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SmartMoni Market Launch


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We Put the "i" in Moni & Give You More

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SmartMoni Market Launch

  1. 1. SmartMoni Intelligence in Every Transaction We Put the “I” in Moni & Give You More Prosperity for Everyone We Provide Whole New Capabilities & Deliver to the Marketplace Too Operational Benchmarks - 6 Value Bumps in 12 Months SmartMoniCenter MoniCoins | MoniPlus | MoniAds | MoniServices Brands & Value Plus 3 Major Sectors - Advertising – Social – Commerce/Payments Ads $550 Billion | Shopping $2.34 Trillion | Payments $3.4 Trillion Convergence ------------------------- MarketSocials GoMainSt w/PocketPlus USA 5-in-1 Media Advantage Print – Internet – Mobile – Beacons - SmartMoni Target 3,000 Online Commerce Sites Target 785 Retail, Restaurant, Service Nat’l Chains Target 13 Million “New Customers - Service Sectors” across the MarketStream CitiLife | Home | Dining | Medical | Wealth | Professional | Charity | Faith | Education | Travel | Civics 8 Million CitiLife PocketPlus Guides at 101 Grocery Chains 100 Metros/2,135 Cities @ 14,300 Locations We Rush to Capture Market Dominance in USA - Launch August 2019 CEO - Brent D. Amundson 25 Yrs. in TURNKEY Global Networks American Express | Citibank | HSBC | ANZ | Fuji Bank | Visa | MasterCard Etc. Public Country Nets for Asia, Latin America, Africa & Australia/Japan Irvine, CA Tel: 949-878-3808 / IT Support: Cebu, Philippines - +63-929-483-2774 eMail: | Web:
  2. 2. Simple Narrative SmartMoni Intelligence in Every Transaction We have a Network (Stellar), a Universal Branded Stablecoin - MoniCoin, which can be adopted by Country by Country to run Payments & Transfers w/Local Currency and ZeroPlus Fees. We then offer true value added MoniPlus w/MoniPromos/MoniPoints. Its powered by MoniAds. Its a new Business Model for Moni, it replaces Transaction Fees. Its why we can offer ZeroPlus. We also offer New Type of Advertising, Instead of Trolling and Stalking, its based upon CitiLife around you. We reinvent Shopping with discovery, driven by Promos w/Points of Proximity for every facet of your day. And then, to assist a Personal AI SmartShopper. We promote local places and reward people. We digitize the MarketStream to 11 Mkt Segments – People, Places & Community: CitiLife, Dining, Home, Healthcare, Professional, Wealth, Charity, Faith, Education, Travel & Civics. Its also mostly New Mkts - Services (Wide Open) and Community - Charities, Faith Education and Civics. As a result, we build relationships AND stronger communities. Internet Commerce is set for MoniPlus and the ability to add their MoniPromos & MoniPoints to be available worldwide via MoniAds. We also change how Moni is Serviced, we partner with those who use Moni the most and can service it best - Merchants. We provide SmartMoniCenters & MoniDepots (Kiosks). They deliver easy access to a Portfolio of 40 Branded MoniServices. Its more responsive & convenient while dropping costs by 45% and increasing services by 45%. To gain market dominance, we have two Life App delivery vehicles – MarketSocial & SocialStream. They are well branded - GoMainSt – Prosperity is Our Business and StreetTalk - One World Many Voices. We initially target the 785 Nat’l Restaurant, Retail and Service Chains. Its great for nations and a boom for small business. We are Local to Global. The MarketSocials are designed for Promotion & Commerce for Everyone – People Places & Community. They offer a New Type of Shopping Streaming. We use convergence to blend Promos, Social, Messaging Commerce & Payments. We create a Point of Proximity experience for every facet of your day via the MarketStream – 11 Mkt Segments. You can now - Spot, Save, Share-with-Friends and Click to Buy. On time real time shopping experience supported by an AI SmartShopper MoniBuddy. Each offer 6 Market Points of Entry: a Showroom, PocketPlus, Weekly Billboard, Life Events with CitiMart and CitiAds. The big attraction, we provide is a 5-in-1 Media Advantage - One Promo across Print - Internet - Mobile - Beacon & SmartMoni with blanket coverage of USA – all month long – every month. We drop the cost of Advertising in a Metro Market by 80% and give you more whiling maintaining 52% Profit Margin coming out the door. August 2019 launch across 5-in-1 Media | Print - 8 Million PocketPlus USA Guides across the Country We are currently partnered with 101 Grocery Chains w/13,400 locations in 100 Metros/2,135 Cities. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus We Put the 'i" in Moni & Give You "A Lot" More Cascading Formulas for Prosperity for Everyone • We redesigned Social for Commerce • We reinvent Advertising to Discovery via Promos & Points of Proximity • We break the Boundaries of Blockchain to give you More in Every Transaction • We created the Digital MarketStream - 11 Mkt Segments to improve Every Facet of Your Day • We utilize Convergence to blend Promos Social Messaging Commerce Payments for Shopping • We deliver a 5 in 1 Media Advantage for People Places & Community One promo across Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacon | SmartMoni for broader coverage
  3. 3. SMARTMONI w/MONIPLUS Intelligence in Every Transaction MoniServices We are More than a Network & a Token – Prosperity for Everyone "This is a strong offering. We implement a Global Architecture that can be adopted immediately. It also allows each country, region or continent to adapt and evolve their own digital strategy. At the same time, we offer true Value-Added Services tailored toward each Country Market, 5 MoniMarts & 11 Market Segments. We offer true value-added w/Proximity & Personalization for each transaction. We also chart multiple & parallel paths for substantial market appreciation inside of 12 Months - 6 Value Benchmarks - Country by Country." Note: A US launch in 100 Metros/2,135 Cities is scheduled for July 2019 We Change the Nature of Moni Rather than a Sign of Wealth, It Increases Wealth as You Use It Its Personal, Private, Builds Relationships and creates Stronger Communities -------------------------------------------- We make spending CASH or using a CREDIT CARD a BAD DEAL Prosperity for Everyone 1. SMARTMONICENTERS MoniServices MoniPlus, MoniExpress, MoniPay, MoniDeposit, MoniSafe, MoniBill, MoniGift, MoniLoan, MoniFund, MoniAssets, MoniEscrow & MoniExchange Implemented over Phases | We Own for Each Service Personal | People | Merchants | Business | Global Prosperity for Everyone ----------------------------------- We Partner with Those Who Use Moni the Most & Can Service it Best Merchants Circle 2. MONICOINS A NEW MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE ZeroPlus - Moni-ID - Payments - Transfers - Exchange - Assets - Commerce We Threaten No One & Compliment Everyone Country by Country 3. MONI-ID We Reinvent Privacy for You Personal Avatars - Verification, Authorization, Moni Accounts, Moni Metrics 4. MONIPLUS We Put the "i" in Moni & Give You More MoniCoins w/MoniPromos & MoniPoints w/Personal & Private AI SmartShopper Powered by MoniAds
  4. 4. 5. MONIEXPRESS | MONIPAY | MONIBILL | MONIEXCHANGE Payments - Transfers - Exchange Local to Global 7. MONIASSETS Certified w/Managed Services Autos - Homes - Buildings - Land - Equipment 8. MONI-ADS A New Type of Advertising Wuts New! Wuts Hot! Wuts a Deal! & Things-to-Do Discovery & Engagement – Explore w/Save Share with friends Click-to-Buy CitiLife | Dining | Home | Healthcare | ProServices | Wealth | Charity | Faith | Travel | Civics Print - Internet - Mobile - Beacons – SmartMoni 5-in-1 Media Advantage MarketStream 9. MONICHAIN We Break the Boundaries of Blockchain We take advantage of the Digital Stream to create the MarketStream It Feeds the MoniChain to Seed the MoniCoin to Create MoniPlus 1st M2M Global Network | People & Merchant POS Retail SmartMoni + Stellar/Chain + IBM 10. MoniSwift.Net Integrity, Security, Reliability and Speed 1st M2M (Machine to Machine) Global Financial Network AT&T – Verizon - Sprint – Deutse – Telekom – Unicom – Telenor – Vodfone Trucking | Pipelines | Shipping | Utilities & Now - Financial SmartMoniCenters 11. MarketSocials GoMainSt & StreetTalk.Buzz 5-in-1 Media Advantage Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacons | SmartMoni -------------------------------------------------- CitiLife - Wuts New! Wuts Hot! Wuts-a-Deal! & Life Events Power of Proximity w/MoniAd Pins - Discovery Spot Save Share-w-Friends & Click-to-buy Every New Day - We Showcase then Personalize to Suit Your Taste & Needs Explore Live Promos w/Proximity Points tailored from the MarketStream 100 Metros/2,135 Cities with 101 Grocery Chains @ 13,400 Locations Promos – Social – Messaging – Streaming – Commerce – Payments Discovery for Every Part of Your Day Layered Technology Delivering New Capabilities
