the Chinese nationscentury-old dream realized. These remarkable achievements, it shows the superiority of socialism with Chinesecharacteristics, reform and opening up to show great strength, great people of all enhance thecountrys confidence and pride, and enhance the cohesion and solidarity of the Chinese nation,will inspire the history of our journey in the new forge ahead.
  3. 3. Five years, we mainly do the following:All rights reserved: (A) strengthen and improve macroeconomic regulation to promote steady and rapideconomic development. We pay attention to grasp the direction of macro-control, focus andintensity, firmly grasp the initiative in economic work. "Eleventh Five-Year" early, rapid growthfor the investment, the trade surplus is too large, excess liquidity, as well as structural,imported inflation and other problems, take the right policy measures to effectively preventthe symptoms of the problem evolved into a trend of the problem , localized problem evolvedinto a global problem. The past two years, in the face of years of international financial crisisrare, we calmly and scientific decision-making, determined to implement a proactive fiscalpolicy and loose monetary policy. Insist on implementation of the package, a massive increasein government spending and tax cuts to implement structural, large-scale implementation ofkey light industries, vigorously promote independent innovation and enhance scientific andtechnological support, substantial increase in the level of social security. Adhere to thestrategic guideline of expanding domestic demand and adopt a series of policy measures toencourage consumption, increase urban and rural residents, especially low-income peoplesincome, consumption continues to grow, continue to upgrade the structure. Implementation ofthe new two-year investment plan of 4 trillion yuan, of which the new central governmentinvestment of 118 billion yuan. Affordable housing projects, livelihood projects and socialundertakings in rural areas accounted for 43.7% of investment, innovation, restructuring,energy saving and ecological construction 15.3%, major infrastructure projects accounted for23.6%, 14.8% post-disaster reconstruction. Government investment guidance leading to socialinvestment, a substantial increase in domestic demand, external demand makes up the gap, arelatively short time to reverse the decline in economic growth, the first to achieve recovery inthe world for the better, not only to overcome the special difficulties, and effectively protectand improve peoples livelihood, but also to lay a solid foundation for long-term development. (B) the unrelenting success of the "three rural" work to consolidate and strengthen theagricultural base. The central government "three rural" into a total of nearly 3 trillion yuan, anaverage annual increase of more than 23%. Complete abolition of agricultural taxes and variousfees, ending a history of peasant farming tax year to reduce the burden on peasants more than133.5 billion yuan. The establishment of subsidies to grain farmers and the main producingareas of interest compensation mechanism, the production subsidies to farmers reached 122.6billion yuan last year. Implementation of key grain varieties temporary storage and theminimum purchase price policy of wheat, the minimum purchase price of rice increased by 25%to 40%. Strict protection of cultivated land. Efforts to promote agricultural science andtechnology. Record high grain output last year reached 546.41 million tons, production for
  4. 4. seven consecutive years; rural per capita net income reached 5,919 yuan, to achieve sustainedrapid growth. Steady progress in comprehensive rural reform, the reform of collective forestright system, the state-owned farm management system comprehensively. Accelerateagricultural and rural infrastructure construction, completed 7356 and focus of small andmedium-sized reservoir reinforcement, 215 million rural population, safe drinking water tosolve the problem, the days become better farmers, rural development has entered a new era. (C) vigorously promote the economic structural adjustment, improve quality and efficiency ofeconomic growth. First, accelerate industrial restructuring and innovation. Actively promotethe technological upgrading of enterprises and mergers and acquisitions, general equipmentmanufacturing industry, particularly the level and competitiveness has improved significantly.Strategic and emerging industries grew rapidly. Accelerate the construction of nationalinnovation systems, knowledge innovation engineering and technological innovation projects,the development of much-needed breakthrough in a number of cutting-edge technologyindustry, the core technology and key equipment and technology, a large number of scientificresearch to achieve the industrialization. The rapid development of services in GDP accountedfor 2.5 percentage points. Significantly speed up infrastructure construction, built five years16,000 km of new railway lines, new highways 639,000 km, 33,000 km of expressways, newconstruction, renovation and expansion of the airport 33, the new and reinforcedembankments 17,000 km. Second, the solid to promote energy conservation, ecologicalconstruction and environmental protection. By 2020, Chinas actions to control greenhouse gasemissions targets and policy measures, developed and implemented a comprehensive energyconservation program of work. Develop clean energy, new power generation capacity 445million kilowatts, of which 96.01 million kilowatts hydropower, nuclear power 3.84 millionkilowatts. Shutting down small thermal power 72.1 million kilowatts, eliminating a number ofoutdated coal, steel, cement, coke production capacity. Promote the key forestry ecologicalconstruction, the completion of 25.29 million hectares planted. Comprehensive control of soilerosion area of 230,000 square kilometers, the strengthening of key water pollution control, airpollution control and industrial "three wastes" treatment. Vigorously develop the circulareconomy. Five-year total, the unit GDP energy consumption fell 19.1%, chemical oxygendemand and sulfur dioxide emissions decreased by 12.45%, 14.29%. The third is to promoteregional economic development. Implement the overall strategy of regional development,promulgation and implementation of national plans of the main functional areas to developthe western region to develop new guidance and a series of ten regional development plan,launched to promote the four provinces of Tibet and the Tibetan and Xinjiang ethnicleap-forward development of new regional initiatives. Accelerated development of theMidwest and Northeast, and other major indicators of economic growth than the nationalaverage; the eastern region to optimize the economic structure, innovation andcompetitiveness gradually increase; regions tend to narrow the gap between basic publicservices, distinctive regional development begun to take shape. (D) of firm deepen reform and opening, to enhance the inherent vitality of economic andsocial development. Gradually improve the fiscal transfer payment system, county-level basicfinancial guarantee mechanism was established. Full implementation of VAT, oil prices and the
  5. 5. smooth progress of tax reform, tax reform starts pilot resources, comprehensive and coherentdomestic and foreign taxation. The reform of large state-owned commercial banks successfullycompleted, the policy reform of financial institutions, and actively promote the reform of ruralcredit cooperatives; stable of listed companies tradable solve the problem, the GEM, stockindex futures and the smooth introduction of margin trading, the steady development of bondmarkets; further promote the Insurance reform and opening up; RMB exchange rate formationmechanism reform in an orderly way, cross-border trade, RMB pilot expanded. Joint-stocksystem reform of state-owned enterprises, reform of state-owned assets supervision andpositive progress. Postal reform accelerated. Developed and implemented to promote SMEdevelopment and private investment in a range of policies, non-public economic development,improving the environment, a variety of forms of ownership develop. Expanding the breadth and depth of opening. 15.9% average annual growth of total importsand exports, improve the structure. Trade surplus fell for two consecutive years in 2010decreased by 6.4% over the previous year. Use of foreign capital to a higher level. Enterprises"going out" significantly speeding up the total $ 220 billion of foreign direct investment, foreignproject contracting and labor cooperation turnover of $ 335.2 billion. Actively participate inglobal economic governance reforms and regional cooperation mechanisms, multilateral andbilateral economic and trade cooperation continued to deepen. Foreign aid continues to grow.Open a powerful impetus to economic development and structural adjustment, increasedemployment, absorb advanced technology and management experience, has greatly enhancedChinas international status. (E) to accelerate the development of social undertakings, and effectively protect and improvepeoples livelihood. Always adhere to the economic development and social development inharmony around the improvement of peoples livelihood and development. To employment ineconomic and social development priority. Strengthen vocational training and employmentservices, promote the college graduates, rural migrant workers, urban employment difficultiesin seeking employment, job placement veterans do. Implementation of the Labor Contract Lawand Employment Promotion Law, a general increase in the minimum wage, promote theestablishment of harmonious labor relations. Urban and rural social security system hasachieved a breakthrough, urban basic old-age insurance to achieve the provincial level, theimplementation of inter-provincial transfer Jiexu pension insurance relationship means, forseven years to improve basic pension for enterprise retirees, the average annual growth of 10%,pilot the new rural social pension insurance covered 24 percent of the county. Actively andsteadily push forward medical and health system, the full establishment of the basic medicalinsurance system for urban residents, the new rural cooperative medical care system,benefiting 1.267 billion urban and rural residents. Minimum living security system to achievefull coverage, basic system of urban and rural social relief, social welfare, special care andplacement, charity and the disabled has made new progress. National Social Security Fund hasaccumulated 781 billion yuan, more than five years ago more than 5800 billion yuan.Vigorously implement the construction of affordable housing and shantytowns, the 11 millionpoor families live in new houses. We must persevere and strive to make all the people a senseof security, medical, and housing.
