Minutes 14th nov


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Minutes 14th nov

  1. 1. Minutes of Meeting Planning the SculptureDate – Monday, 14th November 2010 – 14/11/2010People present – Saujanya, Omar, RickyPoints discussed • We chose our final design – We went with Saujanya’s design as our final design and we made alliterations to it. We chose this design because it is easier to make, conveys the message short and snappy and as also got clear, vivid features • We did our presentation to the governors, head teacher and other members of the staff. The presentation consisted of our research we did on recycling and we showed this through graphs and etc. Also we presented our final design and explained the features and etc • The logo design for our group is done ( by Omar) • We finished our qualitative data ( all)Action agreed By whom 1. Questionnaire done ( needs a little bit of 1. Saujanya editing), needs printing 2. Saujanya, 2. Draw individual designs ( need to be in Omar, Ricky colour, detail, annotated, etc) 3. Omar 3. Brainstorm sculpture ideas 4. Ricky 4. present collected data in a creative way ( eg: graph etc) 5. Saujanya 5. present collected data in a evaluation format ( eg: voice piece or video)