  5. 5. Axioms for Strategy & Success 1. Mobile Phone Vendors have been pushing Phone Payments for almost 10 years. Not much progress, people are creature of habits and convenience. They need a reason to change. I’ve had a “Cell Phone” for 30 years, Im not in a rush to put-it-all-on-my-phone. I’m sure Apple Google & Samsung would luv it. 2. A VC commented online, are we going cashless too soon? I reminded him, Credit Cards are “cashless”. They are also secure and convenient. And, current Costs are born by the Merchants, they are transparent to the Consumer. Do not discount the resilience and convenience of the Card. 3. Are Mobile Payments Real? New methods will come in all shapes sizes & colors: Cards, Pocket Tech Gadgets, Bios etc. SmartPhone Payments will be part of the “mix”. The new choices will surprise you. 4. We create MarketStream for every facet of your day. CitiLife, Dining, Home, Healthcare, Wealth, Charity, Faith Education Travel Civics. Much of these are New – 5 Sectors w/Service & Community. 5. Advertising changes from Trolling to Discovery w/Proximity Points. We bring more choice to every part of your life, when you need it most. All during the day. 6. We replace Trolling in Advertising with CitiLife Promos – Wuts Hot! Wuts New! Wuts a Deal! & Life Events. We deliver Discovery & Engagement for Points of Immediacy around you. Then Personalize it. 7. For the 1st time, we include Services & Community – Services, Charity, Faith, Education and Civics . It enriches lives, builds relationships and healthier communities The Big Chains love it. 8. We move the Commerce forward through Convergence. We utilize the Digital Stream to blend Promos Social, Messaging, Commerce and Payments into a single experience. Once a stale Search & Buy Click, it’s now - Proximity Points w/ Spot, Save, Share-with-Friends & Click-to-buy with MoniPlus. 9. Digital is more than “Just a Payment”. Its been 50 years, new technology means new capabilities. It’s more than a Network, a Token and a Payment. It’s a ever changing MarketStream with Promos & Points of Proximity delivering more Choices for every facet of your day. Then Add AI SmartShopper with MoniPlus 10. We created the MarketStream to Feed the MoniChain to Seed the MoniCoin to Create MoniPlus. 1. 5-in-1 Media Advantage – Print Internet Mobile Beacon SmartMoni 2. Promos – a 5X Matrix instead of just 1. For the 1st time – Services & Community. 3. Points of Proximity – Spot the Matrix of Choices around you, then click to personalize. 4. Convergence – Discovery & Engagement w/Promos, Social, Messaging, Commerce, Payments 5. MarketStream – We add depth: We add Services & the Health & Wealth of the Community. 6. SmartShopper – Personal AI @ Your Fingertips and Personalized for Every Facet of Your day. Profitable in 1st Month Launch $5 Million Revenue / 52% Profit Margin USA National Launch in 100 Metros/2,135 Cities w/Nat’l Retail, Restaurant & Service Chains Partnered with 101 Grocery Chains @ 14,300 Locations – All Month Long
  6. 6. Table of Contents CONTENT PAGES 1. USA Launch 2. SnapShot 3. Management Team 4. Overview 5. Primary Markets 6. Platforms 7. MoniServices 8. MoniPlus 9. Beacons 10. MoniAssets 11. SmartMoniCenters 12. MoniAds 13. MoniChain 14. GoMainSt w/PocketPlus 15. Power of the Pin 16. CitiMart 17. Built On Layers 18. National Launch USA - August 2019 19. MTO Offerings 1 2 5 4 6 9 14 15 16 18 19 20 24 26 26 27 28 29 30
  7. 7. Launch MTO – Ready Set Go! ✓ We really believe in Branding – Platforms and Services. ✓ We don’t deliver just Solutions, but Whole New Capabilities. ✓ We utilize Fully Operational Platforms, modified to deliver New Paradigms ✓ We pull in High Performance Partners to reduce cost, risk & time to market ✓ We use Convergence to create the Digital MarketStream to realign 3 Major Industry Segments. ✓ When working with Developers, Partners, Vendors - What is Delivered is always Better ✓ This is not a conceptual plan, it is an operational roll out – platforms, developers, partners & markets ✓ Its designed to realign existing Fin-Ad-Social-Commerce-Payments Sectors to True Value Added USA Nat’l Launch – 100 Metros/2,135 Cities w/101 Grocery Chains @ 13,400 Locations – Aug 2019 $5 Million to Launch with $5 Million Revenue 1st Month in 4 Months with $2.1 Million Profit ✓ We empower people in every facet of their day - 11 Mkt Sectors: Services & Community ✓ We also provide Discovery – General Proximity & Personal. ✓ We promote Merchants Business and Civic Services while Rewarding Users for Every Transaction. ✓ We deliver Proximity Points of Discovery w/Spot – Save - Share w/Friends - Click-to-Buy ✓ We Build relationships and stronger communities ✓ We Put the “I” in Moni & Give You More ✓ Prosperity for Everyone Prosperity for Everyone, BrentA Brent D. Amundson @ |
  8. 8. SmartMoni Snapshot Intelligence in Every Transaction ------------------------------------------------------- We Change the Nature of Moni Rather than a Sign of Wealth, It Increases Wealth as You Use It We Change the Business Model of Moni Instead of Transaction Fees - we use MoniPlus to Promote Merchants/Civics and Reward Users. We increase Purchasing Power in Every Transaction. MoniPlus = MoniPromos & MoniPoints w/AI SmartShopper We Change How Moni is Serviced Govt's use Moni for Power, Banks use Moni for Profit, Merchants use Moni for Commerce. We partner with those who use Moni the most and can service it best: Merchants MoniServices via Merchants reduce costs 45% and increase Services 45% Safe Secure & Convenient Market Plan for Moni We utilize 3 Operational Platforms and modify them to create Convergence. We reinvent Advertising, Social and Money to deliver whole new capabilities and benefits. We Partnered with 101 Grocery Chains in 100 Metros/2,135 Cities & Focus on 785 Nat’l Chains 5-in-1 Media Advantage We Deliver Not Solutions but New Capabilities We redesigned Social for Commerce and created a New Type of Shopping. We evolve Advertising from Stalking & Trolling to one of Discovery & Engagement We break the Boundaries of Blockchain by adding a New Value Layer to Give You More. We Create the Digital MarketStream It feeds the MoniChain to seed the MoniCoin to create MoniPlus CitiLife | Dining | Home |Medical | Professional | Investing | Charity | Faith |Education | Travel | Education | Civics Promos – Social – Messaging – Commerce – Payments Advertising – Social – Shopping - Payments Prosperity for Everyone. Formulaic Cascading Results Companies succeed through Formulas Ours are Multi-layered & Multi-faceted with Exponential Results. Higher Chance of Success By Reinventing Fully Operational Platforms We Reduce Investment, Reduce Risk & Time to Market Our Business is Prosperity for Everyone
  9. 9. Management Team CEO – Brent D Amundson UCF - Bachelors Finance/Economics, Thunderbird Global Mgmt. - MBA I have 25 years’ experience in the sale design implementation and management of Turnkey Global Networks. I have personally done Turnkey - Citibank, Am Express, HSBC, ANZ, Fuji Bank and managed Bank of America Chase Visa & Mastercard Worldwide and many more. I also Managed the Public Net for 83 Countries and put in the 1st National Nets for Australia and Japan. We added the Chinese Character Sets to the Net and I designed and implemented the 1st Fully Fault Tolerant Country Network in the World – ie Japan. Employed y Companies: Texaco, Control Data, Tymnet (Tymshare), McDonnell Douglas, NCR. Positions held: Financial Analyst, Sales Rep, Account Rep, Country Mgr. – Japan, Director of Pacific Rim, Private network Sales – W. Region. My health is excellent. I might take 2-3 Tylenols a year. My dad lived to 92, flew a hot air balloon until 83. Uncle died at age 92. May aunt is 96 and still out-n-about. My grandparents died at 92 in a car accident. LinkedIn - VP Sales – Jeff Homan BS Computer Science, MBA Thunderbird Global Mgmt 25 years in Software Sales for Financial & Retail Industries. Experience includes Accenture & KPMG Peat Marwick with client engagements such as Bank of America, State of California, and Allstate Insurance Japan. Programmer and Software Analyst. LinkedIn - VP CTO – Ram Kuman MSC – Computer Science Bharathiar University, MBFEB – Indian Institute of Mgmt. Bangalore Over 10 years’ experience in blockchain and digital advertising technology. Pioneered a handful of technologies related to Adserver, AdExchange, OpenRTB, DSP, SSP, DMP, CDP, AMP, GDPR compliant ads, and many more. One of the Top Tech Adman on the Planet. Implementation Team Rather than rely on a few individuals to build out our platforms. We will instead utilize a team of 5 companies. Each with their own expertise. Their ability to converge resources to meet objectives are substantial. Known and I’ve worked with them for 2-7 years. We will add staffing and resources as we approach launch time 3-5 Months. This reduces Company overhead provides more flexibility and opportunity to actively engage during buildout. Partners - 5 Companies (India) ➢ 1 Is 40th largest Software Company in the World ➢ 2 are listed in Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in India ➢ 3 are the Top in their respective Specialties worldwide. (Social, Ads, Commerce)
