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Highedweb2015 mdp01


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We all have times when our real life impacts our work life, when what is happening to us, or in our families, or to our close friends makes doing the daily grind especially hard. Or we may be fine, but we see our colleagues struggling. We know that we're supposed to be supportive. But what should we do? A directed discussion of being a supportive boss or colleague when those around you are in the middle of burdening occurrences in their lives.

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Highedweb2015 mdp01

  1. 1. Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting a Hard Battle Plato Philo of Alexandria Ian Maclaren (aka Rev. John Watson) John Wagner Princeton University MDP01
  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. About You
  4. 4. About This Presentation
  5. 5. A Story
  6. 6. What Would You Do?
  7. 7. Another Story
  8. 8. What Would You Do?
  9. 9. Real Life Responses
  10. 10. Jet
  11. 11. Family Comes First
  12. 12. Why?
  13. 13. … Outside of my office, I don't feel that relationship building translates to supporting each other while working toward a common goal.
  14. 14. Work As Shelter
  15. 15. How Are You Doing?
  16. 16. Legacy
  17. 17. My boss … is retiring at the end of this month. While I have known about this for a few weeks, when it became official yesterday, the loss became very real to me. I am struggling emotionally with this in a way that both scares and surprises me.
  18. 18. She has been a mentor, a personal friend, and a tremendous professional advocate. I'm not ready for her to leave...
  19. 19. How Are You Doing? • Thank you to those that allowed me to use their quotations in this presentation • A special thanks to those who have cared for me at work Joseph Karam, Michael Barton, Dwight Bashore, Chris Kranz, John Sophy, Silvia Fernandes