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This presentation was shared at the PubCon Austin event in 2013 by Schaaf-PartnerCentric CEO Brook Schaaf.

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  • Multi-channel attribution and pricing models encourage affiliates to innovate beyond the last click. This means the channel’s value will be expanded, making affiliate inventory more viable. Trend: Networks are moving away from last-click attribution.
  • AvantLink has launched AvantMetrics, which uses pixel container functionality to enable you to add or remove third-party tracking pixels on demand, get insight into customer click-stream and referral data, de-duplicate sales between multiple networks and between your internal channels.
  • ShareASale’s segmentation and attribution solution is called Tags and Rules – which is essentially a tag system not unlike how you’d tag on your blog or social media. The tags enable you to segment affiliates by such considerations as state/region of location or by marketing method used. You can vary affiliate payouts for affiliates within each tag.
  • Advantages of universal container tag include:
    - ability for retailers to save as much as 20% on their performance marketing spend by de-duping conversions- ability to identify return customers- keyword-level tracking for paid search campaigns- ability to pay media partners who are credited for conversions or sales
  • Impact Radius: "The consumer experience is influenced by these fragmentary marketing messages in complex, interconnected ways. And so, the need to understand online behavior across all channels and media sources is increasing in importance. This is where attribution reporting comes into play. Contrary to last click attribution, a multi-channel attribution reporting solution can provide rich, data-driven insight into your highest yielding marketing channels.
  • Google’s Panda algorithm changes have hit affiliate sites hard. In a recent survey conducted by SEORoundTable, 73% of publishers said they had not yet recovered from loss of search engine rankings due to Panda updates. As result, affiliates moving away from content sites and toward coupon and loyalty.
  • Cinsay is a publisher who is increasingly trying to leverage video to get Page 1 Google rankings. Text results are so competitive; takes years for pubs to appear naturally (if at all).
  • Many verticals such as insurance, financial services, home services, higher education and high-end retail, are seeing great results with call-to-conversion rates between 30-50%
  • Lexington Law implemented Ring Revenue Pay Per Call in late 2010 and saw immediate growth in call volume and sales. Month-over-month sales growth attributed to pay-per-call remains steady at 53%, and overall growth in total sales is 630%. New affiliates drive significant number of calls converting at 30-40%, generating 400 new clients per month for Lexington Law.
  • Within Google Affiliate Network, a growing number of clients are seeing significant increases in program conversions coming from mobile devices.
  • A study last summer commissioned by Google surveyed 1,000+ adult smartphone users in the U.S. and revealed that without a mobile-friendly site you’ll be driving users to your competition
  • Olioboard is an online, interior design, moodboard creator, where users can create 2D and 3D room designs using real products from all their favorite brands. All items on olioboard link through to the retailers online store for purchase. Olioboard is also a community of home decor lovers who chat, compete in design challenges and have fun experimenting with interior design.ShopSocially is a social app platform that embeds rich and meaningful social experiences in the user’s buying workflow to improve discovery, engagement, decision and conversion. Social apps can be embedded into the website, marketing campaigns or the facebook page.Ownza, formerly known as ShopSquad. There are three options: 1) share purchase with friends with loyalty component , 2) chat to answer questions and convert to sale (both require tech integration), 3) provide exclusive deal to “unlock” on pageShopcade - CR 4.7% - only needs product catalog – only a few thousand users right now.  Allows people to build their own "Shopcade" of products they like. Integration takes 1-2 weeks. Increase and monetize social media presence. – data feed required – personalized promotions straight to your iPad. Buyou's consolidated Wishlist allows customers to save products from many different retailers in one location! GoChime - Responds to inquiries posted in social media. Best way to work with them is to provide a strong offer that they can use in their responses.  No tech integration needed. 
    PowerVoice - users get paid to promote the brand. Platform for easy. No integration needed. Flat dollar easier instead of % of sale. 
    FriendBuy - shares purchase with friends – requires tech integration
  • Demographics for virtual currency: 50% female; 18-44 play dailyTrialPay enables consumer brands to acquire new customers and drive traffic and exposure by putting targeted ads around transactions taking place at premier sites. Also does coupon distribution.
    Radium One is a programmatic ad platform that evaluates more than 25 billion real-time impressions per day to deliver the right ad to the right person, no matter whether they are on the Web, their mobile device or Facebook.SponsorPay delivers industry-leading results on direct response campaigns for performance advertisers. Simultaneously, we enable publishers and developers of social, mobile and online games and apps to monetize non-paying customers as well as acquire loyal users in a cost-effective manner.AdKnowledge pairs advanced targeting with a massive database of consumers to drive leads and brand awareness.