  10. 10. SmartMoni Intelligence in Every Transaction The Power of Moni Phones gave way to Smart Phones; will Money give way to the benefits of SmartMoni? Experience could be our guide. Market Place The Current Market is Tremendous Business & Revenue BUILT on Money Payments & Transfers Current Costs • Money Transactions cost 40 cents to $1.80 • Money Transfers cost $1.95 to $340.00 SmartMoni w/MoniPlus • ZeroPlus Fee – Zero Costs for Payments, Transfers & Exchanges • Plus+ - Receive MoniPromos & MoniPoints for Each Activity • Our Internal Payments & Transfer costs are .0002, its now a Revenue Stream again via MoniAds • Portfolio of Branded MoniServices. MoniPlus, MoniExpress, MoniExchange, MoniAssets Etc. Business Model In the 100s of new Crypto ICOs, what is their Business Model? How do they replace the lost revenue stream of Transaction Fee’s? We do it through MoniPlus & MoniAds by promoting merchants and rewarding customers. NOTE: Google & Facebook – 98% of their Revenue is ADVERTISING, but we deliver MORE to every customer Market Size SmartMoni will be Promos, Shopping & Money Payments. All through new platforms and 5 Brands: GoMainSt, StreetTalk, SmartMoniCenter, MoniAds & MoniPlus. New capabilities designed for promotions, social, messaging, commerce and payments with MoniPlus. We Put the ‘I’ in Moni & Give You More Markets: Advertising $550 Billion, Online Shopping $2.34 Trillion, Payments $3.4 Trillion Market Plan We introduce a new type of Promotion Platform to the US Marketplace. PocketPlus USA - a 5-in-1 Media Advantage. One promotion across – Print, Internet, Mobile, Beacons & SmartMoni and the MarketStream – 11 Mkt Sectors: Services & Community too with Points of Proximity and 5X Promo Matrix. We initially target the 785 National Restaurant, Retail and Service Chains, 3,000 Commerce Sites & 13 Million Establishments. We provide maximum US coverage by partnering with 101 Grocery Chains: 100 Metros/2,135 Cities @ 13,400 locations. Nat’l Launch on July 2019. Market Platforms: Convergence: Social – Advertising – Money for New Capabilities We utilize fully operational and production platforms, modify them to deliver whole new capabilities, then utilize convergence to co-leverage these capabilities to provide exponential results. As a result, we are also able to reduce costs, time to market and risk. All while increasing Services, Revenue & Profits – Dramatically We also Apologize in Advance for the low startup costs, low risk, fast to market and immediate profitability
  11. 11. SmartMoniCenter w/MoniServices People Places & Community Safe Secure & Convenient Simply Put We don’t deliver Solutions but Whole New Capabilities ------------------------------------------------------------ We redesign Social for Commerce | We reinvent Advertising from Trolling to Discovery We Create the MarketStream to Apply Convergence | We break the Boundaries of Blockchain for MoniPlus 3 Major Market Segments Ads $550 Billion - Shopping $2.34 Trillion - Payments $3.4 Trillion Platforms for Delivery SmartMoni & MarketSocials SmartMoniCenters – MoniPlus – MoniAds – GoMainSt w/PocketPlus – StreetTalk Advertising | Shopping | Payments | MoniPlus MarketStream We Apply it to Every Facet of Your Day Discovery w/Proximity Points - Spot Save Share-with-Friends & Click-to-Buy CitiLife | Dining | Home | Medical | Professional | Wealth | Professional | Charity | Faith | Travel | Education | Civics Promos | Social | Messaging | Commerce | Payments | MoniPlus Convergence 5-in-1 Media Advantage Print – Internet – Mobile – Beacons + SmartMoni -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Target 3,000 Online Commerce Sites Target 785 Retail, Restaurant, Service Nat’l Chains Target 13.2 Million Segments in MarketStream across 11 Market Sectors -------------------------------------- Launch @ August 2019 SmartMoni & MarketSocials • 8 Million PocketPlus Guides @ 100 Metros USA All Month Long • 100-200 Nat’l Retail, Restaurant, Service Chains w/MoniPlus • GoMainSt & StreetTalk w/CitiMart & MoniCoins / MoniPlus • SmartMoniCenter w/MoniCoins & MoniAds / MoniPlus 100 Metros/2,135 Cities w/101 Grocery Chains @ 13,400 Locations - All Month Long CitiLife | Home | Dining | Medical | Professional | Wealth | Charity | Faith | Travel | Education | Civics 1st Month Revenue – $5 Mill/$2.2 Profit w/25% Mthly Growth - $234 Million 12 Months
  12. 12. 6 Operational Value Bumps Benchmarks in 1st Year SmartMoni Platforms 1. SmartMoniCenters w/MoniServices – Safe Secure & Convenient 2. MoniPlus – w/MoniCoins - MoniPromos & MoniPoints & AI SmartShopper Bot 3. MoniAds – Discovery & Engagement 4. GoMainSt PocketPlus & CitiMart – Promos & Commerce 5. MoniWallet / MoniPay Commerce 6. Stellar / Chain / IBM Blockchain 1. Next Generation of Money - SmartMoni w/MoniServices We expand the capabilities of the blockchain by adding a Value Layer, it increases the Purchasing Power of Every Transaction. We then created the MarketStream with 11 Market Segments. It feeds the MoniChain which seeds the MoniCoin to create MoniPlus. It consists of MoniPromos and MoniPoints created via MoniAds. It’s a new business model for money. Rather than being fueled by Transaction Fees, we are an Advertising Platform, promoting Merchants & Civic Orgs in the Community while rewarding users. We create the MarketStream of 11 Market Segments to assist you in every part of your day. It all resides Live - right in your Wallet with an AI SmartShopper for Personal Assistant. Powered by a General Proximity Search, with a click for Personal Preference Feed. Our Payment / Transfer Cost to customers is ZeroPlus. Its Free and includes a MoniPromo & MoniPoints for Every Moni Activity. CitiLife provides a Wuts New! Wuts Hot! & Wuts a Deal! & Life Events. Its expanded through a 5-in-1 Media Advantage. Print Internet Mobile Beacons and SmartMoni. Their Promotions are sent directly to Central MoniAd and available to all MoniWallets & available On-Demand. 2. We Change How Moni is Serviced Govt's use Moni for Power, Banks use Moni for Profit, Merchants use Moni for Commerce We partner with those who use Moni the most and can service it best – Merchants. Banks located in Grocery Stores reduce costs by 45% and increase services 45%. We offer SmartMoniCenters and MoniDepot Kiosks located conveniently with Merchant Partners. 3. A Social Designed for Commerce. It’s a new type of shopping. We use convergence and blend Promos Social Messaging and Commerce across the same platform to create a new type of shopping experience. Its discovery and engagement driven by convenience. In addition, we created the MarketStream which represents every facet of your day with 11 Market Segments: CitiLife, Home, Dining, Healthcare, Wealth, Professional, Charity, Faith, Education, Travel & Civics. There are 5 areas to conduct discovery and commerce: Showcase, PocketPlus, Weekly Billboards, Life Events & CitiMart. Its also powered by CitiAds and MoniAds to promote your products & services. Services – a ripe area for growth. 4. We Reinvent Advertising with MoniAds We replace the stalking trolling model of Advertising to one of Discovery & Engagement. We introduce Promos in CitiLife and implement Wuts New! Wuts Hot! & Wuts a Deal! & Life Events. All with geo-proximity and utilizing the Power of the Pin to provide easy access viewing with Spot, Save, Share, Click-n-Buy. Personal Preferences serviced by an AI SmartShopper Bot provides more value and convenience. Merchants utilizing MoniPay with ZeroPlus Fees can load their MoniPromos & MoniPoints to Centralized MoniAds and they will be distributed worldwide via MoniPlus & Wallet.
