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Simply Organic Green book


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Published in: Spiritual
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Simply Organic Green book

  1. 1. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® A Crusade for Health and Beauty. A journey for answers to a healthier life. Gene Martignetti’s (Martin-Eddy) crusade began when he watched his youngest sonbattle leukemia twice within ten years. Then, as his son finally recovered from a successfulbone marrow transplant, Gene’s own health suffered a setback when he was hospitalizedwith congestive heart failure. Refusing to become a victim of his circumstances, Genestarted asking questions. This led him on a search for wellness with his contacts in thebeauty industry and medical community. He has met with doctors in the United States,Europe and Israel researching the latest in cutting-edge treatments and preventativemeasures for winning the war against cancer and heart disease, the number one and twokillers in the United States. Gene is absolutely committed to preventative health and after-cancer care and is convincedthat your salon and spa professional is a critical member of your health care team. In his thirty plus years in the industry, Gene has successfully launched and relaunched such companies as KMS, Graham Webb and Brocato as well as the hit brands Back to Basics, Blonde and Latina. His work in medical hair replacement for cancer patients landed him guest appearances on Good Morning America and Regis and Kathie Lee. Our Mission Our mission is to share with our clients new ways to incorporate healthier choicesinto their everyday lives. Simply Organic provides luxurious services through anexclusive collection of natural and organic products. We consistently strive toresearch and develop the safest, highest quality products available while introducingunparalleled wellness information to the professional salon community.
  2. 2. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® It’s Time for Simply Organic.No sodium lauryl sulfate. No parabens. No product testing on animals. Simply Organic products are created from a simple premise. We use certified organic ingredients whenever possible and keep dangerous chemical preservative systems and lathering agents out of the bottle in the end. We maintain the highest standards of quality throughout formulation and production.
  3. 3. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ®In the pursuit of health and beauty, what you put on your hair hair and skin is as important as what you put in your mouth. Being Conscious Are you aware that most personal care products, especially shampoo and skin care lotions, can contain questionable synthetic chemicals like sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates, propylene glycol and paraben preservative systems? These chemicals can build up over time and plug your pores, leading to the loss of oxygen, causing skin irritations and allergies. Breaking the Cycle Good Intentions are not good enough - just because a product looks and claims to be natural and organic doesn’t mean it is. Your first step to a healthier future starts with small changes. Start reading and understanding labels and ingredients; avoid the products that contain ingredients with a questionable health history, and most importantly – keep it Simply Organic!
  4. 4. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Nature’s First Essential Oil: Olive Oil and Olive Leaf Extract. A healthy remedy for your hair and skin It has long been known that fruit from the olive tree, its juice and oil haveassumed vast roles in the culinary world. Today we are learning to appreciate theimportance of olive oil and the olive leaf for their role in the health and beauty ofhair and skin. Olive oil is highly moisturizing and contains significant levels of vitamin E. Oliveoil will soften and soothe the hair and scalp. Olive leaf extract is an extraordinary,100% natural, antiviral and antibacterial extract. This phytochemical is foundin almost every Simply Organic product because of its amazing benefits to thehair, skin and scalp. Olive leaf extract, used externally, soothes dry skin and is awonderful transporter for essential oils found in Simply Organic products. It hasalso been used to successfully treat psoriasis, eczema, dandruff and lice.
  5. 5. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Simply Organic Wash & Rinse
  6. 6. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Volume Wash & Rinse Available Sizes: 8.5oz, 16oz, 32oz Hair and scalp health reach theirfull potential with this volumizingshampoo and conditioning rinse. Itmakes fine hair full without makingit dry or dull – and without a singlepesticide or paraben. Moisture-Rich Wash & Rinse Available Sizes: 8.5oz, 16oz, 32oz For dry or chemically treated hair – olive leaf extract, honey and nature’s essential oils gently clean and condition your hair and scalp. Our organic formula helps oxygenate, regenerate and rehydrate your skin and scalp.
  7. 7. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Everyday Wash & Rinse Available Sizes: 2oz, 8.5oz, 32oz Simply Organic Everyday Wash & Rinse gently cleanses and conditions all hair types. Features a rich, energizing lather to deep clean, leaving the hair feeling revived and renewed. Our newest formula featuring our patent pending Vegiplex Complex is excellent for color treated hair. Refresh Wash & Rinse Available Sizes: 8.5oz, 16oz, 32ozGive your hair a fresh start after anyexposure, from working outdoorsto playing in smoky environmentsor styling product addictions.Removes build-up in hair andhelps your hair rejuvenate.
