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SmartCloud Provisioning - servere i skyen på et splitsekund. Steen Eriksen & Brian Naylor, IBM


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Præsentation fra IBM Smarter Business 2012

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SmartCloud Provisioning - servere i skyen på et splitsekund. Steen Eriksen & Brian Naylor, IBM

  1. 1. IBM SmartCloud ProvisioningSmartCloud FoundationBrian Naylor – IBM Software Group, WW Cloud Client Engagement TeamSteen Eriksen – IBM Sales & Distribution, Client Technical ArchitectSeptember 2012
  2. 2. Organizations are now moving beyond virtualization to highervalue stages of Cloud Cloud focuses on eased service consumption & management Consumption based metering and dynamic capacity optimization Virtualization underpins Cloud End-to-end real-time monitoring and optimization Business service catalogs and self service Service delivery automation Virtualization management2
  3. 3. SmartCloud Provisioning Competitively Priced Powerful pattern Deployment (PaaS) Highly Automated Multi-tenancy support Advanced ImageQuick to deploy Lifecycle Management Hardware Highly Scalable Independent Ultrafast Hypervisor Agnostic Provisioning (IaaS) Open & Extensible Continuous Operations3
  4. 4. Quick Time to ValueIt’s Cheap• Cost competitive pricing against other Cloud provisioning solutions.• Special MSP pricing models, ASL licensing, perpetual license or monthly rental.• Pricing promotion thru to November 2012, 50% discount, $125/RVU.• Upto x2.5 cheaper than VMware (cost comparison with vCloud Director).Highly Automated – Optimise your staff costs• Requires less administrators to manage the environment.• Designed for low-touch operations and administration – reduces manual effort.• Highly automated, self-healing, and instant recovery of the cloud management.Easy to Deploy – Time to Value• Can be deployed in just a few hours.• New resources added to the Cloud are automatically configured and ready in under 5 mins.Fast to Learn• Use commodity skills to learn, manage and deploy – get upto speed very quickly.4
  5. 5. Powerful Cloud AutomationPowerful Pattern Deployment• Powerful drag-and-drop UI to design e-business patterns.• Deployment for complex PaaS environments in just a few clicks.• Integrated activation engine image automation.Multi-Tenancy Support• MSP & CSP ready with network and presentation separation.• Service catalog for IaaS and PaaS offerings.• Quota management for VMs, templates, IP, storage.Advanced Lifecycle Image Management• Unique set of image management capabilities to design, build and manage image sprawl.• Image conversion capabilities to move between hypervisors and image formats (raw, ovf).• Image construction and composition tool (ICCT) to build standardised images.• Automated image indexing supporting file/byte comparisons within images.Easy to Migrate & On-board• Can easily manage existing VMware deployments by managing through vCenter.5
  6. 6. Non-stop CloudUltra FAST Provisioning• x10+ times faster VMware.• Can start a single VM and load OS in under 10 seconds.• Can start 100 VMs in under 3 mins.• Can go from a bare metal server to ready for work in under 5 mins.• Can make an entire IBM blade chassis (BCH 14 blades) ready for cloud in less than 6 mins.Highly Scalable & Efficient• Designed with distributed architecture for extreme scalability and parallel operation.• Can scale upto millions+ of VMs using HSLT architecture “High Scale”.• Efficient use of images, only storing master copies and the delta changes.• Uses “copy-on-write” technology to move data back & forward (moves only the data you change).Continuous Operations• Designed for reliable cloud operations – “Low touch”.• Quickly recover from failures dramatically simplifies patch, image and change management .• Can apply updates without taking the Cloud down.• Servers added, removed, updated without taking the environment off-line.6
  7. 7. Customer ChoiceHypervisor Agnostic• YOUR choice of hypervisor – managed or direct to hypervisor.• High scale low touch support for KVM, Xen, ESX, Hyper-V.• Managed hypervisor support for vCenter, VMControl.• No lock in – easy to move between hypervisors.Hardware Independent• Supports any x86 hardware with VT.• Manage PowerVM systems through VMControl.• Works with IBM’s new PureFlex systems.• Simple to integrate with existing storage systems.Open and Extensible• Open source based (HBase, ZooKeeper), small footprint.• HSLT component being shared with OpenStack community.• Easy to integrate with Web Services layer.• Extensible : REST APIs, and IaaS API submitted to DMTF “IBM Joins OpenStack as a Founding Member” - April 20127
  8. 8. About DutchCloudDutch Cloud • Founded in 2009 with HQ in The Netherlands. • Team with long-term experience on Cloud Computing. • 100% committed to IBM. • Delivering “Private Clouds” (from a shared environment).Our Focus on • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). • the SMB Market in The Netherlands. • Partner Delivery Model (including Resellers). • Complex architectures. • Automation & Standardisation. • Adding network integration (Dutch Cloud is also ISP). • Adding simple tools; easy to use and easy to maintain.8
  9. 9. Dutch Cloud’s requirements• Rapid service delivery with high degrees of automation.• Customer isolation for multi-tenancy.• Customer and management traffic separation.• Integration with IBM V7000 storwize for non-local storage.• Easily extensible platform, supporting simple customisation.• Highly scalable and able to recovery autonomously from failures without interruptions to the service (no outages).• Ability to “brand” the portal/GUI for specific customers.• Ability to support a reseller model, and segregate resources.• It works…consistently, reliably, quickly, and with minimal administration.9
  10. 10. Solution Architecture Users Reseller Cloud Admin Linux VM Window VM IaaS VM WebConsole Web Services Zoo Keeper HBase x3650 M3 x3650 M3 iSCSI Compute Nodes Storage Nodes iSCSI Storwize V7000 PXE Server Persistent Storage10
  11. 11. Customer Deployment Scenarios Rapid service delivery of IaaS & PaaS Disaster Recovery of IaaS & PaaS Problem: Customer wants DR capability for IaaS for the provision of 200 machines within an SLA of 60 mins. Typically this is done by having dedicated hardware on warm/cold standby. Benefit: SCP Allows us to Benefit: SCP means that we do not need dedicated provide a new level of hardware, but just ensuring we have sufficient total capacity available. This increases our utilisation rates responsiveness and agility / improves costs. that customers are finding extremely beneficial to them, Development of Sharepoint Services Partner Reseller Model and driving more revenue for us. (It’s a differentiator) Problem: Customers want to Benefit: SCP allow DC to Benefit: SCP supports a respond quickly to business offer Sharepoint PaaS reseller model where events, and need to images that can not only be presentation UI can be provision new server provided quickly, but with branded, quotas set for soft resources in a few minutes. regular versioning on images limits and dedicated11 for snapshots. This offers a resources can be assigned
  12. 12. Video demonstration of SCP v2.1Pattern builder for deploying PaaSInstant provisioning through HSLT
  13. 13. Unbeatable offers for IBM SmartCloud Provisioning 2.1 Already competitive price for IBM SmartCloud Provisioning got MORE attractive with the special limited time offer of 50% off list price. Promotion goes LIVE on August 14th 2012 and ends on November 14th 2012:  50% off list price for SmartCloud Provisioning  Promotion List price (ex: USA): $125 / RVU (down from $250 / RVU)  No Charge Trial: Test-drive the new, easy to implement, full-featured version of IBM SmartCloud Provisioning through a 60-day trial For more information on IBM SmartCloud Provisioning:
  14. 14. Hindi Traditional Chinese Thai Gracias Russian Thank Spanish Obrigado You Brazilian Portuguese Arabic Danke German Grazie Italian Simplified Chinese Merci French Tamil Japanese Korean14