  13. 13. Markets Served SmartMoni w/MoniPlus is designed to provide a higher value-added service to each market and its customers. It also defines our business sectors and how we tailor servers to meet every facet of your day.. We are local to global. Major Sectors Advertising – Social – Shopping - Payments Ads $550 Billion | Shopping $2.34 Trillion | Payments $3.4 Trillion Market Segment Size (USA) 1. People to People 2. Retail – Merchants, Restaurants, Services 3. Business 2 Business 4. Global Express 5. GoMainSt MarketSocial – 10 Mkt Segments $ 800 Billion $ 5.700 Trillion $33.000 Trillion $ 4.000 Trillion $16.4 Trillion The MarketStream – Market Segments 1. 785 National Retail, Restaurant & Service Chains 2. 101 Grocery Store Chains 3. 13 Million Merchants, Business, Civic Entities within US Market Market Social US Markets Anchor Tenants Market Size 1. SmartMoniCenters 2. GoMainSt 3. StreetTalk 4. MoniAds 1. Merchants 2. Home Services 3. Dining Out 4. Healthcare 5. Charities 6. Faith Based 7. Travel 8. Investing 9. Professional 10. Education 11. Civics 2,206,681 1,837,084 990,805 1,622,648 1,409,430 575,083 488,000 2,648,062 258,000 1,188,547 ----TBD---- $4.70 Trillion $1.80 Trillion $ 683 Billion $1.90 Trillion $2.06 Trillion $ 400 Billion $1.70 Trillon $1.45 Trillion $ 700 Billion $1.10 Trilion -----TBD------- Total 13,224,340 $16,493,000,000 Much of these are SERVICES – Wide Open for Commerce & Plus Services Also, who does Promos for Community – Charity, Faith, Education, Civics Sectors? This is a “hot button” with many of the Big Chains and Grocery Store Chains. They are part of the Community.
  14. 14. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus We Put the “I” in Moni & Give You more 1. We create a universal Medium of Exchange MoniCoins Local Currency, ZeroPlus Fees, Moni-ID, Payments, Transfers, Exchanges 2. We then add MoniPlus. We increase your Purchasing Power in Every Transaction. 3. We do this through MoniPromos & MoniPoints. 4. We add a 4th level to the MoniChain Value Multiplier - $100 in MoniCoins gives you 120-140-160-180-200 in purchasing power and you also receive MoniPoints. 5. Anyone can give, share and award them. They become a 2nd currency in the community. 6. In addition, we have a portfolio of MoniServices, MoniAssets being serviced through SmartMoniCenters. 7. We partner with Big Chain Merchants country by country. Its a new business model, ZeroPlus transaction costs and supported by MoniAds. Safe Secure & Convenient 8. MoniChain includes a Value Layer to calculate MoniPromos/MoniPoints every transaction. 9., a 21st Century Merchant POS Global Net The first M2M Global Financial Network - Machine to Machine. Secure Reliable & Fast SmartMoniCenter – MoniServices 1. MoniCoins – ZeroPlus Fees, Moni-ID, Payments, Transfers, Exchanges 2. MoniPlus w/MoniPromos-MoniPoints & AI SmartShopper MoniBuddy 3. MoniExpress, MoniPay, MoniGift, MoniFunds, MoniLoad 4. MoniAssets, MoniGold, MoniBonds, MoniStocks, MoniSilver 5. MoniAds, MoniAdvertising 6. MoniExchange 7. MoniChain, 8. MTOExchange, MTOMarketToken 9. We Own 85 Domains
  15. 15. We Deliver it All with SmartMoni w/MoniPlus We promote Merchants & Reward you for every transaction. MoniPlus MoniCoins – Local Currency w/ZeroPlus Fees, Privacy, Instant Payments & Transfers MoniPlus – MoniCoins w/MoniPromos & MoniPoints & AI SmartShopper We increase the value of every transactions while building relationships, promoting Enterprises and stronger Communities. We reward you for every transaction. Perks & Promos! SmartMoni w/MoniPlus 6+ 1. MoniCoins 2. MoniPlus 6+ Wallet 3. MoniPlus 6+ Pay with Merchant MoniAds for Internet Delivery & Service Brands 4. MarketSocial – GoMainSt + PocketPlus USA w/MoniPlus 6+ Wallet 5. SocialStream – StreetTalk.Buzz w/MoniPlus 6+ Wallet 6. SmartMoniCenters – MoniPlus 6+ & MoniServices 7. MoniAds -Merchant MoniPromos & MoniPoints Our goal is to provide the ability to do instant payments, exchanges and transfers with minimum overhead and optimum efficiency. Any user will be able to perform any payment as a routine daily transaction with all parties with substantially reduced fees and benefits for all parties. In addition, SmartMoni w/MoniPlus residing on a private MoniSwift network Allows for the purchase of MoniCoins. Its value is based upon local currency. Substantially reduces the complexity, verifiability and confirmation of cross-border transactions. This aids our effort to provide instant payment services on a local to global level. We Threaten No One and Compliment Everyone.
  16. 16. 1. Local Currency All MoniCoins are based upon 1-to-1 Country Currency. 2. ZeroPlus Fees: Zero Fees with MoniPromos & MoniPoints awarded with every Purchase, Transfer & Transaction 3. Privacy - Avatar w/Moni-ID SmartMoni will verify authenticate and record all transactions and deposits without the need to “tag your name” to it. You and how you Spend Money is now Private. 4. MoniPlus Wallet - Payments | Privacy | Points | Promos | SmartShopper AI Bot 1. MoniCoins Local Currency (MoniLoad) 2. ZeroPlus – No Fees w/Rewards for Every Activity 3. Instant Payments, Transfers & Exchanges 4. Moni-ID - Privacy with Avatar 3. SmartShopper AI Bot 1. Promotions from 11 Market Segments with Proximity Points w/General & Preferences 4. MoniPoints - Community Currency Everyone can Issue Points - Friends Family Charities Schools Merchants Business Govt 1. Points for Purchasing 2. Rewards for Doing 3. Incentives for Trying 4. Shared / Gifted
  17. 17. 5. MoniPromos - Products & Services 1. Wuts New Wuts Hot Wuts a Deal & Life Events 2. MarketStream - 11 Market Sectors CitiLife | Dining | Home | Healthcare | Professional | Wealth | Charity | Faith | Travel | Education | Civics 3. $100 MoniCoins gets you $120-140-180-200 in Purchasing Pow 4. Everyone participates – All Sectors: Merchants Business Charity Faith Civics 6. MoniPlus 6+ Pay Online Internet commerce for Merchants with MoniPlus Pay. Their Promos are fed into Central MoniAds and available on MoniPlus Global Internet Commerce – 32 Carts / 12 Retail POS Programs. 1. MoniCoins - Local Currency 2. Payments Privacy Points Promos 3. MoniPlus a. Local Commerce Site - Their Promos b. Local Commerce Site Promos sent to Global MoniPlus Wallet c. Accessed by MoniPlus SmartShopper AI Bot Smart Contracts tailored for 10 Market Sectors tied to CitiMart Commerce Markets: CitiLife | Dining | Home | Medical | Investing | Services | Community Service | Politics | Travel | Latin 7. Five Primary Moni Markets SmartMoni Brands tailored toward specific markets Personal | People to People | Retail & Shopping | Business to Business | Global 8. MoniPoints – Color for More Value MoniPlus 6+ - We increase the Value of Every Transaction.
