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International Recruiting… From Your Backyard


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Get creative and maximize your int’l recruiting budget by looking closer to home. Presented with Sandy Spring Friends School.

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International Recruiting… From Your Backyard

  1. 1. 9th Annual  Conference December  7th,  2017 11:05am  – 12:15pm International  Recruiting  From  Your  Backyard Presented  by: and
  2. 2. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Speakers / Agenda Speakers Bill  Mena Director  of  Boarding  &  International   Admissions,  Director  of  Auxiliary  Programs Sandy  Spring  Friends  School Kellie  Faulkner Director  of  Marketing  Strategy Intead,  LLC Agenda 1. Introduction 2. Student  Mobility  Trends   3. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Backyard: • Where  do  you  find  them? • Why  should  you  recruit  them? • How  do  you  engage  them? 4. HEI  Perspective  and  Discussion
  3. 3. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Who is Intead? We  build  comprehensive  marketing   strategies  to  help  colleges  and   universities: Ø Build  a  trusted  global  network Ø Attract  international  students   using  creative,  cost-­‐effective,   targeted  solutions Ø Lay  the  foundation  for  long-­‐term   recruitment  success
  4. 4. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. What Are We Seeing? Ø Budgets  getting  smaller Ø Misalignment  across  campuses Ø Outdated  recruitment  plans Ø Complex,  competitive  markets Ø Limited  resources Ø Drop  in  international  enrollment Ø Reliance  on  China  and  India,  not  enough  diversity
  5. 5. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Student Mobility Trends
  6. 6. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Top 8 Senders of International Undergrad Students in US Ø Annual  growth  rates  of   China  and  Saudi  Arabia  continue   to  slow Ø South  Korea  shows  a  decline  for   the  4th year  in  a  row,  giving  up  its   #2  spot  to  Saudi  Arabia Ø Strong  growth  from  India,   Vietnam,  and  Mexico Highlights: SOURCE:  Institute  of  International  Education.  (2016).  "International  Students  by  Academic  Level  and  Place  of  Origin,  2015./16" Open  Doors  Report  on  International  Educational  Exchange.  Retrieved  from       2015/16:  Enrollment  & YOY  2013/14  – 2015/16 Country 2014 2015 2016 2013~2014 YOY 2014~2015 YOY 2015~2016 YOY China 110,550 124,552 135,629 18% 13% 9% Saudi Arabia 26,865 30,861 33,952 30% 15% 10% South Korea 36,992 34,651 32,695 -­‐3% -­‐6% -­‐6% India 12,677 16,521 19,302 0% 30% 17% Vietnam 11,886 12,449 14,390 4% 5% 16% Canada 13,916 13,131 13,223 4% -­‐6% 1% Mexico 8,311 8,210 9,640 4% -­‐1% 17% Japan 9,155 8,877 9,285 0% -­‐3% 5% Rest 140,372 149,572 159,197 6% 7% 6% Total Int'l Undergraduate Students 370,724 398,824 427,313 9% 8% 7%
  7. 7. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. 0 200,000 400,000 600,000 800,000 2014 2015 2016 595,569 644,233 471,728 173,062 212,018 246,614 Issued Denied 23%  Denied 25%  Denied 34%  Denied SOURCE:  US  Department  of  State  Visa  Office, Growing Reports of Visa Denials: F1 Visa Stats We Are Following
  8. 8. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000 120,000 Secondary 81,981  (72%  F1) Intensive  English 126,016 Community  College 91,648 International Student Pipelines in U.S.
  9. 9. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000 120,000 Secondary 81,981 Intensive  English 126,016 Community  College 91,648 Where’s the growth? Relatively  Flat 2015:  5.8%  Increase 2016:  18.67%   DROP!!Steady   Growth
  10. 10. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Top Countries of Origin for F1 HS Students in 2015 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 China South   Korea Vietnam Mexico Brazil Canada Germany 43,978 9,563 4,724 3,549 1,983 1,879 1,477 SOURCE:  The  Council  on  Standards   for  International  Educational  Travel.
  11. 11. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. F1 Visa Growth: International HS Students SOURCE:  The  Council  on  Standards   for  International  Educational  Travel. 84,000  Total  in  US  Private  HS  in  2015
  12. 12. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Top 5 States with International HS Students SOURCE:  The  Council  on  Standards   for  International  Educational  Travel.
  13. 13. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Increasing # of Students from Asia Seek US High Schools Top  Places  of  Origin  of  International  Diploma-­‐ Seeking    Secondary    Students  in  the  U.S.,  2015 China,  33,907,   55% South  Korea 6,329 10% Vietnam 3,485 6% Mexico 2,421 4% Japan 1,317 2% Other 14,314 23% SOURCE:  The  Boston  Globe,  IIE,  2016.
  14. 14. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. How  do  you find  them?
  15. 15. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Online Resources
  16. 16. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Online Resources
  17. 17. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Online Resources
  18. 18. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Online Resources
  19. 19. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Online Resources
  20. 20. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Community Resources
  21. 21. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Immigrants Living in the US Top 10 Concentrations of Immigrant Communities
  22. 22. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Let’s Search Your Own Community… Ethnicity  +  community  association  +  state  or  major  city Example: “vietnamese community  association  boston”
  23. 23. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Results? “Welcome  to  the  Boston  Vietnamese   Meetup  Group!  Our  goal  is  to  form   real  friendships,  keep  up-­‐to-­‐date   with  the  culture,  and  have  fun.  We'll   also  announce  various  cultural   events,  including  concerts,  movies,   plays,  and  festivals.  Anyone  can   suggest  a  meetup  and  everyone  can   join.”
