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National Science Foundation I-Corps bay area node 2013 update


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National Science Foundation I-Corps bay area node 2013 update

  1. NSF I-Corps™ Bay Area Node Advisory Committee Update October 25, 2013
  2. Year 1 Highlights • • • • • • • Projecting 96 teams trained 12 local Faculty trained plus national Faculty training 7 TAs trained Projecting 20 Adjunct/Mentors trained website up Testing new healthcare-specific curriculum Shooting 60-70 instructor and mentor training video segments • Testing scalable mentoring & social network platform • Linking teams to the rest of our startup ecosystems • Working to build LLP training continuity past the grant period 10/25/13 Bay Area NSF I-Corps 2
  3. Key Personnel • UC Berkeley – – – – – – Richard Lyons: PI Steve Blank: PI Andre Marquis: Bay Area Node Manager & Faculty Member David Charron: Faculty Coordinator & Faculty Member Jerry Engel: Faculty Liaison with NSF & Faculty Member Martha-Edith Hernandez: Program Manager • UCSF – Erik Lium: PI – Stephanie Marrus: Program Manager – Kyra Davis: Program Coordinator • Stanford TVP – Riitta Katila: PI – Angela Hayward: Program Manager 10/25/13 Bay Area NSF I-Corps 3
  4. Year 1 Trainings • 24 NSF Teams: July-August • 20 Bay Area Teams: October-November • 28 Bay Area Healthcare Teams: OctoberDecember • 24 NSF Teams plus Faculty training: Planned January-February, 2014 Projecting a total of 96 teams in Year 1 10/25/13 Bay Area NSF I-Corps 4
  5. 12 Local Trained Faculty Members • • • • • • Abhas Gupta Allan May Andre Marquis David Charron Erik Lium Jerry Engel 10/25/13 • • • • • • Jim Hornthal Karl Handelsman Ron Lesniak Stephanie Marrus Steve Blank Todd Morrill Bay Area NSF I-Corps 5
  6. Broad Range of Adjunct Faculty, Mentors and TAs • Kevin Kopczynski, Rockport Capital • Nancy Kamei, Aberdare Ventures • Ron Star, Arnold Porter • Shomit Ghose, Onset Ventures • Lisa Suennen, Psilos Ventures • Keval Desai, Interwest Partners • Brian Stell, Clean Energy Partners • David Hehman, Spartina Ventures • Tim Wilson, Artiman Ventures • Liz Rockett, Imprint Capital Advisors • … 10/25/13 • Kyra Davis, UCSF Staff and TA • Adriana Tajonar, Entrepreneurship Program Manager at QB3 and TA • Martha-Edith Hernandez, Berkeley Staff and TA • Kirsten Berzon, Berkeley Staff and TA • Dan Manian, Luidia, Berkeley MBA and TA • Dino Boukouris, Berkeley MBA student and TA • Brian Feth, Berkeley MBA student and TA Bay Area NSF I-Corps 6
  7. UCSF Healthcare Curriculum • Running Tuesdays 5:30pm-9pm 10/1/13 – 12/10/13 • 28 teams in 4 cohorts: therapeutics, diagnostics, devices and digital health • Teach the teams the Lean LaunchPad framework and help them: – Identify key markets and customer targets – Understand regulatory pathways – Position their innovations for greatest relevancy and impact • Useful links – – – (Team Vitruvian week 2 video) 10/25/13 Bay Area NSF I-Corps 7
  8. Teaching and Mentoring Videos • Managed by Steve Blank and Jerry Engel • Video from instructors, role-playing exercises, classes and WebEx sessions October-December, 2013 (healthcare) and January-March, 2014 (NSF) • Create video training materials to: – Help I-Corps teams learn the best practices for customer interviews – Provide examples of teaching moments and learning experiences to help train instructors and adjuncts who can’t attend the national training sessions • Goal is 60-70 teaching videos of 3-5 minutes in length distributed among: – – – – – – Role-plays of good and bad customer interviews Student learning and insights from the training sessions [the Aha moments] Examples of effective use of the nine Business Model Canvas elements Effective (and ineffective) teaching moments to inform instructors & adjuncts Instructor insights and key class learnings in healthcare Discovery Narratives that show I-Corps teams as they take the journey from the beginning to the end of the class • Target public availability Q2, 2014 10/25/13 Bay Area NSF I-Corps 8
  9. Scaling Our Institutions’ LLP-Based Programs: Build Continuity Past Grant • Berkeley CleanTech To Market Program adopting LLP framework (~20 teams including NSF funded research) • Working with Development Impact Lab at Berkeley Blum Center for Developing Economies (supports NSF and other research) • Intel Technology To Market Accelerator offered online to 22 teams in 11 countries • Framework for Intel Global Challenge (30 teams in 20 countries) • Framework for UC Berkeley Startup Competition (~150 teams) • Connecting teams to our incubators, competitions, grant and fundraising workshops, mentors, …. • Additional discussions with other government agencies, companies and international organizations to deliver beyond I-Corps 10/25/13 Bay Area NSF I-Corps 9