  18. 18. A. Blue Points - For Purchasing (Multi-Merchant) The MoniChain is ideal platform in which to incorporate a Multi-Merchant loyalty point program. In addition, we include broader based community to include schools, charities, govt,events and holidays. B. Red Rewards – For Doing Rewards can be just attending a Sale from a Merchant, participation in a Charity Event, running a 10- mile Marathon or getting straight A’s in Classes. They can be from Friends, Family, Employers, Merchants – anyone who has a relationship with you. C. Green Incentives - For Trying This is for behavior modification. We know you like Anthony’s Pizza, try ours. We know you like to work out try Fit Health Club, this this one or try this diet to help you lose weight. Friends, family, employers, merchants and restaurants can offer rewards for extra motivation and benefits. “Try our New Salad Bar. Try Aerobics Gym & Pool twice a week. Try Breakfast buffet on Sundays…. D. Purple Promotions - For Buying Retailers, Restaurants and Service companies can offer the GoMainSt PocketPlus Promotions – Wuts New! Wuts Hot! Wut a Deal for You! and 2 extra banners to promote their company, products and services. Promotions is the big opportunity. Companies Organizations even Govt need to promote their Products, Services and Image. Today, advertising model is very weak and stale: generic one- dimensional advertising or coupons. We deliver with Proximity Promos across 11 Market Sectors for every facet of your day. 10. Service – AI SmartShopper w/Points of Proximity. For time and convenience, MoniPlus Bot who does a lot. Wuts New! and Wuts Hot & Wuts a Deal for You! & Life Events. It will reach across 11 Markets – CitiLife, Dining, Home, Health, Services, Investing, Charity, Acts of Faith, Education, Civics. Every Part of Your Day. Driven by GoMainSt PocketPlus and MoniPlus. 11. Plus is a Growth Industry Enrollment in loyalty programs in the US grew by 20 percent to 3.32 billion in 2015 from 2.65 billion just 3 years earlier. While Multi-Merchant Loyalty Programs are successful everywhere else. Until now, no one has ever initiated one in the US Market. Program Goals are higher customer retention, lifting sales and shifting competitor’s customers. ROI Goal is typically a 15% increase of 3-matrix. • 73% - Recommend brands • 81% - Do business with brands • 66% - Modify spending 75% - Brand relationship • 70% - Modify when/where to buy • 80% - Choose a Bank offers rewards Promotions & Rewards Build Better Customers & More Revenue Millennials, ages 18-34, were more likely to share their location to receive coupons from nearby businesses: 56%, vs. 42% of those 35 and over. 25% also said that they would give away personal information to get more relevant advertising, compared with 19% of the 35 and over group. Millennials are more comfortable about releasing their personal info when it comes to getting discounts or relevant advertising, which make sense for a generation more connected than any prior. (source: USA Today)
  19. 19. 12. MoniPlus Club (Merchants Circle) Finally, SmartMoni w/MoniPlus running on MoniChain provides an ideal solution suited for an Multi- Merchant MoniPlus. It allows for the instantaneous and secure creation, redemption, and exchange of merchant promotions and loyalty reward points across programs, vendors, and industries through a trustless environment using cryptographic proofs. Through its rigorous online protocol, well-programmed building blocks, smart contracts, blockchain has the capability to operate independently without intermediaries and can execute seamlessly to create a cohesive marketplace. Its key elements are integrated points, rewards, incentives and promotions with MoniChain. This is then combined and delivered to everyone’s advantage with the integration of Currency Digital Token MTO w/MoniPlus. All of this substantially increases the efficiency, effectiveness and on-time benefits for the Merchant, Consumer and Marketplace. MoniClub – MoniPoints & MoniPromos/ Points, Rewards, Incentives & Promotions w/SmartMoni MoniPlus 13. MoniPlus - CitiLife Beacon Merchant Premises & Locality Free Wifi Services This will be made available to Merchants using PocketPlus n MoniPlus. Using this product, any business can create a virtual perimeter and send notifications to the customers who pass through this perimeter. In addition, MoniPlus Mobile app will display Promos & Proximity Discovery and Choices. Spot Save Share with Friends then Click-to-Buy. This is also big oppt’y to provide Free Wireless Overseas – CitiLife with Local Merchant Promos. • Proximity campaign Get unlimited deals and discount bargains on the product whichever you pass through it. • Geo-fencing Sends push notifications and promotional messages to the App users within a certain geographical area. • Analytics Analytics will help in measuring your advertising ROI as well as track users interest area and footfalls via heat map, social networking sites and applications. • Web Management Console To manage content such as promotions, geo-fencing messages & store info for your app • Summary The Power of MarketSocial using convergence Promos, Social, Messaging and Commerce w/Payments across 11 Sectors of the MarketStream. To assist in Every Facet of Your Day. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus
  20. 20. 13. MoniAssets – MoniServices Title and Certifications for Digital Ownership, Commerce and Management. Standardized to create procedures for inclusion of Cars, Boats, RVs, Houses, Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Silver Buildings Land Equipment Etc. This is an outgrowth of our Mgmt. Services offered in CitiMart Marketplace. A. Mgmt. Services Merchants & Service Providers will pay to be included as options for Management of SmartServices B. MoniAssets Stock Bonds Land Buildings Equipment Furniture Factories Buildings C. Applied across MarketStream CitiLife | Dining | Home | Healthcare | Professional | Wealth | Charity | Faith | Travel | Education | Civics
  21. 21. 14. SmartMoniCenters People, Places & Community. Safe Secure & Convenient SmartMoniCenters will be accessible via Internet, Mobile and through convenient Retail Partners. These include Mobile Carriers, Retail & Grocery Chains & Convenience Stores. This builds the framework for strong working relationships and Merchant Partners country by country. People, Places and Community – Service via Customer Service Counters, Kiosk and Internet On Demand US Bank excels in Grocery store banking. They’ve extended the concept to university campuses, hospitals, and corporate office complexes. U.S. Bank has about 60 university and workplace branches, adding 10-15 annually. Here’s the key: these small footprint branches only cost 20-25% of the cost of a traditional branch but generate 30-40% of the income and are sales leaders when it comes to new account opening. “If Visa can be owned by Banks, why can’t SmartMoni be owned by Merchants” • They manage in-store separately from stand-alone, traditional branches. “Our mantra is it’s 50% the same as traditional branch banking and 50% different”. • They leverage their host partner’s knowledge – not just traffic patterns, but also demographics and purchase propensity during different day-parts. “We employ different marketing tactics, offer different promotions, pricing wise, from what traditional branches do.” • They hire differently, looking for individuals with retail experience, then teach them banking. • Non-traditional branches will give it a competitive edge, enabling it to – expand distribution while at the same time reducing cost. SMC and Kiosks will provide Services.
