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Process of sculpture


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Process of sculpture

  1. 1. THE PROCESS OF MAKING OUR SCULPTURE – INITIAL STAGEAfter all the tireless planning for making our sculpture, we finally gotdown to work and started making our sculptures. Before we could start towork we had to have everything ready in order for this project to be asuccess. Firstly we gathered all the material we needed to make oursculpture. This process of gathering materials was done over a few weekstime and once we got the recyclable stuff, we started short listing thepile of rubbish. The main elements needed for our sculpture is newspaper,scrap paper, water bottles, coke cans, cardboard etc. One of the maindifficulties we faced was we did not have enough coke cans to buildaround our sculptureBefore making our sculpture, I brought in an inflatable globe to use asthe base to build around with paper mache. The problem with the globewas it was too small and not perfectly spherical. The globe was thespecific thing I prepared before coming to the lesson and I thought thismight give us an idea how the overall sculpture would look like. Once wehad all our materials, we were still lacking for bottles and cans. This issuewas resolved as we decided to try and collect these materials over theweekend. Another way in which we gathered material was our group wentaround after school collecting recyclable materials from each departmentand this really helped our group as we had extra materials that we couldconsider using for our sculpture.In the 2nd lesson of making, I brought in a huge circular balloon and thisseemed much more appropriate to use as our base and globe. We had toset up our workplace by moving chairs and laying down newspaperseverywhere to avoid any spillage of PVA glue/Hot glue gun!