Scrum on rails


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Continuous Delivery describes a process by which you can fully automatically test and deliver your software product. However Scrum is management framework to enable agility to your project. Both fit together. This presentation shows how thy fit and where are the pitfalls.

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Scrum on rails

  1. 1. Thorsten Kamann - itemis AG - © 2013 SCRUM On Rails Scrum and Continuous Delivery
  2. 2. Thorsten Kamann Agile Coach ! itemis AG @thorque Continuous Delivery Expert@itemis Certified ScrumMaster Speaker On Conferences Author Certified Product Owner Maid-Of-All-Work
  3. 3. 3 roles 3 artifacts 3 +1+1 meetings 1 product
  4. 4. Product Owner + ScrumMaster + Development T eam = Scrum T eam
  5. 5. l og ck a Impe dimen tB c t Bac du l og ro klog Back P t prin S
  6. 6. ent finem og Re Backl Sprint Revie w rint) e per sp +1 (onc Sprint P la ning (once p er sprin t) (once per sprin t) Scrum aily D Retrospective (once per sprint) ) +1 (daily
  7. 7. 1 potentially shippable product increment
  8. 8. Product Owner Daily Scrum Development Team Scrum Master 24h Sprint 1, 2 or 4 weeks Sprint Goal Sprint Planning Backlog Refinement Sprint Review Sprint Retrospective Potentially shippable product increment
  9. 9. T ested Stages From Code to Product ion Autom ated Repeatable Approved me Ti et rk Ma to ed oy pl De
  10. 10. Effort and Quality 50 37,5 25 12,5 0 Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint n
  11. 11. Continuous Delivery in a Scrum context Acceptance Build Integration Build Continuous Build After every sprint After resolving a story commit-driven Delivered package Development Integration Acceptance Production
  12. 12. Production Acceptance Integration Development
  13. 13. Production Product Acceptance Sprint Result Integration Story Development Commits
  14. 14. All Builds must be GREEN (see Definition of Done)
  15. 15. After resolving a story deliver to the next stage (eg. Integration)
  16. 16. Potentially shippable product increment have to delivered to the next stage (eg. Acceptance).
  17. 17. Results of Retrospective Build Env Reporting Monitoring/Notification ...
  18. 18. Burndown Chart Taskboard B hb as dD uil rd oa
  19. 19. Looks good? but...
  20. 20. Many pieces need to fit together
  21. 21. Automation is hard! Manual tasks are valid
  22. 22. You need a DevOps team!
  23. 23. You need a HIGH test coverage!
  24. 24. But it is possible and very valuable
  25. 25. Thank you!