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Minutes 1-11-2010


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Minutes 1-11-2010

  1. 1. Minutes of Meeting Planning the SculptureDate – Monday, 1st November 2010 – 1/11/2010People present – Saujanya, Omar, RickyPoints discussed • Status of the questionnaire (eg: finished? printed?) Qualitative, Quantitative • Initial Individual designs ( Ricky – done, but need to colour it in, Saujanya – designs are written) • Evaluated the designs ( only Ricky’s) • Status of Brainstorming ideas, collecting data from questionnaireAction agreed By whom 1. Questionnaire done ( needs a little bit of 1. Saujanya editing), needs printing 2. Saujanya, 2. Draw individual designs ( need to be in Omar, Ricky colour, detail, annotated, etc) 3. Omar 3. Brainstorm sculpture ideas 4. Ricky 4. present collected data in a creative way ( eg: graph etc) 5. Saujanya 5. present collected data in a evaluation format ( eg: voice piece or video)