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Professional Hair Color Information Pack by Organic Color Systems


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Organic Color Systems is an ammonia free permanent hair color exclusively for professional salons.

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Professional Hair Color Information Pack by Organic Color Systems

  2. 2. Organic Color Systems™ contains no ammonia but has the ability to achieve all areas of color techniques while maintaining the essential moisture and protein balance of the hair. This means no physical damage to the hair’s delicate inner structure. A unique blend of certified organic, natural extracts and vitamins E and C, combined with plant derived conditioners actually enhance, protect, and moisturize the hair as it’s colored. A broad range of colors in Organic Color Systems™ allows the hairdresser to achieve a wide variety of looks. Organic Curl Systems™ is an innovative permanent curling system that has eliminated the use of hazardous chemicals to prevent degradation to the hair’s delicate structure. Essential protein and moisture levels are maintained because the use of ammonia and thioglycolates has been removed from the process. This leaves the hair with a natural bounce and a curl formation which looks and feels natural and healthy. Organic Care Systems™ is a line of shampoos, conditioners and treatments that have been designed to repair, soften, and maintain healthy hair; the perfect partner to Organic Curl and Organic Color Systems™. Certified organic extracts and special proteins and B vitamins maintain the hair’s natural strength while protecting from UV damage. Organic Control Systems™ Creating a “Green” Salon Environment is a newly developed line of styling products that does not contain polymers based on acrylate, which are essentially plastics. Organic Control Systems™ uses naturally derived We would like to introduce you to the new greener salon system that will pave the way for ingredients like hydrolyzed maize starch, certified organic calendula officinalis (marigold) our industry in the future. flower extract and certified organic camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract. With the removal of harsh chemicals these innovative products maintain the natural shine and feel of The products we make available use as many certified organic and naturally derived the hair reducing frizz and static, and providing outstanding style retention. ingredients as possible while still maintaining their effectiveness. Organic Color Systems uses no ammonia and has the ability to achieve all areas of color techniques while maintaining Each system has features and benefits for both the hairdresser and the client thus allowing the essential moisture and protein balance of the hair. This means no physical damage to the salon owner easy business growth with just one simple change. the hairs delicate inner structure. Using a unique blend of certified organic natural extracts possibilities for a greener future. and vitamins E and C, combined with plant derived conditioners Organic Color Systems will actually enhance, protect, and moisturize as the hair is colored. With the broad range of colors in Organic Color Systems the hairdresser is able to achieve a wide variety of looks. As well, the Organic Salon System includes Organic Curl Systems, Organic Care Systems, and Organic Control Systems. Each one of these provides as many naturally derived and organic ingredients as possible to create a professional salon result. The future can be changed by using better quality products, providing alternatives in the salon environment, and seeking out possibilities for a greener future. Sincerely, International Hair and Beauty Systems 888-213-4744 1
  3. 3. DISCOVERY The Cost of Using Organic Color Systems PACKAGE Our Discovery Packaged was vs. Other Professional Color Lines* Below is a cost comparison. The assumption is that Organic Color Systems is more expensive designed to enable you to start than other color lines when in fact, it is very comparable. We present this information to help exploring Organic Color Systems. It you make an informed decision. A business needs to make profits and sufficient income to contains a sampling of our amazing prosper and survive. We believe giving your clients superior results with increased comfort color line. Plus a color swatch chart along with a healthier environment has a definite value; a value that many salons charge and training! It gives you enough color to test on a variety of clients a premium for. Normally clients can feel and see the difference between OCS and other to see what it can do for the health brands, and fully accept the fact that a better result is worth more. of your salon business, yourself and your clients. Ask us how you can Organic Color Systems comes in larger quantity containers to reduce packaging wastes that customize this package to suit your affect the environment. The amount of active, quality ingredients is significantly higher in specific needs! OCS compared to other brands. We can assure you that quality, cost per ounce, and results $310.60 are what has made OCS sought out by salons globally. You Save 28% or 122.40 14 COLORS: Full Spectrum: Level 4MO Mocha NATURLITE: Naturlite Lightening Powder