  6. 6. Formulation and implementation of national long-term reform and development plan for.Cumulative five-year national fiscal expenditure on education 4.45 trillion yuan, an averageannual increase of 22.4%. The full realization of free compulsory education in urban and ruralareas, all school-age children can be "no cost, to school on." Compulsory education teacherperformance pay system is fully implemented. Secondary vocational education for ruraleconomically disadvantaged families, low-income urban households and agriculture-relatedmajors is free. Accelerate the implementation of the national student system, financialinvestment of 1.8 billion yuan from 2006 to 2010 of 30.6 billion, from institutions of higherlearning to expand coverage to the secondary vocational schools and ordinary high schoolstudents 21.3 million total funding, but also for more than 12 million provide compulsoryeducation boarders were living allowance. Speed up the renovation of dilapidated buildings inrural primary and secondary schools and vocational education infrastructure. Comprehensivelyimprove the quality and level of higher education, colleges and universities to enhanceinnovation capacity. Development and implementation of national long-term scientific andtechnological development program, the central government invested 619.7 billion yuantechnology, an average annual increase of 22.7%, made a series of significant results. Greatefforts to strengthen primary health services capacity building. National financial allocation offunds, transformation and new 23 000 township hospitals, 1500 County Hospital, 500 CountyHospital and the 1000 county MCH, the establishment of 2400 community health centers.Development and implementation of national long-term talent development program.Population planning objectives successfully achieved. Cultural system made significant progress.Public cultural service system significantly accelerated, and cultural industries to flourish.Philosophy and social sciences and journalism, publishing, radio and television, literature andart prosperity and progress. Speed up the construction of urban and rural public sportsfacilities, fitness activities become common practice. Comprehensively promote the legalsystem, "55" Franco-Prussian successfully completed. Innovation and strengthen socialmanagement and maintain social harmony and stability. Wenchuan earthquake in the fight against natural disasters such as the struggle to achieve amajor victory, Wenchuan disaster recovery and reconstruction of basic three-year mandate fortwo years to complete, Yushu earthquake and Zhouqu large debris flow disaster recovery andreconstruction in an orderly way. After the baptism of the disaster, the Chinese people moremature, confident, strong, Chinese perseverance and tenacity of the great spirit of invincibility. Five years, we have been deepening administrative reform, accelerate the transformation ofgovernment functions, complete a new round of government institutional reform, furtherpromoting administration according to law, construction law government and service-orientedgovernment, of governments, strengthening administrative accountability, perseverance to thestruggle against corruption, the government itself made positive progress. Over the past five years, we came to be step by step, the Chinese people have reason to beproud! Five years of hard-won achievements. This is the CPC Central Committee with ComradeHu Jintao as general secretary of the overall situation, the right leadership, the whole Party and
  7. 7. people work together for results. Here, on behalf of the State Council, people of allnationalities, the democratic parties, peoples organizations and all walks of life, to express mysincere thanks! Compatriots in the Hong Kong SAR, Macao Special Administrative Region andTaiwan compatriots and overseas, to express my sincere thanks! To care for and supportChinas modernization of national governments, international organizations and foreign friends,to express my sincere thanks! We clearly recognize that the development of Chinas unbalanced, uncoordinated andunsustainable issues are still outstanding. Mainly: economic growth, resource andenvironmental constraints to strengthen the imbalance between investment and consumption,a larger gap in income distribution, technological innovation is not strong, irrational industrialstructure, agricultural base is weak, uncoordinated urban and rural development, employmentand total pressure structural problems exist, restricting the development of science structuraland institutional obstacles still more; the proportion of value added services and employment,research and experimental development expenditures to GDP ratio did not complete the"Eleventh Five-Year Plan" goals. Some people resent the problem is not solved, mainly: qualityeducation, the total lack of medical resources, unevenly distributed; inflation pressures, pricesrose too high in some cities; illegal land acquisition, demolition and other social conflictstriggered by an increase; food safety issues more prominent; serious corruption in some areas.We must be responsible for the country and the peoples spirit, through the painstaking workand persistent efforts to expedite the settlement of these problems, making the people happy!Recalling the "Eleventh Five-Year" period of government work, wehave further deepened in the following areas of knowledge andexperience.All rights reserved: First, they must adhere to scientific development. We overcome challenges, by thedevelopment; all the achievements made in all areas and progress through the development;on the road ahead to solve difficulties and problems, still rely on the development. China is stillin the primary stage of socialism will be long-term, we must persist in taking economicconstruction as the center of scientific development. Be people-oriented, to protect andimprove the livelihood of the people all work as a starting point and goal, unswervingly takethe road of common prosperity, so that the fruits of development benefit all people; insist onintegrated, promoting urban and rural, regional, economic and social development; acceleratethe transformation of economic development way, vigorously promote independentinnovation, resource conservation and protection of the environment in which economic andsocial development and population resources and the environment, improve the development
  8. 8. of a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable. Second, we must adhere to government regulation and market mechanisms of organic unity.A sound market mechanism, effective macro-control, are socialist market economic system, anindispensable component. Role of the market role of government more or more, must bediscretionary. In response to the international financial crisis, we strengthen and improvemacro-control, and promptly correct market distortions, to compensate for market failure,prevent the economy from big ups and downs, proved entirely correct. We must constantlyimprove the socialist market economic system, give full play to the market in allocatingresources to the basic role, to stimulate the inherent vitality of the economy, at the same time,the scientific use of the macro-control measures, to promote the economic long-term stableand rapid development. Third, we must adhere to co-ordinate domestic and international situations. In-depthdevelopment of economic globalization and opening up under the conditions of deepeningChinas economic ties with the world economy increasingly close interaction andinterdependence is growing. Must establish a global vision, to enhance strategic thinking, goodat developing the international situation changes from take full advantage of developmentopportunities and challenges to deal with risks and secure, and utilize both domestic andinternational markets and resources, co-ordinate the good relationship between domesticdevelopment and opening-up, really do to the external balance, balanced development. Fourth, we must adhere to the reform and opening up as the fundamental driving force ofeconomic and social development. Reform is to achieve national prosperity, peoples happiness,the only way, to be run through the whole process of socialist modernization. We should takegreater determination and courage to push forward reform and improve the reform decisionsmore scientific, and enhance coordination of reform measures, advance economic, political,cultural, social and other aspects of reform and innovation, a fundamental break from theinstitutional mechanisms for barrier, the maximum the limits of liberation and development ofproductive forces, promote social fairness and justice. To adhere to the improving livingstandards as to correctly handle the relations between reform, development and stability ofthe integration point, the intensity of reform, the speed of development and the degree ofsocial tolerance together to promote harmony and stability of reform to ensure that people livein peace, social peace and order, national long-term stability. Second, "Twelfth Five-Year" period of the main objectives and tasks According to "National Economy and Social Development, the recommendations of TwelfthFive-Year Plan", we prepared the "economic and social development Twelfth Five-Year Plan(Draft)", submitted to the General Assembly. "Five" is the key to building a moderately prosperous society in the period, is the deepeningof reform and opening up, accelerate the transformation of economic development in thecrucial period. Internationally, the world multi-polarization and economic globalization, peace,development and cooperation remain the trend of the times. Far-reaching impact of
