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Selzey inservice

  1. 1. Helping Teens Find aCareer and CollegeScott ElzeyDistrict Technology Coordinator/LibrarianWarren Local Schools
  2. 2. Goals To learn how to assist students in finding a career. To learn how to educate students as to what colleges offer programs/degrees for their career choice. To learn how to educate students as to what courses are required for their program/degree of choice.
  3. 3. Ohio Career Information System  Provides academic and career exploration, planning, and decision- making tools.  Allows to students to create goals, monitor progress, and update changes via an online Portfolio.  Helps connect occupations with an assessment that the students take  Link to Quick Starts and TutorialsClick on pictureto access OCIS
  4. 4. Lorain County Community College  Has a list of career website for students to explore.  Salary Information including a salary calculator.  Paying for College resources.  Give occupations by category: Declining Employment Most Openings Largest EmploymentClick on pictureto access LCCC
  5. 5. Bureau of Labor Statistics  Sorts careers by categories  Gives detailed information about careers including: Pay Work Environment Education needed Job outlook for the future Similar occupationsClick on pictureto access LCCC
  6. 6.  Career Quizzes for students  Offers additional resources, including: Salary Calculator Searching for Schools Resume Writing Job Recommendations  Also a Job Search SiteClick on pictureto access LCCC
  7. 7. Big Future Allows students to search for colleges by degree and major.  Can search for schools based upon various filters, including: 2/4-year schools Public/Private School size  Religious Affiliation LocationClick on pictureto access LCCC
  8. 8. College Navigator  Students can select a program and find what schools offer that program.  Students can filter their search by: State Level of award (bachelors, certificate, etc.) Institution type  Create favorites of schools/programs  Gives detailed college informationClick on pictureto access LCCC
  9. 9.  Students can search for colleges by degree/program  Searches include community colleges and career training sites.  Find local SAT/ACT sites and dates.  Shows list of popular degrees and degrees with a high demand.  Students can browse by different criteria.Click on pictureto access LCCC
  10. 10.  Students can search for schools by: Size Type Location Degrees Cost  Students can select colleges and compare side-by-side.  Access saved searches.Click on pictureto access LCCC