Natural Series: Level 5, 7, 10 Fiery Red: Level 5FR NATURLITE CREAM ACTIVATORS: 10Vol 3%, 20Vol 6% Double N Series: Level 4NN, 6NN, 8NN Red Copper: Level 6RC HAIRMONICS TURBO ACTIVATOR: 20 Vol COMPANY RANGE PRICE $ OUNCES # PRICE PER OZ $ Gold: Level 5GD HighLift: Level 11HS Silver Mahogany: Level 4MH FREE Accessories & Retail Products: Training DVD, ORGANIC COLOR SYSTEMS 16.00 5.07 3.16 Copper Red: Level 6CR ACTIVATORS: 10 Vol 3%, 20 Vol 6%, 30 Vol 9%, 40 Color Swatch Chart, Tech Manual, & Reference Ash: Level 7AH Vol 12% HighLift Cream Materials, 2 Posters, 1 Retail Size Shampoo, 1 Retail Framesi Fram Color Futura 6.44 2.00 3.22 Size Conditioner Framesi Eclectic 7.25 2.00 3.63 Framesi Fram Color 2001 8.06 2.00 4.03 Goldwell Topchic Canister 33.00 8.60 3.84 INNOVATOR Logics DNA System 7.02 2.00 3.51 PACKAGE Our Innovator Package is the L’Oreal L’Oreal Redken Majirel Richesse Colorfusion 7.54 6.96 6.67 1.70 1.70 2.00 4.44 4.09 3.34 Organic Color Systems FULL Schwarzkopf Igora 7.37 2.00 3.69 RANGE, plus a few extras. Designed for the salon who wants to “take Wella Koleston Perfect 8.99 2.50 3.60 it to the next level” this package offers everything you need to accommodate a high volume color *Based on prices from Beauty Alliance and Sally Beauty Supply in the state of Florida. business and all the different jobs Please note: Organic Color Systems will NEVER be sold in a retail/consumer store unlike many of the above that come with it. color lines. Discovery Package is = 35, 2oz tubes color and our Innovator Package is = 162, 2oz tubes of color. $1,158.05 You Save 20% or $248.40 Our Non-Diversion Pledge to Our Clients 60 COLORS + 5 INTENSIFIERS: Full Spectrum Series: Level 8 Caramel, Level 6 NATURLITE CREAM ACTIVATORS: 10 Vol 3%, 20 Natural Series: Level 1- 10 Toffee, Level 4 Mocha Vol 6%, 30 Vol 9% At Organic Color Systems, we have recognized the importance of exclusive, non-diverted, Bright Copper Series: Level 6-8 Bright Copper Double Ash Series: Light Ash, Dark Ash HAIRMONICS TURBO ACTIVATORS: 5 Vol, 10 Vol, high quality, socially conscious, and environmentally responsible products in developing the Mahogany Series: Level 4-7 Mahogany CONCENTRATES: Silver, Grey, Gold, Red, Violet, 20 Vol, 30 Vol, 40 Vol Gold Series: Level 4-10 Gold Blue businesses and careers of our clients. This is precisely why you have never, and will not be FREE Accessories: Training DVD, Color Swatch Ash Series: Level 4-10 Ash INTENSIFIERS: Green, Red, Orange, Violet, Yellow Chart, Tech Manual, Reference Material, 2 Posters able to find any of our range of products on store shelves anywhere throughout the United Double NN Series: Level 4NN-8NN ACTIVATORS For Color: (2) 10 Vol 3%, (2) 20 Vol Copper Red Series: Level 4-8 Copper Red 6%, 30 Vol 9%, 40 Vol 12% Hilift Cream PLUS You Receive: $65.00 Discount on Color. States or Canada. We simply refuse to divert our products, despite the obvious benefits to Red Copper Series: Level 5-7 Red Copper NATURLITE: Naturlite Lightening Powder, Naturlite Status Quo Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hydrate our business, because we understand how it would impact our clients. Fiery Red Series: Level 4-8 Fiery Red Leave in Cond., Mousse, Finale Hairspray, and Aqua Level 11 HighLift Series: Ash, Natural, Silver Oil For On Scalp Lightening Boost Treatment FREE! 2 3
  4. 4. ORGANIC CARE TRY ME PACKAGE Our line of care products includes special treatments, shampoos, and conditioners that are pH balanced to return your clients hair to its isometric point(natural state) after a color service. These products are the perfect compliment to Organic Color Systems and are ideal to use at your back bar. They contain NO SLS or PARABENS. This adds up to longer lasting, more fade resistant color and shinier, healthier hair. They are also fantastic retail products that your clients will love to take home to maintain their hair between visits. $74.97* You Save 40% or $49.98 This one time offer includes one each of: Aqua Boost Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment. Power Build Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment. Status Quo Shampoo and Conditioner. PLUS Protect Leave-In Conditioner, Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner and Revamp Treatment. ORGANIC STYLING TRY ME ORGANIC CURL STARTER KIT PACKAGE To complete any service on Our innovative permanent your clients, we offer a unique curling system has eliminated range of styling products some key negative chemicals anchored by Organic Control used with conventional Systems which are 100% perms. Without the use of PLASTIC AND PARABEN ammonia and thioglycolates FREE. There is none of the you can maintain the crispy, crunchy feeling that essential protein and moisture levels of the hair to produce a natural curl formation and you get with plastic-based bounce. Our line of care products includes special treatments, shampoos, and conditioners styling products. We also offer specialty products from Organic Connect such as Thermal that are pH balanced to return your clients hair to its isometric point(natural state). They 2 Twenty’s revolutionary heat protection! These products provide long-lasting flexible hold, contain NO SLS or PARABENS. This combination results is luscious, healthier hair! And now with superb curl retention, anti-frizz benefits and shine for a soft, natural look. They are you can try this great perm and supporting care products. suitable for all hair types. $102.93 $51.00* You Save 15% or $18.17 You Save 40% or $34.00 This offer includes five Organic Curl Systems Perms and one Organic Curl Systems Activator (150ml bottle). One This one time offer includes one each of: Volume Mousse, Spray Gel, Spray Gloss, Glaze, each of: Aqua Boost Treament (150 ml bottle), Power Build Treatment (150 ml bottle), Revamp Treatment (150 Gloss Serum Finale Hairspray and Thermal 2 Twenty. ml bottle), Status Quo Shampoo (250 ml bottle) and Power Build Conditioner (200 ml bottle). *One time offer, one package per salon, 30 day money back guarantee does not apply. 4 5