  8. 8. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Simply Organic Treatments
  9. 9. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Retreat Split Ends Treatment Available Sizes: 4oz, 32oz Specifically designed for clients who want to blow out curly hair or use flat irons and excessive heat. Essential Oils protect the hair and scalp from heat and chemical damage. Helps reseal split ends and save fragile, damaged ends from further damage with a penetrating protein and essential oil treatment. Retreat Color Therapy Treatment Available Sizes: 4oz, 32oz A professional treatment for colortreated hair. Restores essentialoils lost in the color process, andnaturally balances the pH after achemical service. Nurtures hairwith essential oils, olive leaf extractand honey.
  10. 10. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Volume Volumizing & Thickening Treatment Available Sizes: 4oz, 32ozA natural salon treatment for thin, fineand weak problem hair. Replenishesmoisture, strengthens the hair shaftand adds volume and shine - creatingthicker, fuller hair. Simply Organic’snatural approach allows the hair shaftthe ultimate amount of moistureabsorption without weighing thehair down. Apply with heat for theultimate in natural volume. Scalp Spa Rejuvenating Hair & Scalp Treatment Available Sizes: 4oz, 32oz Skin care for your scalp. An outstanding, rejuvenating treatment for the scalp following overexposure to the sun, chemical services or before reattaching extensions, hairpieces and wigs. Wonderful for cancer patients that are experiencing new hair growth after chemotherapy as well as anyone that uses hair growth stimulants.
  11. 11. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Simply OrganicStyling & Finishing
  12. 12. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Rejuvenating Sealer Available Sizes: 8.5oz It’s your hair’s best defender fromfrizz, heat damage and environmentalpollution. This weightless productprotects hair and seals the cuticle tokeep volume and body in, frizz andpollutants out. Natural EssentialOils prevent tangles and createunmatched body and shine. Moisturizing Soft Gel Available Sizes: 4oz Create softer styles and softer holds with Simply Organic Moisturizing Soft gel. Get volume, moisture and shine without flaking. Our patented formulation treats and conditions as you style.
  13. 13. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Bangs & Ends Crème Available Sizes: 4oz Simply Organic Bangs & Ends Crème was designed to define, condition and style bangs, ends and curls. Eliminate the need for multiple styling products while protecting the hair by replacing vital nutrients lost to heat styling damage and chemical services. Anti-Frizz Available Sizes: 4oz Designed to eliminate the frizz.Define your style – curly or straight,and shine like the sun. During yourmost difficult styling days SimplyOrganic Anti-Frizz Crème willmake your life simple again.
  14. 14. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Control Medium Hold Hair Spray Available Sizes: 8.5oz A medium hold hair spray greatfor all hair types and styles. Perfectfor an everyday finishing spray,providing flexible, lasting holdwithout stiffness, crispiness orflaking. For all hair types. Sun Shine Heat Activated shine complex Available Sizes: 4oz Simply Organic Sun Shine creates weightless shine while conditioning and treating the hair. Formulated without silicone or other coating ingredients found in traditional shine products, Sun Shine is the ideal natural solution for dry, lifeless hair.
  15. 15. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Control Definition & Shine Hair Wax available Sizes: 1.5oz A hair wax designed for definition, shine and control. Great for creating a variety of styles on both curly and straight hair. VolumeVolumizing & Thickening Spray Available Sizes: 4oz Simply Organic Volumizing and Thickening Spray is designed to give the maximum amount of volume while leaving the hair looking natural and full. All without the damage associated with traditionally formulated styling products.
  16. 16. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Simply Organic Bath & Body, and AccessoriesIn addition to Simply Organic hair care, we offer a selectionof luxurious bath & body care products as well as a varietyof seasonal offerings and accessories sold exclusively throughour select salon and spa partners across the world. Pleasevisit for the latest productofferings and promotions.
  17. 17. THE SECRET of SIMPLY ORGANIC ® Simply Organic products can be found exclusively in select spas andsalons nationwide. We believe your salon and spa professional is animportant part of your health and beauty team. Their knowledge anddedication to your health and beauty is often overlooked. Ask for theirrecommendation and remember – what you put on your hair and skinis as important as what you put in your mouth.For more information about Simply Organic please visit us online, or call 1.866.512.4247.Original artwork for this brochure was created by Stephanie Kranz, a partof the Simply Organic team