  9. 9. international financial crisis, world economic structure, accelerate the adjustment of theprofound changes in global economic governance, technological innovation and industrialrestructuring gave birth to a breakthrough, developing countries, especially emerging marketcountries into the overall strength of the upswing. Domestically, Chinas favorable conditionsfor development and long-term trend has not changed for the better, industrialization,information technology, urbanization, marketization and internationalization in-depthdevelopment of huge potential market demand, ample capital supply, technology andeducation to enhance the overall improve the quality of labor, infrastructure has improved, thegovernments macroeconomic control and the ability to respond to major challenges markedlyenhanced overall social stability. Comprehensive assessment of the international and domesticsituation, China can accomplish a great deal is still in the development of important strategicopportunities. We must hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, take DengXiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" as guidance, thoroughly implement the scientificconcept of development, to adapt to new changes in domestic and international situation,people of all conform to new expectations for a better life, the theme of scientific development,to accelerate the transformation of economic development as the main line, deepening reformand opening up, protect and improve peoples livelihood, to consolidate and expand the resultsto tackle the financial crisis, the long-term stable and rapid economic development and socialharmony and stability, for building a moderately prosperous the community to lay thefoundation of decisive significance. - We must promote economic development to a new level. The next five years, Chinaseconomic growth target is to significantly improve the quality and efficiency, based on theaverage annual growth of 7%. At 2010 prices, gross domestic product in 2015 to over 55 trillionyuan. Should continue to strengthen and improve macro-control to keep the overall price levelbasically stable, Ba short-term and long-term control policy development policies, adhere tothe strategy of expanding domestic demand, to fully tap the great potential of Chinas domesticdemand, accelerate the formation of consumption, investment and exports to promoteeconomic growth situation. - We must accelerate the transformation of economic development and economicrestructuring. Adhere to the new path of industrialization with Chinese characteristics,promote the industrialization of information technology and the depth of integration,transform and elevate the industry, foster the development of strategic new industries.Accelerate the development of services, value added services in the proportion of grossdomestic product increased by 4 percentage points. Actively and steadily promote urbanization,the urbanization rate increased from 47.5% to 51.5%, improve the layout and form ofurbanization, constantly improve the quality and level of urbanization. Continue to strengtheninfrastructure construction, and further reinforce the economic and social developmentfoundation. Vigorously develop modern agriculture, accelerate the building of new socialistcountryside. Further implementation of the overall strategy of regional development strategyand the main functional areas, and gradually realize the equalization of basic public services.
  10. 10. Promote urban and rural, regional interaction, the coordinated development of tertiaryindustries. - We must vigorously develop social undertakings. Give priority to the development ofeducation, steady improvement of education for all. Adhere to independent innovation,focusing on cross, supporting the development and lead the future of the policy, improve thetechnological innovation system and support policies, efforts to promote the scientific andtechnological breakthroughs. Research and experimental development expenditures to GDPratio reached 2.2%, to better promote scientific and technological achievements intoproductive forces. Meet the needs of modernization, strengthening personnel training andstrive to create large-scale high-quality talent. Greatly improve the cultural infrastructure,promotion of cultural reform and the development of a new leap forward to meet peoplesgrowing spiritual and cultural needs. To develop sports. Further deepen the medical and healthsystem, and improve the basic health system, to accelerate universal access to basic healthservices targets. Social management system and mechanism innovation, strengthening thesocial management of legal, institutional, capacity building, full of vitality and to ensure socialharmony and stability. - We want to push forward the resource conservation and environmental protection. Activelyrespond to climate change. Enhance resource conservation and management, improveresource security capacity, increase the arable land protection, environmental protection, andstrengthen ecological construction and disaster prevention and mitigation system,comprehensively enhance the capacity for sustainable development. Non-fossil fuels inprimary energy consumption, the proportion increased to 11.4%, per unit of GDP energyconsumption and carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 16% and 17%, the total dischargeof major pollutants decreased by 8% to 10%, forest reserves increased 600 million cubic meters,the forest coverage rate of 21.66%. Strengthen the water conservancy and infrastructureconstruction, promote the important tributaries of major rivers, lakes and medium and smallrivers, significantly improve the basic farmland irrigation, efficient use of water level and floodcontrol capacity. - We should fully improve peoples lives. Adhere to increase employment as a priorityobjective of economic and social development for all workers to create equal employmentopportunities for five years 45 million new urban jobs. Uphold and improve the distributionaccording to work is dominant and diverse modes of distribution coexist distribution system,efforts to achieve income growth and economic development simultaneously, laborcompensation and labor productivity growth simultaneously, and gradually increase theincome share of national income distribution, improve work remuneration in primarydistribution of income, accelerate the formation of a reasonable pattern of income distribution.Disposable income of urban residents and rural residents per capita net income of the averageannual real growth over 7%. Improve poor standards and poverty reduction. Improve the socialsecurity system to further improve the level of protection. Urban and rural basic pension, basicmedical insurance system to achieve full coverage, improve and stabilize the three basic urbanmedical insurance rates, health insurance policies within the fund level to 70% or more, the
  11. 11. national coverage of affordable housing in urban areas reached 20%. Adhere to the basicnational policy of family planning, and gradually improve policies, promote the balanceddevelopment of long-term population, per capita increase in life expectancy 1 year of age, 74.5years old. - We should deepen reform and opening-round. More attention to top-level design andoverall plan of reform, vigorously promote economic reform, and actively and steadily pushforward political reform, speed up the cultural and social reform, and constantly improve thesocialist market economic system, expand socialist democracy, improve the socialist legalsystem, the superstructure more responsive to changes in economic infrastructuredevelopment, providing a powerful guarantee for scientific development. Uphold and improvethe basic economic system, according to various economic sectors to create equal access tofactors of production, fair competition in the market, the same institutional environmentprotected by law. Accelerate the taxation of financial restructuring, and actively build helpchanging the economic development and taxation system, build organizational diversity,service efficiency, prudential regulation, risk-controlled financial system. Deepen the prices ofresource products and environmental protection fees reform, establish and improve theflexibility to reflect market supply and demand, resource scarcity and environmental costs ofresource products pricing mechanism. Implement a more proactive strategy of opening upparticipation in international cooperation and foster new competitive advantages, mutualbenefit and win-win opening up further to form a new pattern. - We should continue to strengthen the Governments own reform and construction. All thepowers of government are given by the people, must be accountable for the interests of thepeople, accept their supervision; to be the most widely according to mobilize and organize thepeople to manage state and social affairs, economic and cultural undertakings; must adhere tothe basic rule of law strategy, strengthening to maintain the interests of the legal system,promoting administration according to law; must implement a scientific and democraticdecision-making, establish and improve the decision-making, implementation, monitoring boththe coordination of mutual restraint, the operating mechanism to ensure the proper exercise ofpower; must change the power system over focus on the situation and the lack of constraints,resolutely punish and prevent corruption; the need to safeguard peoples democratic rightsand legitimate interests, safeguard social fairness and justice. In short, through the next five years to achieve the "five-second" planning goals, Chinascomprehensive national strength will have more to enhance peoples lives will have greaterimprovement occurs more national outlook change. Third, the work in 2011 2011, is the "second five" first year, good years work for the completion of "five-second"mission-critical goals. Over the past year, our work has made great achievements. GDP grew by10.3%, consumer price rise in the 3.3% 1168 million new urban jobs, balance of paymentssituation has improved. This is good work this year has laid a good foundation. This year, the situation facing Chinas development is still extremely complex. The world
