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O'Right is the worlds most organic, vegan, cruelty free, eco-friendly, and sustainable products that are available only to professional salons.

Shampoo and conditioner bottles are among the largest polluters of our landfills and can take over 500 years to biodegrade. Our patented biodegradable plastic bottles and paper boxes are infused with seeds so your clients can plant them after use to grow trees and flowers.

High Performance, Professional Only, Eco-Friendly Salon Products made with environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and integrity.

Oright Organics was launched to fulfill the need for specific products not included in the other Organic lines. Our company objective has always been to provide hair products which are as natural as possible. This ethos equally applies to the new Organic Connect range, which is a selection of highly effective care and styling products.

O’right brings salons a variety of organically based treatment options that are unique services easily booked and performed. The innovative Essential Oil Treatment Sets allow you to custom formulate a treatment based on your client’s specific needs. Each treatment set comes with an essential oil that is custom mixed with a pure cream conditioner. You control the amount of oil to cream to achieve a blend that is just right. The essential oil is the active part in providing the treatment.

Champagne Rose Oil Treatment Set is used to bring life back into seriously damaged coarse hair, while the Purple Rose Oil Treatment Set helps to revitalize serious damaged fine to normal hair. Our Rose Blends help to restore moisture and vitamins to the hair making it soft and shiny.

The Green Tea Essential Oil Treatment Set can be used to rejuvenate coarse hair that has been damaged by previous salon services, over styling and environmental factors.

The Sunflower Essential Oil Treatment Set is good for fine hair that is damaged, flyaway or overall weak. It will strengthen and protect fine hair.

We also provide two part cream(50ml) and essence(30ml) based in-salon treatment sets that can repair and restore hair.

The White Tea Treatment Set is a professional deep repairing treatment that will restore strength and elasticity to damaged hair.

Our Gingko Hair Treatment Set contains USDA organic Ginkgo leaf extract that activates scalp circulation and nourishes the hair. It will add moisture and restore smoothness to chemically treated hair.

O’right has exciting tonics, oils, creams, sprays and even a mask for home use too!

O’right Hair Tonic for Her is made with concentrates of ECOCERT organic Goji Berries Extract, Vitamin B Group, Biotin, Apigenin, Ginseng, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein and Multi-Amino Acids, it effectively eliminates dandruff and odors, relieves itching, improves the scalp’s microcirculation to help with hair loss, and nurtures the hair.

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  • How to optimize Volumizing Hair Cream? (leave-in) Step 3. Blow dry and style your hair directly
  • Professional Organics Product Information

    1. 1. Outline Products Introduction Scalp Care Home Care Styling Cleansing Skin Care Salon Use 2
    2. 2. Outline Products Introduction Scalp Care Home Care Styling Cleansing Skin Care Salon Use 3
    3. 3. Scalp Care Do you know? The aging speed of scalp is 12 times faster than skin. Making one scalp treatment is better than 6 facial treatments. 4
    4. 4. Scalp Care Does your customers have following problems??  Have red spots on the scalp?  Still feel itching even after shampoo?  Dandruff?  Unpleasant smell on the scalp?  Lose a lot of hair during shampoo?  Find a lot of hair loss on the pillow? 5
    5. 5. Scalp Care Hair Tonic Formulated according to different causes of female and male hair loss Combines with Chinese herbs and Western prescriptions O’right Hair Tonic for Her Oright Hair Tonic for Him For scalp care and hair loss  Has anti-bacterial effect, eliminates dandruff and itching  Brings nutrition to hair, fortifies hair follicles and keeps scalp healthy  Pleasant scents make you feel young and comfortable 6 100ml 100ml
    6. 6. Scalp Care 2011 O’right Supreme Green Design Low CO2 | Fashion | Innovation 7
    7. 7. Scalp Care New Hair Tonic Low CO2 design – 80% recycled glass bottle, 100% recycled paper box w/o printing Fashion – 100% Ivory wood cap shows a sense of firm and superior quality Innovation – insists in ECO value, ECOCERT organic extract, the 1 st bottle indicated 96% natural ingredients on its outer box O’right Hair Tonic For Her (Organic Goji Berry Concentrate) – 96% natural ingredients O’right Hair Tonic For Him (Ginger Root Concentrate) – 96% natural ingredients  Has an anti-bacterial effect  Effectively eliminates dandruff and odors, relieves itching  Improves scalp’s microcirculation  Nurtures hair to strengthen hair roots and keeps scalp healthy  With pleasant scents 8 50ml 50ml
    8. 8. Scalp Care 養髮液系列商品比較Comparison with Hair Tonic SeriesProduct Female Male Female Male ECOCERT organic Ginger Root extractFeature Goji Berry extract Double Concentrate Natural Ingredients Natural Ingredients Double Concentrate Scent Light & Elegant Light & Elegant Rich & Pleasant Rich & Pleasant Box Eco-Material Eco-Material Traditional Traditional Design Low CO2/luxury Low CO2/luxury Simple/elegant Simple/elegantVolume 50ml 50ml 100ml 100ml Usage 2 months 2 months 4 months 4 months 9
    9. 9. Scalp Care Refreshing and Cooling Cooling and Refreshing Scalp Spray - 95% natural ingredients For soothing the scalp  The mint soothes and relaxes scalp with a refreshing feeling  Perilla extract has an antiseptic effect  Relieves itching  Leaves your scalp feeling cool and fresh 50ml 10
    10. 10. Outline Products Introduction Scalp Care Home Care Styling Cleansing Skin Care Salon Use 11
    11. 11. Home Care 居家保養重要部分 Cuticle scales can help your hair to resist against external harm. Prevents nutrition and moisture loss. Cuticle 12
    12. 12. Home Care Velvety Smooth and Tender Hair Champagne Rose Oil Purple Rose Oil For damaged hair  Repairs cuticle scales to restore the tightness and gloss  Prolongs the treatment effect, leaves hair smooth, soft and silky  With innovative micron technology, it can be absorbed easily without oily feeling 13 100 ml
    13. 13. Home Care Moisture-Rich and Healthy Hair Green Tea Moisturizing Cream – 95% natural ingredients Oolong-Green Tea Moisturizing Cream – 95% natural ingredients For moisturizing purpose  Upgrades moisture retention for 72 hours  Replenishes moisture and immediate improves dry, lack-luster hair, giving it a rich shine 14 180 ml 150 ml
    14. 14. Home Care Moisturizing Hair Supplement Green Tea Regulate Hair Mist - 91% natural ingredients With green tea extract and anti-oxidant effect of catechin For heat resistance and water supply purpose  Delivers moisture to hair and protects it from heat damage  Repairs hair from chemical treatment  Eliminates frizz and static  Makes hair in an optimum condition 15 210 ml
    15. 15. Smoothing Hair LotionHome Care Light & Delicate . Silky Smooth Hair Smoothing Hair Lotion - 95% Natural Ingredients With ECOCERT organic Goji Berry extract and highly active amino acids For all hair type  Tames frizz, static and dryness while tightening cuticles  Repairs damaged hair, leaves hair silky smooth and elegant look. 180 ml 16
    16. 16. Home Care Show Your Beautiful and Flawless Hair Plant-derived active keratin combined with peptide biotechnology to form micro-molecules. Deeply penetrate hair cuticle and nourish hair. Peptide Hair Response Cream - 75% natural ingredients Yogurt Hair Mask - 75% natural ingredients For all hair types  Promotes the connection of fibrous proteins and form a bright, protective membrane on the surface  Revives your hair and gives it a brand-new life  Delicate, no greasy and no burdening texture brings your hair light, flawless and elegant look 17 160 ml 100 ml
    17. 17. Outline Products Introduction Scalp Care Home Care Styling Cleansing Skin Care Salon Use 18
    18. 18. StylingAesthetic & LambencyShining Hair SprayFor all hair types Gives your hair brightness and sheen Repairs damaged hair with moisturizing effect to make you style stand out The unique and attractive fragrance makes you catch everyone’s eyes 110 ml 19
    19. 19. StylingMaximum Volume and Styling ConditionerGreedy 2+ - 80% natural ingredientsFor curly hair - increases volume and curls with hair Increases hair volume Creates dramatic style while conditioning hair Worked into dry or wet hair Superb botanical styling formula with anti-gravity effect 100 ml 20
    20. 20. StylingAesthetic HoldFlexible Styling GelFor all hair types Holds the hair style as well as increases shine Keeps style intact all day long, even in high humidity Nourishes the hair and forms a flexible membrane on the surface 225 ml 21
    21. 21. StylingCreate the Style You WantFree Mind MudFor all hair types Simply style and keeps a long-lasting hold The style memorizing feature restyle you hair easily even after exercise Easy to rinse off Highly flexible, creates hair styles unlimitedly without stiffness 50 ml 22
    22. 22. StylingWeightless . Bouncy CurlsCurl Activating Spray – 83% natural ingredientsWith fantastic bouncy effectFor all hair type Creates weightless and movable waves and curls Provides long lasting perfect styles 180ml 23
    23. 23. Styling O’right Curl StylerCreates desired bouncy curls and waves,easy handling and quick stylingO’right Curl Styler (Large)O’right Curl Styler (Small) 24
    24. 24. StylingStrengthening and VolumizingVolumizing Hair Cream – 88% natural ingredients Botanical bouffant factors ECOCERT organic Goji Berry extract Creates natural and fluffy feeling without GLUE!! Supports hair roots and makes hair bouffant, thicker and fuller. 25 100m l
    25. 25. Styling How to optimize Volumizing Hair Cream? Step 1. Wipe dry your hair after shampoo. Step 2. Apply onto hair and roots evenly. Step 3. Blow dry and style your hair directly. 26
    26. 26. Outline Products Introduction Scalp Care Home Care Styling Cleansing Skin Care Salon Use 27
    27. 27. Cleansing IngredientsECOCERT Organic Foaming Agents •Harmless to the natural, not to cause environmental hormones. •With fine lather, easy to rinse off. •Mild foaming agents, hypoallergenic and non- irritant. 28
    28. 28. CleansingHealthy . Pleasant . AntibacterialTea Tree Series 400ml/1000ml/1000ml Refill With pure tea tree oil and mild ECOCERT foaming agents For scalp purification / normal skinShampoo - 95% natural ingredientsConditioner - 80% natural ingredientsBody Wash - 92% natural ingredients Has an antiseptic effect Makes your scalp stay away dandruff and itching Leaves your and skin healthy, fresh and comfortable. 29
    29. 29. CleansingRefreshing . Pleasant . AntioxidantGreen Tea Series 100ml/400ml/1000ml/1000ml Refill With green tea extract and mild ECOCERT foaming agents For all hair types / perspiring or sun-exposed skinShampoo - 90% natural ingredientsConditioner - 80% natural ingredientsBody Wash - 90% natural ingredients Prevents oxidation resulting from chemical treatments Promotes hair and scalp condition Delays the signs of aging to keep skin in an optimum condition The exclusive refreshing formula relives your tension and fatigue 30
    30. 30. CleansingSoft MoisturizingOolong-Green Tea Series 400ml Pure oolong green tea formula With anti-oxidation effect of catechin For all hair typesShampoo - 94% natural ingredientsConditioner - 80% natural ingredients Comforts your scalp and moisturizes your hair Protects hair from harm and brings your hair healthy and soft 31
    31. 31. CleansingOptimum NutritionChampagne Color Care Rose Series 400ml/1000ml/1000ml Refill With champagne rose essential oil, botanic color care and natural nourishing formula For color treated hair / dry skinShampoo- 96% natural ingredientsConditioner - 80% natural ingredientsBody Wash - 94% natural ingredients Preserves hair color and radiance Leaves color treated hair elastic and shiny Nourishes skin, makes it soft, smooth The enchanting rose scent makes you feel pleasant all day long 32
    32. 32. CleansingRich MoisturizingPurple Rose Series 400ml/1000ml/1000ml Refill With natural essence, elegant and attractive scents For damaged hair / dry skinShampoo - 93% natural ingredientsConditioner - 80% natural ingredientsBody Wash - 94% natural ingredients Provides intensive moisture to prevent tangles and frizz Replenishes protein and moisture, forms a protective membrane on hair Gives intensive moisture, leaves your skin soft and silky smooth 33
    33. 33. CleansingLight & Burden FreeCamellia Oil-Control Series 400ml/1000ml With camellia oil, intelligent oil-control factors and ECOCERT organic foaming agents For oily scalp type / skin or deep cleanShampoo - 90% natural ingredientsBody Wash - 94% natural ingredients Cleans the excess oil and moisturizing Leaves you scalp and skin smooth and healthy 34
    34. 34. CleansingStrengthening and VolumizingGoji Berry Series 400ml/1000ml With ECOCERT organic foaming aging and Goji Berry extract, plus extreme elastic complex For fine and limp hairShampoo - 93% natural ingredients Regulates sebum secretions Reinforces hair roots and hair structure Create bounce and volume to your hair 35
    35. 35. Dandelion Kids Cleansing SeriesWe use dandelion which is like white, light feather tosymbolize the flawless and pure heart and soul of kids . 36
    36. 36. CleansingPure PerfectionDandelion Kids Series Hypoallergenic and tear-free formula with ECOCERT organic foamingagents. For kids or sensitive scalp/skinShampoo - 95% natural ingredientsBody Wash - 96% natural ingredientsHair Cream - 75% natural ingredients Gently cleanses hair and scalp, leaves pure, flawless and flowing hair Mildly cleanses tender skin and provide protection to kinds Offers gentle but deep conditioning to hair Leaves hair smooth and light in pure perfection 37 400ml 100ml
    37. 37. Product Features CleansingCooling ‧ InvigoratingIce Series 400ml Cooling formula and mild ECOCERT organic foaming agents For menShampoo - 93% natural ingredientsBody Wash - 97% natural ingredients Effectively removes excess oil, cleanses hair/skin, tightens and wakens scalp/skin Promotes cooling sensation and leaves scalp/skin refreshing with comfortable and healthy feel 38
    38. 38. Outline Products Introduction Scalp Care Home Care Styling Cleansing Skin Care Salon Use 39
    39. 39. Skin CareAn Entirely New Look With Soft and Tender Touch Pear Wood Exfoliating Powder - 97% natural ingredients - 100% natural pear wood For face and body exfoliation  Extremely delicate and non-irritant  Absorbs oil and removes dead cells to make skin clean and bright  Leaves skin an entirely new look with soft and tender touch  Lavender essential oil has calming and relaxing action 100 ml 40
    40. 40. Skin CareBeautifying and Protecting Your SkinAroma Body Lotion – Moisturizing - 94% natural ingredientsFor normal or oily skin type Contains camellia oil and pentapeptidesAroma Body Lotion – Nourishing - 70% natural ingredientsFor normal or dry skin The fine texture can be absorbed easily Promotes collagen growth Brings the well-hydrated gloss to your Gives the skin rich nourishment, make it fine and elastic 180ml 41
    41. 41. Skin CareLight and Burden-FreeCamellia Oil-Control Hydrating Facial Cleanser – 93.9% natural ingredientsFor normal or oily skin types With ECOCERT organic foaming agents With fresh note of Camellia, the intelligent oil-control factors and ECOCERT organic foaming agents Cleanses the pores, absorbs excess oil and improves dull and rough skin 42 120ml
    42. 42. Skin CareMoisturizingDeep-sea Mineral Water Spray – 99.9% natural ingredientsHydrate, refresh face and skin Formulated with Deep-sea mineral ionic and USDA certified ginkgo leaf extract Replenishes the skin with intense moisture and ultimately lock-in moisture It reveals a bright light & flawless skin 43 150ml
    43. 43. Outline Products Introduction Scalp Care Home Care Styling Cleansing Skin Care Salon Use 44
    44. 44. Salon UseDeep Nourishment and Revitalization Champagne Rose Essential Oil Hair Treatment Set For serious damaged coarse hairPurple Rose Essential Oil Hair Treatment SetFor serious damaged fine hairGreen Tea Essential Oil Hair Treatment SetFor damaged coarse hairSun Flower Essential Oil Hair Treatment SetFor damaged fine hair Penetrate-in Cream 50ml x 12 45 Essential oil 12 ml x 6
    45. 45. Salon UseECO Organic Hair RepairWith ECOCERT organic white tea extractWith USDA organic ginkgo leaf extractWhite Tea Hair Treatment SetFor damaged hair (chemical treated hair)Ginkgo Hair Treatment SetFor damaged hair (color treated hair)Repair Cream A - 79% natural IngredientsOrganic Essence B - 99% natural Ingredients Provides excellent anti-oxidization Activates the circulation and nourishes hair Restores hair strength and elasticity Repair Cream A 50ml + Restores hair smoothness and moisture. Organic Essence B 30ml 46
    46. 46. Salon Use Treatment Compare Hair Ginkgo Hair Treatment Set White Tea Hair Treatment Set USDA Organic ECOCERT CertificateFor damage hair, especially For damage hair,after coloring Using time especially after perm Enhances regeneration and  Provides excellent anti-restore hair energy. Effect oxidization and forms a protective differences film from exterior harm Nourishes hair, repairs thedamage and activates the  Eliminates free radical, revivescirculation. hair’s luster and elasticity. 47
    47. 47. Salon Use Eco Hair Treatment Innovative Innovative ECO Hair Treatment Meet Your Needs Based on hair damage levels, hair stylist can adjust the amount of Organic Essence B : - For serious damaged hair adds more B - For slightly damaged hair reduces B B+ B+ B- 48 For serious damaged hair adds more B For slightly damaged hair reduces B
    48. 48. Salon Use Eco Hair Treatment Innovative Innovative ECO Hair Treatment Innovative Eco Warm Treatment For autumn and winter use: Soak Hair Treatment set in 35~40 ℃ warm water for a cozy, comforting experience. It also helps to restore hair moisture. Innovative Eco Ice Treatment For summer use: Chill Hair Treatment set to 5-10℃ for an instant cooling effect that helps tighten hair scales with great results. 49
    49. 49. Salon UseProvide Safe and Natural ProtectionCatechin Scalp Protection Gel 10mlWith catechins, vitamins and special induction ingredientsFor scalp protection while coloring Utilizes the different absorbency capacity to recognize scalp and hair Forms a protection over scalp to prevent irritation and allergic reactions Protection level for coloring stands at 96%, O2 elimination reaches 98%. 50
    50. 50. Salon UseGive Your Scalp a Deep BreathPear Wood Exfoliating Gel – 94% natural ingredients – 100% natural pear woodFor scalp exfoliation(Recommend to consult with hair specialists at hair salons) Extremely delicate and non-irritant Adsorbs oil and removes dead cells to give your scalp a deep breath Adds lavender essential oil and mint to calm and relax your skin 120 ml 51
    51. 51. Salon Use3D All Care For Perm3D Pre-perm Lotion 1 - 90% natural IngredientsPre-perm protection3D Voluminous Amino Acids 2 - 99.5% natural IngredientsRepairs hair during perm3D Balancing Serum 3 - 60% natural IngredientsAfter perm treatment Forms a natural anti-alkali film to protect scalp. Reduces resistance of healthy hair and effectively minimizes the damage during perm. Contains 100% extract of 3 sorts of protein and 8 types of amino acid Provides rich nutrition to hair and revitalizes it Removes oxide, restores natural pH balance of hair and tighten scales 7.2 ml x 3 52
    52. 52. Salon Use of 3D All Care For Process Perm 3D Pre-perm Lotion 1 Put on rollers and Process of 3D All Care For Perm apply perm lotion. Stay for appropriate time then rise. 1 2 3 3D Voluminous Amino Acids 2 Apply neutralizing lotion directly. Take off rollers and shampoo 3D 豐沛胺基酸 3D Balancing Serum 3 53
    53. 53. Salon Use High Quality Peptide Perm With low-ammonia, moisturizing and gentle formula, these products rapidly penetrates into the medullas to strengthen hair from inside to outside Tripeptides Perm Lotion 110ml *2 For normal hair Pentapeptides Perm Lotion 110ml *2 For damaged hair  Repairs damaged keratin  Revives hydrophobicity and strength of hair  Leaves hair curly, shiny and elastic 54
    54. 54. Salon Use Shampoo 10 L  Tea Tree Shampoo  Green Tea Shampoo  Champagne Rose Shampoo  Camellia Oil-Control Shampoo  Purple Rose Shampoo  Deep Cleansing Shampoo Conditioner 5L  Green Tea Conditioner  Purple Rose Conditioner 55
    55. 55. Thank you!!Thank you!!