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Eco Friendly Professional Salon Products


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O'Right is the worlds most organic, vegan, cruelty free, eco-friendly, and sustainable products that are available only to professional salons.

Shampoo and conditioner bottles are among the largest polluters of our landfills and can take over 500 years to biodegrade. Our patented biodegradable plastic bottles and paper boxes are infused with seeds so your clients can plant them after use to grow trees and flowers.

High Performance, Professional Only, Eco-Friendly Salon Products made with environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and integrity.

Oright Organics was launched to fulfill the need for specific products not included in the other Organic lines. Our company objective has always been to provide hair products which are as natural as possible. This ethos equally applies to the new Organic Connect range, which is a selection of highly effective care and styling products.

O’right brings salons a variety of organically based treatment options that are unique services easily booked and performed. The innovative Essential Oil Treatment Sets allow you to custom formulate a treatment based on your client’s specific needs. Each treatment set comes with an essential oil that is custom mixed with a pure cream conditioner. You control the amount of oil to cream to achieve a blend that is just right. The essential oil is the active part in providing the treatment.

Champagne Rose Oil Treatment Set is used to bring life back into seriously damaged coarse hair, while the Purple Rose Oil Treatment Set helps to revitalize serious damaged fine to normal hair. Our Rose Blends help to restore moisture and vitamins to the hair making it soft and shiny.

The Green Tea Essential Oil Treatment Set can be used to rejuvenate coarse hair that has been damaged by previous salon services, over styling and environmental factors.

The Sunflower Essential Oil Treatment Set is good for fine hair that is damaged, flyaway or overall weak. It will strengthen and protect fine hair.

We also provide two part cream(50ml) and essence(30ml) based in-salon treatment sets that can repair and restore hair.

The White Tea Treatment Set is a professional deep repairing treatment that will restore strength and elasticity to damaged hair.

Our Gingko Hair Treatment Set contains USDA organic Ginkgo leaf extract that activates scalp circulation and nourishes the hair. It will add moisture and restore smoothness to chemically treated hair.

O’right has exciting tonics, oils, creams, sprays and even a mask for home use too!

O’right Hair Tonic for Her is made with concentrates of ECOCERT organic Goji Berries Extract, Vitamin B Group, Biotin, Apigenin, Ginseng, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein and Multi-Amino Acids, it effectively eliminates dandruff and odors, relieves itching, improves the scalp’s microcirculation to help with hair loss, and nurtures the hair.

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Eco Friendly Professional Salon Products