  • Mobile Posse gives advertisers access to the most valuable real-estate on the mobile device – the home screen. Consumers opt-in to receive a timely mix of popular content and valued offers each day. Advertisers benefit from industry-leading consumer engagement and response.DealTaker offers thousands of coupons from our vast selection of popular online stores.RedLaser is a free shopping app for iPhone, Windows Phones, and Android that has been downloaded over 24 million times.Tip or Skip – app on iPhone. Not available on iPad or Android yet.  Must have product catalog and mobile tracking enabled. Similar to Pinterest. You Tip if you like it, skip if you do not like it and you will never see them again. They leverage ShopStyle's API. Best way for a merchant to integrate is to create a page on and make sure ShopStyle is joined to the program.  
    FatWallet offers Coupons, Sales, and Deals with Cash Back rewards.BeInToo – Bedollars is virtual currency that you earn through your daily virtual activities, with real world value. Use virtual Bedollars on real discount coupons.Coupon Sherpa – The Coupon Sherpa mobile coupon app predates the website and is there for shoppers on-the-go. It's completely free and puts the power of coupons in your pocket. As you shop, the app allows you to search for deals in your local area. Once you find the coupon you're looking for, there's no need to print it. Just present the mobile coupon to the cashier and they'll scan or enter the code right from your phone.AirPush is the second largest ad network for Android developers with a global network of over 40,000 apps and 2,000 advertisers.
  • rewardStyle is an invitation-only web tool that helps top-tier style publishers find and monetize their content.
    Bankrate is the Web's leading aggregator of financial rate information, offering an unparalleled depth and breadth of rate data and financial content. Both rewardStyle and Bankrate are vertically oriented.Coull makes it possible to monetize video links on a CPA basis.Viewbix is a video platform that allows advertisers to leverage existing videos from YouTube, Vimeo, FB – and they add CTA to the video to generate sales. Skimlinks converts links into affiliate links.VigLink adds affiliate links to content.
  • InvisibleHand is a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome and Sarafi that gets you the lowest price on shopping, flights, hotels & rental cars. Automatically. CouponsHelper is a Firefox/Chrome add-on that alerts shoppers to coupons that are available on the site being browsed.
    Coupon Buddy ( was developed by Social Growth Technologies to serve relevant consumer offers while users are shopping online.DropDownDeals is another free browser add-on that automatically displays coupons on shopping websites.
  • VE Interactive offers shopping cart recovery.UpSellIt takes control of site abandonment with cart abandonment solutions.SalesCycle Shopping cart abandonment solution – requires integration of Javacode 
  • Within Google Affiliate Network, a growing number of clients are seeing significant increases in program conversions coming from mobile devices.
  • Affiliate Management Top Trends

    1. 1. Affiliate Management Top Trends Presented by: Brook Schaaf, CEO Schaaf-PartnerCentric
    2. 2. Top Trends • Attribution Adoption • New Marketing Methods – Pay-Per-Call – Mobile • Enterprising New Players
    3. 3. Attribution Adoption R.I.P. Last - Click Attribution
    4. 4. Attribution Adoption • Container pixel • Add/remove pixels • See click-stream and referral data • De-duplicate sales from multiple networks or internal channels
    5. 5. Attribution Adoption • Tag system • State/region, marketing method • Can alter payout based on tags • Details:http://ww tutorialplayer.cfm? video=tagsrules
    6. 6. Attribution Adoption • Universal Container Tags (UCT) • One tag to rule them all • Tracking and deduping of partner payments
    7. 7. Attribution Adoption Source: Impact Radius
    8. 8. Content Sites Takes a Hit
    9. 9. Leveraging Video for Rankings
    10. 10. Pay-Per-Call • Online click-based campaigns typically convert at between 1-3%. • Phone calls convert between 30-50% of the time.
    11. 11. Pay-Per-Call Case Study • Lexington Law saw month-over-month sales growth of 53% • Total sales grew by 630% • More than 1,200 publishers joined and are active
    12. 12. Mobile on the Rise • More than 50% of US mobile users were on smartphones as of February 2012 (Nielsen) • 57% of users would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site (Compuware)
    13. 13. Mobile
    14. 14. Enterprising New Players • – image tagging
    15. 15. Enterprising New Players • Social Growth Technologies – allows advertisers to reach highly targeted audience
    16. 16. Enterprising New Players • – social shopping sharing
    17. 17. Enterprising New Players • MyThings – conversion and retargeting
    18. 18. Enterprising New Players • Revtrax – drive and measure in-store sales through any online channel
    19. 19. Enterprising New Players • edo Interactive – card-linked offers
    20. 20. Enterprising New Players • GoldenFeeds – quality data feeds with daily updates to content
    21. 21. Enterprising New Players • CoffeeTable – catalog shopping app
    22. 22. Enterprising New Players : Social
    23. 23. New Players : Virtual Currency
    24. 24. New Players : Mobile
    25. 25. New Players : Subnetwork Pubs
    26. 26. New Players : Browser Add-On and Toolbar Affiliates
    27. 27. New Players : Redirect Publishers
    28. 28. Thank You • Contact me with questions/comments: Brook Schaaf brook @