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Presentation given to RMIT KM students April 2013

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  • MPL – met through RMIT – networkingFastTrack – headhunted back
  • Let’s look at some of the tools I use to connectBlogTwitterFacebookLinked IN
  • Each QAT consists of a group of volunteer staff from across all business divisions each with different experiences and interests.
  • New look and feel since Sept 2008
  • Lyn's knowledge journeyv6

    1. 1. 1How I got to here?Lyn MurnaneKnowledge Manager
    2. 2. • About Lyn• A journey• KM stuff you‟ve heard before• It‟s all about the stuff!• A framework based on experience• IDP Australia• Knowledge Collation• Knowledge Transfer• Telstra• Challenges• Opportunities• About Medibank• Medibank‟s approach to change• The players and process• What worked, what didn‟t• Where might you start?2Intranet redesign @ Medibank The old view Analysing the info needed Card Sorting Site architecture New site Results Future plans
    3. 3. • October 2011 – Current• Knowledge Manager – IDP Education• Manage global knowledge system that supports 700 staff in 27 countries• 2 Knowledge Bases• Student Counsellors• Contains around 130,000 pieces of information• English Language Testing• Moderate a newly created community within IDP• Member of the KMrt• RMIT – MBIT Graduate 2011• Telstra – Manager Knowledge Management• Manager of KnowHow – website supporting 14,000 customer service staff• FastTrack – Knowledge Manager• Medibank Private: Knowledge Management Business Consultant• FastTrack Software: Product Consultant, Support Desk Team Leader• IT Trainer3130,000?What‟s wrongwith that?
    4. 4. • Child• The Library• Work• Admin jobs• Data Management• Computers• IT Training / IT Support roles• Interest in KM began• The Internet• Library of the World at my fingertips• Running chat sessions in v1 of MSN (trivia quizzes)• MBIT @ RMIT• Subjects of keen interest• KM• BI• Change Management• Governance• Personal Networking• 1st KM role discovered thru a fellow MBIT student4
    5. 5. 5• IT Training & support• Technical Writing• KM Systems• KnowledgeManager• KM BusinessConsultant• Stakeholderengagement• Collaborationwith SMEs• Networking• Blog - genverbosity• Twitter - @boffin66• RSS feeds• Social networks• Networking• Communities ofPractice• KMrt• KMLF• InstructionalDesign• E-learningdevelopment• User feedback
    6. 6. 6• Skills Required• Customer / User Orientation• Leadership• Communications• Facilitate sharing & collaboration• Teamwork• Learning and knowledge sharing• Analytical Thinking and Decisive Judgment
    7. 7. • 56% of knowledge workers time is spent either searchingfor information or gathering information. Only 25% isspent on the actual analysis.• Organisations have focused on knowledge management(KM) systems as the answer.•• And sometimes I do remember to reference!7
    8. 8. 8Social MediaParticipants – agood alignmentto measureknowledgesharing
    9. 9. OSCAR Connect Measures - last 90 days Result % Result Target Total Last weeka. Decrease number of staff not yetparticipating in OSCAR Connectb. increase adoptionActive Users 208 38% 70% of licences 550 210Creators (have posted) 48 23% 24% of active users 50Commentors 74 36% 33% of active users 77Inactive 342 62% 30% of licences 3409
    10. 10. ••• Social Media 2011 -• Using KM -• Discover what you know – 2006
    11. 11. CultureContent• Usable• Desirable• UsefulTools• Findable• AccessibleGovernance• Credible• TrustChange &improvement• Valuable• Useful11
    12. 12. Implementing KM at MBP12
    13. 13. • As at 2009• Market share in PHI Australia• 29%• Number of people covered• 3.5 million• Number of memberships• 1.8 million• Total contribution income• $3.4 billion• Total benefits paid• $2.9 billion (84.8%of contributions)• Number of customertransactions in Call Centre andRetail• 6 million• Number of staff• 3000• About private health insurance:• Highly government regulated –and the regulations changefrequently• Extremely complicated – forstaff as well as customers• Customers often don‟t reallyunderstand their cover untilthey claim• PHI is a high use insurancecompared to other insurances13
    14. 14. • “Empowerment for Ground crew”• “We don‟t need a McKinsey or a Boston Consulting to tellus how to improve the business – we‟ve got over 1200„ground crew‟ staff who know exactly where the real gapsare to be addressed in the business,” George Savvides– MD.14We embrace change better when we do it ourselves
    15. 15. • Intranet – 1400 files, out of date, inconsistent, poor search, slow• Many sources of information: Lotus Notes, shared drive (40,000 files), local info,Circulars• 20,000 internal staff helpdesk calls per month• Communication to frontline staff ineffective – Circulars, Manuals, Guides, manyemails• Inconsistent information given to customers• One size fits all communication – 400 page fund policy document!• Feedback from exit interviews - staff leaving because not sufficiently supported todo their jobs effectively15Access to knowledge is confusing, inaccurate and inconsistent.
