Production schedule - SCULPTURE


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Production schedule - SCULPTURE

  1. 1. TASKTICK WHEN COMPLETEDDraw initial designs for the sculptureFinalise design and draw a quick blueprint of how the sculpture is going to look like and what materials are going to be used (SCALE DRAWING – with measurements)Inflate a balloon and tighten the ends with a rubber bandCut pieces of newspapers, mix PVA glue and water (half and half)Using a paint brush apply a layer of glue on one section and then place the pieces of newspaper on the topFinish the first layer of newspaper coatingStart the second layer ensuring that the newspaper pieces are cut to medium size and avoid using too much glueFinish the second layer of newspaper coating. Complete at least 5-6 layers of newspapers to make sure the surface of the globe is hard and secureOnce all the layers are completed and the globe is dry, gently burst the balloon letting the air out graduallyDraw out some famous continents of a green Cranford newsletter and cut them outAfter you have got all the continents, position them around the globe, securing them with glueNext cut some pieces of blue plastic bag and place them in between the continents. The blue plastic bag represents the ocean and the seaWhen all of the continents and the oceans have been positioned, start to cut out the materials you have collectedCut the coke cans in half, the water bottles in half, scrunch few pieces of newspaper and destroy some of the materials to give it a debris lookMake a dummy (man) out of newspaper, make the eyes vivid and make a speech bubble for the man saying – “help”<br />200025-831215PRODUCTION SCHEDULEPRODUCTION SCHEDULE<br />Position the man on top of the globe and draw a crack on the globe ( the crack must be draw on the visible part of the globe – the part which is not covered by the blue plastic bagGradually stick all the rubbish around the globe using the hot glue gun. Ensure each item is compressed quite tightly to avoid them from falling out of positionOnce all the things have been glued into position, leave the globe to dry and mount it onto the dummy. ( the dummy needs to made by filling an old cranford jumper with newspaper balls to form the shape of the dummy – make sure all the flaps are glued securely using the hot glue gun)<br />