John Dowd - Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


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SCONUL Conference 20-21 June 2013
Workshop - Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: LMS outsourcing & organisational impact, with John Dowd, Assistant Director, Planning and Business Development, Learning and Information Services, University of Wolverhampton

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John Dowd - Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

  1. 1. …LMS Outsourcing &Organisational ImpactJohn DowdLearning & Information ServicesUniversity of Wolverhampton
  2. 2. Agenda1. Why @ UoW – scene setting2. Strategic Drivers3. Organisational Factors4. Opportunities Arising
  3. 3. BLCMP Talis CapitaWhy @ UoW
  4. 4. “The pessimist sees difficulty in everyopportunity. The optimist sees theopportunity in every difficulty.”Why @ UoW
  5. 5. LC ManagerComptonLC ManagerTelfordUW10LC ManagerWalsallUW10NHS BusinessManagerUW9Assistant Director/LC ManagerWolverhampton (Harrison)Assistant Director(Operational Development)Assistant Director(Resources)Hybrid ServicesManagerDirector ofLearning & Information ServicesManagement ServicesCo-ordinatorLearning Centre ManagerSenior Academic ResourcesLibrarianAcademic Resources LibrarianResources LibrarianLearning TechnologyCo-ordinatorComputer/MediaResources AdviserCentre Services Co-ordinatorSenior Resources Assistant(Operations)Academic Information AssistantResources AssistantSenior Resources Assistant(Learning Technology)Resources Assistant(Learning Technology)IT HelpersResources Assistant(Operations)Learning CentreReceptionistShelversSupport & SecurityAssistantsStudy Skills AdvisorDeputy LearningCentre ManagerWolverhamptonLearning Centre Learning Centre ManagerAcademic Resources LibrarianComputer/MediaResources AdviserSenior Resources Assistant(Learning Technology)Resources Assistant(Learning Technology)IT HelpersStudy Skills Adviser Resources LibrarianAcademic Information AssistantSenior Resources Assistant(Operations)Resources Assistant(Operations)Support & SecurityAssistantsShelversNHS Business ManagerPlease refer to BurtonOrganisational ChartWalsallLearning Centre Learning Centre ManagerResources Librarian Study Skills AdviserComputer/MediaResources AdviserSenior Resources Assistant(Operations)Senior Resources Assistant(Learning Technology)Resources Assistant(Learning Technology)IT HelpersSupport & SecurityAssistantsInfo/Resources Assistant(Operations)Academic Information AssistantShelversTelfordLearning CentreLearning Centre ManagerResources LibrarianStudy Skills AdvisorAcademic Information AssistantSenior Resources Assistant(Operations)Computer/MediaResources AdviserIT HelpersInfo/Resources Assistant(Operations)UW3(11 posts, 4.4 fte)Support & Security AssistantsComptonLearning CentreResources AssistantNHS Business Manager(Based at Walsall Learning Centre)Resources LibrarianAcademic Information AssistantBurton Learning CentreHybrid Services ManagerHybrid CollectionsCo-ordinatorCentral Processing UnitCo-ordinatorSystems SupportCo-ordinatorElectronic ResourcesLibrarianInstitutional RepositoryLibrarianCopyright & DigitisationCo-ordinatorResources Librarian(CPU)Finance Co-ordinatorAdministrative Assistant(Finance Resources Unit)Resources Assistant(Finance Resources Unit)Academic InformationAssistantSenior Resources Assistant(CPU)Resources Assistant(CPU)Web AdministratorAcademic Information Assistant(Support Systems)Senior Resources Assistant(Learning Centre Direct)Resources Assistant(Learning Centre Direct)Virtual ReferenceLibrarianHybrid ServicesManagement ServicesCo-ordinatorUW7(1 post, 1 fte)Administrator/PAUW5(1 post, 0.5 fte)Project OfficerUW4(1 post, 1 fte)Administrative Assistant/PAUW4(2 posts, 1.59 fte)Personal AssistantUW4(2 posts, 1.5 fte)Resources AssistantUW3(2 posts, 1.3 fte)Why @ UoW
  6. 6. Why @ UoW
  7. 7. Why @ UoWManaged Service: October 2011Annual subscription based solution to remotely ensure operationalmaintenance of the LMS, including:• Monitoring system availability and performance• Problem resolution• Software upgrades‘Library Management System as a Service’ :October 2012Remote hosting facility of the LMS at aCapita data centre.
  8. 8. Strategic Drivers
  9. 9. Strategic Drivers @ UoW• Changing technology landscape– Software as as Service• Shift in print to „e‟• Information Technology• Green agenda• Economic• Resource attentionLearning & Information ServicesTechnology Roadmap, principles:• The web is now the majordepartmental platform (exceptionVLE);• Application and use oftechnology is LIS’s focus not itsoperational implementation andmaintenance;• Efficiency and rationalisation iskey, avoiding duplication of bothresource and effort.• Waning skill set
  10. 10. Organisational Factors
  11. 11. Organisational Factors @ UoW• Relationship management – SLA• „Power User‟• Rigidity vs agility• Limits local customisation• Discipline required – forward planning, business case,business continuityThe Tunnel!!!!!!• Cultural change• Call Centre
  12. 12. Opportunities
  13. 13. • Met operational needsOpportunities Arising @ UoW• Increased hours of support at no additional cost• It freed staff resource up…..
  14. 14. Opportunities Arising @ UoW• Consultancy review of future technological requirements (May 2012):• Middle tactical layer - execution orientated not strategic/service focused• Analyst - improving business systems, bridging the needs of the businessthrough IT• Expert customer – ability to engage in detailed discussion with suppliers• Knowledge of system integration and data exchange between systemsAdditional recommendation:• Concept of the „digital library‟ should be „inclusive’ not a „part of‟ –overarching departmental development is beneficial in this area• New role developed – Digital Library Analyst• Context – „…digital library development and access to and exploitation ofinformation provision• Purpose – „…design and implementation of effective and efficientbusiness processes and IT systems‟
  15. 15. “Never, never, never give up.”