  12. 12. economy will continue to slowly recover, but recovery of the foundation is not strong. Sluggisheconomic growth in developed economies, the unemployment rate at a high, hidden in somecountries sovereign debt crisis had not been resolved, the major developed economies, furthereasing monetary policy implementation, a significant increase in global liquidity, internationalcommodity prices and increased volatility in major currencies, emerging market asset bubbleand inflation pressures, protectionism and continue to heat up the international market morecompetitive, unstable and uncertain factors still more. Chinas economy in a number oflong-term issues and short-term issues are intertwined, and institutional contradictions andstructural problems added together, increase the macro-control more difficult. We want toaccurately judge the situation, keep a clear mind, enhance the sense of well prepared to dealwith risks. Economic and social development this year, the main targets are: GDP growth around 8%;economic structure was further optimized; consumer price rise in the level of around 4%; morethan 9 million new urban jobs, registered urban unemployment rate was controlled at 4.6%;balance of payments position continues to improve. The overall consideration is for thetransformation of economic development to create a good environment, and guide all aspectsof the work focus on speeding up economic restructuring, improve quality and efficiency, andon increasing employment, improving peoples livelihood and promote social harmony on. Achieve these objectives, the macroeconomic policies to maintain the continuity and stability,improve the relevance, flexibility, effectiveness, handle to maintain stable and rapid economicdevelopment, economic restructuring, management of the relationship between inflationexpectations, price stability is more emphasis on the total level, to prevent big fluctuations inthe economy. Continue to implement the proactive fiscal policy. Maintain an appropriate budget deficitand government debt. Budget deficit 900 billion yuan this year to be arranged, including thecentral budget deficit 700 billion yuan to 200 billion yuan on behalf of local bonds and into thelocal budget, the budget deficit over the previous year to reduce the size of 150 billion yuan,the deficit ratio decreased to 2%. To focus on optimizing the structure of fiscal expenditure,increase the "three rural", less developed areas, livelihood, social undertakings, restructuring,technological innovation and other key expenditures; reduce general expenses, strict control ofthe party and government office buildings and other government building construction,(border) funding, vehicle purchase and running costs, fees, official reception on the principle ofzero growth in spending, and effectively reduce administrative costs. Continue to implementstructural tax cuts. Steps to strengthen tax administration. Debt of local government to conducta comprehensive audit of the implementation of full aperture control study to establish astandard of local government debt financing mechanism. Implementation of prudent monetary policy. Maintain a reasonable scale of social financing,the broad money growth target of 16%. Sound macro-prudential policy framework, theintegrated use of price and quantity of tools to improve the effectiveness of monetary policy.Increase the proportion of direct financing, play good stocks, bonds, funds and other financial
  13. 13. instruments industrys role, to better meet the diverse investment and financing needs. Effortsto optimize credit structure, to guide commercial banks to increase investment in key areas andweak links of the credit support, and strictly control the "two high" trade and industryovercapacity loans. Further improve the RMB exchange rate formation mechanism. Closelymonitor cross-border capital flows, to prevent "hot money" inflows. Strengthen the reserveassets of the investment and risk management, improve investment returns. This year, the focus on the following aspects of work to do.All rights reserved: (A) maintain the basic stability of general price level Currently, the price increases rapidly, inflation is expected to increase, this issue involvespeoples livelihood, the overall situation and affect stability. Should stabilize the general pricelevel as the primary task of macroeconomic regulation and control, give full play to the generaloversupply of major industrial country, ample food stocks, large foreign exchange reserves andother favorable conditions, efforts to eliminate the input of, the adverse effects of structuralinflation, absorb the pressure of rising factor costs, the right guide market expectations, toresolutely curb price momentum. Should take economic and legal means supplemented bynecessary administrative means, to comprehensively strengthen price regulation andsupervision. First, effective management of market liquidity, to control price hikes of monetaryconditions. A good grasp of government to adjust prices of goods and services, the timing,tempo and intensity. The second is to develop production and protect the main agriculturalproducts, basic necessities of life, an important means of production and supply.Implementation of the "rice bag" responsibility system of provincial governors and the"vegetable basket" Mayor of responsibility. Third, strengthening the agricultural productscirculation system, and actively carry out the "Farm", smooth transportation of freshagricultural products "green channel." Improve the reserve system and the major importantagricultural commodities temporary storage system, a good grasp of national reservesthroughput regulation time, improve the import and export regulation, increase marketregulation and control. Fourth, to strengthen price monitoring, maintaining market order. Inparticular to strengthen the price law enforcement, severely deal with malicious speculation,collusion, bid up the price and other illegal activities. Fifth, improve the subsidy system,establish and improve social assistance and security standards and price increases linked to thelinkage mechanism to not allow price increases affect low-income peoples normal life. (B) to further expand domestic demand, especially consumption demand China to expand domestic demand is the long-term strategy for economic development andthe basic starting point, but also to promote balanced economic development fundamental
  14. 14. approach and internal requirements. Actively expand consumption demand. Continue to increase for the improvement andexpansion of government consumption expenditure and increase income of urban residentsand farmers of subsidies. The continued implementation of home appliances and trade policy.Strengthening of rural and small urban flow of commerce, culture, sports, tourism andbroadband network infrastructure. Vigorously promote the culture of consumption, tourismspending and pension spending. Promotion of rural business management and a unified chainof distribution, and optimize urban commercial network layout, and actively developinge-commerce, online shopping, geographic information and other new services formats. Rectifyand standardize market order, and effectively safeguard the interests of consumers. Depth tocombat violations of intellectual property and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods specialactions.Efforts to improve the investment structure. Conscientiously implement the State Council toencourage and guide private investment in the new 36, pay close attention to the developmentof open and transparent market access and support policy, and expand market access, reallyget rid of all tangible and intangible barriers, encourage and guide private investment into basicindustries and infrastructure, municipal utilities, social undertakings, financial services, etc., topromote private enterprise to enhance independent innovation and transformation andupgrading, to encourage and guide private investment and participation in restructuring of thejoint state-owned enterprise reform, strengthen private investment in services, to guide andstandardize the management, promote the steady growth of social investment and structuraloptimization. Full restructuring of government investment on the guiding role to ensure thatkey priority in the construction, continued construction of the projects funding requirements,and orderly start "second five" major projects. Prevent blind investment and duplicatedconstruction. Strict implementation of investment projects, land use, energy saving,environmental protection, safety, access standards, improve quality and efficiency ofinvestment. (C) consolidate and strengthen agriculture as the foundation Adhere to the "three rural" work on the most important in the industrialization andurbanization to proceed with further development, agricultural modernization, consolidationand development of good agricultural and rural situation. Ensure the supply of agricultural products through multiple channels to increase farmersincome. Necessary to ensure food security as a primary objective, relentlessly good job inagricultural production. Stable grain growing area, to support competitive production of cottonproducing areas, oil, sugar and other bulk products. Vigorously develop animal husbandry,fisheries, forestry. Really good grasp of a new round of "vegetable basket" project, suburbancities have a basic vegetable garden area and fresh food supply capacity. Strengthenagricultural science and technology support, development and growth of crop seed industry,large scale high-yield created. Minimum grain purchase prices to continue to implement thepolicy, the minimum purchase price of wheat this year for every 50 kilograms 5-7 yuan, thelowest purchase price per 50 kg of rice increased 9-23 yuan. Vigorously develop the ruralnon-agricultural industries, boost the county economy, improve vocational skills and
