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Risk Assesment - Making the Sculpture


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Risk Assesment - Making the Sculpture

  1. 1. RISK PREVENTIONLEVEL OF RISK (out of 10)Materials are lost/misplaced-695325-1562100RISK ASSESMENTRISK ASSESMENTMake sure there is an extra bag filled with materials, so you can use the emergency bag if the actual bag containing the materials is lost. Also put all the materials in a secure place and lock the cupboard if necessary10/10Glue spillagePlace newspapers wherever possible while working on the globe6/10Injury (burning of skin) – due to the hot glue gunEnsure that while handling the gun you are being careful! 7/10The globe might roll onto the floorPlace some materials around the globe to stop it from rolling over10/10Glue sticking on your hairIf you have long hair make sure it is tied back to prevent any glue sticking to it4/10Sharp equipment laid around – can cut someone/they can trip over it (scissors)Make sure all the equipment is cleared away after working on the sculpture8/10A partner in your group might not be present during the making of the sculpture and they might have one of the main materials needed for the creationInform your group members on what days they are absolutely required to be in, in order to make the sculpture. Also whatever material they have, ask them to leave it in a store cupboard so you do not have to worry about it! 7/10<br />