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Susan suttle


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Susan suttle

  1. 1. Susan Suttle – KTA (Liverpool, East Lancs & Salford) Joanne Summers – Knowledge Exchange Officer, University of Manchester Establishing and Funding Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
  2. 2. Agenda Susan Suttle, KTN • Introduction to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships • Considerations; Business Cost & HEI Income, Partner Benefits, Pre-Award Process • Business Eligibility, Project Criteria and Assessment • KTP Proposal & Workplan • Management KTPs Joanne Summers, University of Manchester Identifying KTP opportunities for the Business School, UoM Perspective • Drivers for engagement • KTP at UoM • Typical KTP Projects • Approaches to KE and Tips on Engagement Q&A Session
  3. 3. Knowledge Base KTP Office KTP Knowledge Base KTP Office KTP University of Coventry Y 8 University of Leicester Y 5 University of Cumbria Y 0 Leeds Beckett University Y 3 University of Derby Y 8 University of Manchester Y 42 Liverpool Hope University 1 MMU Y 27 University of Huddersfield Y 13 Newcastle University Y 13 University of Hull Y 5 Northumbria University Y 11 Keele University 1 The Open University Y 1 Kingston University Y 2 University of Salford Y 10 Lancaster University Y 7 UCLAN Y 2 Strathclyde University Y 26 Welcome!
  4. 4. KTP Funders UK Research and Innovation External Co- funders
  5. 5. What are they? Not just another grant. Creates and embeds new capabilities into businesses so they can achieve their strategic objectives , transform their business and deliver substantial financial returns KTP Video – Parker Hannifen (4 mins) 3-way partnership Business Strategic plans for growth Knowledge Base Specialist Knowledge & Expertise Associate Project Manager
  6. 6. Key Features Projects 12 - 36 Months Funding 67% SME 50% Large Any Business Any Size Company driven partnership with an academic team Apply knowledge Deliver new capabilities Joint selection of Associate - Recent Graduate Associate based at business, employed by the HEI Joint Supervision Associates often go on to be employed by Business Academic time 10%
  7. 7. 105 Knowledge Base partners Up to £8for every £1 we’ve invested £218m Of all UKRI projects 5.5% Up to £1.7bnin added value to the economy Current investment in KTP Industry match funding in KTP £82m 798Businesses 838Associate Places 549 currently in post Innovate, Co-funders & Industry (2015 to date) Figures to mid March 2019 KTP Annual Report 2018-2019 Management Productivity KTP/s £25m New 2019 5 Year Grant 50-2019 CORE GRANT: 350-400 Projects
  8. 8. 18/19 KTP Overview Applications 2018/19 Recommended for Funding 332 Not Supported 46 Total Applications 378 Success rate 87.8% Quality threshold 65% 0 20 40 60 80 18_19 R118_19 R218_19 R318_19 R418_19 R518_19 R6 18/19 Applications Supported Not Supported 600 650 700 750 800 850 900 December February Apr-15 June August October December February Apr-16 June August October December February Apr-17 June August October December February Apr-18 June August October December February
  9. 9. 11th Dec 2019 5th Feb 2020 1st Apr 2020 24th July 2019 2nd Oct 2019 KTP Competitions
  10. 10. KTP Budget and Business Contribution KTP Budget (per annum) Associate Salary - £35k / £45k (Inclusive of on-costs of employment) £35k - £45k Graduate Development - £2,000 Travel - £2,250 Equipment - £1,500 £5,750 KB Supervisor - ½ day Overhead (Variable - £30-£40k) NB - Additional estates charge if necessary ~ £35k Total Package worth £75 - £85k Cost to Business SME - 67% Grant Support £25- £28K Large Company 50% Grant Support £37- £42k Calculate your own costs!
  11. 11. •Creates and embeds new capabilities into businesses so they can achieve their strategic objectives, transform their business and deliver substantial financial returns Company •Industry experience, High level support from KB •Personal and professional development budget •Competitive Salary •Potential permanent Job post KTP KTP Associate • Develop Strategic relationship with a business • Research Income • Apply your research expertise to real world business problems - New research themes (Commercial relevance) • Provide evidence of impact from your research that could contribute to REF • Postgraduate and undergraduates student projects • Higher Degree Registrations • Published papers, IP Exploitation. Further collaboration Academic/KB KTP Benefits
  12. 12. The Process
  13. 13. General Business Eligibility • UK Based, registered at Companies House (PLC, Ltd, LLP, Charity). – NOT Public Sector. • Any Size - but sufficient size to embed and exploit the Knowledge Transfer. Financial strength – how good is good enough? Demonstrate it can afford: • Its share of the budget costs • The additional project related costs • The commercialization costs – ie to bring the KTP outcomes to market (eg cap ex / additional staff / securing IP / marketing costs) Accounts ASAP!
  14. 14. KTP Project Criteria & Assessment • Strategic relevance to the business • Demonstrably innovative with legacy going forward; result in culture change • Sound business case, delivering high impact / wealth creation • Clear need for the knowledge base input and clear knowledge transfer AND embedding • Challenges the company to do something different; Stimulating and challenging for the academic team; Intellectually challenging for Associate • Project could not be delivered using consultants or off-the-shelf solutions • The outcomes/benefits would not occur without the KTP • The potential benefits will be likely to accrue both during AND after the KTP project Fulfilling these criteria = coherent proposal
  15. 15. Impact Innovation Challenge Cohesiveness Application form & workplan KTP Assessment and Scoring Criteria 40 marks - Equal Weighting Fit with criteria - score above Quality Threshold
  16. 16. The KTP Proposal & workplan Different to a Research Council Application Not only specify Objectivesbut How achieve them Break down steps; • What going to be done • How going to be done • When going to be done • What expected outputs going to be - Relate to Business Case (Strategy & ROI) Productivity = Tangible Effect (£) How academically Challenging (publications, papers, projects, Teaching)
  17. 17. To improve business performance through boosting management capability Suitable for low productivity companies (primarily SMEs) where streamlining processes can deliver real improvement (Measure - ONS calculator) £25m (BEIS) over 5 years - 50 Projects this Year To improve competitiveness and productivity through better use of knowledge, technology & skills Spotlight on Management Productivity KTP’s: Strategic & operational management Employee relations Organisational Psychology Marketing Accounting Finance Logistics
  18. 18. STRATEGY INNOVATION CHANGE Management & Productivity KTP’s Demonstrate a clear strategic step, addressing major company challenge • What management skills & capability is being addressed • Focus academic challenge on implementing change (not just identifying needs) • How the change will enable the company to perform better in the market place • How productivity gains will impact the business Normal Criteria+
  19. 19. Business Leadership Skills Management & Productivity KTP’s ü Monitoring, target setting ü Communications and motivation ü Organisation, resource planning strategic thinking ü Problem-solving & decision making ü Commercial awareness ü Coaching & mentoring “To deliver business change, should also address business leadership skills”
  20. 20. Web links & Resources - includes funding criteria ONS (Office for National Statistics) How productive is you business tool y/articles/howproductiveisyourbusiness/2018-07-06 About KTP, links to information, KB contacts and KTA’s; how-to-apply
  21. 21. Joanne Summers, University of Manchester Identifying KTP opportunities for the Business School