  22. 22. MoniServices Brands & Domains MoniPlus, MoniExpress, MoniPay, MoniDeposit, MoniSafe, MoniBill, MoniGift, MoniLoan, MoniFund, MoniAssets, MoniEscrow & MoniExchange Implemented over Phases | We Own for Each Service Personal | People | Merchants | Business | Global Prosperity for Everyone People to People • Buy | Sell MoniCoins • Transfer to Friend • Transfers Overseas • Currency Exchange • Smart Contracts Business to Business • Payments • Billing | Invoicing • Global Exchanges • Loyalty & Promotions • Smart Contracts Retail | CitiMart - Commerce • MoniStore – MoniCoins • Payments, Transfers, Exchanges • Loyalty – MoniPlus • Promotions – PocketPlus • Beacons – Merchant • MoniAds • Smart Contracts Global Transfers • Payments | Billing • Transfers • Currency Exchange • Smart Contracts 15 Markets Serviced (Service Sector) CitiLife | Dining | Home | Healthcare | Services | Investing | Charity | Faith | Politics | Education | Travel | Civics
  23. 23. 15. MoniAds The Good News, we have 4 Major Choices as to which Ad Platform to Select. They are all good, all powerful and all 1st Class. What’s even better, we are realigning Advertising to Promos and then providing a new mechanism to feed them across the Globe all based upon Point of Immediacy for every part of your day. We even have the CEO of one Company offering to come on board. Wuts New! Wuts Hot! Wuts a Deal! & Life Events Discovery & Engagement – Spot, Save, Share with Friends, then Click-n-Buy. GoMainSt w/PocketPlus Ad Windows: Showcase - PocketPlus – Weekly Billboards – Life Events – CitiAds – CitiMart 1. Showcase – Highlight Products & Services 2. PocketPlus – Wuts New! Wuts Hot1 Wuts-a-Deal! – Life Events 3. Weekly Billboards – Autos, Malls, Education, Grocery Stores, 4. Life Events - People Places & Community Events 5. CitAds - Buy & Sell City Marketplace 6. CitMart - Buy and Sell Online Stores, Restaurants & Services 7. Messenger - Chat, Message, Stream or Call 8. AI SmartShopper - Personal & Private Assistant MoniPlus Wallet, MoniPlus Commerce & MoniPay MoniPromos & MoniPoints across the MarketStream Internet Commerce Sites using MoniPlus can feed their Promos into our Central MoniAd Server to be made available to Everyone.
  24. 24. MarketStream – 11 Market Segments CitiLife | Dining | Home | Healthcare | Services | Investing | Charity | Faith | Politics | Education | Travel | Civics People Places & Community MoniAd Server Features Manage all your Promos serving and content delivery all from one place. We have a long list of features, so no matter what you're trying to accomplish with your campaigns, you can almost always do it with just this MoniAds. This tool provides a real-time reporting system, and its intuitive platform handles all your desktop, mobile, video, or native needs. It's also studded with the most comprehensive targeting capabilities we've seen on the market today. • Global Reach Multiple Cloud Distributions to deliver Fast Secure & Responsive Ads • Billions of Impressions & Counting Easily scales from a few thousand impressions on a small website to billions of impressions per month. • Lightning Fast Loading Ad serving engines positioned all over the globe. MoniADs is built on the latest technology, optimized for speed, & structured for highest performance. • Always On – 99% Uptime Using fault tolerant clustered hosting, MoniADs Server always delivers enterprise level, 99.99% availability.
  25. 25. MoniAds Features Easy User Interface The MoniADs campaign flow is intuitive and easy to navigate. Set up an advertising campaign in four easy steps. • Create a publisher (usually the traffic source where your ad will run, or the client account being managed) • Create a placement in your publisher • Create ads in your placement • Place your placement ad tags to your traffic source or website Mobile / Display Auto-Responsive Ads Gain confidence and control over your creatives. MoniADsS boasts powerful tools and a vast catalog of formats, features, and capabilities. Whether you’re a coding expert, or prefer codeless ad building, we’ll help you dazzle your audiences with: • Standard banner ads • Rich media or HTML5 ads • Native ads • Mobile ads • Video ads Native Ads Done Right! Increase conversions with our Native Ad Widget. With MoniADs Server's built in templates, create visually stunning native ad units that are optimized for the highest click through rates. Take advantage of each impression by showing multiple ads within the same banner. Video Ad Serving Solutions Video ads play just as great as any other banner ad. Serve, host, and customize VAST tags (2.0/3.0/4.0 compliant) with the video ad analytics you need to optimize revenues. Easily create a custom, high converting HTML5 video ad using a combination of video and text elements - the options are endless! Real-Time Reporting Real time reporting means better ad campaigns. Quickly pinpoint where you're wasting ad spend for each traffic source, ad, ad group, country, or any other metric - combined or independently. Pull custom drill-down reports in MoniADs on how your campaigns are doing by device type, browser, geo, custom variables, and MUCH more.
  26. 26. Powerful MoniAd Synergy Advanced Scheduling • DAY PARTING Target your ads based on time and/or day to send perfectly timed messages. • WEIGHTING Want to set your ads to run more or less frequently in seconds? Get full control of how often your ads appear in rotation. • FREQUENCY CAPPING Want users to see you without getting annoyed with your brand? You can limit the number of times an ad will show to them. Advanced Targeting • GEOGRAPHIC TARGETING Use targeting to serve your ads to the right place - by country, province or state, or city. • PLATFORM TARGETING • Target and serve ads depending on which device, browser, carrier/ISP, or user-agent your users are visiting on. • SUB ID TARGETING Target ad campaigns by custom variables passed through your ad tag - such as keywords, campaign IDs, network ID, and more. Easy Management • MULTIPLE USER ACCOUNTS Manage and serve your inventory seamlessly with unlimited user accounts. • ADVERTISING PLACEMENTS Group similar advertising from multiple advertising sources into a single, easy-to- serve ad placement. • HELPFUL SUPPORT Our support team is available via phone, e-mail, or chat to help you make the most of ADTIZE. We also offer free one-on-one training sessions. Mobile SDK MoniADs Mobile SDK supports the most popular ad formats. Apart from standard banners, you can fill each and every placement in your app with high-impact interstitial and native ads that match the look and feel of your app. Link Tracker Stop using multiple platforms to track your campaigns and start using MoniAD Server for it all. Split test your landing pages, plus track clicks and conversions coming from Facebook, AdWords, or any other CPC ad network. Landing Page Server Did you know that ADTIZE’s HTML capabilities are not limited to ads? Anything you can code in HTML, CSS, or Javascript can be hosted in ADTIZE, from HTML5 ads to third party ad tags to whole web pages.
  27. 27. 16. Introducing MoniChain Utilizing a Power PostgreSQL Database, Value can be calculated in real time in POS transaction, or worst case. Afterwards. Its not Cash Backs….it’s better - Perks & Promos & Pay Outs Example: Data Stream Capture and Calculate. (PostgreSQL Database) MoniID – Company - Store – Location – Dept - Product/Service – Qty - Promo – Date – Time Merchant Partners: We will co-develop, pilot and test with Big Chains Country by Country. The MoniPlus MarketStream Interface will ease the installation & support of Big Retailers.
