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Presentation at CPAMOPOC session Warren Garrett (September 2017)


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Presenter: Warren Garrett, Ontario Presenting Network
Date: September 20, 2017
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Presentation at CPAMOPOC session Warren Garrett (September 2017)

  1. 1. Organiza(onal Leadership A development process on organiza(onal leadership and transforma(on for Arts Service Organiza(ons
  2. 2. Advance Readings and Prepara(on Personal Strengths Finder •  Take University of Pennsylvania’s VIA Strengths Finder (20’) Advance Readings - one of: •  Associa'ons Unorthodox, Jeff DeCagna •  Using Emergence to Take Innova'on to Scale, Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Friez •  A Framework for Success for Nonprofit Federa'ons (Revised), Linda Mollenhauer
  3. 3. What is Leadership? For our purposes let’s use Jane Marsland’s simple defini(on: Stepping forward and taking responsibility. Of leadership’s many admirable quali(es, five stand out: ü Focus and clarity of mind ü Ac(vely listening & sensing ü Con(nually learning ü Adap(ng ü Responsible and accountable
  4. 4. Where does it start? With yourself.
  5. 5. A useful framework on learning 1.  Learning to Be. 2.  Learning to be together. 3.  Learning to know. 4.  Learning to do. Source: 1996 UNESCO Commission on Learning
  6. 6. Impromptu Networking Exercise •  Find a partner and each take one minute each to discuss your top four character strengths, find & repeat with 2 other people; total (me: 6-8 minutes •  Come back to circle for group conversa(on (20’); – What is observed? – What is important? – How might this self-awareness be useful?
  7. 7. Leading the Good Life: PERMA •  Posi(ve emo(on •  Engagement (flow) •  Rela(onships •  Meaning •  Achievement
  8. 8. PERMA Flourishing Scale Exercise •  10’ self-exercise
  9. 9. Provoking Thoughts Presenta(on from Ten Things to Do in a Conceptual Emergency, Interna(onal Futures Forum, 2009 (20’)
  10. 10. Lunch
  11. 11. Organiza(onal Leadership •  Efficacy of our Missions (1-2-4, All Conversa(ons) 20’ •  Gaining Clarity of Purpose (use T. Irene Sanders’ FutureScape Mapping Exercise) (90’) – Working in pairs, use the Strategic Thinking Grid and FutureScape map to iden(fy a central issue that needs to be addressed.
  12. 12. Goal Segng (45’) •  Demonstra(on and prac(ce of goal segng using WOOP technique (Oegngen & Gollwitzer)
  13. 13. Wrap-up (20’) •  Plenary Circle – What has occurred here today? – What is important? – What are your next steps?