Qualitative Questionnaire


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Qualitative Questionnaire

  1. 1. Questionnaire – Environment1. What sort of rubbish do you think is most thrown away at Cranford?2. What part of the school is there most litter in?3. How do you think we can improve people’s attitudes about throwing litter on the floor/ recycling paper, bottles etc?4. Who do you think throws most litter on the floor at Cranford? (Year group & Department)5. Who do you think throws the least litter on the floor? ( Year group & Department)6. If you had a chance to make a sculpture what would you make?7. Where would you place your new sculpture?8. What environmental materials would you use?9. What is missing from all the sculptures we got around the school?10. What objects do you think you can make out of cans and bottles?11. What message do you think we need to give out about the environment in Cranford? ( eg: recycling)12. Which department do you think looks the cleanest?