  28. 28. 17. GoMainSt PocketPlus USA Social Designed for Commerce, a New Type of Shopping. We offer 5-in-1 Media Advantage. Give us one promotion and we put it across Print Internet Mobile Beacons and create SmartMoni w/MoniPlus. Initial target is top 785 Retail Restaurant and Service Chains in America. We have partnered with 98 Grocery Chains with blanket coverage of USA - 100 Metros | 2,134 Cities. We launch in 4-5 Months. It has the advantage of enabling us to introduce MoniPlus to All-the-Top-Chains and then allowing us to “harvest” local business across 10 Market Segments in 100 Metropolitan Areas. I have been working with this exact tech for 5 years, its ready to go. Market Delivery – the 1st MarketSocial – National Launch July 2019
  29. 29. 1st Months Revenue is $5-10 Million w/52% Profit Margin & 25% Monthly Growth Rate. It launches in 4-5 Months, 1st Annual Revenue $234 Million 1. Summary: Two New Platforms and Competitive Advantage GoMainSt w/PocketPlus a MarketSocial Community & SmartMoni w/MoniPlus Each of these platforms are designed for a far and wide reach and as each pick up new members, it will always include…. a SmartMoni w/MoniPlus 4+ Wallet. ✓ CitiLife - Wuts New! Wuts Hot! Wuts-a-Deal! And Life Events ✓ A New 5-in-1 Media Advantage: Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacon | MoniPlus ✓ Convergence to include Promos, Social, Messaging and Payments within Commerce ✓ The Power of the Pin & Promotions for Exploration & Discovery ✓ Easy & Convenient: Spot, Save, Share with Friends, Click to Buy ✓ PocketPlus: 5 Blocks to Showcase & Promote your Products & Services ✓ CitiMart Commerce to include 6 Digital Definitions and Service Sector ✓ Created the MarketStream - 10 Market Segments We launch across America Coast to Coast with 134 Grocery Store Chains and National Retail, Restaurant, Service Chains in 108 Cities at 13,400 Locations ✓ MoniPlus will be Serviced by people who use the money the most via SmartMoniCenters ✓ The MarketSocials provide the Data Feed to create SmartMoni w/MoniPlus ✓ We incorporate the Same Model…. Country by Country over a Global MoniSwift.Net with Partners: Mobile Carriers, Grocery Chains, Retail Chains and Convenience Stores in 187 Countries via SmartMoniCenters PinInterest leads in Commerce generation due to its Pin. People go to their site to “Discover, Share, Save – Click n Buy”. This is also why Facebook purchased Instagram. We have designed the next big model with convergence – blending Promotions, Social, Commerce and incorporating the Power of the Pin and the bonus of MoniPlus. GoMainSt w/PocketPlus (Menu Services) Showcase | PocketPlus | Weekly Billboard | Life Events | CitiAds | CitiMart Applied across MarketStream CitiLife | Dining | Home | Healthcare | Professional | Wealth | Charity | Faith | Travel | Education | Civics
  30. 30. 18. Unleash Commerce - The Power of the Pin Discover Spot Save Share-with-Friends – Click-n-Buy! As Social moves to Commerce…” Pictures Sell” – Design with Convergence and Click to Buy User Stats across the Social Divide Social Users Daily Growth PinInterest Instagram LinkedIn Twitter 100 Million 400 Million 100 Million 316 Million 21 Min 21 Min 10 Min 17 Min 207% 143% 229% 114% PinInterest PINs Inspire to Discover – Spot Save Share with Friends – Click-to-Buy • 70% helps them on what to buy • 41% of ecommerce traffic • 90% specialty retailers • 47% shopper’s bot because of pin • 88% bought due to 1 Pin • 49% bought 5 items due to Pin • 72% follow brands for purchase • 71% like a Pin with a Price tag • 93% plan their purchases • 10B recommended to buy shares per day 19. MarketSocials – Designed for Commerce Utilizing Pins as Point of Proximity Promos w/Points for Every Activity 1. Discover & Engagement: Spot-Save-Share with Friends - Click to Buy 2. A New Type of Advertising / Promotion - Discovery vs Ad Trolling 3. 5-in-1 Media Advantage – Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacon | SmartMoni 4. MarketSocial Convergence – Promotions Social Messaging Commerce 5. Applied to 11 Large Market Segments (9X More Engagement) 6. Promote Your Company-Org, Product n Service – 5X Different Ways 7. Engage – Social likes comments share post content media 8. CitiMart – 6 Digital product mixes broken out by 10 market segments. 9. SmartMoni – MoniCoins w/MoniPlus: MoniPromos & MoniPoints
  31. 31. 20. Convergence – Promotions | Social | Messaging | Commerce | Payments Within GoMainSt, we build whole new capabilities. We take the power of Social and blend in Promotions and Commerce and apply it to market sectors. The result, we introduce whole new and effective ways to promote your company product n service, within social and conduct commerce. 21. Social Suite 8 Menu Services – Standardized Menu for Market Socials Show | PocketPlus | Weekly Billboard | Life Events | Engage | Team | CitiMarts 7 Menu Items: 4 is for Promotion – 2 are Social – 1 For Commerce What MS Office did for Office Productivity, we do for Market Productivity 22. GoMainSt Social Suite 8 Menu Services What MS Office did for Office Productivity, we do for Whole Markets Show | PocketPlus | Weekly Billboard | Life Events | Engage | Team | CitiMarts 1. Showcase Media: Photos Video Music 2. PocketPlus USA - Products & Services Promotions for Wuts New Wuts Hot Wuts a Deal | SpotLite | Blowout (5X) Each Vertical Mkt: Snacks n Gas, Health n Fitness, Finance n Prosperity, Treats n Eats, Leisure n Fun, Retail Chains, Merchants, Services 3. Weekly Billboard: Company Profiles & Portfolio Offerings Weekly Ads: Grocery Chains, Auto, Coffee Snacks n Gas, Community Plus, Dining n Take Out, Education Plus, Finance n Prosperity, Healthcare, Leisure n Fun, Retail Shopping, Services for
  32. 32. Everyone, Travel. 4. Life Events: Share Your Experience Spotlight, Around Town, Dinner Table, Family Focus, SmartShopper, Over Hill Travel, Career Path, Learning Curve, Community Plus 5. Engage – Social, Posts, Shares, Likes, Comments, StreetTalk, Blogging, Forums 6. Teams - Members, Clubs, Companies & Orgs 7. CitiMart & CitiAds CitiStores focused by Vertical offerings Products n Services 23. CitiMart: Commerce w/SmartMoni Contracts Our approach is to implement simple Smart Contracts for Services and Products purchased. We will be supporting MoniCoins w/MoniPlus & Smart Mgmt. Services. Over time these will grow in complexity and maturity and we will be growing Value Added for each of these Large Market Sectors 24. GoMainSt PocketPlus USA – National Launch 108 Metros/ 2,134 Cities. Wuts New! Wuts Hot! Wut a Deal for You! & 2 Wildcards (5X) One promotion is available across 5 Media: Print, Internet, Mobile, Beacon, SmartMoni 1. Print – 8 Million Monthly Pocket.PLUS Publications distributed FREE in 108 cities at 13,500 Premium Retail Locations with blanket coverage of USA. They are available all month long and may be carried in a purse, auto console or your pocket for Smart Shopping for Everyone. Its ideal for Seniors.Note: Why Print? 40% of Adult Population is age 50+ and only 22% use Tech for Promotions. Big Revenue and Profit Stream immediately. 2. Internet - Each Promotion across GoMainSt Market Areas Market Segments: Metro | Home | Dining | Healthcare | Charity | Acts of Faith | Investing | Professional Services | Politics | Latin Life | StreetTalk 3. Mobile – SmartPsP Power Mobile GoMainSt PocketPlus, StreetTalk w/MoniPlus 4. Merchant Beacon Business can create a virtual perimeter and send notifications to the customers who pass through this perimeter. MoniPlus Mobile app will display Promotions & Loyalty Specials. 5. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus MoniCoins w/MoniPlus to provide Privacy, Service and increase every transaction value through Points, Rewards, Incentives and Promotions