  15. 15. entrepreneurial farmers, income-generating capacity, farmers locally to promote the transfer ofemployment. Improve poor standards, increase the poverty alleviation and developmentefforts. Daxing irrigation, agriculture overall strengthening of rural infrastructure. Focus onstrengthening the construction of farmland water conservancy, medium and small rivers andsmall reservoirs and sluice gates reinforce dangerous flash floods and prevention of geologicaldisasters. Improving irrigation and drainage facilities, water-saving irrigation, strengtheningriver embankments, dredging to improve, eliminate hidden reservoirs, flood storage capacityexpansion. Through years of hard work, improve flood control and drought, disaster preventionand mitigation capabilities. Vigorously push forward the rural land development, large-scaleconstruction Hanlaobaoshou high standard of farmland, to accelerate the country added onethousand tons of grain production capacity. Strengthen the rural water circuit gas housingconstruction, substantial improvements in living conditions of rural production, farmers effortsto build a better home. Increase the "three rural" investment, improve benefiting the agriculture policy. Spendingpriorities to agriculture rural areas, to ensure that the total for agriculture and rural areas,increments were increased; budget priorities for investment in fixed assets, agricultural andrural infrastructure, to ensure that the proportion of the total and to further improve; focus oninvestment in land revenue agriculture, land development, irrigation and rural infrastructure,to ensure full extraction, directed use. This year the central government for the "three rural" tobe arranged 988.45 billion yuan of investment, increased 130.48 billion yuan over the previousyear. Continue to increase production subsidies to farmers, subsidies for new focus to the mainproducing areas, focusing on species, large professional, farmer cooperative organizations tilt.Increase the central government for food, oil, pig transferred out of the county general transferpayments, awards grants to expand the scale and scope. Guide financial institutions to increaseagriculture-related credit, to ensure that agriculture-related loans accounted for not less thanthe prior year increments. Increase the financial policy of the "three rural" support. Soundpolicy agricultural insurance system, establishment of agricultural reinsurance and catastropherisk diversification mechanism. Deepen the rural reform, and enhance rural development activity. Uphold and improve therural basic management systems, improve the coverage of arable land, woodland, grasslandand other household contract management system. Orderly rural land management systemreform. Explore the establishment of compensation mechanisms for farmland protection.Continue to promote comprehensive rural reform. Full implementation of village-level publicconstruction of a proposed financial award up, make up a substantial increase in prize moneyscale. Accelerate the development of farmer cooperative organizations and agricultural socialservice system, improve the degree of organization of agriculture. Before the end of thetownship in the country have established a sound or regional agricultural extension, animaland plant disease control, agricultural products, quality control and other public serviceagencies. 1.3 billion Chinese people to solve the food problem is always the top priority at any timecan not be taken lightly. We are confident and able to host this event. (D) to accelerate the strategic adjustment of economic structure
  16. 16. This is a way of changing the main direction of economic development. Go as soon aspossible to promote endogenous economic growth, innovation-driven track. Adjust and optimize industrial structure. Accelerate the construction of a modern industrialsystem, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. First, transform and elevate theindustry. Increase the technological transformation of enterprises, focusing on new productdevelopment capabilities and enhance branding, increase energy level of resource utilization,technology and process integration, improve product quality, technological content and addedvalue. Key industries and enterprises to promote trans-regional mergers and acquisitions.Improve the exit mechanism behind the production and supporting policies. Second,accelerating the development of the strategic development of new industries. Activelydeveloping a new generation of information technology industry, building high-performancebroadband information network, to accelerate the "triple play" to promote demonstration andapplication of things. Vigorously promote energy saving, new energy, biotechnology, high-endequipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy and automobile industries. To pay closeattention to setting standards, improving policies, strengthening the innovation capacitybuilding, technology-based SMEs to play a role in promoting the healthy development ofstrategic new industries, speed up the manufacturing capacity and core competitiveness. Thethird is to develop services. Accelerate the development of producer services, and activelydevelop life of service. To develop and enhance the software industry. Efforts to create afavorable market environment for services development, accelerate the improvement ofpolicies to promote growth of the service system. Class service as soon as possible toencourage use of electricity, water, gas, heat and industrial basically the same price. Fourth,strengthening the modern energy industry and comprehensive transport system. Activelypromote energy production and use patterns change, improve energy efficiency. Promote theclean use of traditional energy sources, strengthen smart grid construction, to develop cleanenergy. And rural development, accelerate the construction of convenient, safe, economicaland efficient integrated transport system. Insist on land and sea co-ordination, promote thedevelopment of marine economy. Promoting coordinated regional development. Full implementation of the regionaldevelopment planning. Adhere to the implementation of western development strategy on theoverall strategy for regional development priority, to seriously implement the westerndevelopment of new policy measures and the promotion of years in Tibet, Xinjiang and otherregions of the leap-forward development initiatives. The overall revitalization of northeast oldindustrial base, continue to promote the transformation of resource-based cities. Vigorouslyfor the central region to further develop east and west of the regional advantages. Activelysupport the eastern region to lead the development of institutional innovation anddevelopment in the way of change on the forefront of the country. Better play to the ShenzhenSpecial Economic Zone, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, Tianjin Binhai New Area in the reform andopening up the role of pilot. Greater support to old revolutionary areas, ethnic minority areas,border areas development, promulgation and implementation of poverty alleviation in ruralChina 2011-2020 Program, launched a special focus on difficult areas contiguous tacklingpoverty alleviation and development projects to speed up the pace of poverty alleviation inpoor areas. Actively and steadily promote urbanization. Stick to the road of urbanization with Chinese
  17. 17. characteristics, follow the laws of urban development, and promote healthy development ofurbanization. Adhere to the scientific planning, strict management. Strengthen urbaninfrastructure and public service facilities, and enhance the overall carrying capacity of urbanareas, improve management and service level. Local conditions, step by step, to have a stablelabor relations and a certain number of years living in urban migrant workers, and graduallybecome urban residents. Have temporarily settled on the conditions of migrant workers, tosolve their labor rewards, children, education, public health, housing rental, social security andother practical problems. To fully respect the farmers in the village into the city and stay on theissue of the right to choose, and effectively protect farmers contracted land, homestead andother lawful rights and interests. Urbanization and agricultural modernization to be with eachother to promote the new rural construction, which must uphold the right direction. Strengthen energy-saving environmental protection and ecological construction, activelyrespond to climate change. Prominence to the industrial, construction, transportation, publicinstitutions and other areas of energy conservation. Continue to implement major energyconservation projects. Vigorously carry out industrial energy efficiency, promote energy-savingtechnologies, the use of energy-saving equipment, improve energy efficiency. Increase theexisting buildings into energy-saving, and actively promote the new building energy efficiency.Vigorously develop the circular economy. Promote low-carbon city pilot. Enhance adaptation toclimate change, particularly capacity building against extreme climate events. Establish andimprove the greenhouse gas emissions and energy saving system of statistical monitoring.Speed up the urban sewage pipe network, the planning and construction of waste treatmentfacilities to promote wastewater treatment and reuse. Strengthen the environmentalmanagement of chemicals. Coal-fired power plant NOx start