  1. 1. Brand Introduction
  2. 2. Brand Concept Nature綠色創新永續 | Pure| Eco-friendly 歐萊德品牌經營分享 Brand Vision主講 歐萊德國際股份有限公司 right Everything is all 總經理葛望平
  3. 3. The most eco brand of hair care products
  4. 4. 活動提案Brand Concept Management
  5. 5. 競爭品牌個性定位 NatureFashion & Luxury Brands Fashion & Luxury BrandsGorgeous ECOArtificial Beauty Brands Double Faces Brands Chemical 4
  6. 6. Simple Blind & POP Brands Creative & Simple BrandsCommon Innovative Various & GorgeousCommon & Luxury Brands Brands 5 Luxury
  7. 7. 綠 色 永 續 組 織 Sustainability organizationsGreen Sustainability organizationsO’ right integrates external Integratesuppliers linking them to various ideasinternal departments, successfully Design Marketingcompleted green supply chainoperation management system. 業務處 企劃部 物流部 Brand 視傳部 Communication Div Logistics & Central Circle Research & transportation Development 研發 資材部 處 資材 製造處 Green Supply Chain 部 Raw materials & Warehouse Equipment Management Manufacturing 6
  8. 8. ECO-Friendly材質運用 The use of ECO-Friendly materials Eco- Packaging Biodegradable material Eco-carton with Product catalogue/ TAIWAN Green Mark Advertising Use airbags to protect our goods while shipping: Reusable and recyclableNatural organic raw Eco- Productmaterials certification Refuse to use PVC 7
  9. 9. GMP/ Carbon Neutral FactoryThe First Cosmetic GMP Green Plant in TaiwanGreener.Low Carbon • ISO 9001 • ISO 14001 • ISO 22716 • GMP • Green Building • Carbon Neutral Plan O’right Factory-3D SimulationGMP green factory will be completed by 2012.Wind and solar power will be applied to manufacture.Water Recycle System will be designed and included. 8Make products more eco-friendly and greener.
  10. 10. 綠色供應鏈改造行動 Green Supply Chain TransformationElevate green competiveness and create green values Obtain green Produce green Produce green Green innovations certification organic products organic products to service fulfill CSR 9
  11. 11. 活動提案Green Honor
  12. 12. 價 值 創 造 The first hair care company awarded “Taiwan Superior Commercial Service Brand” from the government. 11Taiwan Vice President (left) with O’right CEO (right) The press released on Office of the President’s website, Taiwan
  13. 13. 碳中和計畫World’s first SME passed “Product Carbon Footprint” verificationWorld’s first bottle of shampoo passed “Product Carbon Footprint” verification 12 Taiwan Premier (left) with O’right CEO (right)
  14. 14. World’s 1st cosmetics company to be certified as“Carbon Neutral” under PAS2060 framework.Taiwan’s 1st SME gained PAS 2050 Product CarbonFootprint Verification.
  15. 15. World’s 1st Shampoo to be certified as “CarbonNeutral” under PAS2060 framework.World’s 1st Product gained PAS 2060 “Carbon Neutral”
  16. 16. CSR 獲獎Sustainable Promise~ Everything is all rightSelected as “Excellent CSR among SMEs in Taiwan, 2011” bythe Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  17. 17. Received the first place of“Green Brand” survey conducted by Business Next Magazine
  18. 18. Golden Pin Design MarkThe first hair care product managed to achieve thisaward. 17
  19. 19. 臺灣綠色典範獎In 2011, O’right awarded the 1st ever“Taiwan Green Classics Award” which is a National Award grated bythe Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan Vice President (left) with O’right CEO (right)
  20. 20. APEC SpeechIn 2011, O’right was delegatedby Taiwan SME to attend APECconference held in Montana, USA. Carbon Neutral Program
  21. 21. The innovation of O’right had beenwidely reported by the media….…
  22. 22. USA Magazine “AmericanSALON” - Oct of 2011
  23. 23. USA Magazine ”Salon Today”- Aug of 2011 issue
  24. 24. German ELLE-Sep of 2011 issue
  25. 25. Taiwan Magazine “Cheers” July of 2010
  26. 26. 台灣媒體- 《天下雜誌》 2011年4月報導
  27. 27. Taiwan Magazine ”Manager Today” June of 2011
  28. 28. “National Geographic “ Taiwan – Oct of 2011
  29. 29. Title Page Report of Management Magazine – Nov of 2011
  30. 30. Korean Green Report – 2011 Spring
  31. 31. Hong Kong Media- “New Holiday” Sept of 2011
  32. 32. 競 爭 優 勢Mass Media report - “Tree in the bottle” TVBS新聞報導 三立新聞報導中視新聞報導 東森新聞報導 聯合報報導 31
  33. 33. 活動提案Green Exhibitions
  34. 34. 33Green Exhibition Cosmoprof Bologna
  35. 35. 34Green Exhibition Cosmoprof Bologna
  36. 36. Green Exhibition Cosmoprof Bologna
  37. 37. Green Exhibition Cosmoprof Bologna
  38. 38. Green Exhibition 37GuangZhou International Beauty Expo
  39. 39. Green ExhibitionGuangZhou International Beauty Expo 38
  40. 40. Green ExhibitionGuangZhou International Beauty Expo 39
  41. 41. Green ExhibitionGuangZhou International Beauty Expo 40
  42. 42. Green ExhibitionGuangZhou International Beauty Expo 41
  43. 43. Green ExhibitionGuangZhou International Beauty Expo
  44. 44. Green Exhibition 43GuangZhou International Beauty Expo
  45. 45. Green ExhibitionGuangZhou International Beauty Expo 44
  46. 46. Find your Market Position 活動提案
  47. 47. Price PositioningProfessional Hair Salon Market ~ The strategy of O’right price positioning High end Oright compared prices of international and domestic brands and found that there was an opening for it to cut into the market at this price zone. Top price among Taiwanese Brand (e.g.1000ml Shampoo) Low end 46
  48. 48. 競 爭 優 勢Core Competiveness (DCVC)DifferentiationWe are innovative and different, going beyond the satisfactionof customer’s expectation.We place great emphasis on green product value, with animage of “natural, pure and eco friendly”.The differences are presented on each touch point of the brandin order to create the Priority for the brand.CustomizationWe are customer-service orientated and established the first“Customization Project Department” in this industry. We havethe ability to design and produce locally by ourselves. Therefore,we can entirely satisfy customers’ requirements of“diversification”, “real-time” and “product segmentation”. 47