  33. 33. 25. StreetTalk – One World | Many Voices - Join the Conversation Embedded Promotion & Commerce Platforms to Monetize Member Brands & Services Promos Streaming & Commerce Across the MarketStream – 11 Market Sectors with Points of Proximity CitiLife | Dining | Home | Healthcare | Professional | Wealth | Charity | Faith | Education | Travel | Civics There is huge reservoir of content, news and events organically generated. Our market participants: Consumers, Professionals, Employees, Companies and Organizations – all engaged in the day to day furtherance of their goals and objectives - all generating content and we provide the ability to promote and monetize. Twitter is typically Celebrities, Entertainers, Politicians and Sports. Twitter loses money, it also provides NO WAY for members to Monetize - Promote & Sell. We Do! – Showcase, PocketPlus, StreetMart, CitiMart and MoniAds & MoniPlus What is not represented are People and Thought leaders within many of the Country’s Market Sectors. We cultivate this provide them a platform to Show & Market their Service and brands. Its also the same Tech Platform from which GoMainSt is built. We achieve economies or scale, create a bigger footprint and providing complimentary and true value added services. Market & Service – Your Brand, Content, Products, Services & Events
  34. 34. 1. MarketSocials Platform Zend PHP w/106 Modules Customized Member Profiles. • Multi-part profiles • Profile types • Member levels & moderators • Customizable Profile Questions • Conditional Questions • Keyword-enabled Questions • Personal Photos (avatars) • Profile Privacy Options • Profile Posts • Custom profile layouts Activity Feeds • Multiple feeds • Inline links, photos, music, and videos • Inline comments & "likes" • Share Feature • Customizable feed content • Feed Filtering • Publishing Privacy • Auto-updating timestamps • Admin announcements Private Messaging • Thread-style Conversation History • New Message Notifications • Message attachments • Multiple Recipients, Mass-Messages Content Management • Easily Create New Pages • Public/private Sections • Theme Editor • File & Media Manager • Custom Meta data • Search engine friendly URLs • Announcements • No Copyright or "Powered by" Notice • Multi-language Support Other Admin Tools Site-wide statistics & analytics Server resources monitor Network Structure. • Networks • Two-way Friendships & One-way Followers • Verified or Unverified Friendships • Custom Privacy Levels • Join by Member Invitation • Join by Admin Invitation • Customizable Signup Process • Email Message Templates Advertising. • Ad campaign manager • Google Adsense compatible • Drag-and-drop advertisement blocks • Performance monitors and safeguards • Advanced targeting and filtering capabilities • Anti-spam Features • Keeping your community free of spam helps to keep your members' social experience enjoyable and clutter-free. • Email address verification • Random password generation • Automatic "CAPTCHA" images • Inappropriate content and abuse reports • Content Deletion • Banning features • Word censors • Member blocking • Moderator accounts Membership Billing • Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or One-Time Payment Options • Transaction / Subscription Tracking • Subscribe During Signup • International Currencies • 2Checkout or PayPal Payment Gateways Browse & Search • Browse members • Browse plugin content • Site-wide search
  35. 35. SUMMARY Companies have a single formula for success – we layer them for exponential results 1. Formulas that Work to achieve Cascading Results. 1. GoMainSt – PocketPlus: 11 Market Sectors within a Metrocentric Area 2. PocketPlus – 5X Ways to Promote Your Business without giving it away. 3. 108 Cities with 134 Grocery Chains at 13,400 locations 4. Nat’l Chains: Restaurants, Retail and Service Chains on board PocketPlus USA 5. MarketSocial – People with Purpose 9x Engagement (LinkedIn vs FBook) 6. 5-in-1 Media Advantage – Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacon | SmartMoni 7. Convergence – Blending of Promotions Social and Commerce 8. New Ad Model – Promotions equals Discovery vs Ad Trolling 9. The Power of the Pin –Discover Save Share Purchase 10. Engage – Social Energizes Connects Personalizes 11. CitiLife w/PocketPlus; 11 Markets Served – CitiLife, Dining, Home, Health, Services, Investing, Charity, Acts of Faith, Politics, Travel, Latin 2. Tailored Services for 5 Big Moni Markets 1. MoniCoins: Instant Payments, Privacy & SmartShopper AI Bot for Service 2. MoniPlus 4+ Loyalty, Rewards, Incentives Promotions. 3. MoniPlus CitiMart – 6 Digital product mixes broken out by 11 markets 4. MoniPlus CitiMart - Services for 8 Markets 5. Dining, Home, Healthcare, Investing, Services, Politics, Charity, Acts of Faith 6. MoniPlus CitiMart - Smart Contracts for 11 Markets; CitiLife, Dining, Home, Health, Services, Investing, Charity, Acts of Faith, Politics, Travel, Latin 7. SmartMoni w/MoniPlus…. MoniCoins w/Private, SmartShopper AI Service and Plus 4+ 8. SmartMoniCenters: People who use Moni the most, service it best 9. Mobile Carriers, Retail, Grocery and Convenience Stores. 10. Partners – Gold Coin Members, Mobile Carriers, National Retail Chains, Grocery Chains & Convenience Stores 3. Services - Plus is More 1. Partners SmartMoni - GoMainSt – PocketPlus – CitiMart - StreetTalk – MoniPlus 2. PocketPlus 5X - 108 Cities - Nat’l Chains - MarketSocial - 5-in-1 Media Advantage Convergence 3. New Ad Model – Power of the Pin – Engage 9X – CitiLife - 11 Markets – 5 Moni Markets – 4. MoniCoins – Local Currency, ZeroPlus Fees, Moni-ID, Payments, Transfers 5. MoniPlus 4+ - Points – Rewards – Incentives – Promotions – 6. GoMainSt w/CitiMart (MoniCoins) 7. SmartMoniCenters w/MoniServices 8. MoniAds – Discovery and Engagement. 9. MoniChain, MonSwift.Net – Fast & Furious
  36. 36. GoMainSt w/PocketPlus USA Nat'l USA Launch July 2019 Coast to Coast USA Perks & Promos with Points of Proximity & Discovery Target: 785 National Retail, Restaurant & Service Chains Target 18 Million Places across the MarketStream Target: 3,000 Commerce Internet Sites We've partnered w/101 Grocery Chains in 100 Metros/2,135 Cities @ 13,400 Locations for Nat'l Launch in USA. A New Type of Shopping 5-in-1 Media Advantage Print | Internet | Mobile | Beacons | SmartMoni 8 Million PocketPlus Published & Distributed Free All Month Long Showcase - PocketPlus – Weekly Billboard – Life Events – CitiMart – MoniAds CitiLife - Dining - Home - ProServices – Education - Wealth - Charity - Faith - Travel -Education - Civic Lowers the COST of Print & Promotion Advertising by 85% with more Coverage All Month Long Immediate Revenue Stream 12 Month Forecast is $234 Million in Annual Revenue 1st Month - $50,000 for each Ad – Launch 100 Merchants - $5 Mill Revenue/$2.6 Mill Profit Much of this is Service Sector & Charities, Faith & Govt – Services is Wide Open – 10 Mkt Segments Promotions - Social - Messaging – Commerce - Payments The 1st MarketSocial
  37. 37. A New Market Vehicle for Moni Assets 1. MTO - Market Token (SmartMoni will be the 1st at Singapore MoniExchange) Companies do not operate in a Vacuum, they are Connected to the Marketplace The goal is to improve current methodology. An MTO Reflects True Market Value MTO - MarketToken [ It's Not an ICO nor STO, It's Better ] Earnings - Capital – Growth Markets - Merchants - Products - Services - Members Brand - Innovation - Employees - Training - Community Verified Performance, Public Transparency, Legal Accountability, Market Affinity Rewards Bonuses Perks Benefits Payouts MTO Index - 5 Star Rating System True Value 1. 6 Operational Value Bumps in 12 Months 1. 4 Site Build Out – SmartMoniCenter, GoMainSt, StreetTalk w/MoniAds 2. USA National Launch of GoMainSt w/PocketPlus USA in 100 Metros/2,135 Cities 3. 785 USA Nat’l Retail, Restaurant, Service Chains Adoption of MoniPlus 4. USA Acquisition/Merger of National Distributor for PocketPlus @ 100 Metros 5. SE Asia Expansion into Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines & Australia – (Singtel 22 Countries) 6. Form Merchant Circle – Mobile Carriers & Big Merchant Chain Partners in USA / SE Asia 7. USA establishes the Global - Country by Country Model 8. 789 Mobile & Merchants – Just 100 @ $20 Million Per = $2 Billion 9. 101 Grocery Store Chains – Just 10 @ $20 Million Per = $200 Million 2. 3 Phased MTO Offering This is based upon Operational Value Benchmarks that we expect to reach within 12 Months. Each forms the basis and opportunity to raise more Capital and enhance MTO Value. SmartMoni MTO Schedule 1. Launch - $5 Million March 18, 2019 – June 30, 2019 2. Market - $200 Million July 15, 2019 – Oct 1, 2019 3. Partners - $2 Billion Oct. 15, 2019 – March 15, 2020 (Big Chain Merchants – Country by Country)