work, deepening the particulatematter pollution prevention. Strengthening of marine pollution. Speed up the water pollutioncontrol in key river valleys, air pollution, heavy metal pollution control in key areas and ruralintegrated environmental management, control rural nonpoint source pollution. Continue theimplementation of major ecological restoration project, the strengthening of key ecologicalfunction areas protection and management, the implementation of the second phase ofnatural forest resources protection, the implementation of grassland ecological protectiongrants incentives to consolidate the forest and grassland, pasture and other results, vigorouslycarry out tree planting afforestation, enhance wetland protection and restoration, promotedesertification, rocky comprehensive. Improve the disaster prevention and mitigationcontingency plans to speed up flash geological investigation and assessment of disaster-proneareas, monitoring and early warning, prevention and control emergency response systemconstruction. (E) Vigorously Implementing the Strategy and this strategy Science and technology, education and talent is the basis for national development andfundamental, must always be an important strategic position. Give priority to the development of education. Promote education and scientificdevelopment, providing people with more diverse, more equitable, higher quality education.2012 financial education expenditure to GDP ratio of 4%. Accelerate the development ofpre-school education. Public and Private simultaneously, increasing pre-school resources tourgently address "the park difficult" problem. Promote the balanced development of
  18. 18. compulsory education. Strengthen the standardization of compulsory school construction,public resources to focus on poor rural and urban school tilt. The inflow to the Government andthe public schools-based, effective protection of migrant workers equal access to compulsoryeducation, children or wife. Support the development of education in ethnic minority areas, dothe "bilingual" teaching. To promote quality education. Speed up education reform, effectivelyreducing the heavy academic burden on students, pay attention to guiding and training thechildren to think independently, practice innovation. One hour per day to ensure that primaryand secondary school sports. Vigorously develop vocational education. Senior high schools andcolleges to guide unique, to improve the quality of education, enhance student employmententrepreneurship. Strengthen the construction of key disciplines, accelerate the construction ofa number of world-class university. Support the development of special education. Implementand improve the national student system, no matter what stage of education, must ensure thatevery child does not drop out of school because of family financial difficulties. Overall strengthening of human resources work. High-level and highly skilled personnel tofocus and accelerate the train a large number of innovative scientific and technological talentsand much-needed talent shortage. Increase investment in human resource development,promoting a major talent project. Deepen the reform of the system of selection andappointment, and strive to create an equal open and competitive merit-based system andsocial environment, encourage outstanding talent, expertise and resources to create a goodsituation. Vigorously promote technological innovation. Accelerate the implementation of majorprojects of national science and technology, breaking a number of key technologies, to enhancethe integration of major innovation. Strengthen basic research, frontier research, and enhancethe original innovation. Promote the establishment of business-led R & D and innovativeinstitutional mechanisms. Encourage enterprises to co-financing in the critical commontechnology, sharing risks and sharing the results of the project in line with national strategicdirection, policies and funding from government support. Deepen scientific and technologicalmanagement system, the optimal allocation of resources to promote science and technology,efficient use and open sharing. Encourage research institutes, universities and the generalscientific and technical personnel in various forms of cooperation with enterprises. Maintainthe steady growth of financial investment in technology to improve efficiency in the use ofresearch funding. Unswervingly implement the national IP strategy to enhance the IP creation,application, protection, management, stimulate innovation and vitality of society as a whole. (Vi) strengthen social construction and improve the livelihood security The more developed the economy, more attention should be paid to strengthen the socialdevelopment and improve peoples livelihood security. Everything possible to expand employment. Continue to implement a more activeemployment policy. This year the central government will allocate 42.3 billion yuan for thesupport and promotion of employment. To adapt to the structural characteristics of Chinaslabor force, to develop labor-intensive industries, service industries, small micro-enterprisesand innovative technology companies, to meet the employment needs of different levels.Employment of college graduates continue to give priority employment to do focus groups.Strengthen vocational and technical training, and encourage their own businesses. Strengthenthe public employment service, improve standardized and flexible human resources market.
  19. 19. Speed up the employment information network construction, to achieve nationalinteroperability. Strengthen enforcement of labor security supervision, improve the labordispute settlement mechanisms, to safeguard the interests of workers and building aharmonious labor relations. A reasonable distribution of incomes. This is a long-term task, but also an urgent work. Focusthis year to take three-pronged: First, focus on improving the basic income of urban and rurallow-income people. Steady increase in the minimum wage workers, the basic pension forenterprise retirees and urban and rural minimum living standard. Establish a sound mechanismfor the normal growth of wages and strict enforcement of the minimum wage system. Thesecond is to increase efforts to regulate the distribution of income. Increase in personal incometax expense deduction standards for wage income, a reasonable tax rate structure adjustment,effectively reducing the tax burden low-income persons. Effectively regulate excessively highincomes, income is too high for the industry to enhance the total wage and salary levels of thedual-control, strictly regulate state-owned enterprises, financial institutions, seniormanagement compensation management. Third, rectify and standardize the incomedistribution. Resolutely ban illegal income. Accelerate the establishment of the incomedistribution monitoring system. Through continuous efforts, as soon as possible to reverse thewidening income gap, efforts to reform the masses More sharing the fruits of development. Accelerate the establishment of urban and rural residents of the social security system. Thenew rural social pension insurance pilot expanded to 40% of the county. Old-age insurance forurban residents to promote pilot projects to address the collective security of the pension forenterprise retirees historical issues, the establishment of the basic pension for enterpriseretirees normal adjustment mechanism. Agencies and institutions to actively promote thepension reform. State-owned enterprises, collective enterprises "old injury" workers intowork-related injury insurance system. Improve the system of urban subsistence allowances.Continue to increase social security funds through various channels. Will be orphans, educationand rehabilitation of orphans with disabilities into the financial scope of protection. Peoplewith disabilities continue to promote the social security system and service system. Acceleratethe social security management information. Commercial insurance to play in improving thesocial security system in effect. Develop charity. Firm to improve the real estate market regulation. Accelerate the establishment of long-termmechanism of regulation of real estate market, focused on solving the housing difficulties ofurban low-income families to effectively stabilize the real estate market prices, to meetpeoples reasonable demand for housing. First, to further expand the scale of construction ofaffordable housing. Again this year started construction of affordable housing in shantytowns,housing a total of 10 million units, 1.5 million renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas.Focus on the development of public rental housing. Arrangements for the central budgetsubsidies to be 103 billion yuan, 26.5 billion yuan more than last year. Governments at all levelsto raise funds through multiple channels, a substantial increase in investment. And to establishaffordable housing use, operation and exit management system, improve transparency, andstrengthen supervision to ensure that eligible households. Second, to further implement andimprove the real estate market regulation policy, resolutely curb the momentum of housingprices in some cities. Develop and make public the annual housing construction plan, land useplanning in new construction, a separate land for affordable housing, cities do. Increased focus