  24. 24. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Examples: Local Ad/Promotion Targeting International Communities* *  Advertising  options  presented  as  local  examples.  These  options  are  not  necessarily  recommended  for  any  particular  institution  without  further  vetting  based  on  your  specific   targets,  differentiators,  and  desired  outcomes.
  25. 25. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Secondary  School  Resources
  26. 26. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Overview: Sandy Spring Friends School • Progressive,  Coed,   College  Prep,  Quaker • Founded  in  1961 • Beautiful  140-­‐acre  campus   in  Montgomery  County,  MD • More  than  600  students  (grades  3-­‐12) • University  Advising  &  Counseling • Advanced  Placement  Courses • Extracurricular  Programs
  27. 27. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Celebrating Diversity – Over 15 Nationalities Represented Bhutan Canada China Croatia El Salvador Ghana Italy Japan Mexico Nigeria Russia South Korea Tajikistan Ukraine Vietnam
  28. 28. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Student  Stats • 313  Students  in  grades  9-­‐12 • 14%  International  Students • Young  World  Leaders  Program  – Mostly  International • Tuition  for  7-­‐day  Boarding  Program  is  $59,500
  29. 29. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. 99% of Graduates Go Onto College (some choose a gap year) Sample  colleges  and  universities  attended  by  SSFS  graduates: • American  University • Amherst  College • Bard  College • Bates  College • Boston  University • Brown  University • Bryn  Mawr College • Colorado  College • Cornell  University • Earlham  College • Elon  University • Emory  University • Georgetown  University • Guilford  College • Haverford  College • Johns  Hopkins  University • New  York  University • Oberlin  College • Sewanee:  The  University  of  the  South • Skidmore  College • Smith  College • Swarthmore  College • Tufts  University • University  of  California,  Santa  Barbara • University  of  Texas,  Austin • University  of  North  Carolina,  Chapel  Hill • Vassar  College
  30. 30. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved.
  31. 31. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. How  do  you engage  them?
  32. 32. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Surprise: They are on their phones (we all are)!
  33. 33. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. They use their devices to be social
  34. 34. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Secondary School Resources: Guidance Counselors
  35. 35. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Guidance Counselors Are Underprepared Source:  National  Association  of  College  Admissions  Counselling  (NACAC),  2017  Survey
  36. 36. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Guidance Counselors Are Underprepared Source:  National  Association  of  College  Admissions  Counselling  (NACAC),  2017  Survey
  37. 37. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Your  strategy  is  their strategy. AGENTS PRINT  &  DIGITAL ADVERTISING SCHOOL   FAIRS EMAIL MARKETING SOCIAL   MEDIA
  38. 38. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Percentage of Secondary Schools Using Strategy Source:  National  Association  of  College  Admissions  Counselling  (NACAC),  2014  Report
  39. 39. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Digital Marketing Strategy Examples for SSFS • Partnerships  with  Agents • Social  Media – Facebook  Campaigns  (Domestic  ads  targeting  International  Students) – WeChat  Account  (under  development) – Instagram • Email  Marketing • Print  advertising  (Foreign  Journal,  direct  mail) • Website  optimization  for  international  students – International  student  videos  (Youku and  Youtube) – Downloadable,  translated  content
  40. 40. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Digital Marketing Strategy Examples for SSFS Email  Marketing:  Agents Facebook  Ad:  Ex-­‐pats Online  Ad:  Foreign  Journal
  41. 41. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Time to Plan: Targeting International Students in Your Backyard You  have  money  to   spend  on  this,  right?
  42. 42. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Remember… Ø Pull  the  data   – Where  are  your  US-­‐based  international  students  coming  from? – Who  are  your  top  feeder  schools? – Focus  groups  /  surveys Ø Collaborate  with  and  train  your  domestic  recruiters Ø Outreach – Guidance  Counselors – Local  immigrant  communities  (events,  alumni,  job  placement  rate) – Private  schools – Agents Ø Create  engaging  content – Know  your  differentiators – Match  your  messaging  to  audience
  43. 43. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Impact on Starting Early: International Perspective From  Asia  (largely  Chinese  and  Koreans)… Ø Attending  a  boarding  school  in  the  US  increases  chances  of  getting  into   high-­‐ranking  university Ø Stronger  English  skills Ø Exposure  to  more  US  universities Ø Better  prepared  for  application  process Ø Ability  to  avoid  Gao  Kao
  44. 44. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Discussion: HEI Perspective (Your Opinion Matters) Do  international  students  have  a  better  chance  of  getting  admitted  to  US   universities  if  they  attend  a  US  high  school? Are  they  better  prepared? Do  you  have  a  strategy  you’d  like  to  share  or  discuss?
  45. 45. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Find  more  free  analysis  and  resources  here: Intead Resources Contact: Ben  Waxman,  CEO  and  Co-­‐ Founder
  46. 46. International  Recruiting  From  Your  Own  Backyard.  Presentation  ©  Intead.  All  rights  reserved. Thank you for joining us! For  more  information: Just  for  fun: 2017 In  an  Internet  Minute