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Killer Digital Strategies CLIFF NOTES by Adam Franklin


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This is the CLIFF NOTES e-book of Adam Franklin's Killer Digital Strategies keynote presentation.

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Killer Digital Strategies CLIFF NOTES by Adam Franklin

  1. 1. KILLER DIGITAL STRATEGIES TABLE OF CONTENTS Content Marketing Sales Funnel 9 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 10 Blogging 12 Flagship Piece of Content 13 Email Marketing 14 Social Media and Digital Strategy 15 Using Digital Marketing and Social Media Effectively 7 Monitoring Your Brand 6 The Web Strategy Planning Template 8 The Power and Opportunity of A Digital World 4 The Fears of A Digital World 5 Overview 2 Co-author of Web Marketing That Works (Amazon #1 bestseller) and co-founder of Bluewire Media Keynote presentation by Adam Franklin CLIFF NOTES CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  2. 2. OVERVIEW Whilst digital marketing is a growing essential in today’s business landscape, it is not designed to replace your face-to-face meetings or phone calls. Instead, digital marketing should complement these other activities and help you scale your reach. The ultimate goal of your digital strategy is to create what is called an attraction business. A business that pulls prospects in with relevant and helpful content, rather than pushing sales messages out to the world. This session called Killer Digital Strategies was delivered by Adam Franklin at the Better Business Summit in Sydney, Australia to over 500 service professionals. There has never been a greater time to use the web to market your business. The key is just to know how. In this practical, interactive and jargon-free session, Adam will teach you: KILLER DIGITAL STRATEGIES How your web universe works to drive real business. The 5 essentials for your website Why email marketing is still the king of online marketing Becoming an industry authority by publishing content online Developing an effective online marketing strategy Become an attraction business and have clients queuing up to train with you. Discover how search engines work so you can boost your Google rankings 2 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  3. 3. It’s not just about social media. In fact, social media is just the icing on the cake. But before you get to the icing, you need to bake the cake itself. Your digital foundation (the cake) is your blog, your website and your email list. This foundation is an asset for your business. It accrues value over time and has a compounding effect, just like an investment. The cornerstone of this foundation is helpful content that is valuable today, next week and even next year to your ideal prospects. This helpful content attracts more people to your business. 3 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  4. 4. THE POWER AND OPPORTUNITY OF A DIGITAL WORLD Digital Darwinism: In 10 years, 40% of the Fortune 500 will no longer be here (Borders, Kodak, Blockbuster Vs. Amazon, Instagram, Netflix) World populations: China, Facebook, India, Tencent, WhatsApp, United States, Google+, Indonesia, LinkedIn, Twitter Over 50% of the world population is under 30 years old More people own a mobile device than a toothbrush 1 in 5 couples meet online Selfie is now a word in the webster dictionary Every second 2 new members join LinkedIn Grandparents are the fastest growing demographic on Twitter “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media. The choice is how well we do it.” - Erik Qualman 53% of millennials would rather lose their sense of smell rather than their technology 93% of shoppers buying decisions are influenced by social, 14% trust adverts (6 x times more trustworthy) 4 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin Watch the Social Media Revolution at video here
  5. 5. THE FEARS OF A DIGITAL WORLD Before you can open up the possibilities of a digital world you need to overcome your fears and hesitations. Here are some of the most common objections to social media and a digital strategy: Overcoming these fears is the first step to embracing the opportunities of a digital world, so let’s look at how you can do so. 1 It will expose your business to negative comments 2 It could get you fired or sued 3 You’ve missed the boat, it’s too late to start 4 You have no time to do it 5 You don’t have the skills or don’t know where to start 6 You don’t need it 7 You can’t trust your team to execute 8 You will make mistakes 9 You are worried it will be a waste of money, with no ROI 10 You can’t keep up with content creation 5 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  6. 6. Monitoring your brand across social media and other digital platforms can help you manage any negativity that comes your way. It can also help you capitalise on positive press and commentary. The tool we use for staying on top of brand mentions is Talkwalker Alerts: Action Item: Set up Talkwalker Alerts for your brand Action Item: Set up for your brand MONITORING YOUR BRAND 6 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  7. 7. The skills you need to be successful at digital marketing and social media are similar in many ways to the the skills you have used for years in traditional marketing. It’s all about building relationships one interaction at a time. Just like you would introduce yourself to someone at a conference, you may engage with each other with a tweet, or a Facebook comment. The more and more interactions like this you have, the stronger the relationship becomes, and the more it will complement your business objectives. But how does the digital universe all fit together? USING DIGITAL MARKETING AND SOCIAL MEDIA EFFECTIVELY 7 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  8. 8. THE WEB STRATEGY PLANNING TEMPLATE The Web Strategy Planning Template is a free resource we created to help people better understand the web universe from 20,000 feet. Here is a quick summary of the key elements of this template: Your website is in the middle because it is your commercial hub. Then you have the ways that people can find your website: Google (SEO, SEM), Backlinks, Social Media and Content Marketing. On the right hand side you have the “journey to dollars”, which replicates the steps a typical person will need to take to know, like and trust your business once they land on your website. Action Item: Download the Web Strategy Planning Template and fill out the second page of the template with the relevant information for your situation. 8 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  9. 