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MediaTrust’s CEO, Peter Bordes keynote “Conversations on Affiliate Performance Marketing.” Webmaster Radio streamed it live and you can listen to it HERE. The keynote was a a ’state of the industry’ conversation between MediaTrust, CEO, Peter Bordes, eBay’s Steve Hartman, Steve Schaffer, CEO of Vertive, and Wes Mahler of Prosper202.

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MediaTrust Affiliate Convention Denver Keynote

  1. 1. • Online media is more cost-effective, more measurable, more agile • Consumers spend 20% of media consumption time online • Marketer budgets to increase above ~7% of overall media spend Online Ad Industry is Exploding 7.6% $21.2 8.7% 9.9% 11.2% 12.3% 13.8% 15.2% $23.4 $24.5 $26.8 $29.7 $33.7 $37.2 Source: eMarketer April 2009
  2. 2. Affiliate Marketing Spending Increasing • Economy is accelerating brands, agencies and advertisers to demand for pay-for- results solutions • Affiliate Performance Marketing is growing with shift from CPM to CPC to pay-for- results model Source: Jupiter Research 2008 $1.3 $1.6 $1.8 $2.1 $2.3 $2.6 $2.9 $3.3
  3. 3. US Affiliate Marketer Snapshot • Image: 10% of one network’s (LinkShare) affiliate universe! • Huge growth in the number of Affiliate Marketers in all channels • Today this channel is misunderstood & mistrusted Text
  4. 4. In order to realize the true potential of performance marketing, we need to understand our past… • Fragmented • Siloed • “Black Box” And embrace the future by committing to: • Innovate • Collaborate • Educate • Provide more transparency The Door of Opportunity is Open for Performance Marketing
  5. 5. What can we learn from the past? • Historically, performance marketing has been ‘blackbox’, fragmented, and siloed • Marketers forced to buy from these silos and back in to their effective costs across their spend • Marketer: “There’s no composite picture of the way I want to buy.” Display Ads Video Ads Social Media Ads Search email Cost-Per-Click Cost-Per-Lead Affiliate Marketing Cost-Per-Sale Cost-Per-Thousand Contextual Ads Text Ads
  6. 6. Composite view of Performance Marketing Ecosystem Traffic Creation Lead Generation Sales Click Lead Form Transaction Marketer Activity Metric Cost Per Click, (CPC) Cost Per Lead (CPL) Cost Per Sale or Cost Per Action (CPS, CPA) Brand Awareness Impression Cost / Thousand (CPM) • Connect and drive all media formats and pricing models to performance results • Create quality lifetime value between brands and consumers Banner Ads Video Ads Text Ads email Search Ads Contextual Ads Social Media Call Center
  7. 7. Who We Are • Peter Bordes, CEO, MediaTrust • Steve Hartman, Senior Director - Publisher Development, eBay • Rebecca Madigan, Founder Performance Marketing Alliance • Wes Mahler, Prosper202 • Steve Schaffer, CEO, Vertive &