Letters from the open source trenches - Postgres community


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Community talk about the evolution of Postgres community, brief view of what's up for 9.1 and suggestions on how to get involved with us.

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Letters from the open source trenches - Postgres community

  1. 1. Selena DeckelmannPostgreSQL Global Development Group Major Contributor User Group Liaison
  2. 2. We know theworld is changing.
  3. 3. “People today seek andconsume information in considerably different ways than the past.” http://mashable.com/2009/03/30/microsoft-encarta-to-close/
  4. 4. “Seven-Eleven Japan... pushes buyingdecisions down to the salesclerks at its 13,000 Japanese stores.”More than 200,000 salesclerks make informed decisions, using software and the scientific method, about what to buy, and when. Wall Street Journal, April 25, 2011 “Leadership in IT, Four Questions Every CEO Should Ask About IT”
  5. 5. How do we get so many people to collaborate?
  6. 6. Ingredients• Revision control• Peer review• Public discussion forums
  7. 7. Open sourcepwns collaboration.
  8. 8. Postgres pwns collaboration thatproduces awesome code.
  9. 9. What is Postgres?• Database Management System• Relational Database• ANSI-SQL:2008 standard 160 of 179 core conformance features• PostGIS• Collaborative software development platform
  10. 10. http://www.postgresql.org/about/featurematrix
  11. 11. Databases are: “An operating system without sound-drivers.”
  12. 12. What is the PostgreSQLGlobal Development Group?
  13. 13. PostgreSQL Global Development Group• ~300 developers contribute per year• 1000s on discussion/review mailing lists• Major user group communities in Japan, US, Brazil, Europe, Russia
  14. 14. Who makes up thePostgres community?
  15. 15. UserDeployer-Developer Extending Co-Developer Co-Developer Free Software Commons From http://webmink.com/essays/community-types/
  16. 16. Where weare growing the fastest { User Deployer-Developer } Extending Co-Developer Postgres Co-Developer has always focused here Free Software Commons From http://webmink.com/essays/community-types/
  17. 17. UserWhereMySQLfocused { Deployer-Developer Extending Co-Developer } Co-Developer Where they are growing Free Software now Commons From http://webmink.com/essays/community-types/
  18. 18. Some PostgreSQL GlobalDevelopment Group Sponsors
  19. 19. All hiring, all seeking open source software skills.
  20. 20. Using PostgreSQL.
  21. 21. “[C]ommunities are composed of individualswho collaborate toward a common goal butdo not share a common employerand are not governed by anemployment hierarchy.” The Role of Participation Architecture in Growing Sponsored Open Source Communities Joel West and Siobhán O’Mahony
  22. 22. “Companies or foundations that run open source project are not software firms, they are community management firms whose communities happen to make software. “http://eaves.ca/2006/12/17/community-management-as-open-sources-core-competency/
  23. 23. Proprietary Development http://momjian.us/main/writings/pgsql/adoption_and_trends.pdf
  24. 24. Open Source Developmenthttp://momjian.us/main/writings/pgsql/adoption_and_trends.pdf
  25. 25. We require these tools.• Revision control• Peer review• Public discussion forums
  26. 26. Development work• Revision control - We share our git repos: http://git.postgresql.org• Peer review - our tool for patch review: http://commitfest.postgresql.org• Public Discussion Forums - hackers list: pgsql-hackers@postgresql.org
  27. 27. Results• Yearly releases• Reputation for excellent code• Growing developer community• Reputation for rejecting patches
  28. 28. 9.1 beta 1 (Monday!)
  29. 29. Key pre 9.1 Features• Transactional DDL• Recursive queries• Built-in replication (async AND sync in 9.1)• Multiple-language support for database-side programming
  30. 30. DO  $$HAI        BTW  Calculate  pi  using  Gregory-­‐Leibniz  series        BTW  This  method  does  not  converge  particularly  quickly...        I  HAS  A  PIADD  ITZ  0.0        I  HAS  A  PISUB  ITZ  0.0        I  HAS  A  ITR  ITZ  0        I  HAS  A  T1        I  HAS  A  T2        I  HAS  A  PI  ITZ  0.0        I  HAS  A  ITERASHUNZ  ITZ  1000          IM  IN  YR  LOOP                T1  R  QUOSHUNT  OF  4.0  AN  SUM  OF  3.0  AN  ITR                T2  R  QUOSHUNT  OF  4.0  AN  SUM  OF  5.0  AN  ITR                PISUB  R  SUM  OF  PISUB  AN  T1                PIADD  R  SUM  OF  PIADD  AN  T2                ITR  R  SUM  OF  ITR  AN  4.0                BOTH  SAEM  ITR  AN  BIGGR  OF  ITR  AN  ITERASHUNZ,  O  RLY?                        YA  RLY,  GTFO                OIC        IM  OUTTA  YR  LOOP        PI  R  SUM  OF  4.0  AN  DIFF  OF  PIADD  AN  PISUB        VISIBLE  "PI  R:  "        VISIBLE  PI        FOUND  YR  PIKTHXBYE$$  LANGUAGE  PLLOLCODE;
  31. 31. Hot in 9.1!Things other databases also do: • Unlogged tables performance with ephemeral Less consistency for better data, and NoSQL buzzword compliance • Writable Common Table Expressions Recursive queries that update data • Per-Column Collations sorting words in Farsi and True multi-language support (e.g. Swedish correctly in the same table, in separate columns)
  32. 32. Hot in 9.1!Things we are first to do: • SE-Postgres Control integration with SE-Linux Mandatory Access • Extensions framework for easily installing, CREATE EXTENSION removing and updating extensions to Postgres. And launch of PGXN network: http://pgxn.org
  33. 33. Hot in 9.1!Things we are first to do: • Synchronous replication to prevent data loss. Create synchronous standby databases Includes "transaction-controlled synchronous commit" • SQL-MED data source access that enables Easy-to-use remote transparent usage as a table (SELECT and JOIN) • K-Nearest-Neighbor Indexing Permits doing an indexed search of "whats near me".
  34. 34. We still have bugs.We still have an epic todo list.We still need people of every ability.
  35. 35. So, how do you get involved?
  36. 36. Download 9.1 Beta 1! (on Monday)
  37. 37. Commitfest tool http://bit.ly/pgdevnow
  38. 38. Volunteer. Blog, answer email, join #postgresql, write documentation, test features, make things with Postgres, tweet,help organize meetings, create olypug, give a talk, do a translation...
  39. 39. Change the world with us.
  40. 40. Thanks!Contact me: selena@postgresql.orgTwitter: @selenamarieBlog: http://chesnok.com
  41. 41. Credits:Bruce Momjian (Proprietary vs Open Sourcedevelopment style)Joshua Tolley (PL/LOLCODE)