9. CONTENT MARKETING SALES FUNNEL The Content Marketing Sales Funnel is a visual representation of the type of content you can use to entice a prospect to Know, Like and Trust your business. It sits within the overall web strategy and ties everything together. Action Item: Download the Content Marketing Sales Funnel and familiarise yourself with the type of content you should be creating at each stage of the buyer’s journey. The biggest mistake we see businesses make is to forget the top 75% of the funnel. It’s too big of a chasm to cross if you ask someone to become a customer before you have earnt their trust. Here is a quick summary of the key elements of this template: 75% of people are looking for information about their problems (KNOW) 23% of people are comparing their options (LIKE) 2% of people are ready to take action (TRUST) 9 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  10. 10. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) Once you understand the web universe from a high level, you can then dive deeper into the key areas that will attract new people to your website and business. The first of those is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Here is a brief summary of how SEO works and how you should integrate it into your digital strategy: Google is a robot (albeit a very smart one), so the content and words you use on your website are very important for how and where they will position your pages in searches The primary factor influencing where your pages or content rank in a Google search is the amount of quality backlinks to your website, because this determines your “authority” You can assess the authority of a website, and subsequently how likely it is that you can out-rank them, using the Moz SEO toolbar plugin for your browser 10 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  11. 11. “Keywords” are the combinations of words that people type into a Google search, and are what you are looking to optimise your website for. To find the best keyword combinations for your business, use If people search for you on Google and can’t find you, essentially you don’t exist. So you need to be aware of SEO and how it works. But the key with SEO is to focus on quality content, not quantity, and build content assets over time that will slowly make their way up the search engine rankings. Action Item: Conduct keyword research for your industry using to determine the topics you should create content for. 11 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  12. 12. One of the best ways to publish content on your website that can be indexed and ranked by Google is to blog. But blogging is hard work. It’s kind of like getting a six pack. Daily habits and some strict guidelines will get you the results you are looking for, and it certainly won’t happen overnight. If you dedicate yourself to blogging and commit to a strict schedule, it will help you become an attraction business. Plus, you will start to see better results coming from the search engines. If you don’t have the time to create blog content yourself, hire an editor or a contributor. Action Item: Come up with blog topics based on your keyword research and set a regular schedule for publishing content on your website. You can use our Editorial Calendar Template to set your schedule. BLOGGING 12 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  13. 13. FLAGSHIP PIECE OF CONTENT Even if you can’t blog, you should have a flagship piece of content. It’s that piece of intellectual property that you can hang your hat on and build your digital strategy around. On the Web Strategy Planning Template it’s the “Free Download” you offer to prospects once they come to your website to begin the trust-building process. (Ironically our flagship content is the Web Strategy Planning Template) Your flagship piece of content is about uncovering the gold that you already have in your head, or within the business. It’s usually something that you are sharing with prospective clients, and by making it available to the public it enables you to help even more people. These people will then be attracted to your business. Action Item: Identify and create your flagship piece of content. 13 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  14. 14. EMAIL MARKETING It has been reported that for every $1 invested in email marketing you get a $41 return, and this has certainly been our experience at Bluewire Media. Email is kind of like the original social media, and we all use it. The problem is that now more than ever we are inundated with offers which is creating inbox overload. So you need to always be delivering value to your email subscribers and making your emails worth opening. Use your flagship piece of content to entice website visitors to give up their email address, and then build trust with them with valuable content over email. Action Item: Use email marketing to continue the conversation with website visitors after they have downloaded your flagship piece of content. 14 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  15. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA AND DIGITAL STRATEGY Make sure you set up accounts or pages on all of the social media sites. You don’t need to use them, but secure the URLs anyway. Integrate social media with your website by publishing helpful content and enabling sharing. Be active on social media, watch and listen to what is being said. Then join in the conversation when it is necessary. Linkedin, for example is like a modern day rolodex - the new way of exchanging business cards. One of the coolest things about LinkedIn is that it can also act as your CRM (customer relationship manager) by setting up reminders, notes, tags, and how you met someone. 15 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  16. 16. This feature on LinkedIn turns your follow up networking into a system for you. The more you engage on LinkedIn, by joining similar groups as your prospects, connecting, listening to conversations, giving referrals, recommending them - the more you will get out of it. The law of reciprocity kicks in. Then there is a platform such as Twitter. Twitter can be noisy, but never before have we had such direct access to influential figures in the world. The Queen, Pope and President all have Twitter accounts. This doesn’t mean you will necessarily want to send a tweet to them, but the fact that you can is quite amazing. You may choose YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram to grow your social media audience. In the end, you just need to find the platforms where your ideal audience are most active. Find them and be present, engage, and provide helpful content. If you do this well then social media will tie the rest of your digital strategy together. Action Item: Set up accounts or pages on all of the social networks, and then begin engaging and sharing content on the platforms that are most relevant to your target market. 16 CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin
  17. 17. This document is © Copyright Bluewire Media and is for students who have purchased it. Thanks for not sharing it. PLEASE KEEP THIS PRIVATE Thanks for reading the cliff notes of Killer Digital Strategies. CLIFF NOTESKiller Digital Strategies by Adam Franklin