  49. 49. 競 爭 優 勢Core Competiveness (DCVC)Value-CreatingCommunicating with customers by green products and greenpromotions enhances the brand identity among customers andthe superiority in distribution competitions.Enhancing the competitiveness of customers. Creating thevalue of the product itself, distribution customers and society.We persist to be friendly with the environment and commit to abetter life for the next generation to enhance brand value andreputation.CollaborationWe employ different levels of competitive cooperation totransform suppliers into proactive roles during the “valuecreating” process.We build up a better communication for all participants andintegrate entire supply chains in our “Eco Promise” to co-create 48the “greener and better”
  50. 50. 活動提案Build Up Your Unique ValueProduct & Service Innovation
  51. 51. 綠 化 產 品 包 裝Greening product package Green Packaging 50
  52. 52. 綠 化 產 品 包 裝Greening product package 51
  53. 53. 綠 化 產 品 包 裝 Greening product package10L eco-packaging, is the first patented shampooeco-container in the country.Republic of China patent number D133527. Saves 200,000 400ml plastic bottles per year. Saves electricity and low carbon- It does not contain dimethicone, reduces time for drying hair, and reduces electricity usage for various hair equipment and air-conditioner. Conserves water-Fine soft bubble foams, easy to wash off. 52
  54. 54. 綠 化 產 品 包 裝Greening product package1000ml Refill - original product packaging can be reused. 1000ml 1000ml buy once & reuse | Reusable after first purchase. 53
  55. 55. 競 爭 優 勢The product concept of Tree in the Bottle –”Cradle to Cradle” 54 Cradle to Cradle作者 德國 布朗嘉博士 對台灣有此產品感到興奮!
  56. 56. Innovative TechniquesPLA material – Certified by 4 MajorInternational Biodegradable Associations. Taiwan Patent M 384512 China Patent ZL 2010 2 0205667.2 Germany Patent Nr.20 2010 016 371.4 55
  57. 57. O’right’s innovative packaging design-“Flora Box”Validated by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)Printed by soy ink which is non-toxic and non-pollutant andenvironmental friendly.Embedded handmade seed paper is made of waterbamboo shellsNot only grow a seed into a plant but also give the packagea brand new life.
  58. 58. 活動提案Distribute Green Concept to Worldwide
  59. 59. O’right’s points in “CorporateSocial Responsibility”Except the costs of “Materials” and “Labors”,enterprises should put more emphasis onthe “Social” and “Ecological” costs.In other words, except the benefits ofbusiness, employees, customers and boards,enterprises should think highly of the “Social”and “Ecological” benefits.
  60. 60. 二、 管理維護 CSR 品牌行銷密集度Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Program:In 2007, we sponsored US$455,200 worth of products and cash tohelp impoverished children and foster the next generations. 72
  61. 61. 二、 管理維護 CSR 品牌行銷密集度ORBIS Program:In 2008, we sponsored ORBIS US$627,600 worth ofproducts and cash for saving sight of blindnesschildren. Cooperate Sponsors: 73
  62. 62. 競 爭 優 勢Green Sustainable Marketing Campaign Love Earth Card By signing “2009 Love Earth Card” to educate our children the importance of protecting environment. 74
  63. 63. 二、 管理維護 CSR 品牌行銷密集度Sponsored Guo-An Elementary School attend International Junior Football Tournament in 2009. 75
  64. 64. Sponsored Eden Social Welfare Foundation help children with developmental delay in 2012
  65. 65. Green Sustainable Marketing Campaign CSR- Eco Education In 2009, we sponsored the premiere of “HOME”. Invited 1,200 customers to participate and watch the crisis our earth is facing
  66. 66. 價 CSR創 造 值“HOME” - BookSupport the concept of saving the Earth - We all have the power tochange! 78
  67. 67. Green Sustainable Marketing Campaign 2010 Sight the New Green Salons -10 seminars were held in Taiwan | More than 1,700 customers attended O’right carbon reduction and environmental protection have both received positive customer response. Hairdressing that embraces green carbon reduction is taking big steps forward, while planting the seed to promote environmental consciousness.
  68. 68. 社 會 CSR 責 任 企業“±2℃” – Taiwan’s first documentary of environmentalprotectionIn 2010, we sponsored the DVD duplication of “±2℃” .To advocate the importance of environmental protection and send tothe customers as complimentary DVDs. 80
  69. 69. 社 會 CSR 責 任 企業“HOME” - BookTo show our continuous support, we sponsored the publication of thecontinuation of “Home”. It helps us understand what we can do tomake our Earth greener and better. 81
  70. 70. Green Sustainable Marketing CampaignIn 2010, we sponsored “Association of Pingtung IndigenousCulture and Education” to rebuild joyful learningenvironments for children in typhoon-stricken regions. 82
  71. 71. Green Sustainable Marketing Campaign2010 Reforestation Project - O’right cooperated with NTUExperimental ForestWe sponsored the tree planting activity. To raise consumers andenterprises’ environmental awareness to create a greenhomeland. 83
  72. 72. Green Sustainable Marketing CampaignTurn Off the Light and Love the Earth!O’right led more than 3,800 Taiwan hair salons to participate in“Earth Hour 2011” to turn off the lights for 1 hour global synchronized.
  73. 73. participates in the activity along with 135 countries and 1.8 billion people
  74. 74. We are clear about what kind of shampooour customers need,but what about the shampoo our rivers areexpecting?
  75. 75. Thanks !