  20. 20. on small and medium size apartment building. Regulate the development of the housing rentalmarket. Strict implementation of the differential housing credit, tax policy, adjust and improvereal estate-related tax policy and strengthening tax collection and management, effectivelycurb speculative investment buyers. To strengthen the real estate market monitoring andmarket conduct regulation, strictly investigated kinds of illegal activities. Third, establish andimprove the assessment of accountability mechanisms. Stable prices and housing security tothe provincial peoples government assumed full responsibility, city and county peoplesgovernments bear direct responsibility. Authorities need to improve the inspection, evaluation,interviews and accountability system, price stability, promote construction of affordablehousing in poor, thus affecting the social development and stability of place, should be heldaccountable. To promote medical and health sector reform and development. This year is theimplementation of health reform crucial three-year goals to ensure the completion of the task.First, full implementation at the grassroots level national essential drug system. Establish andimprove the protection of essential drugs supply system, to strengthen drug supervision, toensure drug safety, and effectively reduce drug prices. Second, grasp the reform of publichospitals. Encourage management system around the hospital and medical service priceformation mechanism and regulatory mechanisms, so bold exploration. Improve the medicaldispute resolution mechanisms to improve the physician-patient relationship. Third, raise thebasic level of medical care. Steady increase of urban workers, residents and the new Medicareenrollment rate of rural cooperative participation rate. This year should the new ruralcooperative medical insurance for urban residents and financial aid standards to 200. Fourth,the complete three-tier health service network in rural and urban community health serviceinstitution-building tasks. This year, the per capita funding for basic standards of public healthservices to 25 million. Strengthen the major infectious diseases, chronic diseases, occupationaldiseases, endemic diseases and mental illness prevention and control and standardizedmanagement. Strengthening maternal and child health, continue to promote cervical cancer,breast examination and treatment free of charge to protect the pilot. AIDS do a good job.Vigorous development of Chinese medicine and the national pharmaceutical industry, andimplement policies. Fifth, to encourage social capital held in medical institutions. Relaxation ofsocial capital and access to foreign capital held in the scope of medical institutions. Improveand promote the practice of multi-point system for doctors, doctors in various medicalinstitutions to encourage the rational flow between the clinic and set up at the grassroots level,convenient for the people to provide health services. Comprehensive population and family planning work. Continue to stabilize the low birth rate.Good management of floating population family planning services. Birth defect intervention tostrengthen and further expand the free pre-pregnancy health checks eugenics experiments,good maternal and infant health care. Hospital delivery rate of rural women more than 95%.Implementation of a new round of women and children development program, the effectiveprotection of rights of women and minors. To establish and improve the elderly social servicesystem, strengthen the public service pension service facilities. Enhance and innovate the public administration. Strengthen the governments socialmanagement functions, according to mobilize and organize the masses to participate in socialmanagement, social organizations to play an active role in improving the social management
  21. 21. pattern. In urban and rural communities as a carrier to residents demand, integration ofpopulation, employment, social security, civil affairs, health, culture and other social serviceresources management functions and to achieve the government administration and effectiveconvergence and grassroots self-government interaction. To establish and improve mechanismsfor safeguarding peoples rights, administrative decision-making risk assessment and correctionmechanism, strengthen the petition, peoples mediation, administrative mediation and judicialmediation, to broaden the social conditions and public channels of expression, to effectivelysolve the unauthorized occupation of cultivated land, illegal demolition and other masses ofthe problem . Strengthen and improve public safety system. Improve emergency responsesystem, improve the social crisis management and risk-resisting ability. Strengthen informationsecurity and confidentiality, improve network management information. Strengthen the socialorder, and strictly guard against and crack down on various criminal activities. Implementationof corporate safety and product quality of the main responsibilities, resolutely curb serioussafety accidents. Improve the food security monitoring systems and mechanisms, a sound legalsystem, rigorous standards, improve the monitoring and evaluation, inspection and testingsystem, and strengthen local government regulatory responsibility, strengthen the supervisionof law enforcement, improve food safety standards. All levels of government must take social management and public service placed in a moreimportant position, and effectively solve the people most concerned about the most direct andpractical interests. (G) and vigorously improve the cultural infrastructure Cultural impact of the nation and the country deeper, more distant. To better meet peoplesdiverse multi-cultural needs, play and cultural guide community, educate the people, promotethe development of capabilities to enhance national cohesion and creativity. Strengthen civicmorality in society and establish the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristicsand beliefs, accelerate the construction of heritage of Chinese traditional virtues, in line withrequirements of the socialist spiritual civilization, to adapt to the socialist market economy,ethics and code of conduct. Strengthen the credit system, establishment of relevant institutionsand laws and regulations. Increase the supply of public cultural products and services, withemphasis on strengthening the central and western regions and urban and rural grass-rootscultural infrastructure, continue to implement cultural projects that benefit. Support non-profitcultural undertakings, to enhance cultural heritage protection, utilization and transmission.Further prosperity of philosophy and social sciences. Development of the press, radio andtelevision, literature and art, archives. Strengthen the use and management of the Internet.Deepen cultural restructuring, and actively promote the management of cultural institutionsinto enterprises. Develop the cultural industry, cultivating a new culture of formats, to promotecultural industries have become national pillar industry. Vigorously develop a nationwidefitness activities, promote mass sports and sports development. And boosting cultural andsports exchanges and cooperation, expanding the international influence of Chinese culture, soprofound Chinese culture and then show brilliant. (H) further promote the reform of key areas Continue to promote the strategic adjustment of state-owned economy and improve the
  22. 22. state capital advance and retreat, and reasonable flow mechanism. Improve the state-ownedfinancial assets, non-operating assets and natural resources asset supervision system andstrengthen supervision of state-owned assets abroad. Continue to encourage, support andguide non-public economic development. Sound financial resources and powers to match thetax system, clean up and merge special transfer payments, an increase of general transferpayments, and improve county-level basic financial protection mechanism. In some areas ofthe implementation of value-added producer services reform, promote resource tax reform.Deepen the reform of budget management system, a comprehensive budget for thepreparation of government funds to expand the state capital budget, a trial of social insurancefund budget. Continue to deepen reform of financial enterprises, accelerate the establishmentof a modern financial enterprise system. Accelerate the development of new-type ruralfinancial institutions. Continue to develop the financial market, encourage financial innovation.Promote market-oriented interest rate reform. RMB to expand cross-border trade andinvestment use. To promote capital account convertibility of the RMB work. Strengthen andimprove financial regulation, establish early warning systems to prevent systemic financial riskand disposal mechanisms. Improve the oil and natural gas pricing mechanism, and variouselectricity pricing mechanism. Promote the reform of water prices. Compensation for the useof the development of emission rights and trading pilot guidance. Price reform should give fullconsideration to the people, especially low-income people can afford. Affairs in accordancewith separate things separate enterprises, separate management from operation, profit andnon-profit separate requirements, and actively and steadily push forward the reform ofinstitutions classified. (I) further improve the level of opening up Chinas development is inseparable from the world. Should actively develop mutuallybeneficial bilateral and multilateral economic and trade relations, and constantly explore newareas and open space. Continue to promote the Doha Round negotiations and oppose all formsof protectionism, promote international economic order in a more fair, reasonable, win-windevelopment. Effectively change the foreign trade development. In efforts to improve the structure andimprove efficiency, based on maintaining steady growth of foreign trade. Whether or generaltrade export of processing trade, labor resources should continue to play, should reduce theenergy consumption of resources, should be extended to high-end chain, should improve thequality, grade and added value. Actively expand exports of own-brand products. To developtrade in services and service outsourcing, increasing the proportion of trade in services. Adhereto both imports and exports, increasing high-tech equipment, key parts, and energy and rawmaterial imports from least developed countries and to promote the main source of surpluscountries to increase imports, and gradually improve the trade imbalance, and properly handletrade friction. Promote foreign investment and foreign investment development. Accelerate theimplementation of "going out" strategy, improve the relevant supporting policies, simplifyingapproval procedures for eligible businesses and individuals to facilitate overseas investment.Encourage enterprises to actively carry out an orderly cross-border operations. Strengthenmacro guidance of foreign investment, improve the investment promotion and protection
