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Edusquared H4R Stanford 2020

Edusquared H4R Stanford 2020

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Edusquared H4R Stanford 2020

  1. We are a monthly educational subscription box that supplements school curriculum and provides educational tools for students with special needs. EduSquared!EduSquared! Day 5 User interviews completed: 55
  2. Team Liber Introductions Allison Jia Iris Ung Priscila Chen Hsu Thinzar Htwe Stanford Undergrad, BS SME: N/A Role: Hacker Wrote startup proposal for a student carpool pick up service built around school community Stanford Undergrad, BS s-ung/ SME: N/A Role: Picker Founded a cause marketing campaign in the Philippines that increased resort corporate functions and donations for a nearby orphanage Stanford Undergrad, BA scilachenhsu SME: Yes Role: Designer Experienced in teaching kids aged 3-16. Quadrilingual; attended 5 schools in 3 different countries growing up Stanford Undergrad, BS inzar-htwe SME: N/A Role: Hustler Worked in biophysics and mechanics lab at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  3. 1 Insights Overview 2 Day 1 Business Model Canvas 3 Day 1 - Day 2 Insights 4 Day 2 - Day 3 Insights 5 Day 3 - Day 4 Insights 6 Testimony 7 Day 5 Business Model Canvas 8 Next Steps AGENDA
  4. Insight Overview Value Proposition: ● Increase Student Engagement ● Match curriculum ● Develop life skills : (13) : (45) : (55) Value Proposition: ● Promote excitement ● Match curriculum ● Develop life skills Value Proposition: ● Promote excitement ● Match curriculum ● Develop life skills Value Proposition: ● Consolidate resources for SpEd ● Encourage independent activity Value Proposition: ● Develop functional life skills ● Tier boxes for ability levels : (21) : (32) Customer Segment: Private and Charter schools Customer Segment: Title I Middle Schools and Homeschool Pods Customer Segment: Title I Elementary Schools Customer Segment: School districts for Special Ed Customer Segment: Parents of Special Ed students (teacher recommendations) DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5
  5. Day 1: Where We Started Primary Target Market: School districts and counties Private and charter school districts & counties Manufacturing subscription box and its contents Increase engagement in remote learning environment Partnering with schools and content distributors and manufacturers (start off with private schools and charter schools) Manufacturing Website Professionals in education field Acquire: Personal Assistance, School Ads, Retain: Subscription member benefitsDevelop life skills beyond academics (social conscience, home skills, etiquette) Provide creative outlets for boredom relief during COVID- 19 Secondary Target Market: Middle school students attending remote school Collaboration with academic curriculum Delivery Web Development & Maintenance Advertisement Monetization Career exploration activities Manufacturers Online school communities Subscriptions made Sponsorship Finances
  6. Hypotheses Tests Results Primary problem to solve is remote learning engagement Interviews with high school, middle school students/teachers ● Can’t fix engagement problem ● Provide relief from learning from a screen. ● Students prefer fun activities Teachers want students to learn more about life skills Interviews with high school, middle school teachers ● Teachers enthusiastic for students to learn current events ● High school students are enthusiastic to learn life skills. ● Middle schoolers are not. Private schools are willing to pay for subscription boxes Interviewing private school students and teachers ● Private schools skeptical to spend money. Already have the means to purchase their own materials. ● Willing to pay for career exploration and mentor services Students want more hands-on activities Interviewing middle school, high school students ● Prefer hands on activities over lectures ● Want to do activities with friends Day 1 to Day 2 Insights
  7. Hypotheses Tests Results Primary school students need constant parental supervision. Interviews with elementary school teachers ● Primary school students happy to work on creative projects by themselves. ● Independent flower dissection Middle school students are our ideal target market Interviewing middle school students ● Lukewarm student interest ● Prefer Youtube in free time ● Primary school students more interested in proposed activities There is a demand for Zoom- free educational activities to keep students excited about learning Interviews with primary school, middle school, high school students and teachers ● Students Can’t focus on screen for long periods of time. ● Teachers have Zoom exhaustion (difficulty focusing on lecturing and monitoring kids at the same time) Students want more hands-on activities, collaboration, and friendly competition Interviewing primary school, middle school, and high school students and teachers ● Want to hands on activities with friends over lectures ● Friendly competition is a great motivator for engagement Day 2 to Day 3 Insights
  8. Hypotheses Tests Results Homeschoolers (k-5) are our ideal target market. Interviews with homeschool educators, homeschool consultant ● New homeschoolers struggle with finding curriculum ● Experienced homeschoolers don’t need ● Lots of homeschool support groups and resources Title I general education primary students are our ideal target market. Interviews with parents and teachers of Title I students ● Parents unwilling to pay out of pocket but interested in independent student activities ● Teachers & schools love idea but can’t afford to purchase unless virtually free Special education teachers need our product! Interview with special education teacher ● Huge lack of teaching resources ● Families lack qualification to teach students, unsure of needs ● No access to resources to help students focus in class Students enjoy hands-on activities Interviewing special education teacher ● Immersion and independence during arts and crafts ● Minimal teacher guidance, no parental supervision needed Day 3 to Day 4 Insights
  9. Teacher “If you had your product right now, I could get you five families who would buy it tomorrow.” Gains: ● Independence ● Engagement ● Social emotional development Pains: ● Few, scattered resources ● Parents don’t understand (or lack access to) student needs Customer Jobs: ● Working parents ● Teachers want to engage students ● Students feel comfortable learning at home
  10. School districts, special education grants & foundations Primary Target Market: Title I Schools primary school Parents of moderate & intensive special need students Problem: SpEd parents do not have time to watch over their kids, not enough resources exist for SpEd teachers especially during COVID 19 Manufacturing Partnering with Title I schools special ed teachers and content distributors/ manufacturers for the contents in the subscription box Subscriptions made Professionals in SPECIAL education field Acquire: Personal Assistance/Direct selling, teacher recommendations, brand awareness Retain: Subscription member benefitsProvide creative outlets for boredom relief during COVID-19 Secondary Target Market: High Schools students School districts for SpEd classes homeschoolers Collaboration with teacher’s curriculum Delivery Web Development & Maintenance Advertisement Monetization Sponsorship Career exploration activities Manufacturers Educate on life skills Finances -- raising money to subsidise costs Solution: provide SpEd students with resources that align with accredited lesson plans for their ability level, promote independence compile SpEd resources for parents/teachers Influencer: Teachers of SpEd classes Website Online teacher/parent groups Direct Sales Force Direct Sales Team Day 5: Where We Ended
  11. Next Steps ● Continue interviewing special ed teachers, therapists, and parents ● Investigate partnerships with schools/teachers in light of back to school ● Explore revenue streams/funding options

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Edusquared H4R Stanford 2020


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