    16. 16. Departments• HR• Marketing• Compliance• Product• PHI• Fund Policy• Complaints• CorporateAffairs• Finance• ManagementModes• Email• Intranet• Policies• Newsletters• Mentors• Helpdesk• Relationships• Trainingcourses• PhoneStaff• What do Ido?• Inconsistentmessages• Complaints• Silence• Complaints• Too much toread• Too much tochangeCustomer• Waiting• Frustrated• Leaving16
    17. 17. Opportunity costs > Millions• Training – new starters• $12.5Keach /30% turnover• Staff Help Desks• 20,000 calls to 2 helpdesks.• Call Handling Time• The Pilot Program statisticsdemonstrated a reduction of 6.3% in CallHandling Time.• Ex Gratia Payments• Cost MPL $500,000 in FY03.Consistent, complete and accurateinformation in a central repository hasthe ability to reduce this cost.17• On-going costs 6 staff and support.• Benefit realisation within threemonths.Ongoing savings ~ Millions
    18. 18. Departments• HR• Marketing• Compliance• Product• PHI• Fund Policy• Complaints• Corporate Affairs• Finance• ManagementModes• KnowledgeRepositoryStaff• I am in control• Consistentmessages• ReducedComplaintsCustomer• More satisfied• Better service18KnowledgeEnablers
    19. 19. • Max and Molly – 2 different KB applications• Max was for customer facing processes• Molly for corporate processes and support• Both named by staff in a competition• Sold using branded gadgets, stress balls, umbrellas etc19
    20. 20. 20
    21. 21. 0100000200000300000400000500000600000700000800000900000Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun04-0505-0606-0707-0808-0909-10Max / Molly / Intranet
    22. 22. • Team• Built by staff for staff• Frontline engagementGet the end usersinvolved…make it a knowledgesystem• focus groups (New Starters,Experts, 20+ years service)• super user group• competitions• pilot• surveys• road shows• video – of staff response toproject• Brand – identity• stickers, soft balls, umbrellas• quick reference guides/materials• Tool• good search• no bells and whistles• met requirements• easy to use• Ongoing support• Feedback mechanism was andstill is the most popular feature• Content• Write it for the audience• Write if for how they think about it• Avoid jargon22
    23. 23. • Business experts & Management engagement -resistance• Approval process – subject matter experts took threetimes longer than expected• Training – self-paced workbook didn‟t work well for callcentre / retail environment23
    24. 24. 24
    25. 25. • IDP – Education placements – market leader.• Placements in AU, US, CA, UK & NZ• IDP Education also manages and part-owns the IELTStest – the leading test of English language proficiency forstudy and migration.• IDP is 50% owned by IDP Education Limited, a companyowned by 38 Australian universities, and 50% owned bySEEK.• 27 countries – 500 counsellors (Student Recruitment)25
    26. 26. • 128,000 knowledge base pages• 99% data collected about universities and their programs frompublicly available information• 1600 manual knowledge articles• Provided by local• Location based Visa information• Presentations from universities• Links to Uni sites & videos• Info about scholarships & application requirements26
    27. 27. 27
    28. 28. • Visibility of content• Issues with accessibility & control of information• Search• How to return relevant results from so much content• Navigation• Where to find the content• Governance• Guidelines• Review & Archiving process• Learning Tool• Research new destinations & locations• Collaborative Learning28
    29. 29. 29
    30. 30. • KnowHow – an intranet based process and salesinformation tool that supports 14,000 users – onshore ,offshore and industry partners.• KnowHow‟s key focus is support of personal customers• Includes some support for Telstra Business (SmallBusiness)• Telstra has 10 „official‟ KM systems• 100‟s of unofficial tools including spreadsheets,personalised web pages, databases etc• My focus was on KnowHow30
    31. 31. • Observations – content / information is verbose and notuser friendly• NO collaboration• Feedback loop is sporadic and not transparent• NO Governance, archiving or expiry of content unlessrequested31
    32. 32. • User Feedback forums• What does KnowHow sound like / its character• Understanding what works and what doesn‟t• What‟s missing?• Suggestions for inclusions• Getting engagement / buy-in• Assessment of value of outsourced publishing• Outcome – publishing was insourced again32
    33. 33. • Governance model• Audit process• Expiry process• Writing style guide• Publishing style• New content management system should automatesome of these processes33
    34. 34. • Project to create a company wide KM strategy• Aims to create a single source of truth• High level governance model• Has leadership support and cross business unitendorsement• Project currently being scoped and mapped• Identifying measures of success34
    35. 35. Phase 1:InfrastructureEvaluationAnalyse the ExistingInfrastructureAlign KnowledgeManagement &Business StrategyPhase 2:KM SystemAnalysis, Designand DevelopmentDesign the KnowledgeManagementInfrastructureAudit ExistingKnowledge Assets &SystemsDesign the KnowledgeManagement TeamCreate the KnowledgeManagement BlueprintDevelop theKnowledgeManagement SystemPhase 3:DeploymentDeploy, using theResults-drivenIncrementalmethodologyManage Change,Culture and RewardStructuresPhase 4:EvaluationEvaluatePerformance,Measure ROI andIncrementally refinethe KMS35`
    36. 36. “Anyone in the organization who is notdirectly accountable for making a profitshould be involved in creating anddistributing knowledge that the companycan use to make a profit”Sir John Browne – CEO of BPInteresting article on BP‟s knowledge management struggle
    37. 37. • Are you still with me?37
    38. 38. 38