  23. 23. mechanism to guard against investment risk. Adhere to the principle of active and effectiveutilization of foreign capital, focusing on the introduction of advanced technology and talent,intellectual resources, to encourage multinationals to establish R & D centers in China, andeffectively improve the overall level of foreign investment and comprehensive benefits.Necessary to seize the Foreign Investment Industries, encourage foreign investment inhigh-tech, energy saving, modern service industries and the Midwest. (J) strengthening of good governance and anti-corruption work Build a clean government is a constant and urgent task, the earnest expectation of thepeople. To expedite the settlement of the outstanding construction of anti-corruption issues,and promote the system for punishing and preventing corruption, to investigate major cases asan important anti-corruption initiatives, while greater emphasis on institution building. Thefirst serious abuse of power and government staff management malfeasance issues. Forconstruction projects, land use right transfer and development of mineral resources,state-owned property rights, government procurement and other key areas of problems, andincrease efforts to investigate cases of violation of discipline and resolutely punish corruptelements. Second, strengthen self-discipline, conscientiously implement the "Clean and HonestGovernment", the implementation of leading cadres income, real estate, investment andemployed spouses and children, moved to the country (territory) and other periodic reportingsystem, and consciously accept supervision. Strengthen auditing and supervision. Increase theadministrative organs and leading cadres of state-owned enterprises and institutionsresponsible for supervision. Third, firmly oppose extravagance and waste, and formalism. Tostreamline meetings, documents, clean up and regulate a variety of standards, assessment,recognition and forums, celebrations and other activities, from funding strictly controlled.Regulate the management of official vehicles with official vehicles and actively promote thereform of the system. Accelerate the implementation of the budget open, let people know howmuch the government spent money to do what happened. Governments at all levels shouldstrive to work for the people; every civil servant must truly become the peoples servants. Delegates! Consolidate and develop the great unity of all ethnic groups, is a national long-term stabilityand prosperity of the fundamental guarantee is the fundamental interests of people of allnationalities. To uphold and improve the system of regional ethnic autonomy, the centralsupport full implementation of the development of minority areas of policy measures.Developed and implemented to support small populations of national development, promotethe Frontier development of minority business initiatives and five-year plan. Let us forge aheadin unity, and write a new chapter in the history of prosperity and development of the Chinesenation! Fully implement the Partys basic policy on religion, thoroughly implement the "Regulationson Religious Affairs", religious people and religious believers play in promoting economicdevelopment, social harmony and the positive role. Overseas work to strengthen and protect the legitimate rights and interests of compatriots,protect the lawful rights and interests of returned overseas and their relatives, give full play tothem in promoting reunification of the motherland and national rejuvenation in the unique
  24. 24. role. Delegates! Building a strong national defense, building a strong peoples army is to safeguard nationalsovereignty, security and development interests and building a moderately prosperous societyin an important safeguard. Should focus on the party and state work, focus on effectiveimplementation of the new century, the historical mission of our military, to comprehensivelystrengthen the revolutionary armed forces modernization and regularization, and continuouslyimprove the information to win local wars under conditions of complete diversity at the core ofthe military tasks. Adhere to the ideological and political construction in the first place.Actively carry out information under the condition of military training. Accelerate the pace ofbuilding a modern logistics. Promote the integration of military and civilian-style development,strengthening national defense scientific research and weapons development. Actively andsteadily promote the reform of national defense and armed forces. Insist on administering thearmed forces strictly. Determined to complete disaster relief and other difficult and periloustask. Modernization of the armed police forces, and enhance their duties, handle emergenciesand terrorism stability maintenance capabilities. To strengthen national defense mobilizationand reserve force building, consolidating and developing military and army-people unity. Delegates! We will unswervingly implement the "one country two systems", "Hong Kong people rulingHong Kong", "Macao people governing Macao" and a high degree of autonomy, fully supportHong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region of economic development and improvingpeoples livelihood. Support to consolidate and enhance Hong Kongs international financial,trade and shipping center. Support the construction of world tourism and leisure center ofMacao, to promote moderate economic diversity. Give full play to Hong Kong and Macao in thecountrys overall development strategy of the unique role. Further improve the cooperationmechanism between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao the level of support forGuangdong, Hong Kong deepening regional cooperation and realize mutual benefit andwin-win situation. In the great rejuvenation of the historical process, the mainland people willjoin hands with Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, sharing the dignity and glory of our greatmotherland! We will adhere to the new situation developing cross-Straits relations and promotingpeaceful reunification of the guiding principles and policies. Continue to promote cross-straitnegotiations, and actively implement the cross-strait economic cooperation frameworkagreement to strengthen industrial cooperation, speed up new industries, and financialcooperation in the development of modern service and support qualified enterprises to Taiwanto invest in the mainland. Support the economic zone to promote cross-strait exchanges andcooperation in the pilot role to play. Depth cross community exchanges, and actively promotecross-strait cultural and educational cooperation. Promote cross-strait political trust andconsolidate the peaceful development of cross-strait relations and political basis for peacefuldevelopment of cross-strait relations to safeguard a good situation. We firmly believe that aslong as the Chinese people at home and abroad continue to work together for themotherlands peaceful reunification will be realized!
  25. 25. Delegates! We will continue to peace, development and cooperation and adhere to independent foreignpolicy of peace, adhere to the path of peaceful development, adhere to win-win strategy ofopening up, adhere to promote the building of lasting peace, common prosperity andharmonious world for Chinas modernization create a more favorable external environmentand conditions. We want to maintain healthy and stable development of major power relations, and activelypromote dialogue and cooperation, expand common interests and basis for cooperation.Adhere to the "neighbors as good neighbors as partners" around the foreign policy withneighboring countries to deepen friendship and cooperation, and promote regional andsubregional cooperation. With the majority of developing countries to enhance the traditionalfriendly and cooperative relations, to further implement and expand the fruits of cooperation,to promote innovation and cooperation mechanisms. Vigorously conducting multilateraldiplomacy, to the Group of Twenty summit as the main platform, to strengthenmacroeconomic policy coordination, promote international economic and financial systemreform, the promotion of world economy is strong, sustainable, balanced growth, in promotingthe settlement of hotspot issues and on global issues play a constructive role in fulfilling its dueinternational responsibilities and obligations. The Chinese government and people willing towork with the international community to jointly cope with risks and challenges, sharedevelopment opportunities for peace and development to make new contributions to the loftycause! Delegates! Looking back, we have created an extraordinary brilliant performance; Looking ahead, weare confident the countrys bright future! Let us, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade HuJintao as general secretary, under the leadership firmly seize the historical opportunities andface challenges, to forge ahead in unity, work, and strive to achieve "1025" period a good start,the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, continue to push forward!All rights reserved: