Joyent Cloud Data Sheet


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2012 Joyent Public Cloud

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Joyent Cloud Data Sheet

  1. 1. Run Your Apps in Our Rock-Solid Cloud. Fast. Instantly Scalable. Stellar Support.Development Languages: Develop, launch and run high-performance, high-speed applications in the cloud made toC run apps really well. Some of the world’s biggest - and most demanding - media, gaming andC++ mobile applications companies run on Joyent Cloud. Why? CPU bursting that can verticallyErlang scale your application by up to 800% instantly to handle unexpected traf c spikes. Resizing ofJava applications on the y with no reboot or down-time required. Premium hardware includingNode.js Nehalem/Westmere processors on every server in out data centers. And free Joyent CloudPHP Analytics with DTrace for stunning 4D heatmaps that let you observe the whole “forest” of yourPython application architecture and analyze outlying points of latency with a single mouse-click.RubyApplication Servers:Apache Reliability. Performance. Agility.Glass shNGINX Joyent Cloud runs on the ZFS le system, delivering 100% data resiliency and incorruptibility.TomCat Only Joyent Cloud incorporates I/O throttling to ensure that "noisy neighbors" dont trash your app performance. Joyent Clouds SmartOS is a time-tested carrier grade operating system.Operating Systems: Pair it with the KVM hypervisor for blazingly fast provisioning of Linux or Windows VMs.LinuxUnixWindows n ter Architectures CeDatabases: ata Combine compute resources andCouchDB rtD Sma services from our diverse selectionHadoop of PaaS and SaaS partners.MongoDBMySQL AppliancesOraclePostgreSQL Purpose built appliances comeRiak pre-con gured and pre-tuned for rapid scalability and highAdditional Services: performance. Includes Node.js,Dynamic VLANs MongoDB, Riak, Percona (MySQL)IP addresses and Zeus.Local storageSSL certi cates InfrastructureData Centers: Joyent Cloud deploys aSAS 70 Type II Certi ed fully-meshed 10/40 Gbps networkMulti-layered Physical Security for fast response and all freshHighly Redundant Power Nehalem/Westmere hardware withEarly Warning Fire Suppression Learn more at 15k RPM One Embarcadero Center, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94111 phone (415) 400-0600
  2. 2. Ask Our Customers. Free Traffic Spikes Scalable Architecture 24/7 Support The Joyent Cloud ecosystem. Every service you need, on“ With Joyent, I don’t have to monitor our servers all the “ When you’re building a platform for others to use, a “ It’s personally satisfying to me that Joyent support is so demand, in our cloud. time. If there’s a burst of lot of thought goes into responsive. Any time we’ve traf c, the Joyent cloud scaling from Day One. That’s contacted them—day or late allocates resources to make why we spent a lot of our at night—we get an answer sure we don’t lose performance or customers. time early on building a stable, scalable platform. We quickly. ” Chris Carvalho, No other cloud provider were able to do that much COO, Kabam does this. ” Francis Pelland more ef ciently with Joyent Cloud than other cloud Technical Director, Social Game Universe providers. Ty Amel ” Co-Founder and CEO StackMob TM CPU Bursting Dynamic, real-time scaling by up to 800%. Vertically bursts your machine (including memory) without any user intervention at no extra charge. Provision New VMs Fastest provisioning in the cloud either with SmartOS or using KVM in <15 Seconds for Linux and Windows VMs Resize Apps on the Fly Allows users permanently resize production applications with no reboot or downtime. 100% Data Integrity ZFS checksums the entire application stack by default, preventing data deterioration (for Linux, Windows and SmartOS) I/O Throttling Ensures that “noisy neighbors” won’t cause your application to perform poorly Cloud Analytics 4D real-time visualization of latencies. Point-and-click root cause analytics Zones Security Steel-wall security to prevent other tenants from accessing or impacting your VM Superior I/O Optimized for lightning fast I/O in the cloud. TM Support 24x7/365 - Phone and Email API for Instantiation True REST, includes SSH insertion for M2M or secure management and and Management "live key" rotation for easier management across multiple VMs. Adaptive Replacement Advance caching to free up memory and enhance disk I/O while minimizing Caching (ARC) CPU utilization Broad Operating SmartOS, Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian System Support Package Support Over 600 supported packages, with thousands more compiled Fresh Hardware All Nehalem/Westmere Processors, all 15k RPM HDs in our data centers Connectivity/Network All Tier-1 ISPs, 10gbs/40gbs fully-meshed network Storage Local, high-availability. NFS in the same data center on demand Bandwidth 1 TB per month free SLAs 100% Uptime guarantee (compute, network, connectivity) One Embarcadero Center, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94111 phone (415) 400-0600