  5. 5. Organic Color Systems Featured Organic Color Systems Featured on the in the New York Times Cover of American Salon The March 11, 2010 article in the New York Times entitled Karine Jackson, world renowned stylist and 2007 London Hairdresser “Taking on Hair Color’s Bad Guy” was initially intended of the Year was featured on the cover of and inside to feature the new L’Oréal product Inoa. the March 2010 issue of American The exceptional reporting skills of the Salon magazine. The story, “Natural article’s author, Catherine Saint Louis, Attraction” by Lotus Abrams is evidenced by her list of great articles highlights Karine’s latest collection about the beauty industry. It was these called Symbiosis. This collection was skills that led Ms. Saint Louis’ research in consideration for the 2009 British to Organic Color Systems making it Hairdressing Awards. It displays the apparently unable to ignore when writing collection as full page glossy images and a credible article about non-ammonia explains how she achieved these edgy professional permanent hair color. looks using Organic Color and Control Consequently, the article became much systems. more about the dangers and downside of using ammonia on hair and a feature article Here is the introduction to the article. about Organic Color Systems. Here are some excerpts. “ Brilliant color, high fashion and edgy cuts merge in Symbiosis, a new collection from Karine Jackson. “ At least two other ammonia-free permanent hair colors are already used in Fusing natural and unnatural elements, salons. One called Organic Color Systems, Symbiosis is a new collection from the 2007 made by Herb UK, a company based in British Hairdressing Awards London Hairdresser Lymington, England, has been available of the Year winner, Karine Jackson, who used stateside since 2002, now in 65 colors Organic Color Systems ammonia-free haircolor (compared with INOA’s 49). Roughly 1,200 and Organic Control Systems styling Products to salons carry it, up from 400 in 2008, said Hilton produce edgy, fashion forward looks featuring Bell, the president of International Hair and vibrant color. Beauty Systems, the United States distributor for Organic Color Systems. “ I wanted the haircuts and color to be the main focus, which I achieved with alot of undercutting Its magic bullet is heat coupled with an oil base. “What we do is actually suspend color molecules in an oil base, and strong bold color.” says Jackson, the Australian- born owner of Karine Jackson Salon in London. “I wanted the which softens the cuticle, and then we use heat to open the cuticle,” Mr. Bell said, rather than “blowing it open with hair to make a statement but also be organic enough to wear everyday. The shapes are bold and wearable but easy ammonia.” to achieve at home.” ” In an e-mail message, he wrote: “We have been stating for years that ammonia-free and the oil-based method is a Below are the hair styles featured in the American Salon article. better way to color hair, for the hairdresser and the client. The fact that L’Oréal is saying the same thing now, just legitimizes the fact.” Read the entire article here. In a phone interview, Mr. Schiraldi conceded that INOA is “not the first.” But he argued that its performance distinguishes it. No other permanent hair color can deliver “vibrant color, great coverage and maintain the condition of the hair prior,” he said. “There’s a reason none of these other brands have become successful, and you can’t chalk that up to marketing buzz.” In Mr. Bell’s view, that reason has a lot to do with entrenched thinking. Eight years ago, convincing hairdressers that an ammonia-free hair dye could offer superior coverage was akin to suggesting the world wasn’t flat when everyone believed it was, he said. ” Read the entire article here. 6 7
  6. 6. For over 15 years 1000’s of salons in over 30 countries have experienced the fantastic benefits of using Organic Color Systems • 65 Intermixable Colors • True to Chart Results • Demi or Permanent Results • 3 Levels of Lift w/Color • 7 levels of lift w/Lightener • No Scalp Stain or Irritation • No Cuticle Damage • Superior Grey Coverage • Cleaner Blondes • Beautiful Reds That Fade on Tone • Pro Only - Never Diverted • Only Color w/Govt. Certified Organic Ingredients The original ammonia-free and oil-delivered salon hair color system Contact us now to order one of our color packages RISK-FREE with a 30 day money back guarantee! 1-888-213-4744 International Hair & Beauty Systems, LLC 9225 Ulmerton Rd. Suite D, Largo, FL 33771 Sole supplier of Organic Color, Curl, Care & Control Systems in the USA and Canada