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The new role of CRM in a data driven business

Slides of the course on big data by C. Levallois from EMLYON Business School.
For business students. Check the online video connected with these slides.

-> Explanation of how CRM (Customer Relationships Management) can play new roles in a data-driven company.

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The new role of CRM in a data driven business

  1. 1. MK99 – Big Data 1 Big data & cross-platform analytics MOOC lectures Pr. Clement Levallois
  2. 2. MK99 – Big Data 2 Definitions • CRM – Customer Relationship Management Part of the Information System of the firm.
  3. 3. MK99 – Big Data 3 Stocks Book keeping Purchases Orders … Sales, Contracts, Customer Payroll Attendance Performance… Logistics / Supply Chain CRM Accounting software HRMIS SCM IS ERP Information system of the firm
  4. 4. MK99 – Big Data 4 CRM in practice (pre-2000) Id Customer Name Address Gender DoB Id Purchase Date Product Volume Discount Id Customer Id Marketing Action Date Id Customer Type (call, email, …) Result Agent Your own servers: Actions table Transactions table Customer table
  5. 5. MK99 – Big Data 5 CRM: What changed with the digital transformation 1. You should manage more than “Customers” – Customers: they buy – Advocates: they talk – Qualified prospects: they are candidates to buying – Listeners: they are in your audience – Second degree network: the wider public, still can be reached 2. Touch points have blossomed – Email, blogs, channels, platforms, micro-sites, games, social networks… – Mobile / Tablet / Desktop / iWatch / social TV 3. Relations: it got complicated – You create content – Your customer / advocates / prospects create content – All across channels – Communication is two-ways 4. Expectations have elevated – Real-time – Localized – Personalized – Truly interactive
  6. 6. MK99 – Big Data 6 Ex: the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign 1. What CRM would you need to manage a campaign that: – Crosses all channels, and blurs communication and sales – Generates individual behaviors and self-produced media content (incl. much pic. & video content) –Needs to adapts product offering / labelling on a daily basis, in different countries 2.After the campaign is closed, how would you leverage its results?
  7. 7. MK99 – Big Data 7 So CRM have transitioned… 1. From a support system… –To help track KPIs for management –Salesforce automation –Facilitating accounting –To comply with legal requirements –And running the obligatory loyalty program 2.… To the cockpit room for market facing activities –Collecting and storing data without limitation of volume, variety, or velocity –Monitoring sales but also multichannel campaigns and user-generated content –Generating localized, real-time, personalized micro- campaign suggestions –Able to plug and play with external data sources and analytic solutions Goal: facilitating administrative duties Goal: Stimulating the relations btw the company & the market
  8. 8. MK99 – Big Data 8 3 key areas of transformation for CRMs
  9. 9. MK99 – Big Data 9 DMP in the Cloud Ex: SalesForce Bluekai 1. Local resources replaced by a data management platform Web analytics solution Demand-Side platform for ad campaigns Supply-Side platform for ad placements Social media analytics for activity on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Mobile apps analytics for reports on Android, iOS etc. POS management software for reports on brick & mortar sales (new data source ready to be plugged in) Ex: Mediamath Ex: Google analytics Ex: Google’s AdSense Ex: Hootsuite Ex: Localytics Ex: Microsoft Dynamics API API API API API API API
  10. 10. MK99 – Big Data 10 2. Reporting tools replaced by data science 1. Hacking skills (not in the “pirate” sense.) Means the capacity to make things work in new, unpredictable environments, with the tools at hand. -> Ex: Find a way to manage huge volumes of clicks, app downloads, store sales data, product reviews etc. for analysis in an Excel spreadsheet? 2. Math & stats knowledge Means the capacity to apply relevant analytical approach to the problem – don’t need to be a math major! -> Ex: how do I predict which customers are most likely to react positively to my email campaign? What tools are avail. to identify segments? 3. Substantive expertise Also called “domain knowledge”. Means the ability to understand the specificities / particularities of the business activity. -> Ex: how do I interpret the results of my analyses given what I know of my business environment? Source:
  11. 11. MK99 – Big Data 11 3. Customer relations evolved 1. Community Management is not optional – Data-driven and also curated by editors, customer service specialists and evangelists 2. Interactions have become personal and 2-ways – … and this is not just about customers writing on blogs: – Push notifications on mobile, personal emails and calls, geolocalized ad displays, real time conversations on Twitter and Facebook. 3. Seamless customer experience in a cross-channel environment is a default – With channels multiplying, customers elevate their expectations as to the quality of service companies should provide. – Discovery, ordering, delivery, after-sales servicing: all integrated.
  12. 12. MK99 – Big Data 12 Summary • CRMs shifted from an admin support system to a lever for action. • CRMs have finally become customer focused: personalized, real time, two ways, integrated across channels.
  13. 13. MK99 – Big Data 13 This slide presentation is part of a course offered by EMLYON Business School ( Contact Clement Levallois (levallois [at] for more information.